Wii Air Cooler

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Product Description

Intec's Air Cooler for Nintendo Wii keeps your Wii cool for added game time and system life. The unit easily attaches to the back of your Wii console and is powered through the Wii's USB port. The Air Cooler provides a USB port pass-through; you'll still have access to the same number of USB ports. Low profile design allows your to keep your Wii installed in the tightest of spaces.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Keeps my Wii nice and cool
    I was actually suprised how well this thing worked... I read a lot of reviews and actually bought one at best buy... I ended up returning it because one it didn't have another USB jack... and two it was loud!!... I could hear it all the time... this little guy does the job well... it does get loud from time to time but I just wiggle it and blow out the dust and it's back to being quiet... I have my wii on wii connect24 and it used to be hot to the touch... now it's WAY cooler hardly notice any heat... definitely worth it!!...more info
  • Worked well... for a while
    My Wii is currently inside of a cabinet, with the only ventilation being a small hole in the back allowing the passing of cords. This being the case, it would easily begin to overheat. It didn't ever seem to cause problems, but I'd never heard of what happens to an overheated Wii.

    I bought this because I thought it would allow the air to move more effectively through the hole in the back of my cabinet. And for the most part it worked. It fit really nicely in the back of the system, and the color and shape of the unit fit the design of the console itself. The fan was quiet and didn't interrupt gameplay. However, after about 3 days of use, it began emitting a strange grinding noise. While it doesn't seem to affect anything, it is rather annoying while gaming. I've since taken it off and have started looking for another alternative....more info
  • Works Great
    I was skeptical, but am pleased that this cooler works like a charm, and very little noise. It cools the system, and does the job. If you own a Wii, get one of these coolers....more info
  • Thank god for this!
    Before this, our Wii would just shut off in the middle of a game because it got too hot. My kids, and relatives couldn't play continuously for more than a half hour. What a bummer.....until now!!! It hasn't shut off AT ALL!! This is GREAT!! If you have a Wii, you must get this....more info
  • Cool, Calm & Wii-Collected
    When it comes to accessories for the Nintendo Wii, most of the time, a third-party company will make something that will cause the system to not work properly. That isn't always the case as much as I thought it would. This Wii Air Cooler from Intec is sleek, very convient and keeps your Wii system cool from overheating, especially if you have it plugged in all the time for Wii Connect 24, and the news and weather channels. It is much easier to connect unlike other ones, which are connected through a vertical stand. Instead, you plug it in through the back where the 2 USB ports are, and it works like a charm. This air cooler is sturdy and doesn't cause any problems with the Wii, anyway you set it up either vertically or horizontally. Although there is one main problem is that it is very noisy at times, but that isn't a big problem. I really suggest you buy this Intec Air Cooler for the Wii. It is one add-on that is worth the money.

    Price: B+

    Convience: A-

    Overall: B+ ...more info