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Studio: Tcfhe/mgm Release Date: 12/08/2008

A sleeper at the time of its release in 1984, Thom Eberhardt's Night of the Comet has built a small cadre of fans thanks to its breezy performances and blend of comedy and tongue-in-cheek science fiction. Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney are thoroughly likable as a pair of San Fernando Valley sisters who find themselves completely alone after the arrival of Halley's Comet reduces their affluent community--and most of Los Angeles--to dust. Their subsequent nonstop shopping spree is soon interrupted by predatory zombies, as well as a sinister scientific cabal (led by cult favorites Mary Woronov and Geoffrey Lewis) with designs on the girls. Stewart and Maroney are terrifically game as the heroines (especially Maroney, whose flair for bubbly comedy was never given another chance on screen), and Robert (Star Trek: Voyager) Beltran is also on hand as a fellow survivor and romantic lead. Fun for '80s enthusiasts and sci-fi fiends who don't mind a little fizz in their end-of-the-world scenarios. -- Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Great 80's zombie flick!!
    I watched this movie so many times on cable back in the day. I think this one is a cult classic for zombie flicks. Good Humor and the right about of chesseness. I love this movie....more info
  • 80's Campy Fun
    This is one of those classic campy movies from the 80's. I was probably 15 the first time I watched this and instantly had a fascination with it. Okay, the acting isn't great, the effects aren't great and the zombies are kind of laughable. But, I don't think this movie was really intended to be taken seriously. I think it was intended to be campy and tongue-in-cheek and it does that very well. After all these years the fascination hasn't held up well but I still had to purchase this DVD when it was released. It's a fun movie to watch and would be great at your next Halloween party. I love it but have to be realistic and only give it 3 stars....more info
  • Night of the Comet
    Watchable 80's Zombie movie. This is kind of fun to get a peek at the clothes and music of the 1980s. Two girls find themselves with one guy survivor after Halley's comet leaves the sky red and turns people into red dust or bloodthirsty Zombies. Look for a young Robert Beltran, Chacotay from "Star Trek Voyager". They must survive till it rains so they hang out in a radio station for awhile trying to call for help. They get an answer from a Think Tank, but it turns out all they want is their blood too, so much they will die from the proceduure, so they can stay alive by developing an immunization for just the Think Tank. The problem is their group doesn't care about anyone elses survival. Good as a rental but you should be a real fan to purchase it. Good quality DVD with decent replayability. If you enjoyed this catch "My Science Project" and "Adventures in Babysitting". - C. Luster...more info
  • Night of the Comet
    This is one of my favorite movies. A good, fun, lighthearted take on the "Night of the Living Dead" genre. It stars one of my favorite actresses that didn't quite make it big, Catherine Mary Stewart, and also includes some other folks that you'll recognize. This was generally their first movie appearance. Night of the Living Dead meets Valley Girl....more info
  • 80's fun for the eyes
    I saw this on cable when I was kid back in '85 and it freaked me out. Now it just takes me back and helps me remember some great times from that year. I wish they had added some special features. Would have been great to have commentary from the actors or, at least, a trailer. Still, having the film is wonderful and I laugh at the idea that I thought this was scary. Worth it for anyone that wants a flashback to the 1980s....more info
  • NIght of the Comet
    THe Ordering of the product was easy, and fast. The shipping of the product was timely. The movie arrived in good condition. The actual feature on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 6. It was a story I had seen back in the 80's. I liked it so I purchased it....more info
  • Just what is a valley girl?
    In the past, I saw brief clips of this film on the Sci-Fi channel. I was never able to complete the film, and for some odd reason, I never saw the beginning of the film. For the longest time, I wondered what was the name of this film. Finally one day I got the name by accident before I had to leave for somewhere. Shortly after, I went on Amazon and bought the full length dvd.

