HWLHUT102 Tower Humidifier,F/350 Sq. Ft.,8-7/8"x16-5/16"x10-3/4",WE/BE

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Product Description

Filterless tower humidifier does not need a filter. Includes water filter to help remove minerals and other impurities from water to eliminate white dust. Illuminated tank window allows visibility to water level and can be also used as a nightlight. Variable moisture settings. Space-saving mini-tower design is ideal for nightstand and desktop use. Removable tank for ease of filling. Easy grab handle for carrying. Runs up to 12 hours per filling. 092926344276 9292634427 HWLHUT-102 HWL-HUT-102 HWLHUT102 HWL-HUT102

Customer Reviews:
  • Expensive for the Quality
    This is an adequate humidifier for small rooms. A big pro for this machine is that it is SUPER quiet and sleek in design, which is much different than most of the bulky humidifiers out there now. There is a faint blue glow, which allows you to see the water level even in the dark and it is faint enough not to be annoying. The other pro is that it has no filter to replace. If you are like me, and desperately need a humidifier in the winter, there is nothing finding a great one, only to find that the replacement filters are expensive and sometimes hard to find. This eliminates that problem all together.
    The con is that this is my SECOND machine. The first one didnt emit a mist at all, it seemed as though the blower wasnt working properly- and there are instructions in the box to call the manufacturer versus taking it back or returning it. Then, they basically want you to manually fix it! I am not repairman! I took it back and got a new one - and so far so good.
    All in all - it's adequate, not fantastic - but it works, and it's pretty. In comparison to other filter less humidifiers, though, it is a little on the pricey side. :)...more info