Mychelle Deep Repair Cream, 1.2 Fl oz

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  • *Always free of phthalates parabens propylene glycol ureas EDTA fragrance and artificial colors
  • Deep Repair Cream
  • Supports cellular repair with EGF
  • Nourishes skin with shea butter green tea pumpkin seed oil and sea algae

Customer Reviews:

  • It does just what it is supposed to . . .
    It deep repairs your skin. Light and pleasant scent, non-oily and light formula, yet is perfect for an arid environment (Denver). I felt a difference in the texture of my facial skin after just one use, and it only improves over time. Have been using daily for over a month, and I would recommend it....more info
  • Natural and wonderful
    Absolutely love this product. . .and the whole line actually! A little goes a long way. The fragrance is subtle and pleasant and it is perfect for my mature combination skin.
    ...more info
  • NIce product but expensive
    I like this product but I have found others (that are also using healthy ingredients without sodium lauryl sulfate, paraben, etc) to be equally as good with a smaller price tag. The Better Botanicals stuff seems as good and cheaper and made with "natural" ingredients....more info
  • My face is bright red!
    Let me start off by saying that I've used other MyChelle products and been happy with them... so I don't know what happened with this product. Less than five minutes after I put it on, my face was starting to feel a little tingly but nothing uncomfortable. I went into the bathroom and much to my horror... my face was bright red. I look like I have a terrible sunburn! Stay away from this if you have extra-sensitive skin like I do....more info
  • What happened to the formula?
    I don't know what happened. I used samples of this product last yr. and liked it tremendously. I just recently bought the regular size of this product and used it for 2 weeks and it dried out my skin, it also made my skin peel and feel very tight. They had to of changed the formula. These are not the same ingredients I used when I bought the sample package last yr. Needless to say I am returning this product along with the Supreme Polypeptide and Pumpkin Renew which also dried out my face, made it peel, and broke me out. I am 49 yrs. old and have not had a problem with pimples in years until using these products. Now my skin is very much off balance....more info
  • Mychelle Deep repair Cream
    My skin is more hydrated and nourished by this cream
    I don't know if any wrinkles and fine lines are diminished, but I certainly feel an improvement in skin texture and tone.
    My only complaint is that it is quite heavy and so I just use this product as well as their other creams for night time only. Just way too much "heaviness" for daytime use. Otherwise , great product....more info
  • Moisturizing, but not heavy and greasy.
    When I first started using MyChelle products, I used the Pumpkin Renew Cream (which is fabulous), but as I learned more about each product, I decided I should try the Deep Repair Cream for my 'mature' (over 28) skin. I have to say it really is fabulous. I mix it with the Fruit Enzyme Mist to create the perfect coverage. Even though it is a deep repair cream, I use it morning and night. It is light and non-greasy and helps keep my skin hydrated and glowing....more info
  • Great Deep Moisturizer
    After trying many kinds of moisturizers, including those easily purchased at drug stores, expensive types like Lancome, etc, and many other supposedly "natural" products, I finally stumbled upon MyChelle products. I have sensitive skin, though evidently not as sensitive as a couple of reviewers, and love every MyChelle product I've tried thus far. Deep Repair Cream is a great moderately heavy moisturizer, though it is not at all greasy, and the smell is pleasantly mild. I'm 31, and my skin is normal to dry; I find Deep Repair Cream perfect for the winter months (I live in a semi-arid climate). I use it in the morning and MyChelle's Revitalizing Night Cream before bed.

    I've used MyChelle for about 3 years now and am still totally satisfied. One reviewer remarked upon the price- I agree that they are not inexpensive, but neither are they out of proportion given the excellent ingredients and the amount of research in back of the products (check out MyChelle's website) and the price of comparable products. Some other MyChelle products I've used: Fabulous Eye Cream (a great under eye cream; I don't have wrinkles to contend with, but I've also been using this for a number of years, so...); Perfect C Serum (#1 favorite MyChelle's fabulous and I always notice a negative difference when I stop using it for a while); Revitalizing Night Cream (nice evening cream...a little heavier than deep repair, but I also can use it during the summer months when it's dry out and it's not too heavy); Pumpkin Renew Cream (a great lightweight moisturizer, especially for summer months); Fruit Enzyme Mist (WONDERFUL toner! Use it after applying C Serum or to refresh during the day); Clear Skin Serum (great for spot treating breakouts - use pumpkin renew cream afterward); Fruit Enzyme Scrub (really nice scrub; use it every other day or just once a week and it really smoothes out your skin); Oil-free Grapefruit Cream (a nice alternative for the summer, or if you're having any breakouts...)

    As you can see, I love MyChelle products! I'm also very hard to please when it comes to facial products; every time I balk at the prices and try something else that promises the same thing (i.e. "natural" and cruelty-free), I end up going back to MyChelle. Try it!

    (PS: They have great customer service, so I wouldn't hesitate to call up the company if you have any adverse reactions. Also, they have recently added hypo-allergenic versions of some of their creams, so for highly sensitive skin, that would be the way to go.)...more info
  • Love it!
    I've used a lot of different moisturizers and this one is great. It only takes a little bit and makeup goes on smoothly on top of it. Not greasy at all! I use it morning and night. I'm glad I found Mychelle products. ...more info


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