MyChelle The Perfect C Serum, .5-Ounce Bottle

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Product Description

An active antioxidant treatment with 17% L-ascorbic acid The leader in Educated Skin Care with the ultimate bioactives Vegetarian Friendly Perfect C Serum is a powerhouse of antioxidants combined with unprecedented 17% L-ascorbic acid and organic essential oils. Antioxidants mop up free radicals while L-ascorbic acid and glucosamine assist in healthy collage production.

  • *Always free of phthalates parabens propylene glycol ureas EDTA fragrance and artificial colors
  • Supports healthy collagen production
  • Strengthens the skin's immune function
  • Promotes healing of skin

Customer Reviews:

  • great result
    This is the first Mychelle product I've ever used and I absolutely love it. My skin (oily) looks radiant. Pimples normally disappear in 1-2 days. However, it doesn't do much on the acne red marks. I'll definitely try other Mychelle products as well. ...more info
  • Great For Cuts
    The Perfect C Serum is great to use on cuts, scrapes, etc. Not just on your face....more info
  • Perfect C Serum
    This is a very high quality serum. It goes on smoothly and has made a difference in the appearance of my skin....more info
  • This stuff is great!!
    I love using this. It's great for acne and acne scars. And it seems that less is best. I use a only the tiniest amount and achieve wonderful results. A bottle last me about 4-5 months. I did have some problems though ordering it from amazon though as the bottles sometimes have leaked....more info
  • so far so good
    I just started this prodcut a few days ago, even though I didn't see any improvement of my skin, my skin did feel soft and comfortable every night after I used this serum. I also used some other products from Mychelle, like the eye serum and fruits facial scrub.. They did good on me, especially the scrub. My skin felt so clean, smooth and soft after it. The only thing I don't like is the size is too small......more info
  • A must have!
    I absolutely love this stuff! You notice a difference with just one use. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation coming out and this helps even out the skin tone and clear up any blemishes and exfoliates.. etc. It is a must have! I wish it was either a little larger or a little less expensive but I will stil buy it anyway....more info
  • So far so good
    So far I really like this product, although there hasn't been enough time to tell if it does what it claims. I purchased it along with the Cranberry Cleanser, Fruit Enzyme Spray, Clear Skin Serum, Eye Brightener Cream, and Oil-Free Grapefruit Lotion. I read that the Perfect C Serum helps to prevent scarring, which I have from numerous blemishes. It seems to be working so far. I'll update this review if anything changes....more info
  • Mychelle Perfect C
    Serum is light and gentle. I use this, along with other Mychelle creams at night because the creams tend to be heavy for daytime use.
    Haven't seen any decrease in hyper-pigmentation/freckles, but I just started about 6 weeks ago.
    I do notice skin is softer and brighter/clearer.
    I have used other vitamin c serums and this product is the best one I have used so far....more info
  • Effective, high quality
    I have noticed a definite improvement in my complexion with this serum. My skin is softer, my pores are cleaner. While I don't really have wrinkles, the tone and texture of my skin have greatly benefited from the use of this serum. Mychelle products are very high quality, and this one is no exception. I love the convenience of ordering through Amazon at lower prices, and setting up recurrent shipments, so that I never run out of this product. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Buy this!!!!!!!!
    You can read my review of the Mychelle Clear Skin Serum. Mychelle Vitamin C Serum works great, I don't think the rest of the Mychelle oily/acne products work as well in clearing up skin as it does when it's coupled with Vitamin C Serum. After a month of using this serum from a sample pack I bought (Oily/Acne), my skin cleared up for the first time in YEARS!!!!!! When I ran out of the expensive serum, I started to get zits again but not as bad as before. After a few months I finally had money to buy it and my skin immediately started to clear again. I love Mychelle products, if you have oily/acne skin,Vitamin C serum is a MUST!!!!!!!! Mychelle products are great because they are not full of chemicals. I just wish that it was less expensive. Amazon seems to have a good price compared to retail....more info
  • Works wonders without damaging ingredients
    I love this product. It works like a toner and my face feels great (not overly drying like a lot of C serums). When I put my moisturizer on after the serum the layering of product doesn't feel heavy. Plus, I have noticed a reduction in the dark marks I had on my cheek and chin.

    I don't worry about absorbing excess parabens and other problematic ingredients. Many products have ingredients (like preservatives) that actually age your skin and then add moisturizers to just make it look younger. This product doesn't age your skin, so it takes a few extra weeks to for you to see results. But the results are well worth the wait. ...more info
  • Awesome product, but faulty packaging
    This product is amazing, I've only been using it for a couple days but my skin tone is already clearer and more even. I used to have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads on my nose, but even those are gone now and my skin looks poreless.

