Vornado 733B High-Velocity Whole-Room 3-Speed Air Circulator, Black

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Whole room circulation / Built-in handle / Whisper quiet / 3 Speed Control / Removeable grill for easy cleaning / 3 Stage Base / Pushes air up to 100 feet

  • Whole-room air circulator with 3 speed controls
  • Signature vortex circulation; whisper-quiet operation
  • 3 different base positions provide easy adjustment of airflow
  • Built-in handle; lightweight design; removable grill for cleaning
  • Measures 15-1/5 by 16-1/5 by 14-1/5 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Price may seem high til you use this fan
    I own 6 vornado's, 4 different models, including this one. My two oldest are 8-10 years old and still running strong. Great for circulating air all over the house. Only fan I would own, worth the price...more info
  • Does its job, but not worth the extra $$$
    On the highest speed the fan does blast a nice strong cool gust of wind and this continues steadily as long as you run it. On the low speed (there are only 3 speed settings) it works up a pleasant breeze.

    But frankly, for the amount I paid for this fan, I expected better.

    The things I dont like about the fan are:
    - It does not rotate or oscillate. So you have a choice of having it constantly blow gusts in your face or else have it point away from you all the time.
    - It does not have a remote control.
    - It is short and needs to be placed on a table unless you are going to be sitting on the ground or on a low chair.
    - It is much more expensive than other fans I checked out and so I expected it to have more advanced controls - temperature settings, maybe oscillation, etc. It is extremely basic in its features: 1, 2, 3 and off.

    I have been using it only for a couple weeks so cannot comment on durability, life etc.

    I would not buy it again. The next time around I am going to buy a cheaper $30 model that does the same thing.
    ...more info
  • The Vornado fan lives up to its name
    Recently purchased the Vornado 733B circulator. It is very quiet and does move the air well. It is useful to direct the air straight up so the air at the top of the room is forced down. I recommend it....more info
  • Excellent fan for home
    This Vornado is a large size fan (air circulator as Vornado likes to call it). The best way to use this is to draw cool air in or out of the room by creating a vacuum near a window or door.

    Also, it evenly cools the room by keeping a small breeze which makes it immediately feel a few degrees lower than still air.

    This can be run near air conditioners or heaters to more evenly distribute the hot/cold air so people don't need to sit right by the heater or AC to feel the effects.

    If you'll notice, this fan does not have a pole stand nor does it swivel. As such, it is not meant to point directly at people. It's purpose to point in the general direction for cooling or as an air circulator.

    - Moves a lot of air
    - Very durable
    - Quiet for size/amount of air movement
    - Pleasing to look at

    - No timer
    - Does not rotate

    - After using this for several months including summer and winter, I am highly pleased with it and would highly recommend it to everyone. For the amount of air it moves, it is very quiet and does the job well....more info
  • Just bought my second Vornado
    I now have two of these--one in my bedroom, one in my office. I have them running constantly in air conditioned rooms because the movement of air makes the rooms seem significantly cooler. Well made, quiet (not silent), good value. ...more info
  • This is hot! No, cool! No, hot!
    I've had the old classic 210 with variable speed for five or six years to circulate window air conditioning in my big L-shaped living room. I'm buying this one to blow cool air from one bedroom to another at night so I don't have to carry the other one around when I go to bed. This one is virtually identical to the 210, except it's 3 speed and only has 3 positions. But I have finally figured out that I don't need to pay infinitely variable speed or infinite positioning.

    The west side of my living room can reach 110 degrees or more in the afternoons. The only window I can put an A/C in faces the other side of the room. So I put the Vornado on the floor near the A/C and aim it so that the compact air stream hits the stream of air from the A/C and blows it to the hot end of the room. I'm astonished at how well this works. The rest of the year, when I'm not using the A/C, I use it like a ceiling fan by aiming it straight up. This baby really can throw air all over the place in a compact stream. They're right when they call it an air circulator. On low pointing it directly at yourself is OK, but because of the narrow air stream it works best pointed at the ceiling or a nearby wall to cool you indirectly.

    It's very, very quiet at low settings. At medium it sounds like any fan; at high it is about as loud as any average fan at its high setting. But you only need it on high when you're really trying to move a lot of air quickly.

    Vornado fans are worth every penny. Not many products actually live up to their hype, but this one does. I can't wait to get the new one....more info
  • the shiznit!
    I never ever write consumer reviews. EVER. But this thing came in 2 days with free shipping, it's whisper quiet and it WORKS LIKE IT SAYS IT DOES. And it's actually assembled in America. Worth the money.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Fan for Office
    This is my first Vornado purchase. I just found about about this brand from a person in my office. She had a smaller unit, but also a smaller office, and it worked very well on the lowest speed.

    This thing is _heavy_. It feels very well constructed, and not at all "chintzy" like the usual $20 fans. On the lowest speed it's amazingly quiet from ~5 feet away.

    The only thing I dislike is the noise generated by the middle and high speeds--but that's really rather a non-issue, as it's perfectly capable of circulating the air in an entire 10 x 10 room on the low setting.

