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BioShock lets you do the impossible as you explore a mysterious underwater city. When your plane crashes, you discover Rapture - an underwater Utopia torn apart by civil war. Caught between powerful forces and hunted down by genetically modified "splicers" and deadly security systems, you have to come to grips with a deadly, mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. As little girls loot the dead, and biologically mutated citizens ambush you at every turn. Now you're trapped, caught in the middle of a genetic war that will challenge both your capacity to survive and your moral allegiance to your own humanity. Make meaningful and mature decisions that culminate in the grand question - do you exploit the innocent survivors of Rapture to save yourself - or risk all to become their savior?

  • Biologically mod your body with plasmids - genetic augmentations that empower you with dozens of fantastic abilities
  • Take control of your world by hacking devices and systems
  • Upgrade your weapons at Fire-For-Effect stations located through Rapture
  • Pick up materials in the city to modify them at U-Invent kiosks
  • Explore an incredible and unique art deco world hidden deep under the ocean, vividly illustrated with realistic water effects

Customer Reviews:

  • Interesting concept...poorly executed
    I thought this was a great game concept, but the execution of it was quite poor.

    Here's what I liked about this game:
    - the story line is unique
    - the game is balanced such that you are not forced to endure through hours of monologues. So if you just want to walk around and shoot stuff, you can do just that with minimal interruption
    - it provides a very unique and attractive world to explore, set in the 50s/60s. it is clear that much design has gone into each level. Kudos to the level designers! more on this a bit later...
    - there is a nice range of weapons

    Here's what I didn't like:
    - as many reviewers have pointed out, the copy protection scheme is very punishing on legitimate owners. I could not get the game to run on my normal desktop. After reading through many forums and calling tech support (they weren't very helpful) I managed to run the game via Run As... option, which allowed me to run it as the Administrator. Out of the box, this was a very unhappy experience
    - While the world is very attractive, after a while every level begins to look and feel the same
    - the "U Invent" system and "Power to the people" upgrade stations were meant to add further depth, but, since there is no strategy to where you find stuff, U Invents really are a distraction
    - One thing I couldn't quite understand the whole time is, why are there ammo vending machines spread throughout the city. This just didn't make any sense
    - The breadth of characters is a bit boring. They all fall into about 6 categories and look very much the same
    - the final boss and all the subbosses are way too easy.
    - I find the splicers very unbelievable. I think its a detail of Unreal engine, all of them really feel like rag dolls. While I am on the subject, I found it quite distracting that spider-splicers can jump down 50ft drops and jump up 20 ft
    - I would have liked to have met some of the characters face to face, rather then seeing them through windows or on balconies. I think it would have added more depth
    - finally, this game has no replay value. I've played it, and I have no desire to play it again

    Final thought:
    - now that the price has dropped, I think this game is worth checking out. Just beware that its by no means a blockbuster like the far cry or half life....more info
  • scariest video game I've ever played
    I usually avoid playing first-person shooters (I find them dizzying), but this one got such rave reviews on such review-collating websites as that I thought I'd give it a spin.

    First of all, the thing is quite scary. You look around and around for enemies, then they're suddenly behind you. I don't think I've ever been this scared by a video game: there were several times when I suddenly found goosebumps on my arms.

    I think the thing that makes it so scary is not the blood, but the sound: creaks, footsteps, etc. If you listen to music while playing this game, this effect completely disappears.

    Gameplay was not original. In fact, it's basically a zombie-shooting game where you move through a series of mazes and gradually acquire more powerful weapons. Nothing groundbreaking in that regard.

    What I did think was excellent was the story behind the game: it was well-written and convincing. It involves a city beneath the sea where things have gone haywire. If anything, the writing was a little convoluted for a zombie-shooting video game: the whole thing with Atlas and Fontaine, for example, saw me clicking over to Wikipedia to find out what was supposed to be happening.

    This is not something you want to play around your family. I think, really, that the thing is far more graphically violent than it needs to be, even more so than reality. In other words, if you really went around blowing people away with a shotgun, I don't think the reality of that would be so messy.

    I thought it was very cool how the game had at least two separate endings, depending on the karmic nature of your behavior while playing. Such that this is probably the first video game I've ever played where, when I finished, I immediately started again from the beginning, mainly to get the other ending....more info
  • Best FPS I ever played!
    Bioshock is original in so many aspects I wonder how they thought of it all. The plasmids are one of my favorite parts. With a little bit of Eve and the right plasmid you can snap your fingers and light a splicer on fire or push a big daddy back to a range that's more comfortable for you. The weapons have a little less origiality than the plasmids (but really, how can you be more original than plasmids?) however you can upgrade the weapons at Power to the Power stations.
    The story line was very interesting and always twisting. It keeps you on your toes. Also the game is Very long. This is not something 2K just threw together overnight. They put a lot of time and money into it and it's definately worth more than the $21 I got it for. The only draw back I saw was my computer will lock up if I have it in high graphics mode. But I just changed the graphics to the medium settings and it works and looks great. Also Bioshock is the Most interactive game I've played. The environment Will respond to almost all your actions. I've even once seen a splicer running at me accidentally kick a health pack. Hahaha. Buy this game if you like First Person Shooters and are sick of shooting normal humans, you will NOT be disapointed!...more info
  • An Epic Masterpiece. Truly visionary and exciting.
    I hardly ever write a title like the one above. Few games have ever acheived the status of "masterpiece" in my opinion: The only other games that I have ever played that were better than "Bioshock" were "System Shock 2" and "Deus Ex" (both Looking Glass games) which happen to have similar elements of gameply with brilliant execution (I'm sure there are a few more that I can't remember at this moment though).


    Unbalanced damage for enemies. Sometimes a character takes more hits on one level than another or other characters (Splicers) take less.

    Load crashes: Occasionally, the game crashed on me before and after loading to the next level. It only happened for a short while.

    Map: Very confusing display that caused more headaches than help.

    Ending: Too brief and simple.



    Visuals: Absolutely breathtaking. The attention to detail and design is remarkable. The art-deco designs are clever and articulate. There must've been tons of research done on architecture and ad design to bring such an authentic 40's look. The ads are fun and hilarious. Everything visually clicks with one another flawlessly. The water and lighting effects are realistic and fluid.

    Sound: The music is appropiate to the date and situation. The clever jingles in the booths and stores are catchy and almost felt authentic to its era. The voice acting is some of the best I've ever heard in a game or even on film/TV. Great dialogue. Ambient sounds are crisp and projected well. I wish I had a surround sound system to play this on!

    Control: The Quake engine is at its prime here. Movement is swift and precise. Weaponary changes are swift and easy to access all ammuniton. Level design is layered and well developed. The construction design of the city never seemed fake or forced.

    Difficulty: I played this on the hardest setting and it was just and deserved. The baddies were tough; AI was very responsive and their ears and eyes were VERY alert. I deserved every death I got! This game scared the bahjeesus out of me at times and also had me jumping and swaying while I strafed and ran!

    Weaponry: The largest array of ammnution I've ever played with. At times, there were too many types of ammo for too many weapons but it's a matter of taste for the player. The Plasmids are hilarious and effective. A few of them are repetitive but the upgrades give the variations another reason for the player's preference to suit them accordingly.

