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Who Reads Cosmopolitan?
The largest selling young women’s magazine in the world, Cosmopolitan is famous for its upbeat style, focus on the young career woman and candid discussion of contemporary male/female relationships. Cosmopolitan is the magazine for millions of fun, fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

  • COVER STORIES:The feature articles on celebrities, relationships, sex, fashion, beauty and health.
  • COSMO NEWS:Hot Sheet: Everything buzz-worthy, Celebrity feature article, tips on relationships, Beauty Steakout...
  • MAN MANUAL:The Man Report, Guy Spy, Guy Without Hist Shirt, Cosmo for Your Guy, Man on Fire...
  • COMSO LOOK:Beauty News, Hair, beauty tips, Beauty Q&A...
  • FUN FEARLESS FASHION:Things To Crave Right Now, How To..
  • LOVE AND LUST:Couples, sex, love, relationships, Ask Him Anything, Bedroom Blog...
  • REAL-LIFE READS:The Cosmo Post – amazing true tales...
  • YOU, YOU, YOU:Cosmo Commandments, Connecting, Bitch It Out...
  • FASHION AND BEAUTY:The best in fashion and beauty
  • WEEKEND:What to Do, You and Him, Living...
  • HEALTH CHECK:Cosmo Gyno, Your Body...
  • REGULAR FEATURES:Cosmo Extras, From the Editor, Confessions, Guy Confessions, Bedside Astrologer, Red-Hot Read, Shopping Information, Cosmo Quiz...

Magazine Layout:
Cosmopolitan is visually fun. Article layouts are aesthetically pleasing, with hip and stylish photography to support the written word.

Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White began her career in the magazine business by winning Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women contest and appearing on the cover. She was an editorial assistant at Glamour and later became a feature writer and columnist for the magazine. She went on to hold key jobs at several national magazines, and eventually was named editor-in-chief of Child and then later Working Woman and McCall’s. Before joining Cosmo, she served as editor-in-chief of Redbook for four years. White is the New York Times best-selling author of the Bailey Weggins murder mystery series for Warner Books. She is also the author of the bestselling career book Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead but Gutsy Girls Do.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Cosmopolitan has well-rounded editorial content, with 33% of its articles focusing on relationships and romance. It inspires with information on relationship and romance, the best in fashion and beauty, the latest on women’s health and well-being as well as what’s happening in pop culture and entertainment… and just about everything else fun, fearless females want to know about.

Cosmo advertising is targeting to meet the needs of our Fun Fearless Female readers and covers categories such as apparel, hair care, cosmetics, fragrance, skin care, electronics, and medication.

Cosmopolitan is the lifestylist and cheerleader for millions of fun, fearless females. Cosmo inspires with information on relationships and romance, fashion and beauty, women?s health and well-being, as well as pop culture and entertainment.

Customer Reviews:

