Royal Sovereign ARP-1003E Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU

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Product Description

This portable unit delivers quiet and efficient cooling wherever needed. The 10,000 BTUs can quickly cool a room of up to 400 square feet.

  • Self evaporative technology-no messy buckets to empty.
  • 3 speed fan for low, medium or high cooling
  • BTU Performance certified in accordance with ASHRAE 128.2001 standards
  • Dehumidify Mode
  • Removable, washable air filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Absolute Meltdown
    Royal Sovereign ARP-1003E Portable Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU

    This is one of the worst items offered through Amazon - and one of the few I've returned. It's noisier than a busted muffler, shuts off every half-hour when the tiny, tiny water container fills up - and gives you no way to easily empty out the collected water. If that's not bad enough, it also does a very poor job of cooling a small room - and it's a cumbersome pig that weighs a good 60 pounds more than its advertised 20-pound weight. Terrible appliance....more info
  • BEWARE!!!! Do NOT buy this unit!!!!
    Bought this unit a few weeks ago. It came damaged but still works. I can relate to the big spot of water on the floor. It was very humid this past weekend and all of a sudden I couldn't adjust temp, adjust fan, etc. Then I found out the remote made it work ok, BUT that's the night it dumped on the floor. So, what, I can't operate the unit properly and cool the room if it's too humid?? Call me stupid, but now I have to empty the water out of it?!?! Let me know if the hose/clamp idea works - I may need to do that! I would think twice about getting another unit like this. Or buy it local so it's easy to return!...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    At first I was thrilled with this machine. Easily moved, great cooling and seemed to be a solid machine. After two weeks of occasional use the fan broke...I mean literally broke and sent pieces through the exhaust pipe. I sent it back for a refund. I don't know whether maybe it was just a lemon or poorly built. ...more info
  • Cool, but horible noise on startup
    This unit does it job in cooling, but it has this horrible noise on startup. This noise occur every time I turn off the AC and turn it back on. This kinda suck because there are time when I want to turn off the AC unit for a bit to save some energy.

    ...more info
  • bad quality or packing
    Item was broken when delivered so we did not have a chance to test it out. we returned it and got another AC...more info
  • DON'T BUY, Leaks!
    As mentioned before, this air conditioner which has "self-evaporating technology" that means you'll "never empty a bucket" is entirely wrong. Unit was bought for my aging parents, who can't manage emptying buckets of water, especially when it requires emptying every 2-3 hours!

    The only good thing about this purchase was that Amazon makes it very easy to return. Unless you really don't mind the leaking and noise (again, mentioned by others), save yourself the hassle and stay away from this air conditioner!...more info
    This is positively the WORST AC I ever had. It doesn't cool anything (well, to be fair, maybe the area immediately around the device), needs babysitting (the water tank needs to be emptied every hour or so, depending on the humidity level), and makes SO MUCH noise! You can't have this on and speak on the phone. I returned it two days after plugging it in... to avoid at all costs! ...more info
  • Weak, noisy, and poorly designed - Do Not Buy
    The unit is weaker than a regular fan in terms of cold air output. It's a joke. I gave it two stars for the free shipping and price before I tested it and compared to other units that my friends have. It really should be zero-star.

    The vent flap is of a flawed design, so semi-cool air you get drops right down to the ground regardless of flap position.

    The temp sensor was defective on my unit, automatically dropping as the unit ran, even as the actual room temp stayed the same. It was quite comical to have the unit tell me the room was 70 degrees when it was 92.

    The unit is noisier (air speed noise) than I would expect though to be fair it probably is as loud as the specs indicate.

    It did leak on me once, but only a tiny bit. Clearly it overflows before shutting off. I probably would have had more leaks if it had been working right and actually producing cold air (and therefore condensation).

    Do not buy this unit. Read the reviews and go elsewhere....more info
  • We love it!
    This unit is a powerhouse ... cools our finished basement quickly. It is true that it is noisy but we quickly got used to that. I work from home on the phone and it hasn't troubled me much and no one has complained. It does drain quite a lot of water, but we solved this by putting it up on an old end table, attached a hose to the drain into a 5 gallon water jug that we empty twice/week. There are some concessions as far as noise and water management, but we got it at 318.00 which is way less than the investment of central air though the unit performs to a similar comfort level. We plan to replace our window units once they go on sale again! ...more info
  • Not quite perfect
    I purchased this based on the price point and the fact it fit my needs for my space. However, it had several problems, which make me rate it low. First, it arrived with a side panel not correctly installed. One screwdriver and 5 minutes later, all fixed. This did not affect the performance, but did effect the look of the unit.

    When turned on, the unit is supposed to run until it fills its internal reservoir, beep and stop until emptied. Instead, it failed to stop when full, overflowing the reservoir and spilling water onto my wood floor. Now the boards are warped where the unit was.