    Story: As mentioned before: Similar to "System Shock 2" (greatest game ever made) and "Deus Ex" (Looking Glass!!!) in story but the characters were much more charismatic. The biggest reason for the Looking Glass Games reference is because Ken Levine wrote all three of these titles. It's a shame he hasn't done more. He's also involved in the film adaptation for 2010.

    All in all, there are few flaws to be see in the game. Note, I said "the game" and not the "politics" of the company's SECUROM practice.

    Considering all the time and effort it takes to create these works of art, I find little interest that the developers of this game want their product to sold. The whole point of selling something is to make money and not have people steal theor products. Honestly, I enjoyed this game so much that if the production team sat behind me the whole time I played it that it wouldn't bother me. Well, as long as they bought snacks and drinks. It was worth every penny and a petty thing like tagging my hard drive for installations is fine by me. ...more info
  • Excellent Game
    I recently replayed the original Half Life after listening to the 1UP Retronauts Podcast the game. After I finished a co-worker suggested I give BioShock a try. I had heard that it was a good game but had not gotten around to it.

    I am glad I did play this game. It is one of the best games I have played in years. I would rank it a step below Half Life and Half Life 2.

    The Atmosphere and story of the game are good. I enjoyed the game play and the action. This is without a doubt a game with enough twists and turns to keep you going.

    I would recommend it without hesitation....more info
  • Decently entertaining, but repetitive and overrated
    Originally released at the end of 2007, BioShock is a first-person shooter which borrows some minor elements from roleplaying games. Created by some of the same team-members behind the popular and successful System Shock 2, BioShock was marketed as a 'spiritual successor' to that game. It achieved some critical acclaim after release, garnering extremely high scores from games review magazines.

    The game is set in 1960. A passenger aircraft crossing the Atlantic Ocean crashes in the sea 200 miles from Iceland. The sole survivor, a man named Jack, finds a lighthouse standing on an isolated island nearby. To his surprise, the lighthouse is the surface entry to a vast underwater city called Rapture. Built by wealthy industrialist Andrew Ryan a decade and a half earlier, Rapture was designed to be a city independent from any government or religion outside. After arriving in the city, Jack is contacted by a man named Atlas who tells him the city's society has fallen apart, and most of the inhabitants have gone mad and become genetically-mutated 'Splicers' who hunger only for 'ADAM', a material which can grant great powers to the wielders. Atlas convinces Jack to help him rescue his wife and daughter from captivity. Jack is also contacted by a woman named Tenenbaum, who explains that ADAM is produced by genetically-modified young girls named 'Little Sisters', and Jack can absorb ADAM from any Little Sisters he comes across. Tenenbaum urges Jack to spare the Little Sisters and set them free from the ADAM influence, whilst Atlas suggests that Jack kill them to gain a lot more and become more powerful. Jack's decision will determine the course of the rest of the game.

    BioShock plays pretty much as a standard first-person shooter. Jack can wield a large number of weapons, many of them with different types of ammunition for different circumstances. He can also use EVE (a weaponized form of ADAM) to power 'plasmids', which give him certain powers, such as the ability to hurl fireballs, shoot lightning out of his hand or levitate objects with his mind. Combat can be greatly enhanced by switching between plasmids and traditional weapons for different circumstances. The game dips its tools in the RPG category by giving out different quests and adopting a 'mission hub' structure for its levels, but without an active inventory system and an inability to talk to people (not to mention that every single person you randomly encounter in the game wants to kill you, with important NPCs only appearing behind bullet-proof windows or screens) this is not pursued much.

    BioShock has an interesting storyline and a philosophical streak to it, which asks questions about free will and determination. Whilst intriguing, it's explored in a considerably less compelling fashion than Planescape: Torment, and to anyone who's played that older game BioShock feels a bit lightweight (not to mention predictable: some plot twists are very close to those of that older game and some others as well). Of course, most modern gamers haven't, so kudos to 2K Games for trying something a bit more interesting than just the standard run 'n' gun action. Unfortunately, that action is somewhat lacking. Your character feels very 'heavy' for lack of a better word, and combat is sluggish and unresponsive as a result. For most opponents it isn't a problem, but for the Big Daddies (whom you have to kill to get to the Little Sisters) it can turn into a total nightmare as they can kill you with maybe three hits. It isn't until very late in the game that you get weapons powerful enough to make the task less frustrating. Also, and this is utterly enraging at the start of the game, if you die you have to wait whilst a brief unskippable sequence plays (where your character is revived at a re-lifing chamber, often located inconveniently distant from the place where you died) before you can hit re-load.

    BioShock has an offbeat and unusual story, and the art design of the game is different and often gorgeous, channelling the 'Americanapunk' vibe of the earlier Fallout games (and the more recent Fallout 3). The graphics are impressive throughout, with particularly good water and lighting effects. The more colourful palette of the game is also nice change from a lot of other modern 'gritty' FPS, and it's certainly admirable to encounter a game which actually has a purpose or theme to its plot beyond mindless violence. However, the game is nowhere near as revolutionary as it seems to think it is, combat is leaden and somewhat unsatisfying, the save/load system is frustratingly slow, the end-game boss is preposterously easy to defeat and the 'good' ending is corny.

    BioShock (***) is an entertaining game that passes the time, but all the magazine writers that gave it 95% were clearly smoking some very strong substances indeed. A sequel, BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, will follow at the end of this year or the start of next....more info
  • A Gripping, Engaging Adventure!
    Bioshock. It's an incredibly atmospheric game. It vividly draws you into the haunting yet alluring city of Rapture. The design defies description, and the screenshots do not do the game full justice. This needs to be seen in motion. It's really quite engaging. I found myself more than once staring out the windows in awe at the underwater city.

    You're given a good bit of freedom and variety in how to customize the powers you gain on your trip under the sea, which is quite welcome. Also, I really like how the game rewards exploration and improvisation. The weapons and plasmids are tons of fun to play and experiment with. I won't speak of the story as it is better left to the player to discover. Suffice it to say that the story is as engaging as the fascinating environment and visuals. Overall, Bioshock is an excellent game which will take you on an adventure you won't soon forget!...more info
  • Rating for the wrong reasons
    People need to learn how to rate a game. I bought this game through Steam, I don't know about this DRM issue, and it never crashed on me. When you rate it on that you are not rating the game but technical aspects.

    This game deserves game of the year, it is one of my all time favorites. The story is creative enough to be a successful book or full length feature film. The art work and atmosphere presents the style of the 50's very well with some bizarre but very cool looking surroundings and artwork. It's not just a first person shooter, there is much more. This game can be a little creepy, and asks you to make ethical/moral decisions that will effect the rest of the game play. There are multiple ways to accomplish one task. The only complaint I have is there are only two kinds of enemies, splicers (crazy people) and big Daddies. However this does make sense, and there are different kind of splicers and the turrets and flying machines do add some different types of conflict....more info
  • adictive!
    Just played this game and more you get into it . better it gets. Plus all the variation on weapons and upgrades. awesome. i wish all shooters are like this one. No problems with instalation on Vista. Great sound and music. Nice to play some diffrent shooters. ...more info
  • Fun and not frustrating, but also violent and a bit too easy
    I enjoyed this game very much. The graphics were unique and the plot was ludicrous but engaging. You could use a wide range of weapons and "superpowers," which made killing things a bit more novel.

