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Marie Claire offers solutions for the woman whose time constraints demand one resource to respond to diverse aspects of her life. From global and cultural issues to fashion and beauty coverage, Marie Claire is for the woman of substance with an eye for style.

Customer Reviews:

  • A woman's magazine with class and intelligence to spare
    Whenever I'd finish reading a magazine like 'Cosmo', I'd feel guilty for indulging in a magazine so obsessed with sex. But whenever I'd finish 'Marie Claire', I felt like I'd read something with quality without loosing any of the fashion and beauty advice (and even a little dating) that I love. The articles range from lingerie to skin care to guns to third world countries. It's the one magazine I can always read cover to cover. I feel as though I've actually learned something about life in other places and at the same time learned how to apply eyeliner more easily. While some magazines pride themselves on featuring models who are (gasp) size 4, 'Marie Claire' shows women with real bodies (there was a woman who was size 20 and proud) which makes me want to appreciate my body that way. The bottom line is the magazine has class and intelligence and plenty of it. If you get this magazine, you're not only getting fashion, dating and beauty, you're also getting a magazine with mind, soul and heart. And isn't that what we're all looking for?...more info
  • A favorite...
    This magazine has really grown on me of late, for a lot of reasons. Glamour and Cosmo don't appeal to me as much, partly due the the drop in their quality, and partly just due to the fact that I'm not in their target age group. Marie Claire has far more articles that are in line with my interests. They attempt to cover real issues that have an impact on women's lives. They are able to write stories about the status of women in the world (i.e. their Taliban articles) in a way that makes the information accessible without treating the reader like you are stupid and totally oversimplifying. I also like that not all the models look anorexic, and they don't inundate the reader with diet advice, or articles on sex and how to find/get/keep a man. This is still a light beach read compared to a hard new magazine, but it's far better than most other magazines in this genre....more info
  • AKD98
    This magazine is one that fits me best because its more for the average woman. One of my favorite sections is the 100+ best looks, they group color selections together and show nine different looks with that color. They pick about four or five colors each month. Another thing they do is "Splurge/Steal" throughout the magazine. For instance they'll show you an expensive item then a comparable one for a lot less money, they do this with beauty products, shoes, handbags, and clothing.

    I also find that the articles are worth reading, a lot of times when I get a magazine I tend to skip over the majority of their articels, but not this Marie Claire. They write about human intrests, getting over your fears, learning how to appreciate yourself the way you are. Many of them are really facinating. They also feature articles of women's struggles in life. One month they had an aritcle on a woman who had a drug addiction and how it affected her life. They're really interesting and worth reading....more info

  • Absent subscription!
    I ordered this subsciption in June, and it's now mid-September....I have yet to see a single magazine....more info
  • Still waiting for my first issue
    I still have not received my first issue. It has been weeks since I placed my order....and nothing yet....more info
    I ordered this in Nov.22th. I haven't received any Marie Claire from Amazon until now.
    ...more info
  • Ridiculous
    I don't like this magazine. It often features "do good" articles and features about poor and abused women from third-world countries, but then contradicts itself. For example, in the latest issue I read, an article highly suggests fur as having its "comeback." Hello Marie Claire -- don't we already know how extremely cruel and heartless the fur industry is? If you hurt animals, who are weak and helpless, then don't expect that women, who are weak and helpless in our patriarchal-dominated societies, will find freedom and liberation! How stupid can you get?! I think Marie Claire is actually the type of magazine that appeals to narcissistic women who want to feel good about themselves by reading articles that supposedly have a "conscience," then these same women go out and buy furs, without thinking about the actual global impact that partaking of any type of cruelty against those weaker and helpless has as a whole. I will NEVER buy this magazine again!...more info
  • Too Young For Me
    I ordered this magazine as a way to inspire me to lose weight. However it was the wrong thing. It is way too young - geared for no one older than 30 and that may be pushing things. Lots of ads, lots of skinny young blondes, teeny bopper stuff. I share this magazine with younger coworkers at my job....more info
  • Where is it?
    I ordered this November 27, and still have not seen any magazine show up. And according to Amazon's eta it should have started a month ago...Always fun to pay something for nothing....more info
  • Free Stuff
    With such a huge choice of fashion magazine out there today, I will be honest when I say the first thing that hooked me into Marie Claire was their monthly offer for free stuff! Sometimes it's makeup, panties, or skin cream, I am hooked even when the free thing is unobtainable (occasionally you have to go to a certain store to get your free thing).

