Lasko 3900 Performance Air Cleaner

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* Three easy steps to cleaner air * Choose filtration volume, max, normal, low * Start breathing cleaner air in minutes * Personalize with your choice of replacement filter * Common allergens * Household and cooking odors * Airborne particles * Compatible with all national brands of 20" x 20" x 1" furnace filters * Harness the power of a whole house filter to clean the air in a large room in less than five minutes * Unfiltered air in * Clean air out * U L listed

  • Three filtration volumes - Max, Normal, Low
  • Includes a standard Arm & Hammer pollen and dust air filter
  • Filters pollen, dust, smoke, pet hair and more
  • U.L. Listed
  • Compatible with 20" x 20" x 1" filters
Customer Reviews:
  • I've BEEN doing this for YEARS...
    OMG, I've been doing this for years. Every summer, I'd get out my box fans and use packing tape to hold a large, regular air filter to the back of the fan. Not only it kept all the pollutants out it also kept the inside, fan and motor perfectly clean and new looking. And when summer was over, I'd toss the filter, and put away my CLEAN box fan back in the garage for storage. NO NEED TO BUY THIS when you can do the same for less than $15.00 ...more info
  • great value, works great
    We have purchased 3 of the Lasco 3900 fans recently. They are set up in various places in our split foyer home. I have each of them attached to a wall timer to run at different times. The fans really suck up the dust, we have noticed that air is cleaner and we are dusting less often. I have them all set on low speed and the noise is no problem. They are a little loud on high speed though. The fiberglass filters are available at Lowes for $2.70 for 4. I highly recommend this actual American made product. ...more info
  • great idea
    As usual, Amazon has the very product I was looking for. From the beginning it seems the air is cleaner and when I changed the filter recently I could not believe it Great product and probably one of the only upright fans I will ever buy...more info
  • A bit loud, but worth the price
    If you are going to use it while you sleep, it is loud. I have a large bedroom and put on the other side of the room it is OK and masks noises. I put a 3M filterete filter in it to increase airflow and increase filtering ability. It would work great, as it is, to get nuisance dust out of the air with the MERV 8 filter supplied. Good for a workshop or dusty environment.

    Amazon has it for half the price I have seen it elsewhere....more info
  • Loud but effective
    I'm using this to catch the fine ambient dust in my workshop. It's loud on the highest setting, but really moves the air and makes a noticeable difference in the amount of airborne dust. I can't say it's necessarily more effective than any box fan with a furnace filter secured with bungee cords, but it does have a cleaner look. I wish the hinged clips that secure the filter were metal rather than plastic....more info
  • Great white noise fan!
    I bought this fan for our bedroom, as we like white noise while we sleep. We live on a somewhat busy road. I thought this fan would be good at cleaning the dirty air that the cars driving by stir up. I read all the other reviews for this fan on Amazon. Some other people said the fan was too noisy. I set ours on speed 2 and it's the perfect sound. It is very sturdy too, unlike other box fans that fall over easily. The Lasko sticker on the front of the fan was crooked, but I was able to easily fix that. I really like this fan and would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Lasko Model 3900 Filter Fan
    I am pleased with the Lasko 3900 Filter fan. Unit is well made. The Front and Back grills as well as the anti-tip feet are sturdier than lower priced Lasko models.

    The supplied filter removes odors (since it is a baking soda type), and has a life of 90 days. This unit takes filters that are 20x20x1 which you can find anywhere. Unit has adequate airflow when using the filter. The filter can be removed in 10 seconds (and replaced just as fast) to convert to a high flow conventional fan that can be used to dry carpeting after it is shampooed.

    Guess what - the fan is assembled in the USA, hard to believe that it is not made elsewhere!

    The fan can sell for as high as $55 with shipping on top. The best deal is to get it from Amazon which cost me $35 total delivered cost.

    ...more info
  • Pretty good, but not quiet enough for me
    I was surprised to find this air cleaner. I had thought of the design years ago and was happy to find that someone has one on the market.


    - You can buy a Filtrete Ultra filter for about $14 and it becomes an extremely effective filter
    - Economical considering replacement costs of other air cleaners


    - A little too noisy

    At the Lasko's price I gave it a shot. Turns out it's a little too noisy even on low for me.