    When I finally setup a continuous drain situation, it ran and drained as expected. After running it on AC overnight, it did not overflow and cooled the room. However, when I went to turn it off via the button menu on the top, it did not respond to any commands. I had to reset it at the wall plug and unplug it entirely to stop it from running.

    This does not bode well for the quality and I plan on contacting the company for a resolution. Will update when I have additional information....more info
  • First a warning
    In humid weather the AC turns itself off quickly with a loud beep and a WATER FULL light goes on. The outlet for the water is very near the ground, it is hard to find anything low enough and yet large enough to release the water into and you'd have to do it several times each humid day.
    I rigged a hose coming off the outlet and into a plastic wastebasket. The hose has to point downwards to drain so that meant cutting a hole into the basket just above the bottom, inserting tubing and sealing it with silicone sealant
    The "Self evaporative technology-no messy buckets to empty" description is clearly misleading unless you are in the desert (and then you should just get a swamp cooler).
    I've run the AC for many days with this rigged hook-up and just unhook it and empty the basket once a day. So with that part aside the AC works great.

    This is the first portable AC I've owned and I heard they were less efficient than comparable window units. I had a 10,000 btu window unit for my large living room but the adjoining kitchen with slider windows was miserable. I got this unit for the kitchen hoping it might also cool a side room.
    I don't even use my living room window unit since I got this. This Royal Sovereign cools the kitchen, living room and side rooms on it's own even on low setting, with a little help from small fans to redirect air. Great surprise.

    It is occasionally noisy so that could become a problem.
    ...more info
  • Leaks water everywhere
    The other reviewers that said the same thing I am about to say are dead on. This unit leaks water all over my floor! Even after I drain the water out (which is VERY hard to do and it spilled everywhere when I did it) I put a metal pan underneath and just left it there. Within a couple hours of use the metal pan was FULL of water, even though I had previously drained it and so the tank should not have been full!!! Also, it doesn't really cool my bedroom, it just blows out ice cold air, which on a hot day, feels good, but doesn't actually accomplish what I want it to. The unit is noisy and hard to tolerate at night when I'm trying to sleep which is the main reason I purchased it. The other flaw it has is that it doesn't fully fit my window. There is a tall gap at the top and so the air can just leak out the window.... Don't buy this one. I purchased it because Walmart was offering a special deal, it was only $318. Now I'm sorry I did it and wished I had saved up for a nicer unit!!!...more info
  • Wish I could tell you how it works
    Received air conditioner and 2 of the caster wheels were broke off. Have been trying to get the Royal Sovereign company to send out replacements, I have called the 800 number about 15 times. They do not return my phone calls. I have left several messages with all the information they could possibly need INCLUDING A RETURN PHONE NUMBER. So we have been really hot, as you can't use the unit. There are two metal prongs sticking out of the bottom without wheels, so have to place a thick pad under them just to keep unit in upright position and not scratch the floor. Tried to buy replacement wheels at hardware store, but none will fit this unit. So 3 weeks later am stuck with an expensive unit that we don't even know works or not. I think the company lacks customer support and after sale assistance. Would think again before buying this particular brand of air conditioner. Am getting pretty impatient waiting for something so easily shipped as 2 caster wheels!...more info
  • Cools the room but a poor design
    Ok well I ordered two portable units at the same time - this one and a Sharp CV-P10MX. They both seem to have about the same cooling capacity although I have the Sharp in a smaller room so that point is quite hard to compare fairly. That is really where the similarities end because in all other aspects the Sharp CV-P10MX is considerably better! Here's why...

    Firstly the appearance of the Royal Sovereign is so ugly! Not only that but it's considerably larger and heavier than the Sharp. It gets much wider at the top which means it doesn't fit into conventional spaces very well and is made from dark grey and light grey cheap looking, badly finished plastic. Honestly this looks like something that was assembled in the 80's. Another bad part of the design is that the outlet hose comes out the back of the unit so has to be at least 8 inches from the wall.

    Secondly the noise is very loud - this is at least twice as loud as the Sharp I bought and is certainly not something you could fall asleep easily with.

    Thirdly, although it is advertised as a self evaporating unit, on a humid day you should expect to drain it at intervals of around 1.5-4 hours at a time and as other reviewers have said the drain hole is very low which makes the process quite fiddly and messy! On less humid days it seems to run fine for quite a while without the need to be drained.

    The bottom line is it works but I really wished I'd bought two Sharp CV-P10MX units because although this was a bit cheaper it really wasn't worth the saving I made....more info
  • Deceptive description - it is definitely NOT self-evaporating
    Read Renderer's review, it is spot on. Yes, the unit is working but it quickly fills up with water and then shuts off, requiring you to fiddle with a drain plug about two inches above the floor, which makes it difficult to get any reasonably sized pan under it. Going to try connecting a hose with a clamp to it, and hope for the best. And, yes, it is rather noisy....more info
  • This AC saved my sanity
    This unit is great except for one thing, it really pulls moisture out of the air and requires very frequent emptying in humid climates. I used a shallow broiling pan and checked every hour or so (I left the drain plug out if I was in the room).