    Many reviews of the film indicate that the movie is a mixture of 80's pop culture with a blend from earlier apocalypse themes of the 50's. Call me blind or dumb, but after watching the movie, I didn't see a single thing that indicated to me that it was the 80's and not a single scene reminded me of a 1950's era of end-of-the-world movies. The only thing that reminds me of the 80's would be the "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and the only thing that reminds me of the 50's would be the secret underground laboratory where scientists are more eager to save themselves than people. Unrelated to the movie, but I can't believe how old that song, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" is. Over 20 years old. The sad fact about this movie is that it's now a "classic." The sad thing is, pretty soon us 1980s folks will be "oldies."

    The movie starts out like most teen movies: a group of young high school girls enjoying the life and making excuses to not be with their "lame" parental units. Suddenly, like a bad comedy, the world ends and it seems like only two sisters, Reg and Sam, are left alive. They go out on an adventure into an unknown world talking about boys, going on a shopping spree, and unlike most girls, they know how to defend themselves when the times comes. Suddenly, that times come to where they have to defend themselves for the sake of surviving in such a brutal, new world. The sistes have to defend themselves with TNT, Mac-10s, and using clever tactics such as tossing a shoe at machine gun wielding foes. In the end, everyone walks away unharmed and they live happily in a world where no one else survives. Sounds to me like a commercial for the deadly effects of LSD.

    In the end, I loved the movie for some reason. Logic would dictate that this movie flat out sucks, and should be avoided like a plague. However, something about the film sticks to you. Every time I watch it, I get a fuzzy feeling all over like I'm on a bad trip or something. Perhaps it's Sam, played by Kelli Maroney, who saved the day. Sam plays a wonderful stereotypical blond teenager who cares more about fashion than the destruction around her. I think she did wonderful in the film and she quickly drew on me. If the movie wasn't about some post- apocalypse where mutated half-dead people running around scaring the living day lights out of you, I think she would have been a fun person to hang out with.

    In all, the movie was a disaster but it's really a "love it or hate it" type. Either you'll like it and admit it sucks, or you'll hate it and curse it's very existence.
    ...more info
  • Finally on DVD!!!!!!!
    We have been waiting for this to come out on DVD. It was great to watch it without being edited for T.V. As good as we remembered....more info
  • dvd was scratched... returned it
    Amazon's DVD came to me all scratched up, I returned it, and since they did not have my credit card on file (golden rule, never save your credit card info with online merchants) they could not ship me out a new DVD (but oddly enough they were able to refund my money on my card).

    So I can not review this movie at this time....more info
  • I remember this one....damn -- It's been a long time since I seen it.
    I remember my step-father having this one on video casette. I might have watched it at least 10 times, so I look back at this movie now and it is one of those that played off the comet thing. The thing about if you stand too close to a comet you become dust. People calling this one campy, they are too far off because it had the smart moments too. The transgressive moments of the herion addicted scientist, and the scene about them wanting to put to kids to sleep. It was sick for its time.

    It is a cult film but one of the most clever films I've seen during that time. I do imagine this film being played at brew and views now. For as dark as it was, I actually thought this film was hilarious in ways. Not common you combined sick humor and smart horror. It contribute to zombie horror and the brain horror genre because it had scenes that were gory.

    One of those movies that will be in the culture for a long time, people will talk about this one like people talked about the Twilight Zone in the 1960s. It did have a real Twilight Zone type vibe and I commend the director and writers of this film for combining something shockingly funny with something really smart.

    Post-apocalyptic horror wasn't too common back then, and when you look at films like 28 Weeks Later or 28 Days Later, thinking that the theme is fresh. This was the move that set the tone for those movies. I was surprised my parents let me watch this film when they wouldn't let me watch Friday the 13th or Nightmare On Elm Street at the time. It is a progressive film, the scares aren't frequent but when you got the scare it's going to hit you hard.

    It has some camp, but it has more smart aspects to it than its peers. People might as if 2000s were the large wave of the PG-13 horror, no -- the 1980s started to see its scare of it too (I use the term scare here as a pun on share.) The two actressed in this film actually went on to do more in the horror genre too -- one of them did a film called Nightmare Carnival and the other was involved with new The Outer Limits.