    This game is pretty violent, which may or may not be a downside to you, depending on your personality. I didn't really mind it. However, every time I used nitrogen to freeze a mentally-ill person, then smacked them with a wrench as they whimpered helplessly, thus shattering them into bloody frozen chunks, I thought "This is probably desensitizing me in a way that is not healthy."

    The only real downside (again, to some it may be an upside) was that this game was not really challenging. I am a fairly unskilled gamer: I mostly just run and shoot until the ammo runs out, at which time I switch to the next weapon. Even so, I only died twice during this entire game. Just a note, when you die you reappear at a nearby location and all of the hits you made on enemies are saved; so there is almost no penalty for dying. This makes the game a little too easy, but it sure cut down on frustration and swearing on my part.

    Anyway, I would recommend this game highly, because it is fun and not too expensive. However, you can expect to finish it in a week or less. ...more info
  • Activation limits removed on BioShock for the PC

    I played this game when it had 5 activations with no problems. But due to all the customer comments all activation has been removed since August 2007. Due to all the fallout from Spore that has limited activations I hope Bioshock gets some good press for removing any activation limits.

    Because Bioshock is one of the best FPS I have ever played.
    Wow glad I didn't miss this gem.
    I will award it with my first 10/10 ever. Played fine with my older Nvidia 6800 and single core Intel 3.4 GHz CPU at 1024x 768.

    Up to date beautiful eye candy mixed with cyberpunk. A treasure to explore with a map so you don't get lost if you want it. They even have an optional arrow, which allows you to search the whole place without getting lost.
    Many options for difficulty. This game can be too easy on easy with the revitalization chambers and frequent health and bullets. So ramp up the hardness options, there is even a hardness patch. But for weekend warriors, this can be a fun FPS stroll with less concern about mere death.
    And a good quicksave, level, and anytime save options.

    And don't forget the 5.1 sound. Good voice acting and music complete the scene. This is one of the few games that truly transported me to another world with a good story to boot.

    ...more info
  • Great game but had issue with Vista
    I'd heard many good things about BioShock's setting, themes, gameplay, story, and allowing the player to make moral choices so I decided to check it out.

    My first experience was a bad one marred by some technical issues. I'm running fully updated Vista Home Premium with a good ATI graphics card and the latest patch for BioShock (1.1).

    After the intro movie, the game started but I could not get any sound effects to play. I searched online and found that if I changed it to run in XP SP 2 compatibility mode that should fix the sound issues. Unfortunately that made the game black screen on launch. Doing more digging, I found that I could append -dx9 as a startup parameter (e.g. Target of "C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock\Builds\Release\Bioshock.exe" -nointro -dx9) it would work fine, though the graphics would render using DirectX 9 instead of DirectX 10.

    These issues aside, BioShock turned out to be an extremely satisfying and entertaining game with an engrossing world and story, some very good plot twists (including one that really makes you re-evaluate how you viewed the game world).

    I played through on medium difficulty and wasn't thrilled with the damage system. I'd rather the enemies have less health and do more damage to the player than the system that exists. Even by researching up enemy types and upgrading your weapons, enemies still take a lot of hits to kill at later levels.

    The variety in enemies is lacking. There are two types of big daddies (the iconic monsters on the covers), a few types of turrets, security drones, and five or so types of generic enemies (my favorites: the Houdini Splicers who can teleport and fling around fireballs and the Nitro Splicers who chuck grenades at the player that can be thrown back via telekineses)

    The art and level design is phenomenal. The environment seems real (though attention to the sea is kind of poor sometimes. There is a large degree of attention to detail paid in nooks, crannies, and in-game audio diaries that reveal more of the backstory.

    The end game is anti-climatic and leaves many loose ends unresolved though it leaves a blank slate for Bioshock 2.

    This game is very well worth purchasing, especially if you are a fan of DEUS EX or System Shock 2...more info
  • Wouldn't load for me, wasted money
    The game looks cool and I'd love to get it to work, but it WILL NOT LOAD on my hardware. Emails to BIOSHOCK produce nothing, since they say it should run. Emails to Securom blame me for running some program their software doesn't like or say I should change my hardware.

    I did my own checking and found a number of complaints regarding the Lite-On DVD writer, which I have in my system. Apparently Securom doesn't like my DVD writer. I suppose I could buy a new DVD writer ($30) just to play a $19 game, but even if I do, how am I supposed to know this is the only thing in my system that Securom doesn't like?

    Worse, I PAID my money, but I can neither play the game nor get a refund. When someone takes your money but won't deliver what you purchased, that's called THEFT.

    Look, if the game works for you, I'm glad for you. But if you don't want to have your money stolen, I'd give this a pass, at least until the complaints about Securom drop.

    We expect food distributors to give us a label telling us what is in our food. It's time protected games were required to have a label telling us what EXACTLY is required and what EXACTLY they are doing with our computer. It CAN'T be being done right, or I'd be playing the game. The only good thing I can say is that I paid $19 for a lesson in why software companies can't be trusted....more info
  • Bioshock
    Normally I don't like first person shooters like this one, but Bioshock is pretty exceptional. The realism of how much damage you and the enemies can take is often my biggest gripe, it makes games like this hard to get into and is present in this game as well. However, this game is more sci-fi and has a semi valid excuse for such as that. The enemy's aim is still a little too perfect most of the time and some things don't make a lot of sense (the world freezes when you hack machines, weapon upgrades make bullets move faster, and buying grenades from vending machines is a little hard to swallow no matter what planet you're from). One other little nit picky complaint would have to be that the sound of the machine gun sucks, fire off a single round with it at high volume and you'll see what I mean, sounds like a twig breaking. Most of the other sounds are good though. Overall this is a great game. The graphics (normally what I care least about) are absolutely incredible, the best by very far that I've ever seen. It's not terribly addictive to me, but it does seem like it has tons of long-term playability. I'm very happy with it, which is very unusual for me with most of the new games I've played in the last few years. ...more info
  • Unable to install due to virus
    This game contains a virus called "secuROM" that permanently installs itself into your OS and can disable your drives (as it did mine) and should be avoided at all costs. It's a shame. I played Bioshock on a friends 360 and was blown away. The cool retro 50's look of the underwater city and the music set over the dark and creepy atmosphere made for a great gaming environment. It has an original and thoughtful story and the endless attack combos and multiple endings gives this game a very high replay value as well. I was very exited to get this for PC as mouse/keyboard is the best set up for a FPS by far. I was crushed when I found it had installed a virus that crippled my virtual drives. Removing secuROM from my system was a lengthy nightmare that involved risky registry editing that can damage your system permanently if not done exactly right.
    Bioshock is a great game that contains a virus. Buy the 360 version if you want to play it.
    5 stars for a fun game
    1 star for infecting my computer with malware....more info
  • One of the Greatest FPS TItles Created
    Let's get one thing straight. This game is incredibly fun. For me, it was easier to get lost in this title than *most* any other FPS title to date. For a single-player only game, isn't that what it's all about?

    For the sake of perspective, I'm a fan of FPS titles. Have been ever since the original Wolfenstein 3D. I've also spent time in the game industry. On a side note, I'm a *huge* Valve fan, and have been playing their FPS titles since 1998 with the introduction of the original Half-Life series. I would rate the Half-Life 2 series as my #1 pick for all time greatest FPS titles.