    Another column that I enjoy in Marie Claire, being on a limited budget and all, is the Splurge vs. Steal beauty page. Usually found near the end of the magazine it is full of various expensive beauty items and their prices along side a very similar inexpensive item....more info
  • A wonderful publication
    I have always enjoyed Marie Claire. I don't know why I took so long to actually get a subscription. It's a well rounded magazine, and well suited for women who are younger and older....more info
  • Perfect Time-Killing Magazine
    Unlike Cosmo, Marie Claire is not only about how to please your man- it's actually written for women. Of course magazines like these are not literary masterpieces, but that's not why we read them. Marie Claire is great for reading on a plane, bus, train or anywhere else when you want something light and entertaining. the fashion tips are fun to read, the love/relationship advice is really aimed towards women's problems. of course there's the obligatory human interest piece which often seems out of place among pages of expensive clothing and mascara tips, but overall this is a great magazine....more info
  • Wonderful, fast service!
    Placed my order and got my first mag in about 4 wks, so it's even earlier than expected!! Got my May subscription about a week after that, so I am overall VERY VERY satisfied w/placing my mag order, and will definitely order other mags here in the future. ...more info
  • My Favorite Magazine
    I agree that this magazine has improved over the sets itself apart from other magazines like Allure, Glamour, etc. b/c it actually has insightful, interesting articles. Don't get me wrong -- I like beauty & fashion advice, but I also like to learn something every once in awhile, so Marie Claire meets that need nicely. Also, I recently subscribed via their website and received a 2 year subscription for only $10, which is insanely cheap. ...more info
  • A Fashion Mag with Class
    I have just recently begun to read Marie Claire regularly, and I must say that it is refreshing compared to most other magazines. In the past I had to buy several magazines to cover what I wanted to know, but MC covers fashion (including both high priced items as well as items that a poor college kid can afford-a big plus since this is a large market for beauty mags) and it also covers important issues from around the world. Although I wish it had a little more on fitness and health it still keeps me coming back to the newsstand every month....more info
  • Not what it once was
    Marie Claire claims to be written for "Women of the World," but the changes that the magazine has undergone since the new editor entered have taken this publication far from their self-proclaimed audience.
    The stories have become increasing vapid and sensationalized. Worse, the quality of the writing has greatly decreased overall. How sad that the editors think that a mainstream Women's magazine has to be written on the level of Seventeen Magazine!
    Hopefully the magazine will get through their current growing pains and become an informative and fun fashion magazine again....more info
  • A Mix of Everything
    Every issue of Marie Claire covers everyhting: fashion, makeup, beauty, men, events, how people live around the world, and ways you can help other women suffering from abuse, natural disasters, etc. I hate magazines that only shows clothes and models, and this is not one of them. Marie Claire covers everything and every month, I learn something new after reading it....more info
  • Great chick mag!
    Marie Claire is a cross between Vogue and Glamour -- it mixes news about the latest fashions with hard-hitting articles about women's prison and the date rape drug. Which makes it one of the most intelligent women's magazines around. If you are a chick that enjoys magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and Mademoiselle then you'll enjoy Marie Claire. I would recommend an annual subscription to this one!...more info
  • Everything I thought it would be!
    Before kids, I would read Cosmo, Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. Once kids came along it changed to Parents, Parenting, and Child magazines. Needless to say, my fashion sense went down the toilet. Well, I'm getting that back now that I have Marie Claire. It's not quite as young and trendy as Cosmo, but for the real woman in everyday situations. I also love the reading about the newest makeup/hair products as well as the latest fashion trends....more info
  • 5 stars with an asterick
    this is a great magazine - if you compare it to other women oriented magazines. the information it presents in regard to dating, sex, food, and health is much more realistic and focused then cosmo, glamour, etc. this magazine also makes a point of talking alot about womens self esteem issues, but uses different approaches. marie claire also talks about the issues that women in other countries have to face, which really gives you a unique perspective. it also has clothing options for those who need larger sizes and are looking for something other than a tarp.

    in the whole magazine spectrum, i would probably rank it a 4, but it doesnt have as much coverage in alternative, more philosophical areas that magazines like "details" have. its topics pretty much apply to the stereotypical topics that women would be interested in - however it covers them differently and better than its competitors....more info

  • Jennifer
    Great magazine for womens issues. The fashion is fun and trendy, as go for the makeup tips. My only complaint is that I feel that Marie Claire's lists of makeup and clothing recommendations always the same color. ex: blue container on mascara, blue nail polish, light blue scubbing cream. The same list items will be found in next months issue except the products will be all yellow, or red... you get the idea. Is this coincidence, or a suggestion from the art director....more info
  • Great price, fast order processing
    I am impressed with the quick processing of this order. I ordered on 12/30/08 and received my first issue on 1/30/09. (I didn't think I would receive my first issue until March at best!) I also took advantage of a great Amazon deal, so the cost for my full year subscription was $5-$8 (I ordered three magazines, so I don't recall the exact price on this one). Based on this experience, I would order a magazine sub through Amazon again....more info
  • My favorite magazine
    As women's magazines go, Marie Claire is definately the best of the bunch. It focuses on more than just fashion. It has serious articles and some cute fun ones, besides.