    The two lead characters are the same age as my mother and step-father, in the film both of them were college age or just came out of college. One of them worked in a movie theater who had a fascination with a particular video game, and bugged out by three initials that were at the bottom of the screen because she was filling it up with hers.

    I look at this film now for those who are looking into wanting to write horror/sci-fi -- sit down kids, school is in session. If you want to shock people, this movie is one of those I recommend. I now want to get it as a DVD. It is a classic now, at about 23 years old now. ...more info
  • A Big Ol' Chunk of 80's Cheese
    I remember watching this film as a pre-teen when it first came out. I'll admit the main draw at the time for me was watching Kelli Maroney run around in that sexy cheerleader outfit. Other than that, and the fact that people are turned into red dust because of the comet, very little memory remained of the film itself.
    Watching the flick 20 years later, I was surprised at what an inventive story "Night of the Comet" is based on. Without giving away any spoilers, the basic tale is of two sisters who survive the passing of a comet, maybe the same comet responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs years ago. The comet seems to have turned most folks into piles of red dust, and others into zombie-like flesh eaters.
    The special effects aren't bad for a 1980's B-movie either. The deserted city landscape is as effective as the recent Will Smith "I Am Legend", probably at 1/4th the cost. There really isn't any gore to speak of, but the zombie effects were also pretty decent.
    The cast seems to have been pulled from the who's who of Soap Opera's of the day. But they do a good job, and as a Star Trek fan it's fun to see a young Chakotay (Robert Beltran) as the knight in shining denim role.
    But make no mistake, this is pure cheese. If you are looking for genuine scares, look elsewhere. This is a fun slice of Reagan era sci-fi along the lines of "Damnation Alley" or "Steel Dawn". But I think the film makers realized that they weren't making a Shakespearian Drama here, I mean there is goofy 80's montage thrown in the middle of thing where the girls go shopping to a cover version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!!
    So if you are in the mood for some goofy fun, heroins sporting big hair and leg warmers, then pop a big old bowl of popcorn and enjoy "Night of the Comet"....more info
  • Night of the Comet
    I am sooo glad that they finally released this on DVD. This is such a good sleeper movie that has such a following. Not bad acting either. It's a fun watch....more info
  • Good ol' 80's fun
    I watched this movie the first time as a kid. Watching it now I realize how much i've missed it. It may not have been the best 80's movie, but it was fun and it really was what got me first interested in sci-fi. I am happy it is on dvd, and would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Night of the Comet
    So glad that this movie was finally released to DVD! It was brand new and arrived in perfect condition. I'm convinced that the younger sister's character, cheerleader Samantha, is what inspired Joss Whedon with creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer character....more info
  • 80s Camp All the Way
    If you like B grade horror or cult classics and you missed this one--you are missing out! This is a mixture of zombies, "girls-just-want-to-have-fun" shopping and a post apocalyptic future! Check it out! Way cool Dude....more info
  • Night of the Comet
    The only thing missing from this DVD is some special features. It would have been cool to have watched and heard about the filming of this flick. I think this film is going to become a classic. I love this film. ...more info
  • An 80's Horror sans the Horror
    Night of the Comet is quite possibly the most entertaining horror film I have ever laid my eyes on. Of course, by entertaining I mean good for laughs and ridiculous fun.

    If you haven't seen this movie (or in some sad cases haven't heard of it), do yourself a favor and take the opportunity to get your hands on this little gem. What the DVD lacks (no special features whatsoever, soundmix is only 2.0 stereo), the movie makes up for ten-fold. With a beautiful 1.85:1 widescreen, remastered transfer, Night of the Comet is finally given the due it deserves.

    Night of the Comet starts off with a lot of fun and excitement as the 80s welcomes the return of a comet not seen in millions of years. But the next day, all have disappeared and only few (VERY few) are left on Earth. While some of those few desperately search for answers to this strange phenomenon, others have undergone a very frightening change.

    Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, and Robert Beltran carry this movie so well and with such great comfort that you'll want to watch this over and over again. While the movie is no oscar-winner, the lines have that great "80s feel" to them, and the styles are a solid reminder of what is long-gone (thankfully).

    The best part about this movie, aside from the entertaining jokes and fun, is that the story is really pretty solid! This easily could've been a nightmarish, apocalyptic horror film because of its smart story and passable sci-fi ideas.

    I highly recommend Night of the Comet for its fantastic rewatchability factor. The laughs (and even a few scares!) never get old!...more info
  • Cheesy fun, loved seeing it again
    Loved this flick long ago and watching it again I saw things I had missed before, there are lots of references, posters on wall and such that make it even funnier. Some actors you will recognize too. Zombies too, gotta love the zombies...more info
  • Back to the 80's
    Great movie and evoked a lot of memories from the 80's era. There is a lot of tension and not so much gore, which movies today seem to have overdone to cover up bad plots. So, OK the plot is a little unbelievable but it has a good story line and could be the precursor to the Will Smith recent zombie movie, I Am Legend. Definitely worth a first look if you haven't seen it yet or a re-look if it has been a while. ...more info
  • Forgotten 80's Zombie/Comedy/Apocalyptic Gem
    Used to watch this religiously as a wee lad in the decade of Reaganomics and jelly slippers.

    Thank you MGM for finally making this available to fans.

    Great film. Sparse DVD... but hey, if I can own 'Night of the Comet' in a digital format, I'm a happy movie buff.

    DMK will always rule the arcade! Believe it! Buy this now....more info
  • NOT a zombie film.
    For zombie film fans, skip this movie. This is more a sci-fi post-apocalyptic film than one of the true zombie genre. And there's almost nothing good for you gore hounds.

    The good: Great acting, good special effects (for what little there are), interesting story and subplot, retro-80's fashion/music.

    The bad: First "zombie" arrives 35 minutes into the film. Total of 6-7 zombies in entire feature. Since this movie attempts to have a serious story, you can't help but question countless plot holes. ...more info
  • How VERY 80s!!!
    I loved this movie when I was growing up in the 1980s. Today (in 2007) I still love it! It really takes me back to the hair, fashion, valley-speak, and music of the time. Also, it is a really fun girl-power movie!

    I like, totally recommend it. And like, if you don't see it, you should gag yourself with a spoon - sideways!!! :)Night of the Comet...more info
  • Good classic 80's movie
    I loved this movie in the 80's, now its been 20+ years since I last saw it and its still great! Like an old friend...more info
  • Good 80s campy fun
    Do you like zombie movies but feel that Romero is too preachy? Well this may be the movie for you. It has the scared female protaganist of Night of the Living Dead, the blantant capitalistic joys of malls like Dawn of the Dead, and the confined underground scientists of Day of the Dead. It has zombies at different levels of intelligence in it like Land of the Dead which came two decades later, making it ahead of its time when it comes to the zombie genre.
    Now in all seriousness Night of the Comet is cheesy as it gets and if you are one that enjoys movies so bad that they are good than give this movie a shot. It doesn't offer any special features and although I wish it did provide a commentary of sorts, the cheapness of the product lets this omission slide. So get a few friends, a few drinks, pop in this DVD, and let the campy fun begin....more info
  • Night of the Comet
    The original one had a lot more action and suspence. Whole parts of the original have been taken out. It's sanitized down to pap. What a shame that all the things that made this movie one wild and exciting ride were deleted. First graders would find it boring and silly. ...more info
  • A long time fave
    "Night of the Comet" was one of the first video titles I ever owned - on an old RCA CED videodisc. When the CED discs and players became obsolete, I eventually sold them all off to someone with the desire and resources to try to preserve them. I was therefore delighted to find it on DVD.