    I picked up Bioshock on a whim on Black Friday for what the current price is on Amazon ($20). Didn't really have high expectations. I was hooked within the first 10 minutes. The overall production quality easily sets this title within the "AAA" echelon. Even the plot line is top notch.

    Do yourself a favor and ignore the whiners who can't get latest games to install or run properly. PC gaming has always been about "getting it to run" as well as your system will allow it. This title is no exception. I should note that I had absolutely *no* issues running this title from beginning to end. This goes for the whole DRM nonsense. Yeah, publishers across all media industries still don't get it. DRM is like prohibition - Good intentions delivered in the form of a really bad idea. However, the presence of DRM should in no way deter you from experiencing this incredible title.

    The weapon system, freedom of exploration, power-ups, etc. all add up for a deep experience typically lacking in the FPS genre. There are even two different "paths" you can take, which will end up culminating in two different endings. I plan on playing through this one with my new rig a second time in order to experience it from a different perspective this time. Yes, this game is good enough to enjoy a second time through. Possibly more.

    I don't write many reviews. In fact, I believe this may be my first on Amazon. I was in the middle of reinstalling Bioshock on my new rig, and decided to share my appreciation for this title. Now, "would you kindly" stop wondering whether or not to pick up this title and just go for it? You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Deserves 5 stars. "Rootkit" is a misnomer.
    This is no cookie cutter first person shooter.
    This is a GREAT game with:
    A fantastic plot,
    an interesting, unique gameplay
    a beautiful, unique look,
    and fine voice acting with a great soundtrack.

    There are those who wish to punish any company that tries to put any kind of DRM (copy protection) on their games.
    Those are the people giving this an undeserved 1-star rating.
    I agree that DRM punishes honest users and does nothing to stop pirating.

    However, this game is worthy of a 5-star game-of-the-year rating.
    And the rootkit business is bunk:

    Enjoy!...more info
  • I love this game
    This is the only FPS I have played that does not have *any* noticeable bugs.

    It is easy to get immersed in the world they have created....more info
  • BioShock - Great Game, and Installs Fine
    BioShock, though a couple years old, is still an amazing game and raises the standard for first person shooters. There is the interesting scenery, great music, awesome plasmids, unique enemies, and an original storyline. There are so many factors in the gameplay, and there are so many ways to play the game. If you havn't played BioShock, please do; you won't regret it. It may be slightley disturbing, but it sure is a hell of a time.

    In BioShock, you get in a plane crash over the atlantic. You survive, and swim your way to the cities entrance. This is where the fun begins. You first only find splicers - psycopathic ginetically enhanced humans - but in later levels you face Big Daddies, who are also ginetically enhanced humans, but wear a heavy diver suit, carry a large drill, and have incredible strength. Throughout the game, you pick up "Plasmids", which are the result of scientific experiments made from a slug discovered at the bottom of the ocean that carries regenerative supernatural stem cells. Plasmids let you shoot materials out of your hand, like fire and lightning, and some plasmids let you control others (Splicers and Big Daddies) for your own advantage.

    The atmosphere is creepy but refreshingly unique. It keeps you going and always has you fascinated. The music can be relaxing and very well goes with the game; old 50's violin music I would call it. There is so much to explore, unlike other games which have one direction. Though there are goals, there is certainly a great sense of freedom you feel while playing the game. This, I must give a 2 thumbs up for.

    One major factor about BioShock is Adam. This is the material that comes from the slug. In the game, you find that Big Daddies protect these Adam recycling girls called "Little Sisters." They are perposley used for taking adam from dead bodies and recycling it for further use. As the main character, you must kill the little sisters' big daddy and then either save the sister's life and get minimal Adam or remove the slug directly and take out lots of Adam, which is used for buying new items such as Tonics and Plasmids in the game.

    Throughout the game, there is a thourough security system. This system has flying bots and stationary turrets that shoot any on one unknown (you). A great feature in the game is that you can hack this system, along with all the vending machines throughout the game that provide items including fuel for your Plasmids (Eve) and ammo. When you hack the different security systems, including the security cameras and bots, they work for you and go against your enemies. When you hack other machines, the prices for items are just lowered, but this still helps.

    There is so much more to talk about, but I will leave the rest for you to discover :). I covered the basics of the game so don't worry.

    The first release of BioShock on PC (released in late 2007) had some installation and DRM bugs, but my newer copy has no issues. Here is exactly what I did for installation:

    1)Insert disc, click on disc icon in My Computer, click install.
    3)Game installs.
    4)Install wizard installs updates from the internet, like DirectX component upgrades and runtime fixes. (These are good things)
    5)Game is done installing.
    6)Click on BioShock icon to play.
    7)Must enter serial code on back of the game booklet to activate.
    8)After this, I play and game works perfectly.

    It has no issues with anything. I have Windows Vista 32-bit home premium SP1.

    The game runs great on lowest settings on my GeForce 7100 GPU, so feel free to buy this game if you have such a low-end card. Some frame rates run slow in fast battles, but the fast battles are still playable. A fight against a splicer or two will run perfectly smooth on lowest settings. If this turns out not the case for you, consider that I have 3GB of RAM, but I have a 2.0GHz Dual Core which is a moderate CPU.

    PLEASE don't pay attention to the main review on the top of the page, it's over a year old and was made when the game came with wierd bugs. The game no longer has limited installations and that SecuROM protection isn't as bad as it was before. Everything runs smoothley and nothing in my system changed.

    Lastly, For only 20 bucks, what a great deal! GET IT! MY FAVORITE FPS EVER!
    ...more info
  • Paying to rent
    Don't buy this game. Will NOT run without an internet connection. It is one of the many new PC games that installs a very intrusive copy protection scheme on your computer. It is very hard to delete this software from your computer cleanly. The game requires an internet connection even though it is mainly a single player game, so it can check to make sure you are using the software properly.(to the manufacturer liking). Basically you are paying to RENT it....more info
  • Don't buy this game.
    This is quite possibly the most boring game I've ever played. Not to mention it screws with your system and you can only install it three (3) times-- *ever*....more info
  • Legendary
    Rapture... it is actually the perfect word to describe how I feel when I play this game. Everything about this game is absolutely breathtaking. From the graphics to the storyline to the sound and to the soundtrack, this game is complete on every level and is one of the best shooters I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. This is coming from a huge fan of the half life series, I will be the first to tell you that this game is right up there with it. I'll do my best to keep this review as organized as possible. Read on if the last paragraph hasn't convinced you that this game is a buy.

    You are the lone survivor of a plane crash over the middle of the Atlantic. You make your way to the waters surface to find yourself surrounded in wreckage and flames. This is where your jaw will start to drop, I'll get into that more when it's time to talk about graphics. Anyway, despite the fact you are in the middle of the ocean, there is a mysterious lighthouse piercing the waters surface. Being that it is the only means of improving your situation you swim over and enter. You slowly make your way through a dark passage that suddenly starts to light up around you and you find a small submersible. You get in and it starts to descend. It is at this point that you are introduced to Andrew Ryan and his failed utopia, Rapture. You enter the city to find that everything has gone horribly wrong. Derranged freaks shriek in the distance and stalk you through the darkness... and you start to explore the city and uncover the truth as to what exactly happened down here. I won't say anymore.

