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What it is:Super-volumizing and lengthening mascara.What it is formulated to do: This exclusive, 3D formula actually builds tubes around each lash. This " Lash Injection " has unique elastic polymers that curl, fatten, and stretch far beyond the natural lash. This adds extreme volume, curl and length for that costly lash extension look without any of the hassle, pain or commitment. . You will no longer see clumps and lumps - but long, gorgeous, fluttering, new and improved eyelashes.What else you need to know: With a flick of the specially-designed "GIANT" wand lashes will be injected with indelible, weather-proof color. Substantial percentages of jojoba and vitamin E deeply condition lashes to prevent breakage and damage that can result in broken or sparse lashes. Easily removable with soap and warm water or eye make-up remover, this amazing mascara doesn't dissolve and smudge like any ordinary mascara. Lash Injection comes off in tiny tubes, like little lash socks!

Customer Reviews:

  • Best ever!!
    Hands down the best mascara ever! I have tried about every type, and this one is the best. 1. It makes your lashes look great. 2. It never smudges 3. It is fine for my very sensitive eyes!!...more info
  • Fabulous Lashes with No Smudging
    Mascara typically leaves smudges right below my eyebrow/above my eyes, a problem that not many people seem to share (I have somewhat hooded eyes with oily eyelids). On my search to find the mascara that (1) Doesn't smudge--though I don't care if it's waterproof; (2) Lengthens and thickens my skimpy lashes; (3) Is easy to apply--doesn't clump or dry out on the wand; and (4) Doesn't flake during the day, I have found about 5 that are acceptable out of nearly 15 I have tried. Lash Injection is by far the most amazingly perfect mascara I have ever tried. It doesn't clump, and it truly makes my lashes look as full and as long as falsies without looking fake. I don't see any microfibers in it, so I have no idea how it makes my lashes look so much longer, but whatever. Because it doesn't get those annoying little extra dry "bits" or blobs of mascara at the tips of the lashes that seem to be inevitable when applying multiple coats of mascara, I have even been able to pull of a natural look using this mascara.

    One reviewer complained that it flakes when she rubbed her eyes, especially when she was sweaty. No kidding--that's so baffling!!! I personally don't have the expectation that any mascara I wear can withstand rubbing. Also, some reviewers complained that the brush was huge. It is! And, while I was a little apprehensive about a large brush prior to trying it, I am now a convert as it is so easy to use. It has yet to smudge above my eye, which is really the deal-breaker for me.

    In case you have the same problem I have with the smudging issue and want to know the other few mascaras that haven't smudged on me throughout my relentless search, they are: Dr. Hauschka, Cavin Klein (2nd favorite), CG Professional (has a dry consistency but lasts nonetheless), Clinique High Impact (tube dries up and I have to replace it monthly), and Maybelline Unstoppable (has annoying fibers in it and doesn't thicken much).

    Mascaras that smudged the worst on me were Laura Mercier (both kinds), Maybelline Great Lash, and Estee Lauder Projectionist....more info
  • Very disappointed
    This mascara was very messy and clumpy with a big brush that made it hard to put on. Was nothing like the other one I have tried that does the same thing with the tubes around the lashes. I'll stick with that one from now on....more info
  • Stinks - but not like you might think
    Stinks - as in smells really bad. Thought the mascara was bad... once I get past that - I like it. Good, couple coats gives nice, full lashes. Not the falsh eyelash look I was hoping for, but good nonetheless. Really does stay put quite well. I would recommend, but not rave....more info
  • Only mascara I will use
    I am 45, so I have tried SOOOO many mascaras in my lifetime. This one does not irritate my eyes, as most others do. But more importantly, Too Faced does not run!! All the others do (I have used expensive highly recommended mascaras such as DiorShow waterproof, but for me, this is better.) It does just what it is supposed to do, and does not run all day, yet is not hard to take off with regular face cleanser....more info
  • It is good at first...
    This is a good mascara at first but after a few uses it starts to flake and leaves little pieces under my eyes. I like that it gives a lot of volume to my lashes and it lasts a long time otherwise. It would be great if not for the flaking....more info
  • Fabulous mascara
    NO clumps
    NO smearing
    NO raccoon eyes in the morning or after a sweaty workout
    Easy to use and apply. Wahes off with warm water and washcloth. The longest thickest looking lashes I've ever experienced short of falsies....more info
  • A big, flaky mess
    I originally went to buy the Diorshow mascara after reading great reviews, but the sales lady at Sephora convinced me that the Lash Injection was much better. Wow, what a bad decision. It started flaking and getting clumpy when I put on the first coat, even though the brush was fairly dry. I was told one coat would give me that voluminous "false eyelash" look, but it was so untrue. My $3.99 Maybelline Great Lash is much better, and it didn't get flakes in my eyes by mid-afternoon like this stuff! I'll be returning this to Sephora and exchanging it to try the Diorshow. I am hoping for better results! If not, back to the $3.99 tried and true product....more info
  • Great mascara
    I really love this product. The mascara goes on smoothly and is virtually clump-free. You can apply one quick coat for a more subtle look or multiple coats for more dramatic results. It stays put and looks great all day. This is definitely one of the best mascara products I've used so far. (One random note: It does have a rather strong perfume-like smell to it that I didn't expect at first. It's not bad, it's just different from other mascaras that way. I still love it!)...more info
  • Would buy again
    I bought this after a recommendation in Sephora and I love that this is nice mix of a waterproof type and non-waterproof type. It's not to hard to come off - but you can cry and swim with more or less no issue.

