Infiniti by Conair BC173 Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Wet Dry Straightening Hot Air Styler

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Product Description

Ion output helps smooth the cuticle layer creating silky, shiny hair. Protect your hair from damage. 2 rows of detangling combs and flocked polishing disks to add shine. Tourmaline Ceramic straightening plates with 4 position tension settings eliminate frizz, straightens and adds volume. The Low Setting position combines ideal airflow and temperature setting for shaping finer & damaged or treated hair. The High Setting combines ideal airflow with higher temperature, especially recommended for pre-drying and also for styling and straightening thick hair. The Cool Setting at the end of straightening sets the style for a long-lasting effect. Exceptional power - Equipped with 700-watt power motor for quick styling results

  • Safely dries wet or damp hair as it straightens
  • With tourmaline ceramic technology to help smooth the cuticle layer creating silky, shiny hair
  • Ionic technology for less frizz and manageability
  • 2 rows of detangling combs and flocked teeth add shine

Customer Reviews:

  • Concept good
    First of all, the cord is way too long. Second, the high setting went the second time I used it so now the high is like the low. The good thing is I like the way this straightens. You have to have your hair partially dry for it to work the best because it really doesn't dry really wet hair. So, my final thought is the concept is good but there needs to be improvements made in order to perfect it. ...more info
  • A good buy!
    Works well for me.
    Except that the blow drier isn't very effective and doesn't dry my hair completely. I dry my hair a little with a separate blow drier and then use this styler.
    Adds volume to my thin hair. ...more info
  • great find!
    just a great find was found while I was noodling aroung on the computer. This product is terrific, fast, and I just love it!!!...more info
  • Greatest Hair Product I own!
    I have very thick cirly hair. I ussually don't have time in thr moring to do a great job straightening my hair. My hair dresser takes about 30 min. but it looks great. With this product I can do my own hair as good as the salon and it only takes about 15 min. I use my regular hair dryer and dry it about 1/2 way, then I finish with this styler. Because the brush is built into the dryer I have one hand free to section my hair. It is great! I was worried about it not being pwerful enough for my thick hair but It is more than powerful enough. The tension control is great, I set mine on 4 because I have thick hair. Bottom line, I would recomend this product to anyone that hates to straighten there hair with a brush and a dryer....more info
  • Great Product
    I love this product. I didnot thought it would have been so good. I always had to be going to the hairdresser to get the type of look I wanted for my hair. This hairdryer along with the flat iron does wonders for the straighten look i always love. The blowdryer is easy to use and handle the built in comb makes it a breeze. And because of the structure and material of the product i dont have to worry about the comb breaking. My sister uses it on her processed hair and it works! My friend also used it on her thick natural african american hair worked too!! And on my indian hair it works perfectly!!! ...more info
  • Love this thing!!
    I have moderatly curly hair and have never known how to style it. I am uncoordinated with flat irons and round brushes with hair dryers. This thing is awsome. I can easily style my hair straight and not feel like I need an extra hand. It is adjustable depending how curly your hair is. It is easily packable for traveling. Apply straightning product, if desired, after you wash, then style when your hair is about two thirds dry, or if you wash your hair at night, just dampen it a little in the AM and style....more info
  • not powerful enough
    In a nutshell, not enough wattage to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. I'd also appreciate a shorter cord. I love the idea of this device, the straightening element works well for me. My hair is coarse and very wavy, always frizzy unless I straighten, so I really wanted to like this product. My friend who has finer, thinner hair than mine loves it. However, the 700 watt power makes styling take forever. I may as well dry and then iron, since it would be faster. Still, I'll probably keep this for travel, since it's very portable. ...more info
  • burned after just one use
    I got this stuff as a gift in europe but because of the voltage i gave it back and bought it here in USA. The USA version looks pretty much cheaper and poor made than the (same brand-model-etc.) european version. I used it once with hardly satisfactory results, the second time something burned inside and start smoking. I wouldnt recomend it to anybody......more info
  • Singed my hair after one use
    I used it just like it said, I brushed as it dried never leaving it in one place and after one use I found a section of hair that was burned.
    This gets too hot and their is no way to protect the hair shaft.
    It is going back and I will have to trim my hair...more info
  • Defective
    This item is the INFINITY DRYER / STRAIGHTENER BC173 Conair for hair.

