Bosch 3931A Airsweep 120V 13 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner With Power Broker

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Product Description

Stops dust and debris at the source; Shortens clean-up time; The centerpiece of the Bosch Airsweep Dust Extraction System of tools and attachments; Pulse-Clean electromagnetic filter cleaning system keeps filters clean; Captures 99.93% particles of 3 microns diameter and larger; Power Tool activation mode with 7 second run-on time to clear hose; Power-Tool Activation with Power Broker Dial for allocating power between vacuum cleaner and connected power tool. Includes 9.85-foot hose, two VAC012 filter cartridges and one VAC013 dust bag.

  • Bosch exclusive Pulse-Clean electromagnetic filter cleaning system shakes the dual filter cartridges to remove dust and maintain maximum suction power. Pulse-Clean can be activated manually, or automatically, when a connected power tool is switched off .
  • Elevated filter location Filters sit above maximum dust or water accumulation height to help maintain maximum airflow and suction power
  • 4 modes of operation: Regular vacuum, Power Tool activation, Pulse-Clean?, Pulse-Clean? with Power Tool activation
  • Activation by power tool Allows power tool switch to turn vac on and off. 7-second run-on after power tool is turned off to clear hose of remaining debris.
  • Power Broker™ Dial For allocating power between vacuum cleaner and connected power tool to optimize usage of the available power and avoid blown circuits. Also allows suction control for other purposes as well.
Customer Reviews:
  • Taking Dust Collection To The Next Level
    I already own a fairly uber cyclone dust collector, but that collector is really designed for high volume, low suction applications (where a relatively large space needs dust control like a planer or cabinet saw).
    However there are plenty of applications where you need high suction and relatively low volume of air such as most hand sanding applications. I use this vacuum for just that as well as for my miter saw and sometime my router table. I already own a shop vac, but the noise can make things quite unpleasant. I deliberated on this vacuum for quite awhile due to it's cost and I compared it to festool and fein competing products. I am glad I bought it. It maintains good suction and the noise level is very bearable. As a result, I tend to use it more often, especially when sanding and I don't yack lung biscuits out the next day because I am breathing cleaner air in my shop. I feel confident it will pay for itsself with the related health benefits down the road....more info
  • excellent vac
    I bought this as the best pick between the Fein turbo III & the Festool 33 vac. I have a commercial woodshop and needed it mainly for pick up from tools as well as general clean up. I had the Fein turbo II for 10 yrs before it gave up and can definitely reccomend it, But I was looking for larger capacity (less frequent emptying), so it was between the Fein III and the Bosch. The Festool is very nice too but seemed overpriced and awkward to empty if you don't use the bags (which are pricy, as are all their accessorys). So the Bosch was it, it's made from a softer plastic than the other two but functions very well, the filter shaker really works, and the power broker functions like the variable speed control on the festool. the hose could be longer but it does come with a rubber end that fits the Festool domino outlet perfectly. No tools but they are available seperately from any of the manufacturers, I am using the old Fein hose and tools with this vac....more info
  • What are you after - price or convenience?
    This unit does what many shop vacuums fail to do, pick up dust and wood shavings without getting clogged every few seconds. It is also quiet enough that I do not need ear plugs just to clean up around my shop. I am a hobbiest woodworker, and this vacuum allows me to have enough dust collection that I can avoid a dedicated dust collector, thus saving the space needed for such a large unit, and allowing me to avoid adding piping to my little wood shop. It has the capacity and power to pick up the mess directly from my planer, saws and sanders leaving little to be cleaned up after I have finished my work for the day. It is pricey, but good tools are rarely cheap. Think about what you want a shop vacuum to do, if you can get by with a loud and jam prone unit, go ahead and save the money, but if you want a unit that can help you keep the mess down, allow you to hear what is happening around you, and not force you to stop every few minutes to clear the hose, then this vacuum is worth a good look. Four stars is due to its lack of any attachments, which forces you to buy them seperately....more info
  • ToolManDan
    Tired of cheap/loud shop-vacs, narrowed my choices to the Fein Turbo III, Festool and this Bosch 3931A. After reading all reviews and specs, decided on the Bosch. This Vac is not very popular on Forums and I don't know why. The Bosch is slightly more powerful than the Fein Turbo III and also very quiet. I added the accessory basket and bought several bags. I use the 1-1/2 Mr. Nozzle Hoses, and their 1-1/2 nozzles (complete line available from Woodworker's Supply) with all my vacs so the 2-1/4" tank fitting fit the Bosch with no problems. If I could find anything negative about it is it's weight, but I use it only in my shop, so that's not a problem for me. Some will complain about the cost of the unit and its accessories (bags, etc). I don't mind the cost since I'm a hobbyist and it's worth having a vacuum that matches the quality of all my other shop tools. Determine your requirements for a vac and if they're like mine, you won't be dissatisfied with the Bosch 3931A....more info
  • Noise-be-gone
    Finally a quiet, versatile Shop Vac with smarts. Although heavier than any I have used, it is superbly quiet. When used for small jobs it allows what I have always wanted - gentle but effective suction sharing the power with the tool I am using on a single outlet. Very maneuverable and stable but the rear wheels could be larger to assist getting it up stairs between floors. Space to store the hose would be an asset and a better cable wrap would be nice. I guess to keep the cost down, there are no solid pipes nor heads of any kind so I will buy the attachments. Finally I can stop using ear muffs when sanding and I do not regret making this purchase one bit. ...more info
  • Built like a tank
    after 6 months of use:
    Well, I don't have anything but Shop Vacs to compare it to, so this may be unfair. This thing is a dream compared to those. Quiet, powerful, sturdy, etc. Everything you would expect from a near $400 vacuum. Everything down to the cord is built to last. The only reason It didn't get 5 stars is the friction fit hose end. When I use the floor kit, especially the hand piece, it comes off unless I hold onto it. I wrapped elect. tape on it to increase the friction, which seems to work. Be careful with the capacity, I practically filled a bag with sheet rock and brick and could hardly get the bag out it was so heavy. The beauty was that the bag didn't break! One minor complaint shouldn't taint your decision. It makes a good seat and step stool as well. ...more info
  • Self Cleaning Vacuum
    We started using the Bosch 3913A Vacuum on a large concrete resurfacing project that is on the beach here in Southern California. In the past we have had problems with our vacuums clogging up very fast because of the dust mixed with the continual moisture. The self cleaning on this vacuum works great. Our second use of this vacuum was the the removal of paint in the same environment. It worked great. The automatic self cleaning feature is a must. We found nothing negative about the vacuum. ...more info
  • Great tool!
    I looked pretty hard for a good shop vacuum (Festool, Fein, Porter-Cable and others)and I'm pleased with this unit. It is quiet enough to carry on a normal conversation with someone when it is running, which means I'm much more prone to use it than my old screamer vac. The Power Broker function works as advertises, the barrel has plenty of capacity for my needs, it accepts hoses from other vacuums, the hose it comes with is very good quality and it fits my Festool sanders, and the self-cleaning filters keep the unit functioning at peak performance. The auto on/off feature is great, but a lot of higher end vacs have this feature too. No, it doesn't come with attachments, but if you have another vacuum that your are replacing I would think you could use those hoses and attachments like I did. Lots of suction power, and it moves a lot of air. No exhaust blower, but I imagine that's how they got it so quiet. Highly recommended!...more info