    This game is a shooter/rpg/action/adventure/horror game. Nay say if you want, but its true. It combines elements from each of those genres to create a gameplay experience that I will never forget. There were points where I was feeling almost too creeped out to continue(whenever you can hear a big daddy but you cant see him... its just messed up) but then a huge action packed firefight would break out and draw me back in. The funnest part about combat is that there are TONS of different way to take enemies down. You can whack em with a wrench shoot em, and this brings me to plasmids. Plasmids are genetical enhancements that you find throughout Rapture that basically give you special powers. You can zap enemies with lightning, ignite them with fire, freeze em and shatter em, brainwash them and turn them against eachother, throw their own projectiles back at them, hack their securities cameras and gun turrets to turn them against them. That is just naming a few.
    The major flaw with the gameplay(its not really a flaw for some people, casual gamers probably like this) is that there is no death penalty whatsoever in this game. You simply respawn at a designated point with nothing lost and the enemies retain damage that you have already done to them. Think what you want about it... I tend to not die.. actually I haven't yet so it hasn't really come into play for me yet.

    Time to talk about the games graphics. I will start by saying if your computer is more than a couple years old, get it for your xbox 360 or if you have a ps3 get that version when it comes out. To run this game at its maximum graphical settings you need to have a directx10 machine and an nvidia geforce graphics card in the 8 or 9 series. Take a look at the recommended graphical requirements and take it seriously. If you meet them then this game will leave you breathless. Whenever you reach the surface of the water at the beginning of the game you will know what I mean. Everything is so detailed. The water is very convincing, the reflections are stunning, the fire is unbelievable, and can you say atmospheric? Seeing the tail end of the plan slowly sinking into the water as you swim over to the lighthouse was incredible. The descent into rapture was amazing. Trust me, this game is a feast for your eyes. The only flaw graphically that I can pick my brain for is the fact that when you first load a game it takes about 5 seconds for all the textures to load. But after they initially load they never disappear or anything. This game is essentially a flawless graphical achievement.

    The only thing left to talk about is the sound. If you don't have a 5.1 surround sound system just use headphones, you will get creeped out. Again, this game is atmospheric as all get out. The enemy chatter is excellent. Sometimmes that are having angry spats among themselves. Other times they are just shrieking or moaning. Whenever they are aware of your presence, they will berate you with comments like "TRY AND REPORT ME, YOU F**K!" The enemies called big daddies(featured in boxart) you can hear before they are even in the room. It is disgustingly scaring, they just kind of make a low animal type moan, and their thundering footsteps are just eerie.

    This is starting to get long so I will be brief on the music. It's great, consists of orchestrated numbers and a handful of licensed songs from the era. It always brings something to the atmosphere of the game and there is never a misplaced musical number.

    My final opinion, if you are a fan of gaming, buy this game. Its something you have to experience.

    Verdict: 10/10 Overall
    Buy? Are you kidding me????!! BUY, but if you own a 360 or PS3, get it on your respective system because most people wont have a PC that can run this game as its supposed to be run. I noticed this game has a 3.5 star rating for the PC version. I haven't read other reviews but I'm guessing its mainly because of the rootkit and the fact that it can only be installed twice... PRETTY BEAT 2K WHAT IF I GET A NEW COMPUTER? Doesn't matter, getting a ps3 next month to get it on that. Either way, great game, the 3.5 star average isn't due to the gameplay its due to 2k games being greedy....more info
  • Great graphics, great story line, very poor execution and support.
    I wanted to play this when it came out. But hardware hampered those efforts until I upgraded. So when I was finally able to play this long anticipated game it was an extreme let down when I was only able to get to the second save point and have the game crash my computer.
    Everytime I got to where you could either repair or salvage the security bot the machine would crash HARD! I haven't seen anything like that since windows 98. Blue screen of death. I was impressed by how much trouble it was to get the machine back up and running again. I promptly uninstalled the game and it now it sits on a shelf.
    I tried to do all of the trouble shooting that was recommended to get the game running again from various fan sites and the Bioshock FAQ but it was too much trouble to keep failing on every attempt. It's too bad it seems like it would have been a great game to play I loved the story line and flow of the plot.
    Anyway, save your money. Search for the next rpg/first person shooter to come out....more info
  • I am a huge fan of System Shock - but I won't RENT this game
    I was a huge fan of System Shock 2 - this game's previous version.

    But I won't spend money on this game - for many reasons:

    1) When I BUY a game i buy it - I do not rent it. This game only allows five activations - that means, in a few years, once I hit the fifth activation I can no longer install it. I do not rent games - I buy them.
    2) On-line activation and phoning home by SecureROM - I won't let an application do this.
    3) SecureROM is very difficult to remove - why should I allow a program to be placed on MY computer just to play a game? Why should it be so difficult to remove? My computer is my property - I don't want applications (spyware) being installed on my computer just to play a game. Why do game publishers treat customers worse than Pirates? If I downloaded a cracked version of the game I wouldn't have to deal with SecureROM - why should I have to deal with it?
    4) DVD must be inserted to play - very annoying when I want to play on my laptop - this effectively burns through the battery in less than 1/2 of the time. Annoying and idiotic....more info
  • myreview
    other than the foul language it is a good game. lots of imagination when into it, knowing what i know about the game, i would probably not have purchased it. i believe you really don't need "f" words or contaminating the name of Jesus Christ to make a game great....more info
  • For those who are hasitating to buy this game because of DRM
    For those who are hasitating to buy this game because of DRM, buy it on Steam. It's only 19.99 and it plays great! I don't know why some people hate steam, it's a lot safer drm so it won't screw your pc. I bought half life 2, half-life 2 episode 1,2 on steam and had no problem playing them.
    I didn't even have to get on the internet every time I play. Sure, you have to have the internet connection the first time when you install it, but after that it's all smooth sail. Need no cds, just good to go. Highly recommend buying this game on Steam. BTW, this game's system requirements can be pretty demanding, I have a Intel core 2 duo p8400 @ 2.26, 4GB Ram and GeForce 9600 gt 1GB, played it in 1024x768, all in high details, but the game still is a bit sluggish. So figure out if your pc can handle it is important....more info
  • Bioshock PC
    This is a fun game overall but can get a little repetitive. It seems to go cheap on the cash you can pick up and to not have a very good variety of enemies. Plenty of action though. Graphics are ok but the audio in this game is awesome. If you haven't played this yet and your computer can run it fine, then I would say give it a try. It's no Crysis but worth the money....more info
  • DRM needs to be protested
    Just as everyone else is saying, the console version for this game was great. When I bought the PC version, I was distressed to learn that I could only install in 3 times. This is not worth your money, we must protest DRM in PC games....more info
  • Death of PC Gaming
    Good Game, but installs a virus that is hard to remove from your PC and can open security holes in your system....more info
  • One of the best games ever!
    This will always be one of my favorites. It installed smoothly and runs great. The creepy environments, original storyline, and just about everything else blew me away. I didn't want it to end. Minutely resembles thief: deadly shadows atmosphere (a very good thing). A must have for sci-fi and fps fans!!...more info
  • Bioshock de-activates me
    Starting out the game was pretty cool, but the constent activation request were getting toe real fast. For instance, you have to activate it the first problem there, but then I cameback to play the game the next day and it wanted me to re-activate it. It was pretty much the same routine, it had to be re-activaded everyday. So I jabs uninstalled it and haven't got around to re-installing it.
    The graphics were pretty impressive, kind of made you feel like you were in a differant time era.
    Sounds were spot on and sounded good and crisp
    Overall I liked the game, but the constant activation really ruined the experiance for me....more info
  • twisted. creepy. great prospects ruined.
    the game looked great. it had all the makings of a 5 star game. that said, it's too twisted, too gruesome, too sadistic. they could've gone in much better directions keeping the same gameplay/campaign style game in tact. if you don't like scary things, (like i don't), pass on the game. it's not worth it. halfway through, i'm done. too creepy....more info
  • It feels like a game - not totally immersive!
    I wasn't that impressed with the graphics. The interiors look painted, so its done in an artsy way, not a realistic one. The neon signs look great, but the characters are cartoonish looking. I just played this after playing Crysis, which has gorgeous graphics, to the point where at times you feel like your on location and actually playing paintball in the woods, instead of a video game. The thing about graphics is that you have to compare them to games that came out at about the same time, and not games that came out 3 years before this game did.