    I have not had one disappointing issue with Amazon products. Unfortunately I ordered this item only three weeks before the second one. The first one burned up very quickly. I expect the second one to be better....more info
  • Thrilled!
    It performed much better than I expected. It actually straightened my unrelaxed, African-American hair and it did it much quicker and better than a blow-dryer and brush. My hair isn't even jaw length yet it managed to do very well.

    I didn't follow the instructions on how to use the dryer regarding sectioning. I used it like a regular brush and as I said, I am thrilled! ...more info
  • This works Great
    I am so happy with this straightener after several attemps to find a good one i finally fund one.I have realy thick and curly hair and it straighten my hair in less then half the time it used to.I highly recomend this item....more info
  • Terrible
    This product was so awful, I returned it - something I RARELY do. It didn't dry or straighten well. My dryer and round brush were far superior to using this. I don't recommend this product....more info
  • works great
    This hot air brush drys my hair very quickly and the results are look very professional. My hair is straight and soft with lots of shine. It is much easier to work with than a hair dryer and brush. ...more info
  • Wet Dry Straightening Styler
    I purchased after reading many reviews. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I still had to use a flat iron on my hair after using the dryer. It is much faster for me to use my normal hair dryer and then straighten my hair w/ a flat iron. It took me twice as long to dry w/ this product and still have to straighten it! I ended up returning this product. My time is important and this was not worth the etxra time and effort. ...more info
  • Conair Straightener
    I have very thick, very wavy hair. Thie straightener works well on my hair. It is easy to use. It also does not take a week to get my hair dried. I cut my hair to shoulder length and found it does work better than on long hair, although I did get it to work on my long hair too. I am very pleased with this product. I definately recommend it. ...more info
  • I should have known
    Well I got this in hopes that I would not have to wait over night or the whole day to flat iron my hair. I cannot blow dry my hair because it frizzes up so badly. I hoped that this would solve my 24 drying time. Unfortunantly this was just the same as a blow drier with a brush/comb my hair still frizzed up and was not sleak or smooth. I made sure to read the instructions and do just as they said but I cannot get that salon style look. To anyone who has blow drier issues like I do. I do not suggest you buy this. To anyone who is sick of holding a comb and a drier I am sure it will work just fine. ...more info
  • Easy to use straightner
    I have never been very coordinated with the whole hair drying and brushing idea and was afraid to try a straighting iron. This straightens with tension and is pretty simple to use. I have even used it on my kids!...more info
  • I Love It!!!
    I just got mine today.
    my hair is really thick, it is also very frizzy b/c of damage.
    it completely dried my hair, tammed friz & straightend my hair.
    it didnt make it lay flat on my head like a straigtener does.
    it made my hair shine really pretty.
    it dosent make my hair bone straight it makes it have just the right amount of volume.
    && it usually take me 45 minutes or so to do my hair.
    with this i was done in less than 10 minutes.
    i luv it!!!...more info
  • Not Pleased
    This dryer is not meant for ethnic hair. My hair doesn't get any straighter than it did using a regular blow dryer and brush. I wouldn't recommend it for women of color....more info
  • Works for me!
    I am really lazy with my hair, so not having to hold a bulky hair dryer in one hand and try to manipulate parts of my hair and hold a brush in the other hand is great!