    Our AC went out and thankfully I had already ordered this. It did a wonderful job in our game room, where I huddled with my laptop, TV and Kindle waiting for the AC to be replaced. It will be used in the future for parties and guests who prefer a cool bedroom.

    As a back-up it is superb, as a stand alone in a humid climate a window unit might be better option.

    The price I paid was a steal and the price now is still a bargain. ...more info
  • A unit like this deserves a review
    I totaly agree with Renderer this unit has been problamatic for me since I received it. First of all this unit I received is not faulty unless me and every other person got a faulty unit. It is not SELF EVAPORATING. It has its own container for water and the problem is it needs draining every two to three hours. I had this unit for about two weeks now and I had to do some changes to it in order for it to function well.
    1) The container leaks. I had it in my room and after one hour the a/c started to leak and I had to get my carpet washed professionally because it caused my carpet to smell.
    2) In order to solve this problem I connected a 1/2 inch hose (extra hose I had from my water cooling that I installed on my computer) to the drain plug and then attached the hose to a half gallon container. Now I can drain the container every 2 hours without worring about leaks.
    3) It draws out more air then it replaces causing a vacuum effect. At first my window had some holes in it because the plastic it comes with doesn't completely seal in my window. I felt hot air comming from the window and it affected my overall cooling of the room.
    4) I fixed this problem by adding duck tape all over the cracks on the window. Now since air has to come in from somewhere in order to equalize the outdoor pressure with the inside pressure of my room, warm air comes in from my door cracks.
    5) The cooling of this is great but it wastes too much energy cooling my room. A window unit is much better and efficient than this unit. It takes two hours to lower my room temperature by 10 degrees due to the vacuum effect it has.
    Basically if you can invest in a window unit this portable units are to ineficient and if you must get a portable unit get one that has evaporative cooling and that won't cause an unbalance of pressure in your room. ...more info
  • Warning - There are a few things severely wrong with this unit.
    #1) [Marketing] It is clearly not self-evaporating (unless you live in a very dry climate). Sure, there's no bucket to empty - but a bucket would have been nice, since the unit is 100 pounds, and the drain plug is at the bottom. It holds about a pint, then...
    #2) [Defect] leaks all over the carpet. At 59% relative humidity, it needs emptying every thirty minutes. We're going to have to replace a 4' x 6' piece of carpeting because the water it leaks has some kind of oily staining chemical residue. Even though the drain plug is secure & sealed, the leaks were coming from the inside the center of the unit.
    #3) [Annoyance] It is loud. Very, very loud. Industrial facility loud.
    #4) [Design Flaw] The heat exchanger vents hot air out a window, but does not replace it. This creates a negative pressure that draws air in from wherever it can - like unconditioned air from the rest of the house; or in our case, from the central air vents in the hot attic. So, while it's cool directly in front of the unit, the rest of the room becomes hotter than it would otherwise be.

    It could work in a workshop or garage - somewhere you aren't necessarily worried about flooding & ridiculously loud noise, but I wouldn't recommend it for in-home use.

    Maybe we got a bad one. Maybe they're all that way. Either way, it's going back....more info
  • don't get this one
    2 problems:
    -extremely noisy, hard to sleep if installed in the bedroom
    -Water Tank, have to drain the water tank every 2-4 hours of use (depend on the humidity level), this thing weights more than 100 lbs and the water pipe is on the bottom, very hard to get the water out.

    NOT worth the money....more info
  • Rock solid AC
    This unit is a great little AC for the money. Cools my 14x14 office down in a few minutes. Having a remote control is also a big plus; you can change the temperature, fan speed and mode of operation with a touch of a button. Easy installation as well. At 102 pounds it's a bit on the heavy side so have a dolly handy....more info
  • Revision to my rave review...Was good until the humid months came.....Zero Stars
    I initally gave this unit 5 stars but probably should have waited until the Summer was over to give a rating. Right now, I give it no stars! The unit worked fine for the first month, but when the humid Summer months kicked in, the unit had to be drained of the condensation water by removing the rubber plug in the back of the unit. The unit will only run 2 -3 hours before it automatically shuts off which is very inconvenient when it runs at night. It apparently has a very small water chamber. I was awoken by the beeping noise it makes when the water is full and then the unit won't go back on until it's drained. I used a flat baking pan while the water released from the chamber. It got worse when the castor wheels bent and the unit got lopsided. I unscrewed and removed them completely because it made the draining process ever more painful. To add insult to injury, the cheesy plastic adjustable vent area had a plastic piece break off and fall into the fan. I could not get to the broken piece to remove it, so I had to revert to breaking the rest of the vent to put my hand in and remove the piece. (great craftsmanship - insert sarcasm here) My brother bought a model by Sharp which is much quieter and is self evaporative, meaning, no water to drain every 2-3 hours. I wish I can return it for my money back but it's too late. Window A/C units are better if you have that option. ...more info