    As my coworker put it, it's an "air circulator" moreso than a fan; you don't point it directly at you. Rather, angle it somewhere else in the room, from a bit away, and the entire room gets a nice, gentle breeze. I was quite skeptical of this idea, thanks to all the inefficient, cheap fans I've purchased over the years, but this idea WORKS. I stay cooler throughout the day--and my papers aren't constantly blowing off my desk Neat!

    Overall I'm very happy with this purchase, and would recommend others to consider this over a cheap fan you'll be replacing in a year once again.

    This isn't cheap, but I feel I received very good value for the money spent overall....more info

    I'm posting this on all Vornado listings on Amazon, as all potential purchasers need to be aware of the shortcomings of Vornado's warranty policy.

    I purchased two fans from Vornado direct. Both were larger, more expensive units (280 & 285) that had either ten year or lifetime warranties.

    One year after the purchase, the 285 began to vibrate upon start-up. The fan blades would barely revolve, and the fan emitted a loud rattling sound.

    I called Vornado's Customer Service and spoke to a Paula. Upon describing the problem, she stated the motor was bad and e-mailed an RMA. However, she told me I would be required to pay for the return shipping.

    As this was a large, heavy, floor standing unit, I told her that I would be returning the motor only. She gave no indication that was a problem.

    The motor was delivered to Vornado. 5 days later, they called and refused to perform the service without the remainder of the fan assembly. They also had the temerity to tell me that I had voided the warranty by removing the motor, and wanted to charge me for the repair, but again, only AFTER I spent additional money to send the rest of the frame back!

    I have 3 problems with Vornado's actions in this matter: 1.) I had to return a defective IN WARRANTY product at my expense 2.) I told Paula upfront I would only be sending back the motor, and she didn't object, and 3.) where was I supposed to get a box large enough for a plus-three-foot-tall, floor-standing unit?

    Disgusted, I told Vornado to throw the motor away and forget the whole thing. When I disassembled the unit to extract the motor, I found the fan to be of a cheap design and construction, so it would be possible that I would have a similar re-occurrence of the same problem in the future. Why waste further money on something that might fail again?

    BTW: Both phone calls involved LONG hold times to get a customer service person. So, if you're forced to call them regarding service, be prepared to have something else to do while you wait.

    Vornado might claim to stand behind their customers. After dropping the original +$150 on the two fans, going out-of-pocket for the shipping to return the motor, and having to dispose of the useless, motorless 285 frame, I can definitely attest to having felt Vornado there. My advice: Find another fan from a better company. Vornado brags about how their products are built in the U.S.; who cares, if you're not going to support your customers?...more info
  • *****
    I really like this fan. It is small, lightweight, easy to move around and pretty quiet. I have it positioned by a window when the AC is off, and move it near a vent with the AC on and it does seem to help. ...more info
  • Wow
    On high, this fan is like a wind cannon. I can feel the breeze 40 feet away. On low, it creates a nice breeze and is quiet too. I also like that it is compact. A much better choice then a box fan....more info
  • Recommended!!!
    Great air circulator! You can feel an immediate and very pleasant difference! Worth the price. I have bought two as family gifts and plan to get a third for myself....more info
  • Vornado Fans are just better
    I own 3 Vornado fans. The first was a small personal fan for my small apartment. Ran that thing 24/7 on low and was always impressed with the airflow. Moved to a larger place with multiple rooms and bought a larger full room Vornado.

    This fan is my third and if it lasts as long and functions as well as the other two I will be very happy. The low setting creates nice airflow and is very quiet on all 3 fans. The high speed setting is loud, but it really pushes the air.

    Vornado fans are sort of like Dyson vacuums. They are far more expensive. Some folks feel the price is all about a gimmick and it isn't worth the cost increase. I feel the price difference is worth it and recommend Vornado fans. I wouldn't have bought 3 different Vornados over the years if I didn't feel they were exceptional at what they do.
    ...more info
  • Don't let the price fool you...this will SAVE you money in the long run!
    I live in an apartment with a window-unit air conditioner, so feeling the cool air can be a bit of a problem. That's where the Vornado comes in. This item is so powerful that it actually CIRCULATES (not just fans) air around the room; you can feel a nice breeze wherever you're sitting! Because of this effect, two things happen when you have your air conditioning on:

    1) You can set the thermostat at a higher temperature and the room will actually be cooler than it would be if you didn't have the Vornado and if you had the thermostat set lower!
    2) The Vornado circulates the cool air all over the room, so it effectively turns a window unit into a powerful central air unit!

    The last tenant who lived in my apartment had a $60 electric bill for May last year...mine was $30. While he had to set the thermostat to 68 to feel the air conditioning, I can set it to 75 and still feel the same effect WITH a cool breeze...all because of the Vornado!

    The unit is barely audible on its lowest setting and about as loud as a window unit air conditioner on the highest setting. But don't let this deter you. Even on the lowest setting, you can still feel a difference....more info


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