    I have the system to play Bioshock at the highest settings, but the lighting just isn't that great in the interiors, its a bit dark(yes you can turn up gamma, but then it looks washed out). The silly looking characters make it seem to much like an arcade game. The characters look mutilated, but then they wear a cute costume mask. That just looked weird to me. I want to be immersed in a game, to the point where it feels like I am in a different location or era. The game seems to try to make up for lack of realism by using overly graphic gore.

    The game also feels too linear. There is one path or door to locate, kill some splicers or bots, heal, find ammo and repeat. I think there is a reason why this game is now half the price of Crysis, even though they were released within a few months of each other.

    Not to keep harping on it, but I would like to explore the surrounds some but as soon as you try, you get attacked from behind. There is not enough quiet time and the constant regeneration of baddies just gets annoying after awhile....more info
  • Excellent FPS
    I am running this game on an older XP computer with a 7600GT video card at pretty high settings and it looks and runs fantastic. Gameplay, controls, story, music, special effects are all top-notch. Loads of fun. Installation and patching was smooth. I am using a "no-dvd" executable and all is well without having to keep the DVD in the player all the time. This game often goes on sale at Amazon for $19.99, which is a good deal. Highly recommended....more info
  • Don't buy this game.
    Do not purchase any games with either Steam or Securom (DRM). These gaming companies want you to pay $60 to basically rent a game (limited installs, cannot resell the game) I will not purchase any games that install spyware/rootkits on my computer and I recommend you do the same. Be an informed consumer, research what these programs do. There is a reason the companies that publish these games don't offer any information when purchasing these games about securom/steam, they know an informed consumer would never install these malicious and damaging programs. Do yourself and the entire gaming community a favor and do not purchase these games....more info
  • PC version unplayable! (console version was fun though)
    I bought this not from Amazon but from Steam. I've tried on three different OS installs, not a single one will get past the SecureROM DRM nonsense! The tech support is nonresponsive, I can't return it, I'm basically out $50 (I bought it when it came out).

    I eventually bought it AGAIN for Xbox360. Although I hate playing shooters on consoles, the game itself is quite fun and well done. Not sure how to rate it though -- 0% for unplayable PC version, 97% for a playable version....more info
  • Mr. Bubbles... More Please...
    Bottom line: One of the best computer games of all times! Creepy, enchanting, haunting, thrilling, exciting, scary, and engrossing all at the same time! You don't want it to end. I won't rehash here, but if you are a true fan of PC games, even if this isn't your genre, you have to play this game at least once.

    Pros: EVERYTHING. Worth buying a high end graphics card to max out the settings.

    Cons: Somewhat anticlimatic ending (at least to me) after such a GREAT buildup. Only able to play once. ...more info
  • limited activation
    I played this game on mt friends Xbox 360 and LOVED it. It was innovative, creative and wicked fun. It's not every day you find a game that is genuinely new after you've played a lot of games. The plot was well done, the graphics wonderfully creepy, and the weapons cool. I was looking to buy this game for the PC since I don't have a 360, and am utterly disappointed that the game is DRM. It has limited activation. If I pay for a game, CD, DVD or what ever, I should be able to install it where I want when I want. You can't play it without the CD, so what's the problem? The only people this DRM process punishes are the honest consumers who purchase original copies like I do. I would give it zero stars if I could, that's how much DRM irritates me....more info
  • Instant classic / mind opener
    this game will introduce you to the many flaws of society though it's philosophical look at capitalism....more info
  • Would you kindly play this game?
    How's this for a story? A man becomes annoyed with the current world, a world where the great are taken for granted and told that their toils are either for the people, for God or for the government. In response, he creates a fantastic environment, free from all of these turmoils. A place where all the great men and women of the world can create their own inventions without fear of consequence. In this place, men and women could do what they wanted.

    If this sounds like Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, you'd be correct. However, in this particular case, it's also the background story behind Rapture, the under-water city that takes centerplace in Bioshock. Many words have been bandied about about video games and their ability (or inability) to become art; you have folks like Roger Ebert saying the medium as a whole can never attain that goal. My personal thought that was that, as a medium, games haven't made enough strides toward that lofty goal. But Bioshock certainly takes a huge step forward.

    Andrew Ryan is a visionary the likes of which his namesake Ayn Rand would possibly write about in Atlas Shrugged. He exemplifies the qualities of a Randian hero and showcases Rand's philosophy of objectivism. He created the city of Rapture and filled it, much like John Galt in Atlas Shrugged, with the visionaries of his land. Rapture soon was a thriving city that emphasized science and growth and the importance of the individual. They dabbled in creating plasmids that changed a person's DNA, enabling them to do feats the likes of which had never been seen before.

    Then something happened.

    Flying over the Atlantic sea, you are Jack, a person who was destined for greatness, if you ask his parents, and whose plane is now crashing into the sea. Jack is apparently the only survivor of the plane wreck and swims to a lone building, a light house it seems, that beckons him onward. Eventually, he goes into a blathysphere and enters into the world of Rapture. But this isn't the Rapture originally envisioned in the pre-recorded film he watches as he journeys into the city. It is a city comprised of deadly machines, once-human monstrosities named Splicers who are insane and, of course, the Big Daddies and Little Sisters.

    Bioshock concerns itself with the gray area between right and wrong. This dichotomy between right and right is what fuels everything in Rapture. Roaming the landscape, the Little Sisters are twisted abominations of little girls who locate corpses (which they call "Angels") and harvest Adam from them with a long needle. More grotesque is that bottle at the other end of the needle that the Little Sisters drink from. Dutifully following them are the Big Daddies, giant brutes in ancient diving gear. These...things...are at the heart of the story and Jack's survival depends on them and whether he can harvest the Little Sisters or set them free.

    The conscience of the gamer is represented in two mysterious figures, Atlas (another allusion to Rand) and Dr. Tenenbaum. Atlas seemingly wants Jack to save his family and explains that the Little Sisters are anything but the human girls they appear. He nudges Jack to put them out of their misery and take the Adam they harvest so he can survive and save Atlas and his family. On the other shoulder perches Tenenbaum, another mysterious individual who created the Little Sisters and seems to want to do anything possible to save them. They are the obvious angel and devil sitting on Jack's shoulder, but the question is...which one is the angel?

    To go into further detail would be to spoil this amazing story. Along the route, twists and turns abound with moral, ethical and philosophical questions aplenty. What's interesting is the way Bioshock presents a stark opposition to Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. Rand's heroes always contain the same qualities that Andrew Ryan exemplifies. But here, the artists behind Bioshock seem to be questioning these qualities by presenting a situation so familiar to Atlas Shrugged, and yet, so far removed.