    The story is simple, but this is a film with a heart, featuring excellent performances all around. It's an apocalyptic film that can make you feel good about human survival without preaching to you. Highly recommended......more info
  • a really good flick...
    this was actually a reall good movie. i remember renting it years ago and was oddly fascinated with it. it's always nice to see something different being done. they definitely did a good job succeeding in that.
    i don't want to spoil the movie by giving it away. if you have the time and want to enjoy your time watching a movie this is one to see. i recently bought the movie when it came out on dvd. was worth every penny they charged me.
    i was asked to review it for people so here i am writing another review. you might recongnize some of the people in the movie. Catherine Mary Stewart from "LAST STARFIGHTER". even her sister did a movie called "Chopping Mall", i'm not sure what else she's done.
    was also shocked to see "ROBERT BELTRAN"!!! i'd not seen it in many years i guess. which in itself is sad because it deserves a viewing every now and again. i'd not seen it in about 10 years or more. for those of you not "STAR TREK" fans you might remember him as "CHOKOTAY" from "STAR TREK-VOYAGER"...
    there are also a few supporting cast members you might recognize i'll not give them away. that way you can have fun finding them out for yourselfs. going to you can find out what else they have been in... enjoy!!
    CMH...more info
  • night of the comet
    bad acting bad special effects, great entertainment. just dont think to much....more info
  • Great movie
    This is a really good sci fi movie that keeps you jumping in your seats. No real gorey parts, but the mutants will scare you to screaming. The timing, and cut work is impecible. I love the DMK twist at the end. You gotta look for it, but you will giggle for days when you make the connection....more info
  • Four stars for originality... is about a Comet that destroys all people who were exposed to it while it was passing through earth. Only a few survivors are left, and some who weren't directly exposed begin to turn into "zombie" like creatures. This is a fun 80's flick, with an original story. A good addition to your movie library....more info
  • Daddy Would Have Gotten Us Uzis!
    For anyone that lived through the 80's, this movie is a fun flash-back to the good old days of primitive arcade games, feathered hair, and command line operating systems! Plus, it's a great cheesy B-movie sci-fi flick to boot. The opening scene where Sam rides the motorcycle through the deserted city seems completely ripped off by 28 Days. And, the three leads, Robert Beltran, Catherine Mary Stewart, and Kelli Maroney, are totally AWESOME! You should buy this DVD now-now-now!...more info
  • Night of the Comet
    The DVD release is in 1:85.1 Letterbox but in actuality the movie was shot 1:33.1 Full Screen. All the past cable broadcasts were in the original full screen format. If you own the retail DVD you need only compare it to your retail VHS or a broadcast saved to VHS.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the movie as indicated by my rating above but when the studios LTBX the original they are taking away, not adding and are in a sense re-directing the film. All movies should be released in the master ratio and if the viewer wants it to fit their TV screen it can be done with the remote....more info
  • Hollywood, Please Remake This One! Thanks.
    This is a "nice" little C-grade movie. This movie is NOT 4.5 stars in the 21st century. "Night of the Living Dead" (1968)-now that's 4.5-5 stars still in today's age. I believe the people that rated this movie past 2 stars are promotional stand-ins for Hollywood. Either that or they've been watching some pretty whacked out flicks. Speaking of Hollywood-Hollywood this would be a lovely little movie to re-make. I would hope that you don't do much worse than the original like the Hollywood remake for "Black Christmas"-an atrocity. But to prevent another remake catastrophe, Hollywood, please grab either Sam Raimi, Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter or even Steven Spielberg before attempting a remake of this film. This why I am so NOT liking this film: I asked myself: why the "Star Wars" intro? Boring. Why the banter between snobby mom and snobby child? Boring. Why the movie theater and radio station scene? Nothing really happens. Boring. Then it hit me these scenes are just space fillers. The only thing worth watching is the 3 or 4 zombies that debut in the film and the no-nonsense, woman scientist, Audrey. She's lethal like her shot. This movie is absolutely afraid to be horror. Horror to the point where Ms. Cheerhead gets "done-in" for real by Audrey. Horror like poppin' the zombie kid in the noggin-just for kicks. Or horror, like the zombie kid eats Mr. Knight in Shinning Armor. Horror like RUN Ms. Cheerhead over at the end-I mean get real she asked for it by running out in the streets challenging Fate at its best! These are just some improvement horror suggestions. I mean come on in a real-life event one of them would die if not all, in their case, but no everyone stays alive. And with no surprise, the ending is too "happily ever after." Horror should never be happily ever after unless there is a grotesquely sarcastic twist i.e, the ending of John Carpenter's "Village of the Damned" and "The Thing." Or the ending of Robert Rodriguez's "Death Proof" (Note: SHAME on you movie watchers who did not understand "Grindhouse"). Now those are some endings that leave you thinking. This movie is probably best served to newly found horror fans or some Halloweeners on October 31st. Sorry folks, I have to be honest. This movie really ain't worth a nickel, until the remake. That is if there is one and if Hollywood doesn't F&$K that up. I'm selling my copy of "Night of the Comet." Anyone want to buy? Sorry no "nickel discounts"....more info
  • Finally! It's on DVD
    I first saw this movie 23 yrs ago when I was 27 yrs old. I'm now an old man of 50, and you'd think I'd have matured some by now; but I still love watching this movie. It brings back memories of the 80s, which I loved. I bet I've watched the really poor LP-speed "budget-label" worn-out VHS tape I bought in the early 90s a dozen times over the years. I'd waited for it to come out on DVD for so long that I was beginning to wonder if it was lost for good.