    I usually wash my hair at night - using this at night before I go to sleep, my hair still looks polished in the morning. So simple and easy!...more info
  • Poor quality
    Bought this hot air brush six months ago because I could not locate another WIGO ion hot air brush at any of my local stores. Seriously regret the purchase as it was a total waste of money. Brush only worked for six months - 5 minutes per day, with one user - before it died. No warning, just would not start one day and it went in the garbage. Highly recommend the WIGO and have purchased another one to replace this Conair that was not worth the price....more info
  • Great item!
    The Infiniti by Conair BC173 gives me great results. If you are trying to obtain silky straight hair, I highly recommend this item. I own a Chi hair straightener, but the Infiniti does such a great job that I don't even really need to use the Chi. As an option, however, I sometimes use the Chi after drying my hair with the Infiniti so that I can achieve a little more smoothness. However, the Infiniti enables me to have the control I seek without using the Chi. The Infinity allows a professional straight hairstyle that's easy to achieve. I'm most delighted to find and own the Infinity and highly recommend it. It also seems very good quality to me....more info
  • What a piece of junk!
    Firstly, the box gave no indication that it was actually a dryer and basically the hot air (that wasn't even hot) heats the straightening gadget (which did a crappy job of straightening). I started on one section of my well towel dried hair and then kept working on it, and kept working on it, and kept working on was barely drying my hair! The top part was pretty straight, but the bottom half of my shoulder length hair was sort of waved. Ugh, just a piece of complete junk! I dried my hair a little better with my blowdryer thinking maybe it was just too wet for the thing to handle, but nope, even on slightly damp hair it sucked. My hair is not even all that wavy; I just like the look of shiny, stick-straight hair. I feel sorry for anyone with curly hair and tries to use this. I am taking it back and getting a real straightening iron....more info
  • not so hot styler
    This product is okay, but does not do what I had hoped that it would. It does not get hot enough and it doesn't blow enough air to do what I had hoped. A blow dryer or a straightening iron work better than this item on curly or frizzy hair. ...more info
  • just ok
    the product started out working well but when i got 3/4 through styling my hair, the product started to have that burning smell. wouldn't recommend it...more info
  • Worth the money
    I've tried all sorts of heat brushes and stuff to tame my mane....and this one seems to work pretty well! It is comfortable to hold, easy to use, and it seems to get the job done. My hair is medium long, and has the tendency to be frizzy, and this thing kept it together. The downside is that it does get really hot if you have a stubborn spot and hold it there too long, and it is not going to be good for really long or really curly hair. Overall I am happy with this so far.......more info
    I bought this product thinking it was the perfect answer for my shoulder length slightly wavy fine hair, to give me a sleek styled look. Wrong! I tried numerous times to use this "styler" and found it awkward and useless at best. At worst, I felt like I was damaging my hair! I even took it to my hair stylist to see if there was some technique I needed to use for better results. She was baffled by the poor design of this product as well. My advice? Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Amazing
    I have chin length frizzy hair that I do battle with on a daily basis with upkeep involving an expensive blow dryer, flat iron, and sometimes curling iron. On my first stying attempt with this product, my hair came out straight with body, something difficult to achieve previously. Styling time was less and the results much better. I have tried so my appliances that I was definitely skeptical, but my experience was an unexpected surprise....more info
  • Does not perform the functions advertised.
    This hair dryer claims to style, smooth and streighten. Don't count on it. I have medium lenghth fine hair and I wish I never bought it. However, it might work on longer hair? Not a high probability. Forget this product and empty promises....more info
  • Best Product out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have very fine curly, often very frizzy hair...and normally have left it curly as I could never ever get it straight on my own...and would always love getting it blown out at the salon when I'd get a cut cause it looked so good and so different and everyone would always marvel at how different I looked (and better I think they meant lol) but I bought one of these just to see what it was like...and actually just bought my 2nd one thats still in the box!! I just never want to be without one so have a spare one now. Not only can I dry my wet hair without the annoying discomfort of trying to hold the dryer and big brush up for long periods of time (I have shoulder length hair) and always able to get the sides nice but never the back----with this dryer, not only can I completely dry my hair in about 15-20 straightens as it drys....and my hair is extremely straight, NO FRIZZ AT ALL...and soft and silky! I only wish this would have been around years ago when I was in high school and college as I could have had straight hair too....if you're looking for a dryer, straighten...all in one...THIS is your baby! I love this thing...rave to anyone that will listen...ITS THAT GOOD!!!...more info