    The only downside for me is that the bottle leaked a little during the shipping process so I lost a little bit of product. That's the reason why I gave it four as opposed to five stars. I think in the future I'll try to find a local store where I can buy the product but I won't have to worry about it spilling....more info
  • Wonderful Potion
    This stuff stops my hormonal acne in its tracks. I use several MyChelle products and I love them all. For those who say it's expensive... what about the department store, "upscale" brands? They can cost far more than this and I have never seen the amazing positive changes in my skin that I have seen using MyChelle. It's comforting to know that MyChelle is also a socially responsible company looking to help people (and animals!) and create effective products free of potentially harmful ingredients. What's not to love?...more info
  • Good but expensive
    This is half an ounce of vitamin C. I think compared to the one I used previously, Ole Henricksen truth serum, this is rather expensive.
    I've been using it for a month and I can't tell what it does for my skin. The pump is horrible because it just drips on my fingers and waste products. While the product feels nice and absorb quickly, I'm not sure if I would buy it again due to the price. I might end up buying it again because they have a good percentage of vitamin C and no fillers....more info
  • Didn't work for me + Faulty dispenser
    I really wanted to like this stuff - love the natural list of ingredients - but I can't see any difference in my skin at all. I used this in combination with the Mychelle Clear Skin serum [as their website said they increase the efficacy of each other] but my skin is no clearer, smoother, my pores no smaller, see no fewer breakouts. I wish I could report different results!
    Also - my bottle had a faulty dispenser in that the pumping tube was much shorter than the botte, so a good portion of the product would not come out. Unfortunately, I did not realize this at first -- I just thought the product was gone already -- it is a very small bottle -- but I was using only 2 small pumps per application, so I was really surprised it didn't last longer. Thinking it was empty, however, I unscrewed the pump and dumped the bottle energetically into my hand, to get out the last few expensive drops ... only to have th product GUSH into my hand and run down the drain. Ouch.
    The product didn't seem to be working for me, anyway -- But I hope my warning will keep you from experiencing the same [expensive!] loss....more info
  • Good Product, bad packaging
    Love the product but my past two orders have come damaged where the product had seeped out all over the box. Have had a hard time getting return issues resolved as sometimes Amazon says return product and then I get a message not to return the product but have yet to see a credit for damaged product!...more info
  • A natural skin car line that takes being natural seriously!
    I have dealt with skin care issues (adult acne) for years and when I finally started researching ingredients in most of todays drugstore and even highend skincare lines- I was shocked to find out what was in them! Do the research yourself- then look at the so called "natural" products you are using now- many of them contain Parabens and petrochemicals...I found Mychelle line on the internet and have been using them faithfully for a couple of years now- Love the whole line- especially the pumkin renew cream, Vitamin C serum, and the fruit enzyme spray, oh yeah and try the cranberry cleanser as well! Great line- great company- I'm sold! Here at amazon you can get it at 22% discount and free shipping as well....more info
  • shipping problems
    I ordered this and received a half empty bottle - it didn't leak in the packing box but leaked inside the product box, meaning it had already happened before being shipped. Amazon agreed to replace it, but the second bottle was completely empty. I hope this problem has been resolved!!!!!!...more info
  • I love MyChelle!
    I love perfect c serum and the supreme polypeptide cream. The entire MyChelle line is sensational. Products costing many times more can't touch it. Best of all MyChelle products are safe and natural. MyChelle lets you sample most of their products in smaller trial sizes. I bought a sample pack, then tried FreshEyes in the Felton, California natural foods store. My husband noticed a reduction in the puffiness under my eyes before I left the store. After checking myself out in the rearview mirror in the parking lot, I went right back in and bought more....more info
  • Excellent product
    I use the Perfect C Serum along with other MyChelle skincare products. At first I wasn't sure that I would continue with it, but I quickly noticed a difference after I stopped using the C Serum. I easily go through one bottle a month (if I'm lucky!) so, at $30 a pop, it's just as expensive as the high end C-serum lines. Still, I love the non-toxic MyChelle products and have found that they're as effective as they claim to be. And even though I'm now putting more serums and lotions on my face than ever before, my skin is not breaking out which was an unexpected, and welcome, bonus. Another bonus is that the MyChelle line smells great, not perfumey, but honest-to-goodness yummy.

    The one negative, in my opinion, is the C Serum packaging. It would be nice if they sold a larger size with a better dispensing mechanism. The calibrated pump doesn't always dispense a full application and it stops working before the bottle is empty. I've taken to undoing and replacing the cap which seems to help as the bottle gets low. Towards the end, I just shake out as much of the remnants as I can. This stuff isn't cheap so I try to get every last bit of it!