    I REALLY like that the mascara is not too brittle. Some of the other high end mascara's are too brittle and I have broken many of my own lashes with them. So annoying.

    My tube now is ~ more than a year old... and it's finally starting to dry up and get flaky black bits by the end of the day on my eyes.

    I don't care for the brush that much - as I find that I must run a eyebrow comb after using it - it's just too much mascara otherwise. My lashes do look longer and thicker - I just wish it had a finer, self cleaning brush.

    I would buy again....more info
  • It seemed good
    I am 45 and still looking for the great mascara. Not this one . In my opinion, it didn't do what it claims it can do. I wanted smudge proof and did not get smudge proof. I got bits of black and some smudges. I laugh a lot and so after a few hours I checked and no it didn't pass my laugh test. I know this might come across as strange , using a laugh test, but hey I have 1 mascara that right now has passed the test and its from Loreal. Its not water proof but water resistant. This product is water proof. I had a very hard time getting it off but yet it managed to find it's way on my lower lash skin after a few hours grrrrrr!!!!!I had such a hard time getting it off , I still had mascara the next day on my lashes. Also, its too clumpy. Maybe its just the 1 I bought but it had way too much product on the brush so I had to remove a lot before I could even start.In my opinion , if we are gonna spend this kind of money on a mascara , it had better do all and more. I buy the Loreal water resistant mascara now. It's hard to find in stores so I have to order it on-line. Oh Well!! Well worth it considering I have no smudges and mine is easier to take off. ...more info
  • the "socks" are fuzz
    this mascara stinks! i am so disappointed well it added volume but because it was so much fuss like i rubbed my eyes after i put it on i really really tried to like this item and tied diffrent ways to apply it the cost is way to much for such a bad product it clumps, and looks like bug legs my best mascara so far is my free one that i have. in shorter terms don't waste your money:I...more info
  • Ok
    I gave this product 3 stars b/c it does go on nicely. It isn't quite as fabolous as the manufacture describes it though. My lashes don't look particulary long or "fake" or standout with it on. The thing I liked most about it was that it doesn't smudge or smear, which is espically nice when I'm working out....more info
  • Disappointed
    I am a cosmetic guru and tried all mascaras from Lancome Definicils (which by far is one of the best) and YSL false eyelashes mascara and Helena Rubinstein (very good too) to Maybelline Volume Express (which now became worse with a new formula) So I must say i am very disappointed with this one. My lashes are very thin, short and not full, so it didn't make them look full and not fake at all and my eyes are very deep so I think im the best mascara tester (kind of asian deep-settled eyes), and in the end of the day i noticed little flakes of mascara under my eye that fell down from lashes, which never happened when I used other mascaras. Also it's pretty hard to take off. Im not buying it again....more info
  • It flakes
    I've used a lot of different mascaras, cheap, and less cheap, but this is the only one I have ever used that crumbled off and landed in my eyes while I was wearing it under totally average circumstances. I wasn't doing anything that would make it crumble - rubbing my eyes, sweating, crying, etc. It just fell. I was very disappointed because the description sounds amazing and it looked good when I first put it on. I wear contacts, and that made it extra bad....more info
  • probably going to use this mascara forever...
    Despite not being advertised as a waterproof mascara, this is by far the best long lasting mascara out there. It forms some sort of polymer tubes around your lashes, so it's not just some petroleum base goo that rubs off over the course of the day--which is a big problem for me. There is some minor clump factor, but any mascara that makes your lashed go VAVOOM is bound to do that. I have sparse Asian eyelashes and this mascara definitely make my lashes stand out better than any other. The only drawback is that because it stays on so well, it's kind of hard to take off with traditional makeup remover. But the makeup saleslady said that heat makes the tubes expand, so now I either wash my face with warm water or take a hot shower and slough off the mascara with my finger, which is actually easier than going through my usual vasaline and toilet paper makeup removal routine!
    ...more info
  • not as expected
    I have some good news and some bad news about this product. Starting with the good news first. I love how it extends your lashes to make them look glamourous and how it makes your eyes stick out. The bad news is the brush is sort of intimidating in size wise. You have to bend it in order for it to coat your lashes. And another thing, is it smears!!!!! I don't like it when mascara smears! Overall, its an okay product but just not as amazing as some people make it out to be. But then again, this is just my opinion. ...more info


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