  • Swingy, shiny, soft and silky!
    I just finished using the Infiniti Hair Designer by Conair for the first time. My hair looks and feels soft, silky amd healthy. It feels light and swingy. I can't stop touching it! LOL!
    It dried quickly too. I am very happy with it and am glad I purchased it. ...more info
  • dissapointed
    it really hard to use this product unless you are an stailist. Also it take time to straighten the hair and at the end is frizzy. I'm very dissapointed and it was a waste of money....more info
  • Conair Straightening Hot Air Styler
    This blow dryer works real well if you have use of 1 arm. I like it well and how my hair looks after.
    ...more info
  • great product!
    this straightener is amazing! i have extremely thick hair that i get permanently straightened, but the roots grow back curly very quickly. I have to get it re-straightened every 10 months so inbetween i have curly roots with straight hair, and this product is amazing for that. It is so easy to use and makes the straight part of my hair even straghter....more info
  • hirdryer
    this is not what i wanted.i tryed to get a hold of someone to tell me where to send this back and no one could help me.they just shifted me around to some one else.i wont order again...more info
  • Works with very thick and curly hair!!! Amazing!!
    I am the laziest person in the world when it comes to styling my hair. I also am completely uncoordinated with a brush and blowdryer. I have extremely thick hair (before my hair went curly - it used to take 3 perm solutions to have enough to do my hair). My hair turned curly after I had my son. I decided to try this product and it is amazing. I can fully dry my hair in about 1/2 hour. I did find that it was hard to get it to grip my hair if I just used it like a comb, but if I put it under my hair and used my other hard to press my hair into it - it worked great! Completely straightens my hair and I can even make it curl under on the ends. After your hair is dry and straight you can change the setting to cool and it even removes all of the annoying frizzies. I find that I don't even need to use a ton of product like I used to use with a flat iron. I recommend this to everyone! ...more info
  • Fastastic product
    I really don't know what took someone so long to invent something like this. I have wavey hair, but can wear my hair both straight or wavey/curly. When I want to wear it straight this infiniti by conair really makes blowing a breeze. You don't need an extra brush you can hold your hair and comb/blow at the same time. What a great idea. I totally recommended to anyone....more info
  • Good product
    I am very skeptical when it comes to products like this because they don't ever seem to do as promised. But, I have been using this styler for several months now and don't have one complaint so far. I have very thick hair with some wave to it. Previously, I would use a blow dryer and flat iron (which took forever) and would end up with big frizzy hair and it still had the wave. I have found that it's best to let your hair air dry a little and use anti-frizz cream before using the styler, but I definitely recommend it to all you girls with thick, hard to straighen hair!!...more info
  • love it!
    It drives hair quickly and takes out the frizz. Works well on my fine, blonde highlighted hair. Also perfect for restyling. Great for straightening bangs and for giving roots a lift and ends a little swing. I haven't used my hair dryer in 2 weeks!...more info
  • Very short life ... don't waste your money
    I bought this product in January. Used it 3.25 times. On the fourth use it died! While my hair did look good, it is frustrating now to figure out how to return it....more info
  • No need to comb/brush & blow
    This is a really nice product, its very easy to hold, the handle does not get hot, even after extended use.
    When you get this straighter do not use it when you are running later for work, or your going somewhere and its your first time using it. Use this when you have a few moments to spare and play around with the thickness settings. When you actually have to use it the practice will help.
    I notice when I use this my hair has a nice shine to it. But be warned this product does not replace (at least for me) my flat iron.
    I do notice I spend less time blow drying my hair, and the result is a much more polished than with my old Conair Ionic blow dryer.
    I can also now do this one handed, so I can drink my coffee and blow dry my hair at the same time.
    The only other drawback (besides having a hair dryer that you have to practice with prior to usage) is the switch configuration The cool button is at the top, the hot button is below, so if you push the swtich to the top you have cool air. At 6:15 AM when I'm not quite awake and trying to blow dry my hair it took awhile to figure out why my hair wasn't drying, thankfully it was before I threw this in the trash, which would have been a mistake, it a great product....more info
  • Worked well while it worked
    Well - I just killed it. I guess my hot air styler sucked in one too many pieces of my hair. This has been an ongoing problem in the year I've had it. While doing a nice job at making my hair less frizzy and adding volume; it also ate my hair... a lot... despite all attempts to get my hair away from the air intake.