    Best deals: So far, I've found that Amazon is the best place to buy MyChelle. Their prices are consistently lower than average. You can also get deals on eBay, but you have to work (snipe) for them. MyChelle does not supply expiration dates (they are supposed to be good for 18 to 24 months from purchase), so I prefer to buy from a reputable source. The MyChelle website does have a really good sale every now and then so, if you like her products, you may want to get on the email list.

    About me: I am a 48-year old grandmother of three and in the past three months, since I began using the MyChelle line, I've been carded twice and have received numerous compliments about my "glowing" complexion. I followed the suggestions on the MyChelle website and I'm using the Mychelle Honeydew Cleanser, 4.4 Fl oz (130 ml) (Pack of 2), Mychelle Firming Serum, Serious Hyaluronic, 30 ml, Mychelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream, With Matrixyl 3000 And Marine Polypeptides, Unscented, 1.2 Fl oz, Mychelle Deep Repair Cream, 1.2 Fl oz (AM), Mychelle Night Cream, Revitalizing, 30 ml (PM) and Mychelle Fruit Enzyme Mist, 4.4 Fl oz (130 ml). (I do not have any training in cosmetics or skincare so my opinions are just that: opinions.)...more info
  • Love it!
    I've been using The Perfect C Serum for about 4 months Mychelle The Perfect C Serum, 15 ml along with the Fruit Enzyme MistMychelle Fruit Enzyme Mist, 4.4 Fl oz (130 ml) and the Deep Repair Cream Mychelle Deep Repair Cream, 1.2 Fl oz and Cranberry CleanserCranberry Cleanser - 4.4 oz - Liquid and Pumpkin Peel and Sun Shield - 2.25 oz - Creamand SunShieldMychelle Incredible Pumpkin Peel, 1.2 Fl oz and I LOVE THEM ALL. My skin has NEVER looked better (no adult breakouts and cleaner pores). My 16 year old son also uses the Cranberry Cleanser, Pumpkin Peel and Men so CleanMychelle Mychelle For Men So Clean, 4 In One, 4.3 Fl oz (128 ml) (Pack of 2) and his face is clearing up. Try them, you'll love them....more info
  • The Perfect C Serum
    [[ASIN:B000MAOWP2 Mychelle The Perfect C Serum, 15 ml] I am 48 and really began noticing my wrinkles in the last year. I began researching products that were proven to reduce wrinkles. I found MyChelle Dermaceuticals and have been using this product since March of 2008 along with MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream. I have absolutely seen the quotation marks around my mouth diminish and my forehead wrinkles reduced. I am so happy with the results of MyChelle products. They have the same or better ingredients than some of the most popular wrinkle products at a much lower price. My mother in-law asked me last week if I had work done since my skin looks tighter - what better compliment. ...more info
  • Smoothing, Firming
    I really like how my skin feels after I use the Perfect C Serum for several days. However, I think I've noticed more clogged pores from it. ...more info
  • This Works!!!
    My skin is sensitive, oily in the t-zone, and dry everywhere else. I've tried numerous products over the years, but I'm really pleased with the Mychelle line. I bought the Dry/Mature Skin Sampler package at a local health food store, so I got to try several of the products together. My skin has dramatically improved in just 10 days. Not only has the acne cleared, but the texture and tone have also improved. The products feel like they're feeding and nourishing my skin, rather than stripping it and then replacing the moisture. Really grateful to have found something that actually works and smells good. I get a little aromatherapy boost twice a day now... It is expensive to use the full line - cleanser, serums, toner and moisturizers, but nothing else has worked as well. I also enjoy supporting woman-owned, philanthropic, sustainable businesses. I'd suggest trying one of the sampler packages before investing though. They're not expensive and give you about 7-10 days of the various products so you can see if they work for you. They're available at the website if you can't find them locally....more info
  • Couldn't be happier
    No praise or accolades are enough for this product. It leaves my skin looking better everytime I use it. It helps heal broken blemishes, helps minimize my pores, and leaves my skin looking better than it has for 20 years.

    The biggest test--Mychelle products keep working through periods to keep skin looking good, an amazing feat.

    I am especially happy to be free from harsh chemicals such as salicylic acid, differin gels, retin A, and benzoyl peroxide. My skin is finally even toned and feeling healthy. I've tried Dr. Hauschka, skintactics, Pangea, Aveda, Aubrey, and many more naturals, but Mychelle has been the best....more info


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