    It is literate, thoughtful, disturbing and moving. Even if the gameplay didn't live up to the story, Bioshock would be worthy just for this reason.

    Luckily, that's not the case. For the gun hungry, sure, Rapture is filled with guns aplenty and even presents opportunities for you to craft your own upgrades. But that is just scratching the surface. Everything goes back to the story. Plasmids are located across the ruined debris of Rapture and contain the keys to recreating your DNA. Some early examples of Plasmids are the ability to shoot electricity from your hands to being able to set things on fire to telekinesis.

    But these plasmids aren't only used for fighting. Minor puzzle-solving crops up, some of which require plasmids in the same way as gear in Legend of Zelda. The biggest puzzle is how to take down the game's variety of enemies. While you can definitely charge in, guns blazing and sometimes survive, cases will present themselves where such tactics will end with you on the bad end of the Big Daddies' drill. Instead, you can create your own traps and war zones. Using plasmids, the environment and, of course, your weapons, you can create elaborate traps that will bring a smile to your face.

    A lot of games coming out right now that use the Unreal 3 engine don't look as spectacular as they could. In particular, character models tend to look shiny and/or completely ugly. This is not the case with Bioshock. Everything comes together, from the disturbing scenery, the art deco architecture to the the insane creatures and characters populating the world.

    Shadows and lighting also create a sense of atmosphere that drips heavily, much like the water pouring down the walls. It's stunning. The only complaint (and it is minor) is that the frozen portions you can melt don't look very convincing. When things melt, they don't leave anything behind. The only reason it sticks out is that the rest of the game is absolutely beautiful and amazingly crafted.

    None of this would be as effective, though, without superior sound. And Bioshock has that (mostly) in spades. The voice work is stunning throughout and the actors provide a great sense of dread. The audio diaries do an exemplary job of providing the backstory, but also work the best in crafting dread and terror. Some of the most disturbing things occur listening to them. Unfortunately, sometimes the characters' lines are repeated too often, ruining the disturbing nature of their dialogue.

    Musically, the game is also amazing. It flits into the picture at key moments, increasing the tension before it will flow away. You might not even notice it's there, but that's why it's so good.

    You know, the funny thing about hype is how people react to it. Game journalists can go blue in the face trying to get people interested in forgotten gems such as Psychonauts, Beyond Good & Evil and Stranger's Wrath, and since they weren't financially successful they become these gems. When a game sells incredibly well and is hyped to the max (both of which fit Bioshock), people say "over-rated."

    Ignore the hype machine. I know you're tired of hearing about it. But give Bioshock a try, if you haven't yet. Download the demo for your PC or try it on Xbox Live. It is a game that's definitely worth everything that's been said about it and more.

    It is art. And no words by ignorant movie critics will change that....more info
  • Should Have Been a Classic...
    Bioshock has a great premise, with a fascinating backstory. It takes place in the submersed city of Rapture, driven by industry and art and a love of freedom, led by idealists and dreamers. It is also severely messed up, and the effects of hedonistic life and elitism stack up until something terrible tears apart their hidden Eden. Science that had once considered itself unshackled from petty morality has gone haywire, and the decadence of a society that existed for society's sake has fallen apart. With such a fantastic story at the foundation, Bioshock should be one of the greatest games ever, right?

    Well, no. It certainly is fun to play through once, and that is an endeavor I would recommend once you've played through a number of better games. When this game was in production a number of promises were made -- not the least of which was the "-shock" moniker in the title. This is supposed to be a spiritual successor to the frightening System Shock series, which may be old and clunky, but were classics. They were games that frightened me immensely, and I was looking forward to being scared silly in the halls of Rapture. Instead, the ride was sort of dull.

    The art is amazing, but the story degenerates as it goes. The one truly brilliant twist comes too soon in the game, and the philosophy of the moment is lost when your character just ignores its implications and continues on with his life without question. I would recommend that everybody experience that twist, but YouTube will get you there in a tenth the time and with nearly none of the disappointment.

    The real problem is that there just isn't any complexity to this game. There were supposed to be complex moral quandaries, but the reward for being good is better than that of being evil, and with only two endings that you determine without consciously knowing it, the game just doesn't have a conscience. You are a character in a game, and Bioshock lets you know it over and over again. Throw in the fact that by the end of the game pretty much everyone who has ever played will have roughly the same character (no actual role-playing here), and you have a disappointingly formulaic game that should have been the best in years.

    Still, I would recommend the game if you can get it used or if you have nothing else to play; but pretty much anything else will yield more fun than this one....more info
  • Best game of 2007
    This game got 5 stars on x-play,and i would also give it the same rating.In the game,you are a man onboard an airplane when it crashes into the water,luckily,you're swim to a tower and then take a pod underwater.You find that Rapture is completely crazed up with splicers,the most common enemies in the game.splicers are crazy,they wear buuny masks and try to kill you for ADAM.ADAM is like money that you can use to upgrade your guns,buy guns, or buy powers.You get needles in the game that you can you use to inject yourself and get powers.There is electro bolt(thunder)which you can use on splicers in the water so that they die a kind of slow,but surely painful death.There is also fire,ice,teleckenesis,the ability to through huge swarms of insects,and Big Daddy hypnosis bomb.Big Daddys are huge,monsterous,things that have either a huge spining drill,a huge spining gatling gun, or a huge spining grenade launcher.They protect the Little Sister,because,well,they are little.They are little but evil.They go around using huge needles to take ADAM from splicers.Splicers,or you cannot harm or go near them or you will have drill through you're body in no time.The Big Daddy hypnosis bomb lets you through a bomb at any active Big Daddy and he will help you,exept he cannot leave a room,so it kind of sucks.You should prbably go for tricking a splicer near a Little Sister.The graphic are great and gory.This,for me is one of the best games ever....more info
  • Good Game !!!
    BioShock takes time to do, at a normal play up. I would say,
    it has beautiful picture, thrown in......more info
  • Amazing game - but still needs online activation
    I so want to get this game! I loved the reviews and I have been very, very close to buying it. However, despite lifting the activations limit, the game still needs online activation when your first install it. Please, please remove activation altogether so I can get it! I just can't bring myself to buy a game that I may not be able to install in the future.

    It's a superb game and I really want to play it and add it to my collection. Please listen to buyers who don't want activations. Most of them are people who have been fans of the developer for years, like me.

    Here's an extract from an interview with 2K's community manager, Elizabeth Tobey, who clarified the limited activations issue saying,

    "Our other methods of copy protection remain. You will still have to activate your copy, and you will still need to keep the disc in the drive. SecuROM has not been removed - just the activation limits on number of installs and number of computers you can install BioShock on simultaneously.

    As I promised that the activation limits would go away, I can promise that if we ever stop supporting BioShock in the ways you speak of, we will release a patch so that the game is still playable. I believe, as you seem to, that BioShock will be the kind of game we will want to revisit 5, 10, 15 or more years from now. I want my copy to be playable, just as you do, and so does 2K."

    I know that Elizabeth kindly promises to remove activation, but I prefer it to be removed now. I just can't trust that they will patch this out as I have been tricked many times before by companies claiming to correct issues at a later time....more info
  • An extremely fun game, mildly tainted by bugs and redundancy
    First off, this is NOT a review of SecuROM. I played the game via Steam, so I can't really attest to the DRM issues some have had.

