Koyasan: Reiki Sound Healing

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"Koyasan awed me with its depth while maintaining a constant flow of peace and contemplation. Highest recommendation!" -- NEW AGE REPORTER

"We have been playing Deuter's music now for over twenty-two years. Like the Tao that cannot be spoken, the compositions he orchestrates cannot be easily described in words ... if music can take you to Nirvana, Deuter would be your conductor." -- TRANSITIONS RADIO

"Deuter's style is characterized by gentle melodies and joyful rhythms that render his music accessible even as he presents an intriguing blend of Eastern and Western styles." - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Latest release from top-selling artist in the new age/Reiki genre. A global mixture of instruments includes Chinese erhu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, East Indian tamboura, and Tibetan singing bowls. Takes the listener on a serene, mystical voyage through a variety of peaceful soundscapes with a relaxed and soothing pace.

Customer Reviews:

  • Koyasan: Reiki Sound Healing by Deuter
    This CD is magnificent. Deuter's music is truly healing and holy. It soothes the body and uplifts the spirit to unsurpassed heights. This music has become the mainstay of my daily meditation and many times I play it just as background music when I feel stressed. I think it is one of Deuter's best....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I'm adding this one to my "Deuter favorites" list. I use it for Reiki sessions and just playing in the background when I want to relax at home....more info
  • Lovely healing music...
    From the first time I listened to Koyasan: Reiki Sound Healing it resonated in me. You can't help but close your eyes and breathe deeply. Indeed, this music is so lovely and healing, it feels as if you can breathe it in like a balm for your soul....more info
  • 5star
    Everything was as stated and shiped quickly. would do business with this seller again & recommend to others....more info
  • deuter..healing music
    The title of this CD says it all for me. I listened to this music over and over (on my ipod) one long night while in the hospital getting a blood transfusion following surgery. It calmed me and allowed me to drift off to sleep but was there when I was awakened. I am not as eloquent as describing the music as others have but I am very glad to have had this CD to help me through a long night. ...more info
  • Deuter - Koyasan - Reiki Sound of Healing
    Deuter - Koyasan - Reiki Sounds of Healing, Beautiful melodies, easily
    transports you into another zone... a very calming one. Very happy I
    purchased it....more info
  • It does what it says on the cover
    I listened to this CD before purchasing it for my wife, I found it quite relaxing, btw the wife loved it as well....more info
  • Great Backdrop for Meditation
    Koyasan is a mountain in Japan, and is the home of the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. There are hundreds of temples in the vicinity, and overall is a beautiful place to visit.

    Reiki is a fairly modern invention, also originating in Japan, which explains that there is a limitless life force ("Ki") in the universe that can be controlled with the proper conditioning of the mind and body. Reiki has no obvious connection to Buddhism, so I'm not going to go into it here, but it is an interesting "spiritual" practice worth a look if you are interested..

    So what do these two terms have to do with us? They set the stage for Deuter's latest instrumental/meditation CD, Koyasan. Deuter's music has obvious Eastern influences, with Japanese instruments such as the shakuhachi flute and koto, as well as others from mainland Asia, such as the Tibetan singing bowl. There are, of course, piano and more traditional instruments included in the arrangements, but if you want to meditate and pretend that you are sitting on Mount Koyasan, you can do that.

    As I did my research for this review, I found that Deuter has put out dozens of CDs similar to this one. I am not going to comment on whether this is better or worse than his other work, simply because I am not familiar with his other CDs. I would go so far to say this is an excellent "first meditation music CD" to pick up, and I plan to pick up more of his work in the future.

    The eight tracks on the CD are all fairly long, running 8-10 minutes each for the most part. There is no noticeable tune or rhythm to any of the songs, yet everything feels right, and sounds good. It's relaxing without being distracting or jarring, and makes an excellent backdrop to meditation. If you live in a noisy area, playing this while meditating can block out the noise without being too distracting. After a few moments, you stop mentally hunting for a tune and just go with the sounds, gently, calmly, taking whatever comes, and letting it go again.

    Will the music heal you, as Reiki practitioners suggest? I have no idea, but I have covered the positive health benefits of meditation here before, so maybe there is something to it. I will definitely recommend the CD for a soothing, relaxing backdrop for meditation, or even just a quiet soundscape to enjoy....more info
  • Relaxation Perfection
    I had heard a cut from this album on ITunes and thought that the music was very beautiful, but I was in for a pleasant surprise when the whole album turned out to be wonderful....more info
  • Koyasan; Reiki Sound Healing
    This is an excellent cd for any relaxation time; whether it be with a client or not. Even the inside jacket has interesting information making it an added educational feature....more info
  • Great Album For Massage
    For nearly a year now i've been buying MP3 albums off of Amazon for use as a massage therapy student, and of all of the albums i've purchased this is in my top 10 list. One thing i've realized is the importance of good music for a massage therapy setting. Different music is good for different types of massage, but this one is superb for many. The sound is great, the use of the instruments is expertly done, and the flow is exquisite. I highly recommend this CD for relaxation and massage....more info
  • Languid meditative excursions
    With over 60 albums in a nearly 40-year career, you might be forgiven for thinking the artist's best work has already been written and recorded. And in many cases you'd be right. But not so with Deuter. At least not so with this new release, Koyasan.

    The German multi-instrumentalist was born on the cusp of a new world, in a small German town in 1945. As a young man, Georg Deuter worked for a brief time as a journalist before a near-fatal car accident lead him on a quest of the spirit and a life devoted to music, a quest that took him to study for many years in India before setting up home and a recording studio in the US southwest.

    Deuter is entirely self-taught, an admirable accomplishment when you consider the range of instruments he has mastered. He's most closely identified with the flute, but also plays keyboards, the tamboura (an Indian stringed instrument), cello, koto, and several others. Many of these are used to great effect on Koyasan, named after a sacred Buddhist mountain in central Japan, home to the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Except for the title and the presence of instruments associated with Japan, such as the shakuhachi (a bamboo flute) and the koto (a stringed instrument), and more widely with Asia (in this case, the 2-stringed Chinese violin, the erhu), the music on this album is not terribly suggestive of Koyasan. The song titles are generic enough to fit nearly any new age theme you'd care to choose.

    But the music . . . the music is sublime. The album features eight tracks, all but two 8 to 9 minute meditative excursions. There is no percussion, nor any noticeable rhythm, just languid journeys built on light and airy ambient washes, puffs of aural clouds through and around which circle the voices of the acoustic instruments. Unlike so many new age productions which work well in the background but can't withstand concentrated listening, Deuter's work, especially on this recording, will reward those who sit and listen attentively.
    ...more info
  • Sublime Relaxation
    My Introduction to Deuter, and what an Intro. Sheer brilliance in transporting my mind into another dimension of mental bliss, tranquility and harmony.

    The evocation of sadness in the title track underlines the sheer talent of this german maestro in understanding the human spirit and translating it into harmony.

    I tried this and some of his other titles in commute traffic and in stressful situations at work and found a perfect tonic to transport one into a state of mindfullness.

    Try it out. A must for all fans of this genre. ...more info
  • Excellent for Reiki, Qi Gong and relaxation
    After reading the other reviews and finally deciding to purchase it, I was not disappointed in the least. It is a fabulous piece of art in sound, a beautiful tapestry of music. The first time I played it, I could feel channeling reiki spontaneously as the music created the right ambient for it to happen. The mind can't track the music so you wont get bored with it, it tends to bypass the thinking mind. Great for Qi Gong and other moving or gentle meditative energy movements. Delicate oriental scent with big dosis of devotional love to the sacredness of the earth in this case Koyasan mountain. Bravo!...more info


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