    They have had articles on:

    A woman who obeys an 8-ball for a month
    A man who wears make-up for a week
    Thai prostitution
    What women around the world keep in their underwear drawers
    And lots and lots on fashion

    They have a nice mix of articles. You can always find an article or two that you really like in each issue....more info
  • Good service
    I am really happy with my magazine, it is what I was looking for....more info
    Someone dropped the ball - this never arrived 8 months later. Maybe you shouldn't get it through Amazon?...more info
  • Advertisments Galore
    This magazine is just full of advertisement after advertisement. Loaded with them. Boring, incomplete, magazine full of perfume samples and nothing else. Waste of money. Not what it used to be at all!!...more info
  • Great magazine about real women!
    This is a magazine for those that are interested in more than just fashion. Of course, that is included, but it starts in the second half of each issue. The beginning not only includes articles about real women "Are you the same as you were voted in high school?" (Most popular, biggest flirt, etc) or "Who do you get along better with? men or women?" but there are articles from around the globe concerning womens issues like children thrown into prositution, female circumcision, etc. (There are also places you can email or write to vote on issues or to be included in petitions and such. Plus, the magazine does not only cater to and include small, petite women, but those over size 12 as well.

    Month to month, there is usually an article that incorporates the female celebrity that is featured on the cover.. one month Jenna Elfman helped fight fires and another included the new "Charlie's Angels" (Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore) and had them go on an adventure of their own. One of the first issues I ever read had Gwyneth Paltrow stay on a deserted island for a weekend. She was only allowed to bring certain luxury items. (before Survivor) Then, she wrote about the experience in a journal that appeared in the magazine. That is probably what attracted me to Marie Claire in the first place. Here were these celebrities doing ordinary things, because we are still all women, no matter how famous.

    I have had a subscription for about three years and its one of the few that will keep coming to my house. It's a great magazine for women with many interests!...more info

  • Customer Service?
    I ordered my subscription at the very beginning of December and still have not received a single issue. A customer service rep said that I should get it by January 31, but no luck. I wouldn't be so worried about this except that Hearst is trying to tell me that I've already received 2 of my 12 issues. I tried to contacted CS again, but apparently they no longer know how to type = ( I'll be canceling my subscription and picking one up from, say, Conde Nast?

    In my first review, I was upset because of customer service issues. It took them forever (much longer than in the past) to send me my magazine and it was almost impossible to get a response from them! Now that I made a deal with the company and have actually received my first issue, I can say that I enjoy the magazine. I got it because I heard that it had articles that were more than beauty/fashion. It's true--there are empowering, eye-opening and inspiring articles to supplement the fluff. Great deal so far!...more info
  • Me and my best friend Marie Claire
    Every issue is like a night out for drinks with the girls! It covers everything we talk about from men and sex to fashion and beauty, even health tips, and especially what's going on in the world today! Everything that effects a woman in today's society.
    It's honest, earnest and fun to read.

    Marie Claire is my best friend and my best friend's best friend. Keep up the good work....more info

  • I love this magazine!
    This is not your trashy beauty magazine. It has insightful articles, book recommendations, simple interviews, and of course beauty and style all in one. It also covers such things as politics but in a clear and concise manner. I really like this magazine. And i'm not embarassed to read it on the Subway because it doesn't have trashy or tacky sex articles like some other magazines. Marie Claire is a very mature and insightful magazine that provides good reading, nice pictures, and different opinions....more info
  • Marie Claire amazing deal
    Marie Claire [1-year subscription]

    Could not believe the price of this 1 year subscription which I bought last month for one of my friends in USA. Only cost $8 and with added special offer of $5 off before end of the month the total cost was incredibly only 3.
    My only complaint is - why can't the UK amazon do special deals like this.?
    No wonder we refer to " Rip off Britain".
    ...more info
  • Meet the Anti-Cosmo
    Marie Claire is the best womens' general interest magazine in the U.S. today because:

