T3 Featherweight
T3 Featherweight

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Product Description

This is the new T3 Tourmaline Featherweight Dryer, Model 83808. This is the new 2007 Model, the Bespoke Labs Edition. New improved filter system on this dryer. This is the model, that replaces the original Model 83808. This item has a 12 month warranty through us Glamour Beauty Center, not T3.

  • professional ionic ceramic hair dryer made with genuine troumaline crystals
  • 13 oz/367g .1800 watt.2 speed settings plus cool shot

Customer Reviews:

  • Fast Service, Defective Product
    I ordered this hair dryer as a replacement because after 4 years, mine stopped getting hot. I was very excited when this hair dryer arrived before expected but so sad when I turned it on and had the same problem...it did not get warm it all. ...more info
  • worth the money
    A really good hair dryer can make a lot of difference in the final outcome. I love this dryer! I have always used smaller dryers because the larger ones are so heavy. Not only is this one really light, but it has cut the time it takes to dry my hair by more than half. It leaves my hair smoother and shinier as well....more info
  • Love it!
    I love my T3. I only wished I had gotten mine sooner. It really does help with fighting the "frizzies"...more info
  • So far so good
    My wife torn up a Chi hair dryer and wanted another 'quiet' one. This one seems to be doing well so far and at 1/3 the price I am happy....more info
  • PureHeat FeatherLight Breeze Hair Dryer Is Much Better

    My daughter bought the T3 and after 2 months we sent it back. While waiting for her replacement to be mailed to her, we were in Sephora and she saw the PureHeat Hair Dryer called the breeze. It is featherlight, made from recycled materials, PureHeat hair is a green company, the product was almost half the price as the T3 hair dryer and so when the replacement arrived we sent it back and got a refund. The PureHEAT Hair Dryer is a 5 star product! They have a website - http://pureheatcordless.com ...more info
  • Great Dryer!
    This is a wonderful hair dryer! Very lightweight and dries my hair super fast. I'd read that this dryer makes hair "softer and silkier" and had some doubts that a blow dryer could actually do that, but to my delighted surprise, my hair is softer and silkier! It also has a filter that can be removed and cleaned as needed, so this should last me a very long time!...more info
  • Featherweight--T3, pretty good
    I like this hairdryer--and it came in mint condition even though I got a reconditioned product. I have to say that I'm glad I got the discounted version, because I'm really not sure why this product would cost over $100. Again, it's a good hairdryer--quiet, gentle--but I didn't notice any difference in drying time or the appearance of my hair. That said, I'm hoping it will last longer than my store-bought hairdryers, which generally die after 8 months or so. If it does, it's probably worth the extra cost....more info
  • not worth the money
    i bought this for my wife. she thought that it would be better than her $20 hair dryer. she got it used it and put it up and went back using her $20 dryer. it says it cuts down on frezze but it made her hair more frezzy. so save your money and just by a cheaper one it will work the same or better....more info
  • Seriously awesome
    I never seem to notice too much difference with hairdryers, but this one is really worth the money. It made my damaged hair super shiny and healthy looking, and it is actually better for you hair so it will make it healthier in reality too! It's pretty light-weight and looks cute. They didn't send me the diffuser with it though so order it from a different seller....more info
  • Delivers on its promise
    I've been using for about two weeks now and have been very pleased with the results, and this is compared to other Pro-type dryers by Solano and Elchim. It really does dry hair noticeably faster and with more fullness and shine. I have layered shoulder-length hair, a lot of it, but on the fine side, and was concerned it might oversmooth my hair and turn out flat. But it provides more body and fullness than previous dryers - as long as I don't overdry, then it will begin to flatten. There is only one heat setting (aside from cool shot), and it seems on the hot side to me. I've always had dryers with at least two heat settings and used both while drying, but the T3 does not seem to be damaging my hair. I'm nearly eight weeks into a haircut and the ends aren't as dry as they usually are in the middle of winter. I continue to use my normal products, but less of them with better results, Bumble Thickening Spray up top and Bumble Styling Lotion spray on the ends. Especially if you have fine hair, I think you'll be pleased with the fullness without an excess of product. I definitely recommend this hairdryer. ...more info
  • T3 Bespoke Hair Dryer
    I love the dryer! You can surely tell the difference when blow drying your hair with the T3 rathern than some standard pharmacy dryer. I just wish it had more drying speeds as oppose to just one, but with the lightweight and the time it saves to blow dry my thick hair, this product is amazing!...more info
  • Love it!
    This is the best hair dryer I've ever owned! My hair truly dries faster and smoother. I wasn't sure how I would feel about not having separate heat and speed controls but I don't mind it at all. I am extremely glad I bought this dryer!!! Highly recommended...more info
  • My wife and daughter were thrilled
    I knew that ceramics were supposed to be the best... but which manufacturer??? which model??? which features??? I also knew from an article I had read, but lost, that the professionals liked certain ceramic dryers that were priced in the 200 to 300 dollar range, eschewing the much more expensive models for the most part, except for one that cost about 750 ( if memory serves me correctly). I called someone who knew someone who knew someone, and learned that this is the one the real pros order by the boxload, or that the super pros are given, and actually use. The names??? I can not drop them, under penalty of split ends or worse. These same pros are so famous, working for the beautiful people, that they are also given and encouraged to use much more expensive dryers, but they either politely decline, or more often than not, accept and then give the ultra expensive models to their supermodel clientele etc ( I am talking about dryers costing 1500 and up that are left in the box by the pros in the know who prefer and actually use this one.) And the females in my life are still in awe of what this product can do in so little time with no excessive heat ( translation: it gets the job done right, and in short order without frying their hair)
    B Verinthewoods...more info
  • Great Product for a great price
    Love this hairdryer. Works great. I have heavy long curly hair and it takes a long time to dry and straighten. This dryer shortens the drying time and the nozzle stays on whereas my old dryer the nozzle would fall off because it loosened halfway through the drying time. Have not had a problem and I have owned it for 1 month now. Would definitely recommend this product. ...more info


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