Mixed Chicks Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner

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Product Description

Reconstruct damaged areas and transform style-stubborn hair into easy to maintain tresses. for style, follow with mixed chicks leave-in conditioner.  This deep conditioner softens, detangles and moisturizes your beautiful curly tresses.

  • Defines Curls
  • Eliminates Frizzies
  • The Curly-Hair Girl's Best Friend!

Customer Reviews:

  • Soft and flowing
    This conditioner is a miracle worker--the best that I've found so far! My naturally frizzy/curly hair is now smooth as silk. MC also removes tangles and makes the hair easier to manage. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for..........
    First I am a non-mixed white girl with curly hair that didn't arrive until puberty. I have been fighting this battle for quite some time now. I purchased this conditioner based on the other reviews, all though I was quite skeptical because I feel as though I have tried every curly hair product from the "white" and the "black" side of the beauty aisles. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was how thick and non-runny it appeared. Which I have determined either breaks or makes a conditioner for my hair. I put it in my hair and was surprised about how good it smelled and the small amount of product that I needed. My combing in the shower took only about one minute which is normally 5-10. When I got out of the shower my hair looked very thick and luxurious. I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to use it. I have placed the leave in conditioner in my hair..............the jury is still out. But I am hoping and praying it is as good as this deep conditioner....more info
  • Excellent Conditioner
    I have mixed hair (Black & White) and I just bought this deep conditioner. I have used it twice now and I just love the way it softens, detangles and moisturizes my hair. It has a wonderful smell to it that is not overpowering. My hair is so soft and silky after I have used it. This is an excellent conditioner.

    I have also used the Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner and shampoo and they both do an excellent job as well. The shampoo leaves my hair soft and the leave in conditioner defines my naturally curly hair and does not leave it frizzy. I only use the leave-in when I let my hair air dry and wear it naturally. The deep conditioner I use when I blow-dry my hair and flat iron it.

    If you have any type of mixed hair, give the "mixed chicks" line a try!

    ...more info
  • Very Good but not perfect
    Ok, I have been searching for a great conditioner for my long, curly and tangled hair for a long time now. This conditioner is very good. It makes it possible for me to comb my hair in the shower. Of course the nice, soft feeling doesn't last more than a couple of hours, but it's still better than all other conditioners I have used thus far. Maybe with prolonged use it will get that way. I have only been using it for a week now so the jury is still out! For me it is worth the high price because it seems to work well. I wish the leave-in conditioner worked as well...more info
  • Stick With Biosilk and Paul Mitchell Products
    I wasn't impressed with the product at all. I am African-American with thick, long kinky healthy hair. I went "natural" about 9 years ago and have tried many products for my hair. I loved the Paul Mitchell super-charged moisturizer as it makes all the difference in my hair. I thought I would try this product after reading the reviews and noting the targeted consumers...I was VERY DISAPPOINTED.

    After using the conditioner, my hair was dull, lifeless, completely stripped dry and felt like a bale of hay. I'm not sure if this product is targeted more for people who produce more oil from their scalps but I have never had a deep conditioner make my hair feel as dried out and hacked out as this one did. My stylist even commented on how dry and brittle my hair seemed after the treatment and asked if there was a lot of alcohol in the conditioner. She immediately washed my hair again and deep conditioned it before styling it commenting that this product seemed to make my hair so dry that she was concerned that it might break if not properly conditioned.

    I purchased the 3 product set thinking that it would be great for travel and give my curls less frizz and more definition. It did not. My hair looked worse than it ever did, including when I made the transition from relaxed to natural hair. I unfortunately did not return the product in time so I was unable to receive a refund. I believe I missed the deadline by a week so I tossed the product in the garbage....more info
  • The perfect deep conditioner
    I give this product 5 stars! I am half Puerto Rican and half Lithuanian. My hair is a 3b and I absolutely love this deep conditioner. I have searched so long for hair products for my thick, 3b, corkscrew naturally curly and naturally dry hair. This deep conditioner smells so good and it thoroughly moisturizes my curls. I find this works best when you use the shampoo, the deep conditioner and the leave-in conditioner together. Bravo Mixed Chicks! I hope this stuff is around FOR-EVAH!...more info