    1) It still has the fluffy/girly "Cosmoesque" articles we can't help loving (i.e. "What are his p.j.'s telling you?") -- which the upscale fashion magazines (such as Vogue) won't cover -- but it presents these in a much more respectful way than Cosmopolitan (or even Glamour) would. ~For example, in an article entitled, "How long should you wait to get married?", a handful of couples of differing experiences simply explain what worked for them. There is absolutely no commentary; readers are to take these first-hand accounts and decide how they feel about the issue for themselves. (This is how Marie Claire does most of its articles.) This is in direct contrast to the Cosmo approach which, no doubt, would have included a timetable to follow and games to play to make it happen, all under the authoritative voice of some quacky, pseudo-"expert".
    2) It has intelligent stories about women around the world. These are very eye-opening and mind-expanding, and often offer information on how the reader can get involved with the issue presented.
    3) Its fashion coverage is extensive and top-notch for a magazine that is not solely dedicated to fashion. It presents trends and how to wear them in the real world, as well as a wide array of pieces for every shape and budget. (For my purposes, it serves me better than the upscale fashion magazines.)
    4) It only uses models for (some of) the fashion spreads. All other articles feature the ("real") people who are explaining their experiences in relation to the articles' topics. This provides for a much more realistic perception of the body.

    Considering the above, I still find it amazing that Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan are published by the same group!...more info

  • Marie Claire not up to par.
    This is under my husbands name because he ordered it for me. Compaired to the other mags in this area it falls short....more info
  • Not a waste of money
    This magazine has improved a lot in the last couple of years with their new editor. It's gone from 'fashion' magazine that tried to be interesting to something with articles Really worth reading. Buy it if you are especially interested in international and / or women's issues. Each issue does have beauty, clothes, career, fitness and celebrity articles as well. My favorite pages are the music, books and movie reviews and the articles about women abroad. Buy the whole year, I have resubcribed every year since I first got an issue 4 years ago, and I've given it as a gift subscription too....more info
  • Best of its kind
    As far as fashion/women's interest magazines go, this is the best. There are usually a few traditional fashion spreads - models in urban locales wearing weird clothes and jumping around a lot - but the main fashion offerings are lots of pictures of just the clothes. This means that there is a lot less emphasis on unnaturally skinny body types. My favorites spreads are the "Splure v. Steal" articles where the editors compare two nearly identical outfits - one from couture designers and the other from cheaper, more mainstream retailers. They also do the same thing with makeup. Whoever puts these together does a great job of showing how you can get the same high end look for a fraction of the price. The art department uses a lot of briliant color and the fashion spreads usually revolve around a color theme. The articles tend to focus on interviews with real people. Lots of articles where a couple are interviewed separately about their sex life and then compare their answers. There is also usually one article about a serious subject, usually a political topic that effects women. Nothing in this magazine is going to particularly challenge your intellect, but for a light, fun read, you can't beat it. The perfect magazine to take to the gym and read while you work out on the stairmaster....more info
  • ????
    I haven't received my magazine yet - where is it??? I ordered the magazine over a month ago and I still have not received my first subscription??!
    ...more info
  • Have Not Received Yet
    I've been waiting for some time for this to start, and at this point am ready to ask for a refund, since it appears that the subscription doesn't include any actual issues....more info
  • If you subscribe to ONE "women's magazine" this should be it
    I've subscribed to every women's magazine out there from Vogue to Jane over the years and Marie Claire presents the best mix of issues and fashion. Marie Claire is ideal for the woman who not only wants to know about serious issues concerning women (sex slaves in foreign countries; abortion, etc.,) BUT also wants to know what clothes/makeup are "in" this year. The "splurge" and "steal" section (featured monthly) highlights the hot picks for the month (from lipstick to purses) and gives you the HIGH end version and the more affordable version -- plus who makes it. LOVE this magazine....more info
  • One of My Favorite Magazines
    Imagine one of your favorite magazines delivered to your house for the price of only 8 dollars! Its filled with hundreds of stories from women just like you. Topics like romance, love, sex, shoes, dresses, and many more overflow these pages. Find out what's new and hot every month, don't miss one update. Never be bored with this in your drawer! ...more info
  • The Magazine Diva Says........
    I enjoy Marie Claire but they could "step it up" a bit. Splurge vs. Steal probably sells their magazine for them. Often I notice repeat information, or feature products that appear in 4 other fashion magazines. More originality would be helpful. And it really pissed me off that the fengshui article was such a limited target market. (I'll still read next month's addition. I have to find out the best "steal"!)...more info
  • a big change for the fashion industry is coming
    I recieve different magazines over the course of a year. i don't know why. It simply happens that way. Marie Claire is a pleasant surprise. I found in the first issue I read, a group of writers, editors and all involved with this magazine, not just writing about issues, but being proactive. Everyone on the street in NYC in bikinis and whatever each individual felt comfortable with, to bring awareness to skin cancer. Really cool! Each issue has write ups on a certain amount of relevant international and national news for women and other sexes too. they are adding the right amount of consciousness to an otherwise totally fashion magazine which also i have found surprisingly refreshing and fun. Ace Job Marie Claire staff!!!...more info
  • Such a Deal
    I love magazines, but I hate buying them for four dollars a shot at a store or gas station. But this was just amazing, I only paid eight dollars, only eight dollars and I'm completely satisfied. I mean its just so much easier and the magazine itself is so great. I'm defiantly buying this for my friends and family. It makes a great gift and lasts a whole year and only for eight dollars. Such a deal....more info
  • Novel Concept - A Fashion Magazine with Articles!
    Already a subscriber to Self and Women's Health, I subscribed to Glamour and Marie Claire in search of better fashion content. While I didn't really get the fashion content I was looking for (as few items featured in MC fall within my grad-student budget), I was pleasantly surprised that MC was attempting a novel if not altogether successful approach to a women's fashion magazine - a magazine with actual articles about issues that many women would find interesting. A few examples from this month's issue - a woman writes about her experience of being in a world renowned prison, an ethnographic piece on a matrifocal ethnic group in China etc. I should warn you that these articles are never really in depth, but they are nifty little conversation starters. Recently, MC has also been trying a bit harder with "recession-friendly" items for their fashion section, and while pieces $250-and-under are still out of most people's budget, I think the effort to feature more attainable items is a step in the right direction...

