Mychelle Pumpkin Renew Cream, 1.2 Fl oz
Mychelle Pumpkin Renew Cream, 1.2 Fl oz

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  • *Always free of phthalates parabens propylene glycol ureas EDTA fragrance and artificial colors
  • Balances sebum (oil) production
  • Great source of zinc promoting healthy skin
  • Non-greasy and deeply nourishing

Customer Reviews:

    I have very bad acne and I get those big deep pimples. I use to use neosporin to heal the scab after the pimple went away but this stuff works so much better. I also have very oily/dry skin and use this product morning and night. At night it heals all my acne and clears my skin and in the morning it's a perfect moisturizer. Now instead of taking 10+ days to heal my acne it takes about 3. ...more info
  • Excellent Day Cream!
    I have been using this cream and other MyChelle products for about 2 years now. I used to change creams and cleansers frequently, because I never found one that worked, did not irritate my skin and that I really liked. The cream is very hydrating, it also is a wonderful cream to use in summer for people who find other creams too heavy. ...more info
  • not sure about it
    I really wanted to like Mychelle line,its smells fabulous, and i like the stoty behind. I am using the entire line, the first week my skin just glowed, but after i've got all my pores clogged and my skin never looked worst,red pimples on my jawline. Now i just trying to figure out if they would work better separately.
    i still hope it will work out...more info
  • Use my system - it works!!!!!
    I cannot live without pumpkin renew cream! Here's my system: wash your face with Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Wash (from Wal-Mart). Tone your skin with Aveda's Exfoliant (found at a spa). Moisturize around your eyes with Oil of Olay Regenerist. Then slather on Mychelle's Pumpkin Renew Cream. Wait at least 15 minutes before applying make-up. If you wear make-up, apply bronzer to cheekbones, blush to the apples of the cheeks, and finish with a light dusting of Sheer Cover Mineral Veil (on e-bay) and do your eyes however you want. Most of the time, I don't even put on the make-up because my face looks so naturally healthy and glowing. Take it from me -I took Accutane for years and had the nastiest skin on the planet - and I've tried absolutely every product. This is my miracle formula!!!!...more info
  • Great night cream!
    This cream is great for night use. It is a little heavy for daytime, unless its very dry outside. BUT, when used at night in the morning my skin looks amazing, and the look lasts all day. My pores look smoother, my tone looks even, and I even "glow" a bit, a new thing for me!...more info
  • Perfect for my normal skin
    I use this cream every Fall and Winter. It is perfect. Not too heavy or greasy yet still moisturizing. It has some kind of healing property for blemishes that is extraordinary. I would recommend this to anyone. It has a very nice smell that isn't over powering. I also use the Mychelle cleanser and fruit enzyme scrub....more info
  • Great night cream!
    This cream is great for night use. It is a little heavy for daytime, unless its very dry outside. BUT, when used at night in the morning my skin looks amazing, and the look lasts all day. My pores look smoother, my tone looks even, and I even "glow" a bit, a new thing for me!...more info
  • nice but overpriced
    I really like mychelle's M.O. and i love the smell and feel of the products, but i have to say that my blackhead ridden oily but super sensitive skin has had more luck in a couple of weeks with oatmeal soap, castor oil and j/a/s/o/n wild yam moisturizing cream which all together costs about $10, compared to the perfect c serum and pumpkin renew cream for about $50 that i used until the products ran out. if you have $$ this moisturizer is nice; not too heavy or greasy, but i think if you have problem skin, deep moisture is really important and this cream is very light and you have to use alot of it. I think if you really wanted to see results, you should try the oil cleansing method, with occasional peels for scars and retinol for extreme blackheads. ...more info
  • An over-priced moisturizer
    For the price, this doesn't do what's promised. I was hoping I had finally found a moisturizer that would help alleviate some of the sebum production in my skin. This does moisturize well and smells great, but it doesn't help lower the sebum production like it led me to beleive. A decent product, but the same thing can be had for 1/5 the price....more info
  • Balanced my skin
    I had problems with adult onset acne and had tried everything but still had bumps. I already was eating organic and living a pretty green lifestyle so naturally I came across the Mychelle products in various places, in stores and online, and I decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did. Immediately after use I noticed my skin had "calmed down" and now my complexion is near perfect. I owe it all to this product as well as Mychelle's cranberry face wash and fruit enzyme spray. These three products together create the perfect pH and moisture level to keep my face naturally radiant. It really works! And best of all it is free of nasty harsh toxic chemicals that you find in most face products....more info
  • Finally! An all natural skin care line that truly is all natural!
    I have dealt with skin care issues (adult acne) for years and when I finally started researching ingredients in most of todays drugstore and even highend skincare lines- I was shocked to find out what was in them! Do the research yourself- then look at the so called "natural" products you are using now- many of them contain Parabens and petrochemicals...I found Mychelle line on the internet and have been using them faithfully for a couple of years now- Love the whole line- especially the pumkin renew cream, Vitamin C serum, and the fruit enzyme spray, oh yeah and try the cranberry cleanser as well! Great line- great company- I'm sold! Here at amazon you can get it at 22% discount and free shipping as well....more info
  • Disappointed
    I don't know what happened. I used samples of this product last yr. and liked it. I just recently bought the regular size of this product and used it for 2 weeks and it dried out my skin, it also made my skin peel and feel very tight. They had to of changed the formula. Needless to say I am returning this product along with the Deep Repair and Supreme Polypeptide which also dried out my face, made it peel, and broke me out. I am 49 yrs. old and have not had a problem with pimples in years until using these products. I even had my daughter to use the Pumpkin Renew, because she liked the smell. Well, it broke her skin out and made her peel also. She said it felt like her face was burning....more info
  • Nice Everyday Moisturizer
    I've been using this for about a month and a half now, and I really like it. I tend to be very oily so I only use it at night, but it only takes a tiny amount to moisturize my entire face. This cream doesn't clog up my pores like others I've used, but if I use it twice a day I do get breakouts. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, so anything I put on my face tends to make me breakout, but I've found that if I use it in conjunction with Clarifying Synergy (a natural oil blend from another company), I have no problems and virtually no breakouts for the past month.

    The smell may be unpleasant to some- it smells like patchouli to me, even though that's not listed in the ingredients. I usually find patchouli to be a very unpleasant scent, but in this cream I don't mind the smell.

    Overall, it's a great moisturizer- and with the amount I use this container is going to last me about six months, so it's a pretty good value. One of the best benefits is that it's free of any parabens or a ton of chemical additives....more info
  • love this cream!
    I am on my 5th jar of this cream! Usually I have to change moisturizers because they start to irritate my skin after using them for a while, but so far so good with this cream. It is a heavier cream and has been great for my dry skin, and a little goes a long way. It does have a slight pleasant fragrance that I would not call patchouli, as another reviewer did. I am very sensitive to smells and it doesn't bother me at all--can't smell it at all on my face after it's been applied....more info
  • Brilliant Face Cream
    A year ago I was struggling with terrible acne for the first time in my thirty-something life. Wanting to go a more natural, non-toxic route with my facial care products, I tried MyChelle. The Pumpkin Renew Cream is just the beginning of a line of products that not only satisfied my hope of finding a quality, natural product, but their line of Acne/Oily Skin cleansers, serums and Pumpkin Renew Cream eliminated my acne problem once and for all. Of course, I still have a zit from time to time (who doesn't), but MyChelle products eradicated my severe acne problem so I didn't have to begin using medication. I highly recommend MyChelle products to anyone - they are brilliant!...more info


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