    It's intentionally cheesy. It's funny. It's satirical of this genre. It's entertaining, and the whole "Valley Girl" thing is so 80s.

    Now if we could just get more 80s "classics" like Galaxy of Terror, The Legend of Billie Jean, Night of the Creeps and Flash Gordon released on DVD, the world would be a more enjoyable place....more info
  • Fun, Funny, Cult-Classic
    Make some popcorn and settle into your favorite chair for this one. As the opening narative states, the world has not seen a comet like this since the dinosaurs disappeared. A good foreshadow as one comet-watcher assures everyone that nothing happened when people were so worried about Halley's Comet coming around so there's no need to worry now. Well they should've worried, as we soon find out in this OmegaMan-knockoff. Yes this is a B-movie and yes there are some inconsistancies, but for the most part the plot has good execution and follow-thru. If you're a scifi fan who enjoys recognizing stolen moments from other movies, or you like a movie that can poke fun at its own genre, or you just want some good clean fun to make you laugh, this movie is for you....more info
  • poorly made but fun to watch
    i am a little ashamed to admit but i have always found this movie a funny alternative to the dawn of the dead zombie movies and who doesn't like catherine mary stewart and the big hair days along with 80's music...more info
  • Movie I've waited for and finally found.
    This movie is so great to watch many times over because I never get tired of it. It arrived here so quickly which made me very pleased....more info
  • Wonderful Seller
    Arrived quickly and was in the new package wrapper. In perfect condition...more info
  • God Bless the DVD Gods!
    THANK YOU!!! for putting this out on DVD...whoever you are!!!

    What a great movie this is. A lost little gem from the 80's that I was afraid would never find its way to DVD. Looks like I'm not the only one who watched this film 1000 times on cable.

    Catherine Mary Stewart is terrific..,I realized watching the DVD that she's the girl in The Last Starfighter...another great cable find.

    The transfer is nice and looks great on a new, big TV.

    ...more info
  • Take a trip back to the '80s
    The other day I was feeling nostalgic and remembered a fun film from the `80s. "The Night of the Comet" and after watching it, it wasn't quite as funny as I remembered from a twenty-five year old memory, it is still like a visit to your old favorite pizza place, it is full of smiles, warm feelings and lots, and lots of cheese!

    "Night of the Comet" is a very low "zombie count" zombie movie with very little plot, no special effects, very little acting, and yet it is still a fun if uneven ride.