    I ended up buying a 3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Room Air Purifier, FAP03-RS, Large Unit at the same time. I bought one of those for mom because she had, I emphasize had, a dust problem in her house. It's wonderfully quiet on the low setting and works extremely well. I use it to combat tobacco smoke and it does a good job of that. It has a filter replacement indicator too.

    I still have the Lasko, but I don't think I'll be using it as a filter because the 3M is that much better and the filters for it aren't that much more. It's basically a decent quality box fan without the filter, or if noise isn't a problem and extremely economical dust filter....more info
  • Horrible, horrible, horrible quality.
    I ordered this fan last week for our bedroom, as we like the "white noise" of a fan while we sleep. Our current fan is seconds away from burning out, and I loved the idea of the added air-filter on this model. UPS just delivered it. Within 5 minutes of opening the box, I was back on Amazon, requesting a Return Authorization. Upon opening the box, I noticed that one of the clips that holds the filter to the fan was at the bottom of the box, in two pieces (broken right in half, at the hinge-point where it couldn't be super-glued back together). I went a bit further, and decided to plug it in. The noise that came out of this fan was beyond "white noise". It was more of a horrible, annoying, very loud scraping noise, on all speeds. After further review, I noted that it was the front of the blade-section of the fan (the plastic section that covers the motor) rubbing up against the front grill. Just imagine the sound of two hard pieces of plastic smashing against each other at high speeds. Needless to say, I immediately logged onto Amazon, and requested a return authorization. What took me a week to finally receive, took 5 minutes to determine this product is what I like to call, WEAK SAUCE. ...more info
  • Good idea
    The first thing to happen to me after taking this unit out of the box was the "Lasko" name plate instantly falling off, I would think if Lasko cuts corners on the adhesive that holds their company logo to the front of the fan then where else have they cut corners?!

    Oh well, This is a simple inexpensive solution to a dust or allergy problem I suppose...

    Its just a regular box fan with a filter slot attached to the back. Once you have it up and running you'll notice its kinda loud even on the low setting, It doesn't bother me in fact it helps me sleep by drowning out other noise but the second setting is so loud that I can't hear my room mates when they knock on my door.

    This is definitely not a fan... Don't buy this for a hot summers day, the air out put is very low compared to a regular box fan and the air that does come out is not cool. But its very good at sucking in dust and thats why I purchased it.

    I can't help but feel it won't last very long... I've had lasko box fans before that have died or the fan motor starts making a nerve wracking never ending squeaky shrill, so what chance will this unit have considering it's motor will work much harder pulling the air through a air-filter that will eventually clog with dust.

    You might want to invest money in a reuseable/washable air filter rather than buy the throw away types.20x20x1 EZ-2000 Electrostatic Washable Air Filter

    I've noticed a much better air flow with the electrostatic filter.

    Time will tell, but as of right now its doing a good job and I recommend it...


    I've been using them every day for 4 months straight and I'm very happy with the purchase. Both air cleaners are performing really well, they've cut my dusting/vacuuming down to once a month and I just love that!...more info
  • Clean air and low price-make Al Gore & Republicans happy
    When looking for an air purifier that does a great job which requires a lot of air moving through the filter, I also wanted to have a very low price since I was buying two. For once I found the best performance and the lowest price in the same unit, which makes this "fan with a filter" a miracle product and the only choice for me. The fans are very light weight and easily portable, and the noise is high only when I turn them on "3" for a quick clean. I normally leave them on "1" all day long. If you aren't concerned that guests might question if you have AC, or that it doesn't look like a piece of furniture, it will be your choice, too. Even with two cats and often being gone for a few days at a time, I'm no longer greeted with an unwelcome odor when I return. It's not Springtime fresh, but it's not offensive. I would NEVER vote for Al Gore, but he would be proud of my low-energy-consumption solution to home air purification. ...more info
  • lasko 3900 air cleaner
    For a medium dusty area it does a good job. It is light and very portale which is a great asset...more info
  • Sure beats those expensive HEPA machines!
    Why spend hundreds of dollars on a machine that sucks air in and blows it out through overpriced filters when you can do the same thing with this unit for less? This unit uses standard 20X20X1 inch filters. If you search Amazon for "20X20X1 filters" you will find a wide range of filtration. The most expensive filter being about $15. ...more info