    I just went to turn it on. No noise, no air, just a burning smell.

    It worked really nicely though and I love the compact size, great for travel. I'm debating over getting another one. If I do, I'll definitely register the warranty!...more info
  • Best thing I ever used!
    I've never written a review before but I had to about this product. I was skeptical at first. Could this one machine dry and straighten hair while making it look good? The anwser is yes!!

    I am a complete klutz when it comes to my hair. I was able to do my shoulder length, thick hair in 20 minutes.

    I wash my hair every other day and when I style it always looks frizzy on the ends. The next morning after I'll wake up with serious bed head. So I have to blow dry again and really pull my hair(damaging).When I woke up this morning all I had to do was run a brush through my hair and go!

    Please keep in mind that the cons referred to here aren't cons, just reality:

    Noise-This is a dryer and iron.

    Easy of use-Of course it isn't as easy as the commercial! Your effort involves sectioning hair off. Isn't that what you do anyway to dry/iron?

    If you get your hair blown out at the salon get this instead and try it just one time. It'll be worth it!

    ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    I have curly, frizzy hair and thought this would be a great product. It did not do a good job. My hair still had a frizz to it and it took awhile to dry. I returned it,I still do like conair products, just not this one....more info
  • Don't let the cheap plastic fool you
    Honestly, when I opened the box, I thought "What a cheap piece of crap" and almost sent it back immediately. Fortunately, I gave it a try. It really works. It takes less time with great results - here is the scoop.
    I have moderately curly hair. I like to smooth it out - not pin straight but sleek and shiny. I have tried almost every wet-dry appliance out there. All of them require you blow dry your hair at least partially dry. Even my $100 wet-dry straightening iron would not "dry" my hair if I start fresh out of the shower wet. So, this product works best if you "rough" dry your hair to at least 50% dry. After that, it works beautifully. My hair is shiny, sleek and smooth.
    This appliance is much easier to handle than the round brush and drier - which really give definition to "hot mess". It is easy to manipulate. The comb holds your hair as you move through your hair. The results are quick. 1-2 passes does the job and you can work in bigger, thicker chunks of hair (vs. straighten iron).
    ...more info
  • Best hair dryer I have ever owned.
    I was in need of a new hair dryer. Did some research and discovered this was the best product for the money. Bought it on Amazon, as they had the best price. I used the product according to the directions, and my hair looked good. It was easy to use. After a few days I 'did my own thing' ad my hair looked great, just like I stepped out of the salon. ...more info
  • Would be great if it didn't burn out...
    I bought this at CVS after reading the reviews here and at other places and used it once - Really liked the results - Straight but full hair, like twice the volume of a typical flat iron. BUT the next time I tried to turn it on - NOTHING - I tried different outlets, pressed the trip button on the plug... I returned it for another one thinking it was a fluke. I used it 3 times with GREAT results - and then went to use it the 4th time and again - it would not turn on. Just returned it for a refund. The price would be worth it if it actually worked more than a few times. I think Conair needs to figure out what the problem is and come back with a new improved model. ...more info
  • Still trying to figure it out...
    This is a tricky thing to use. I have medium length thick, curly, frizzy hair. I don't think that my hair likes this very much. It takes me a while to get one section dry and straight. I still have to go over my hair again with a flat iron to get the desired results. A little disappointed but I think much of the results depend on the type of hair that you have....more info
  • De-frizzes and gives body.
    This dryer de-frizzes my hair nicely. But what I like best is that it straightens without making my hair too pin-straight. It allows me to give it a slight curl at the ends, so it has body. The shape of the dryer allows me to curl my hair over or under. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because I wish the dryer was a little more powerful. When I'm in a hurry, I have to use my regular hair dryer to get it 3/4 done, then finish it off with the styler. I highly recommend this product. I'm buying it as a gift for several people....more info
  • Love It
    I've tried every product you can think of. Of all of them, this is the best! It defrizzes and shines your hair. I use it everyday whether I wash my hair or not. You do need to towel dry your hair good. Put product if you like and then just style. Easy to use with great results!...more info
  • Stopped working after second use
    The dryer worked fine but I only use a hair dryer occasionally so I'd only used it twice in 6 weeks. When I went to use it the third time, it was deader than a doornail. No power. I guess the stress of sitting in the cabinet for a few weeks was too much for it. Too late to return it. I've seen other reviews with a similar problem so it seems they have some quality control issues to work out and if you buy one, it's the luck of the draw if you get a 'good' one or not. I'm generally very pleased with my purchases through Amazon...but this one was a dud....more info
  • Infiniti by Conair Styler
    Love the styler! Takes me only 5 minutes to get the curl I need. Good buy....more info
  • Wow...this does nothing
    I bought this hoping that I could get rid of my flat iron, but this is nothing more than a hair dryer with a comb attachment turned sideways. The tension settings either pulled my hair too much or didn't put it at all. My hair looked just the same as it would have if I had used my hair dryer and a comb attachment. Save yourself some money and buy a $5 comb attachment to put on your hair dryer. I have AA relaxed hair. ...more info
  • Great dryer
    I love this dryer. It actually tames my fly-away hair. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because, I guess because of the lower wattage, it takes me a little longer to dry my hair; and also, I think the comb teeth could be just a little longer so you can have more control by grabbing more hair. ...more info
  • Conair infinity two jobs in one
    I love this product. It straightens as it dries. I was looking for a wet dry straightener this one does the job. I do agree for medium length hair. My hair is longer and thick so it takes a while to finish. The results are worth it...more info
  • Not Impressed
    My sister sent me this product to try out, she had bought it and did not like it. She doesn't separate her hair into sections, and I do when I straighten it and so she thought it might work better for me. I don't like it either. It dried my hair no problem and I love the idea of skipping a step, but it just doesn't straighten like my regular flat iron does. I have a chin length bob but my hair is fairly thick and slightly wavy.