    So here's the deal, if you are looking for some corny nostalgia, "the night of the Comet" might just do the trick

    2 ?*...more info
  • Apocalypse...Valley Girl Style
    A signifcant cult hit when released in late 1984, NIGHT OF THE COMET is an admittedly cheesy film even by the standards of low-budget offerings, and dated as well; given the time in which it was made, it screams "Eighties!" But it still somehow comes off as a completely fascinating oddity, combining tongue-in-cheek 80s comedy with science fiction and horror.

    The premise is a fairly simple one: A large comet (contrary to what some reviews have said, this comet does not have a name attached to it) makes an uncomfortably close encounter with our planet while millions have come out this night to watch its arrival. But the following morning, two Valley Girls (Catherine Mary Stewart; Kelli Maroney) come out, and realize, albeit slowly, that everyone and everything around them has literally turned to dust; and if they haven't turned to dust, they've either gone psychotic or turned into zombies. The City of Angels is now a veritable ghost town. And along with an Hispanic trucker (Robert Beltran), they soon find themselves at the mercy of mad scientists searching for a vaccine from the comet dust that killed or zombified everyone else.

    Provocative title aside, nobody is going to mistake NIGHT OF THE COMET for such similar films as DEEP IMPACT, METEOR, or the hyped-up ARMAGEDDON by any means; the dialogue has so much in the way of Valley Girl lingo that there's no mistaking its era. These flaws aside, however, writer/director Thom Eberhardt manages to make the most of a parlous budget. Apart from the slightly lame dialogue and comedy, NIGHT OF THE COMET has a lot in common with the 1971 sci-fi thriller THE OMEGA MAN (scenes of a deserted Los Angeles), and its source material, Richard Matheson's classic 1954 book "I Am Legend"; and Eberhardt's decision to use orange filters to create an L.A. skyline shrouded by comet dust has echoes of an early Steven Spielberg TV project, 1971's L.A. 2017.

    Quite campy by today's standards and a product of its time, NIGHT OF THE COMET nevertheless remains very watchable in ways that many other films like it with budgets one hundred times bigger aren't. It is a midnight cult item that should be seen to be believed....more info
  • An 80's sci-fi horror classic now on DVD!
    A rogue meteor passes near the earth and eliminating people literally into dust or mutating them, two valley girl sisters (Kelli Marhoney and Catherine Mary Stewart) wake up the next day to find out that they are the only survivors in Los Angeles and have it theirselves. They start to do a big shopping spree at the mall, soon they discover a survivor (Robert Beltran) who helps them out and battle with some mutated zombies that are out for blood.

    Entertaining and very 80's Sci-fi horror comedy satire that has gained a cult following since it's release and is one of the best of it's kind. It's a post-apocalyptic tale with laughs, zombies, mild gore and decent acting plus some charming wit that made this the cult favorite as it was. If you enjoy zombie movies and Sci-fi horror flicks then seek out this gem, i highly recommend it.

    The DVD from MGM is pratically bareboned with no trailer or extras at all but does have a good transfer with nice sound.

    Also recommended: "Fido", "Shaun of the Dead", "Night of the Creeps", "Maximum Overdrive", "Night of the Living Dead (1968)", "Dawn of the Dead (1978 and 2004)", "Day of the Dead", "Re-Animator", "Nightmare City (a.k.a. City of the Walking Dead)", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Mad Max Trilogy", "Akira", "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "Grindhouse", "The Return of the Living Dead Trilogy", "Demons", "28 days Later", "28 Weeks Later", "The Crazies", "Hell of the Living Dead (a.k.a. Night of the Zombies, Virus, Zombie Creeping Flesh)", "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie", "Land of the Dead", "Resident Evil", "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", "Night of the Living Dead (1990)", "Lifeforce", "The Stuff", "Aliens", "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)"....more info
  • Totally Awesome Survival Horror Sci-Fi Flick!
    An L.A. cheerleader and her tough but sexy movie theater usher big-sister think they may be the last survivors on Earth after the comet that devastated the dinosaurs makes its return fly-by. It seems that most everyone turned out to witness the comet, and those unlucky folks were reduced to a pile of red dust. Those who stayed indoors are now dangerous, zombie-like creatures decomposing at a slower rate. But, those few that were, by chance or design, protected by walls of steel, like our two heroines, have inherited the burden of the future of civilization. It isn't all that long before they find one more survivor, young truck driver Hector, but everyone else they encounter seems to be highly hazardous to their health, including a group of rowdy boys at the mall led by a guy who seems to have inspired Mark Hamill's take on the Joker!