  • cosmopolitan subscription
    I'm satisfied with my purchase. I like to read this magazine and always cost me like $10 each. It's incredible, i got the whole year subscription for the price i usually pay for only one of them! ...more info
  • A great gift for the young adult daughter!
    Our daughter in college asked for COSMO for her birthday. A fun gift to fill her college mailbox each month....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    This is for a 2 year subscription to Cosmo. If you read it, then you know exactly what you are getting. I got this for my girlfriend for christmas. It was a stupid move. I should have got the one year, that way, every year, i can resubscribe for her. all in all, good buy....more info
  • Single a documentary film
    Cosmopolitan broke the mould and has always continued to do so.It's up to the minute and doesn't back away from controversy to bring its readers what they want to know.
    If you enjoy this magazine you'll almost certainly enjoy "Single a documentary film" "Single" features a cast of entertaining and thought provoking experts,comics,singer/songwriters,and "real life" people sharing their insights and observations about the complexities of relationships in todays crazy world.
    Also available on info
  • Boring
    This is a crappy magazine.All it has is articles on sex and and how to attract men.IT is not a good read for the intellectual woman....more info
  • Best mag
    I love this mag. I am 30 and I still read all the juicy info. The dealer was great, and had my info processed way before time suggested....more info
  • Quick, Fast, and Pain Free
    Very good and quick service. Within a month i had received three issues for the month i ordered it, the month it currently was, and the upcoming month. Very efficient and as always a great magazine...more info
  • Awesome magazine
    This is a good magazine for teens, 20s and 30 somethings. Maybe even older women too. Lots of helpful advice on dating, relationships, health, and many other issues relevant to women. Helps you stay up on the latest fashion and trends too. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • great deal :)
    I love this magazine and i cant believe i got a better price on their membership here then in the own magazine website :)...more info
  • Awesome deal!
    This deal was unbelievable in itself...and THEN I had a chance to get two different subscriptions for $1.00 each. I love it....more info
  • top magazine for single women of all ages
    In my opinion, this is the very best magazine for single women. Sure, it's full of ads. Sure, it's not as good as it used to be. Sure, some of the stuff is brain candy. There is some really good advice within the articles. Great relationship info that will help you be a strong woman and create the life you want and deserve....more info
  • TORN
    I placed an order and paid for 1 year subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazines and a month has passed and to date I have not received my first magazine. So at present I am very upset and dissatisfied with the service I am receiving concerning this order and product.
    I must admit though that most of my orders that were made after this for other products through Amazon were met satisfactorily.
    My review (5 STARS) of this product is therefore purely based on past subscription to this magazine....more info
  • It's a pleasure read, not a news mag
    I hadn't read Cosmo in YEARS, but got SUCH a good deal on Amazon that I couldn't pass it up. I saw lots of complaints from people that it was different than it used to be, but I really didn't notice it. It's still the same magazine deep down - it's not life-changing (at least for me); it's just a light, easy, sometimes-funny read.
    As for Amazon, the price I paid was cheaper than going out and buying a couple of issues at the newsstand. Cosmo isn't a mag I'd pay $20 a year for, but at a good price it's worth it to get your mind off your day while flipping through its pages....more info
  • Disappointed
    I was quite disappointed with how long it took to process this order - over 2 months....more info
  • Best price I have ever found for this subscription
    I love cosmo, and this is the best price for a subscription that I have ever seen....more info
  • Cosmo for younger women
    This magazine is a 5 star for women ages 18-24. Any older and it's like reading Seventeen if you're 18-24....more info
  • A good magazine for young females
    I booked this magazine because there is a promotion. I did not expect too much from it. As I got the first issue, I found the magazine is "women" focused instead of a fashion magazine that I want. However, my wife likes it. she said there are a few interesting stuffs for females. ...more info
  • Cosmo
    Placed order 4 months ago and have only recieved 2 issues. The first was not even a real Cosmo, so I guess I should say I have only recieved 1 issue. Dont Waste your Money!...more info
  • Cosmopolitan Subscription
    The price was lower than other advertised subscriptions by almost $10, which was great at $15 for a full year. The length of time it took for the subscription to start was remarkable. I ordered it for my daughter-in-law for her birthday, and her first issue arrived exactly on her birthday, which was only two weeks after I placed the order. Very satisfied customer! ...more info
  • Cosmo, Great Magazine.
    I am happy with my monthly Cosmo magazine, keeps me up on new cosmetics
    and ideas for fashion....more info
  • Quick Subscription Start
    It said it could take 6 to 8 weeks to receive the first issue - it took less than 3 weeks!!! Very pleased with both the speed and the cost of this Cosmo subscription. No matter how old I get, I still have an addiction to Cosmo!...more info
  • Good Cheap Trashy Magazine
    I bought a one year subscription because it was only five dollars. My first magazine came really fast. I tend to look more at the beauty and health sections. The sex and relationship articles seem to be the same every month. I would never pay cover price for this magazine....more info
  • Wrong address
    I ordered this magazine, and put in MY address. I had ordered cosmo-girl as a gift for my niece last year( which she didn't get all of them), and I have yet to recieve any magazines to my address. I just found out that they started going to my 15 year old niece. So I just tried to change the address, but it shouldn't have went there in the first place. I entered MY address. Just not really happy with Cosmo....more info
  • They sent old magazines first
    I love this magazine. I was so excited about the price. They said my first one would come in July. Well they sent 2 the beginning of May. They sent the previous month and the one that was currently on stand. I purchased both because they said that it wouldn't come until July. ...more info
  • Good for a laugh
    Cosmo is great, the sex articles entertain my honey, and the confessions usually give me a good laugh!!...more info
  • Gets delivered AFTER it hits shelves..
    My girlfriend loves Cosmopolitan, so as a present I bought her a subscription to the magazine. The magazine itself is good and entertaining, but I'm very disappointed by the fact that both times I ordered it (once from Amazon, once direct from their website) it arrived via mail up to a couple of weeks after it had already hit grocery store shelves. I would expect that if you order a subscription you'd be able to get the magazine before, or at least at the same time that it hits store shelves. Like I said, my girlfriend loves reading Cosmo, but I just can't recommend a magazine which might arrive so late regularly for you, as it does for me....more info
  • gift
  • a little dissappointed
    I was pleased to get some issues of this magazine soon after ordering. That being said, I was terribly dissappointed to have several of those issues arrive 2 months late, or specifically, to get the july at the end of June, then receive the june issue july 7th. So I got an issue that I obviously didnt need, and that will be docked from my 24 months.