    It may work better on finer hair, I don't know. Definitely try this product out before you buy it.
    ...more info
  • Hairdryer
    My dealings with Nicholas at Foward Motion has been more than exceptional. The item purchase was not exactly what I imagined, but Nicholas worked with me in finding a product that met my needs. I commend his services and patience in working to resolve the needs of a customer.

    Yolanda...more info
  • Great product
    This is best for hair no longer than shoulder length as the box states.
    I have chin length hair and now this is the only product I use and it does make it feel smooth (if you read your instructions). I wish I had gotten it sooner....more info
  • AA Hair
    I purchased this hot air styler in hopes that it would dry my damp hair without damaging it! I now a lot about hair and haircare and I know that I shouldn't have had that much hair on my floor after using this thing. It dried my 60% air dried hair well and I liked the silky feel of my hair, it seems to seal the cuticles well. It doesn't get very hot but it gets hot enough to get the job done. But those teeth ripped my hair out! I'm taking it back. It's too damaging and I've put too much into taking care of my hair to allow this appliance to be my downfall! I have thick relaxed AA hair. Those teeth just aren't good for my hair!...more info
  • Finally, someone got it right!
    My hair is curly/wavy and average thickness. I've worn it pretty short for most of my life, for convenience, but a few times I've let it grow out; I enjoy the versatility although it's more hassle. About 8 months ago I decided to let it grow out again and, although it's definitely at an awkward stage (just touching my shoulders and the sides aren't quite long enough to stay behind my ears, the front keeps dropping down in my face if I don't style it), this device is really helping.

    My hair is curliest around my face and, as it grows, it starts to do this sausage-roll thing, no matter how carefully I style it with the round brush while drying it. If it's already dry, I have to break out the hot rollers. Well, not anymore!

    The only drawback for me is that it claims to be a dryer as well as a straightener, and it's not powerful enough to dry my hair, at least not as quickly as I'd like. It's only 700 watts (my regular dryer is 1875). So I use the 1875 to dry my hair and then I use the straightener on my hair when it's dry.

    Where it REALLY shines (sorry for the pun) is on those days when I don't need or want to shampoo and do the whole routine. I can straighten and style VERY easily in just a couple of minutes during the morning routine, and I end up with sleeker lines than I've EVER gotten with the brush and dryer, plus I get the shine too! Another way it saves time is that, since it IS marketed as a dryer, it's "hot" right away instead of having to wait for it to heat up (like rollers), and cools down quickly after you've turned it off. After literally just a couple of minutes, I go from bed-head to sleeker lines and more shine than I'd EVER get with the brush and dryer!

    The heat settings (high, low, cool) are on a thumb-push switch just below the teeth of the comb, but I have to confess I haven't figured out the different settings controlled by the knob at the top. It definitely clicks as you turn it but nothing obvious changes on the lines of the comb itself, and that knob has no labels or symbols. I did read the instructions and learned that it somehow controls the thing's strength but I still can't tell how. Lucky for me, I've got it on a good setting.