    Also, Amazon usually offers $5 tO $10 off of its featured magazine's every few months, if you wait for this deal (you'll probably get an email), you could get a one year subscription to MC for $3!
    ...more info
  • The PERFECT magazine!
    When I sadly abandoned the mutilated "Glamour" when they changed editors, I was comforted by "Marie Claire." They used to be a bit thin on the subtance, but they've really developed into a GREAT read that I look forward to every month.

    Marie Claire has GREAT articles on social issues that go into unusual depth for a women's magazine. This is a regular feautre, not an anomaly.

    Marie Claire has recently gotten better about including reasonably-priced merchandise in the magazine, something you can't say about alot of other women's magazines. There are plenty of things under $100 that are pretty and fashionable.

    I also like that when Marie Claire does a feature about how real women live their lives, it's not a collection of quotes or blurbs like Cosmo or Glamour, it really goes in depth.

    I can't say enough about this magazine. It's a perfect piece of fun - there's substantive articles, fashion that is sophisticated but sensibly priced and a good dose of fun....more info

  • Never received issues
    I ordered back in September. I understand that they might not have shipped right away. I waited until November, then called. They said I was not scheduled to receive any issues until January because that was the next cycle. I said fine. I was a little irritated, but fine. I called again the end of January, after I hadn't received an issue, and was informed that it was in the mail. It is now March and I have have received nothing. I should have listened to the other reviews stating the same problem, but I let the cheap price sway me. That, and i thought, how can they not send ANY issues? Well, its true. And not just with this magazine. I am on here today to write a review from the other magazine from this same company that I have not yet received. I would give no stars if I could. This seems simply outrageous. ...more info
  • Won't let you unsubscribe, NO contacts for customer service!
    On Dec. 24th I entered a Marie Claire magazine sweep:

    It didn't display well in Safari so I couldn't read anything except the fields to fill in. Upon hitting the submit button I got a message thanking me for Subscribing and saying I'd get my magazine soon.

    I IMMEDIATELY tried to find contact information to fix this.
    I was unable to use their "unsubscribe link" because it couldn't find me (I guess I was too new to be in the system yet). And you need a code on the magazine itself for the other option.
    I found no phone or email addresses.
    After about 15 frustrating minutes I found an email for customer service that worked. (Several of their posted email address got rejected & came back to me:,,

    I sent them an email explaining what had just happened and that I did NOT want a subscription.

    Since then I've gotten TWO email bills and a MAILED bill for the magazine (which ironically hasn't come, so I can't use the code on the front to use their auto-unsubscribe link) - but no response to my email.
    I've sent several more follow up emails and have heard NOTHING from them.

    I'm currently trying to track down a phone number for them, but I wanted to warn others about how unhepful they are....more info
  • A little bit of Cosmo with a little bit of politics & fashion
    I have been a subscriber for 3 years. Specifically I have been getting Cosmo/Marie Claire combo subscription for $20. If not for that I don't know if I would read Marie Claire. I prefer Cosmo, but I do like Marie Claire. I like their feature stories & their reviews of best music/books/DVD every month. A good read. It's true that now you can get it for $5 a year. I'm not a big magazine person, but I like this one. ...more info


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