    Other than that, its the same magazine. which is good...more info
  • Skanky Cover Girls
    The magazine is full of evil lessons for tramps. Beyond that, the cover girl models are hideously ugly. However, it's nice bathroom reading for female guests who seek information about becoming vixens....more info
  • Ordering a magazine from Amazon
    Horrible experience that ended in disaster. My advice: DO NOT ORDER A MAGAZINE FROM AMAZON because it is impossible to change the information in time. I ordered this magazine for my daughter-in-law but mistakenly clicked before changing the shipping address. What a nightmare...and in the end, I canceled the entire subscription. It was simply impossible to contact Amazon as they are not set up to talk with anyone even though I noticed the mistake within minutes of ordering. Take my word for this ~ DO NOT COME TO AMAZON for such orders. They are simply not set up for to service the customers properly....more info
  • light entertainment
    This magazine (as a subscription, not so much in the stores) is an inexpensive way to entertain yourself once a month. Sure, it doesn't necessarily stimulate intellectually, or present anything new and astonishing, but neither do most tv shows we like to watch. I'm in my mid 20s, and I certainly enjoy this magazine.. sometimes to giggle at some of the ridiculous articles containing 'advice.' For example, my boyfriend and I share laughs over the advice about how to get/please/entertain/understand, etc. a guy. It's a learning experience for me because he'll tell me, 'that's not it at all!'
    This magazine also features pieces discussing more serious topics that are relevant to today's woman. If I read an article about a subject of interest, it prompts me to do more research of my own.
    I recommend this magazine for entertainment purposes only. It's a nice read on the metro train on the way to work....more info
  • A must have for a young female.
    I have been a Cosmo subscriber for over 3 years. One of my favorite magazines. I actually read it cover to cover every month. Yes its kinda repetitive, but its very fun and has plenty of advice for a woman on various topics. It has a little bit of everything. Plus your boyfriend/husband can read it when you are done!

    4 stars for me. ...more info
  • top magazine for single women of all ages
    In my opinion, this is the very best magazine for single women. Sure, it's full of ads. Sure, it's not as good as it used to be. Sure, some of the stuff is brain candy. There is some really good advice within the articles. Great relationship info that will help you be a strong woman and create the life you want and deserve....more info
  • Amazing Magazine!
    My favorite magazine! Not only is there style in this, but everything a woman wants to know and wants to talk about is in here!!
    ...more info
  • Great price!
    I'm a big fan of Cosmo, and this is the cheapest subscription I've found. It's also way cheaper than buying each magazine individually....more info
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
    In short, great magazine for a great price! I expected my first magazine to be delivered about a month or two later - so receiving it so much earlier was a nice surprise. In addition, I got a second special issue, which was a double treat!...more info
  • Cutting Corners Causing A Decline in Total Quality
    This was my "first" grown-up girl magazine and I still share a fondness for it and usually buy it at least three or four times a year. My guess is in order to keep the cover price down, the mag is trying to cut corners on other importent areas like--paper quality. The magazine is printed on a lower quality paper than most--decreasing its' durability and readability. Also, let's face it--some of the writing is just not up to the same level of many competing magazines. The articles seem repetitive, simple-minded and without a lot of useful information. Let's hope the "old gal" gets a quality "face-lift" and soon....more info
  • Will it ever get here?
    I purchased my subscription on 12/26/2007 it is NOW 2/9/2008 and have recived ONE magazine! Im pretty sure two have already came out by than... Still waiting to see if I will be getting a refund or a magazine. Price was GREAT dont get me wrong I just wish I would be able to see the final product...more info
  • Fast service, Great price!
    I happened to be on Amazon and saw that Cosmo was only $5 for a year's subscription. I thought that had to be wrong or there was a catch...but I read through everything and it was true! I've purchased Cosmo from time to time at the grocery store, usually depending if there's a good celeb on the cover. I'm not a compulsive, spur-of-the-moment shopper, but I do love a great deal and after contemplating Amazon's offer all day, I decided I couldn't pass this up.

    I placed my order with expectations of receiving my first issue in another month or two per Amazon's ETA, but was happily surprised to receive my first issue within 2 weeks. I recently received my 2nd issue and am very happy with all aspects of this purchase. It's a fun magazine at a great price. I definitely told my friends about it!...more info
  • Still love this mag, good for gym reading.
    Most of the articles keep my interest and I like to see the hot men!...more info
  • entertaining
    As long as you don't take anything in it seriously, it's fun to mindlessly flip through....more info
  • predictable...
    I have a subscription to this mag and have recieved four issues so far. Every single issue is completely boring and lame. I regret subscribing. This isnt the cool Cosmo I read ten years ago with cool story. This magazine consists of mainly the same lame sex tips month after month and teeny bopper quizs. Save yourself sometime and skip this mag. Oh and I can't help but laugh at how they get so many fact completely wrong...geez. snooze......more info
  • Super Informative!
    This Mag is awesome! Lets just say it is very informative! (wink, wink). A must have for all lovebirds....more info
  • The Giving Gift
    This was ordered for a gift that keeps on giving! I had no problems ordering it and in fact the product (magazine) arrived earlier than they said! They told me it might come in April or May when it came in March. And the price for the two (2) year was cheaper than on the news stand! ...more info
  • great purchase
    Couldn't believe how fast the subscription started arriving after I purchased the subscription. Already recieved 2 issues and read them cover to cover....more info
  • Cosmo is the best
    i have always loved Cosmo and bought it on a regular basis at the store. scanning through amazon one day and realized they sell magazines. i get my monthly dose of cosmo all the while saving a few bucks. i feel cosmo has it all. news articles that appeal to women, those embaressing moments, and lots of great tips whether it be for the man in your life or your makeup bag. a must have for every girly-girl....more info


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