    The cord is nice and long - well over 6' - and the plug has a ground fault interrupter. It's light and the grip feels natural and balanced and doesn't get hot, and the business end is angled just a tiny bit which feels right.

    There's no telling how many different curling irons, hot brushes, and rollers I've bought over the years tryingto get this kind of control and results. In addition to enjoying (and being grateful for) the time I save with it, and the improved results, now I'm really excited to have my hair longer so I can see what this thing can do with that!...more info
  • Not worth the price
    After reading the mixed reviews, I took a chance and bought one. It wasn't a total waste, but basically, it is a hair dryer. When I use it as directed, my hair still requires further streightning with an iron, though only about half as much as it used to. If I had it to do again, I would save the $50, and just buy a better brush to use with my blowdryer....more info
  • Great hair styler
    if anyone wants an easy to use hair styler this is the one I recommend.You just have to follow the simple instructions,always use the cool down button for a few minutes .My hair hair came out looking better than I expected,with hardly any effort.It would be great for teens just starting on their own with styling....more info
  • a little disappointed
    I have very short hair that is thick and coarse with some wave. I read all the reviews and decided to give this a try---it did work but, like another review I read, it left my hair fairly frizzy. I tried a number of products to eliminate the problem but with no luck. My hair didn't look awful but it bothered me. It was fairly easy to use although I found I did get better with practice. The drying time was fine and overall, I was good with the way it worked. I have stopped using it but may try it again at some point....more info
  • still learning how to use it
    After reading some of the reviews I bought this & used it yesterday. It took about 15 minutes to dry my shoulder length wavy hair.I found it a bit difficult to hold when styling my hair - drying the angled front was especially tricky & I didn't get the long lasting smoothness I was hoping to get. However, when I had initially dried my hair it looked smooth & sleek. Unfortunately it frizzed back up during the day (I live in San Diego not somewhere humid) so I am going to try again using smaller areas of hair. If anyone has any styling tips for using this, I'd love to hear them....more info
  • Excellent for up to slightly less than shoulder length hair- follow the directions!
    I purchased this at Ulta after reading reviews from various sources online, and figured it would be easy enough to return if it didn't work.I have used it for a week so far, and love it.

    My hair is caucasian, naturally curly (corkscrews and cowlicks), and bleached from medium brown to blond so is fairly course. The style I currently have is an inverted bob- at the nape of my neck in the back and graduates to about 3'' below my chin in the front. There is some moderate layering in the back. It takes about 15 min to style my hair with this.

    I have seen a few reviews stating that it does not work for them, but I think either their hair is a much coarser and tighter curl than mine, or they are not using a proper technique.

    A few things to keep in mind- do not overwhelm your hair with product, it is not necessary with this and makes it diffucult to get the comb thru. Pick one good humidity resistant straightening paste and you should be good.

    Also, section your hair off into 1.5 - 2 inch wide sections with small clips. Start sectioning in the front and work your way to the back, then start drying in the reverse order. Sectioning is imperative or you will just pull random strands in which will be a frizzy mess.

    It helps if you pull the strand taut with one hand, and hold the comb in place for a few seconds as you work your way down the strand. Then repeat on the other side of the strand. Finish combing through with the cold setting to get a nice smooth and frizz-free shine.

    At first I needed to finish with my flat iron until I learned what works best. I no longer need it.

    My only criticism is that this brush could be improved with more speed settings. I have a feeling that for hair longer than mine, it would be faster to use a regular blowdryer and large roundbrush. The brush design makes it so much easier to maneuver than the pistol style infiniti straightener . That particular dryer is wonderful for the front, but is terribly awkward at the back of the head due to how it has to be held. If the brush style had ranged up to 1500 watts it would be suitable for both short and long hair. ...more info
  • Does not work at all as advertized...
    Don't waste your $$. Nothing that the ads claim about this thing worked for me. It simply does not make your hair look even close to as smooth and pretty as the infomercial, nor is it easy to use as they show it. An overpriced piece of junk, and a total disappointment!...more info


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