    Starring The Last Starfighter's Catherine Mary Stewart as the gun and videogame loving theater usher Regina and Fast Times at Ridgemont High's Kelli Maroney as her cheerleading Valley-girl little sister, Samantha, "Night of the Comet" is a survival horror/sci-fi spoof from 1984 that is sure to be an instant favorite for any fans of the genre. Don't get the wrong idea though. While there is humor, this film plays out as a serious story, much like 2004's wonderful Shaun of the Dead. And to my fellow Romero fans, don't get the idea this is pure zombie horror. The zombie-like creatures here are important, but we don't see hordes of them or anything like that. More important and frequent threats in Night of the Comet are those folks who are turning. There are some good scares, by the way, though they are few enough that one should go into this more for the post-apocalyptic adventure theme than anything else. Primarily, this movie is just loads of fun by having just the right amount of everything it serves up! The cast is great, and the stars are definitely the two leading ladies. Neither is my dreamgirl type, but between Catherine Mary Stewart's Emma Watson-lookalike head and Kelli Maroney's fantastic body, you've got enough to keep me watching with a smile on my face. Robert Beltran is the male hero of the film as Hector of the barrio (you'll get that one after seeing the film), and one simply must mention the great Geoffrey Lewis as the leader of a group of government scientists with nefarious plans for our beloved girls and Mary Woronov as the one scientist keeping control. Incidentally, also check out Mary in the hilarious and underrated "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" opposite Steve Martin at his best!

    My sincere thanks to the presumably underappreciated writer and director of "Night of the Comet", Thom Eberhardt, for providing one of the most enjoyable films ever. If you're interested in "Night of the Comet", I recommend picking it up right away, before it gets any harder to find! This film is a must for your home DVD library! Sadly, it's totally barebones, but the film alone, thankfully presented in widescreen, is more than worthy of the currently, usually very affordable price! ...more info
  • Classic 80's Horror/Humorous B Flick
    Night of the Comet is a great film for what it was designed to be. It was designed to be a semi-serious B flick and succeeds 100%. It doesn't take itself too seriously and has a lot of well placed internal humor. The cast and acting is great! The music is awesome enough to be an A film. I have no idea why MGM doesn't release a soundtrack on CD!! Many people would love for the sountrack to be officially released on CD, instead of listening to pirated copies of the LP. This isn't an Oscar movie and it doesn't try or want to be. It is however a classic 80's horror/humorous B Flick and taken in that context, it exceeds all expectations, especially in the soundtrack.

    One Star ratings were only given by folks upset with shipping, not the movie....more info
  • Awful, Awful movie!! I LOVE IT!!!!
    Awful awful movie. I LOVE IT!! I grew up with this movie and it was great seeing it again!!...more info
  • Great 80's movie!
    This film is so underrated, and is one of the best movies of the 1980's. The movie is a great campy version of the 1960's B-rated sci-fi movies, with a 1980's Valley girl spin. Robert Beltran (later of Star Trek Voyager) and Mary Catherine Stuart, do a great job in the film. ...more info
  • Greatest Movie Ever Made???
    Could this be the greatest movie ever made about zombies? I think so! Also the ladies in this film will rock your world! They excel in the plot of this film... very believable... also very attractive! :) Make you wonder if you should look up or be outside during the wonderful astrological events!...more info


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