    So, here's my late, late review of Bioshock. I just bought and played through the game over the past month, though. If you've played System Shock 2, then you've seen most of this game before anyway. Bioshock is fun, albeit somewhat repetitive, and has some very serious issues that the developers never addressed.

    My system:

    Athlon64 3400 2.4GHz, single core
    2GB DDR400
    Geforce 8800GT 512MB
    SB Audigy 2
    XP SP2

    Performance: 4/5- Pretty good at 1600x900 with all eye candy cranked up. 1680x1050 was choppy at times, just annoying enough to detract from the fun. Level loads were really long, though.

    Graphics: 3/5- Lots of detail was put into making Rapture beautiful and alive. But the character models looked awful, like some cross between claymation and anime.

    Sound: 5/5- Nothing really to complain about. Sound effects were pronounced and clear.

    Bugs: 1/5- For an "A-grade" game over a year old and on its final patch, the bugs were unacceptable. When I first tried to play, the game would frequently crash to desktop. I literally could never play more than 10 minutes at a time without a CTD. And every time Bioshock crashed, it would "forget" all my game settings, key bindings, etc. Ridiculous! (anyone who doubts me, read some forums on the game. Many people encountered all the problems I detail) I spent over 2 hours scouring the web and researching this problem. I had to edit my registry as well as disable certain audio codecs in Device Manager just to get the game to run without crashing. Fortunately once I did all this, the game never crashed again. But I play a lot of games, and I can say honestly that not since the days of MS-DOS have I had to spend so much time configuring my computer just to get a game to work. Even though the crashes stopped, I still encountered a couple annoying bugs. At random times in-game, I would start moving very slowly, even slower than crouching speed. I'd have to save and load for my moving speed to return to normal. The more annoying problem is that my desktop brightness would not return to normal after I exited the game. Even verifying / reloading my settings in the graphics control panel would not fix that. I would have to reboot in order to restore the brightness that I'm used to. Again, the culmination of all these minor and major problems really made me glad I got this game cheap. Had I paid 50 or 60 dollars for it upon release, I would have been angry beyond words.

    Gameplay: 4/5- okay, here's the meat of the review. I played through the game on Normal/Medium difficulty, and played the good guy as far as Little Sisters go. My first complaint about the game is that it is too easy! Anyone complaining about Bioshock being hard probably didn't take their time and explore, and maximize their research. This isn't a typical FPS in which you rush though levels with guns blazing. Exploration and research will pay off huge dividends. And so does the wrench. I'd wager that 90% or more of my Splicer kills were with the wrench. Even in later levels, it was much easier to kill with melee than with other weapons. Wrench Jockey 1+2, Sportboost 2, Level 5 research on Splicers, and the permanent +50% wrench damage from Bouncer research pretty much turn you into a beast that makes Gordon Freeman and his crowbar look very wimpy. Natural Camouflage makes it even worse. Splicers have a tendency to walk right up to your face when you're using it, making them easy wrench fodder. The AI doesn't help any. If you aggro gun-toting Splicers and then duck around a corner, they just follow blindly, setting themselves up for head bashing. And ranged Splicers try to rifle-butt you when you're in their face, instead of backing off to shoot you from a safe distance. Of course when 2 or 3 hits with the wrench puts them down, such actions are suicide on their part. I killed the first boss this way. I tried chasing him around and shooting, but ultimately got tired of that, ran up into his face, and beat the snot out of him. I never had ammo issues in this game. I'd use the pistol or crossbow to destroy cameras. Grenades and shotgun for Big Daddies. I'd hack turrets every chance I could, and just stand still and Camoflauge when bots were around. I think I used the Chemical Thrower once, just to see what it would do. I ended the game with a full ammo clip on almost all weapons. I spent most of the game with a full wallet, since I was hardly ever buying ammo. And wow, when you fight the final boss, you have someone telling you how to kill him over the voice comm. That saddens me, somehow.

    The whole hacking thing really puzzles me. It's a skill you need to learn to excel early in the game, then it become literally impossible to do, leading you to just auto-hack everything. I just don't get the point of learning a skill that becomes 100% useless less than halfway through the game.

    I like the idea of using the camera for research. It was a different take from system Shock 2's method of finding chemicals. It also, sadly, made the game easier still. Since enemies respawn, you can go back to easy levels and max out some of your research on softies. I got my Bouncer research maxed by repeatedly killing and photographing the low-level Bouncer in Medical Pavillion. Yay, 50% wrench damage increase. Same goes for Leadhead and Thuggy Splicers.

    As far as enemies go, there was way too little variety. Big Daddies were cool, but the Bouncers were far too similar to the big rumblers from System Shock 2. In fact, so were all the enemies. It really felt like I was playing SS2 again, but underwater and in the past instead of outer space in the future. Sadly, the only really cool enemies only appear on one level, and then you have to find a secret area to even fight them. That said, I must admit the Plaster Splicers are awesome. Anyone who's seen the (David Tenant) Doctor WHO episode "Blink" will not be able to hold back a smile when they face those enemies. "Did that statue just move...?" Very little in the game really scared me, which is a shame since the environment was perfect for setting up some good scares. I really miss the chimps from SS2, they were super creepy, mostly because of the sound they made while stalking you. Bioshock needed enemies like those chimps, but again, the only really creepy enemies are just a hidden extra, and not part of the plot.

    Plasmids, like weapons, were mostly bland. I'll lump tonics into this category as well. It doesn't take long to learn which ones are great and which ones are useless. I finished with 5 Plasmid slots, 6 physical slots, 6 combat slots, and a whopping 3 engineering slots. I'd have enjoyed the game more if there wasn't so much useless stuff to sort through.

    The game lasted a long time, but never really felt tiresome, even though it was rather redundant. The level design was top notch. More variety in enemies would have made those levels considerably more exciting. The plot was quite linear, but choosing to explore and research to build up my character created enough of a diversion to keep it fun. The extremely short FMV ending was a disappointment though. Still, I shall play through a second time, if for no reason other than getting the "bad guy" ending....more info
  • I think the DRM thing is more like the mothman, you don't even knows its there.
    First off the game is great, scary, lots of water, lots of creepy people, cursing, violence, drugs, creepy little girls, all the things that make a horror game great. The game play is good although i give it a 4 stars because after you play for a while a lot of times the game play can feel repetitive even though you use new weapons. Story wise its decent but actually these days unless your half life or halo, does anyone really care about the plot? Anyhow on to the DRM, what the crap is all the fuss, this game installed in minutes was up and ready to play, all i did was fill out the online product key BOOM that was it. No interference, no slow downs, no bugs, no nothing. Its seems to me the DRM is nothing but a mothman type myth that no one really even knows exists. If it does i have never seen it, and this is the second game i've own claiming to have it. Well guess what, you have anti virus software, turn it off, have firewall, it turns off to, if protection is the problem dont use any when you play the game. Also who in the world wants to install this on more than one computer at a time, why? Its the same no matter what system you play it on. Heres an idea, install it, play it, leave it if you feel you'll play it again, if not delete it, throw it out and move on to another game. People over analyze things WAY to much. Anyways have fun. My specs here.
    ASUS G50-Republic Of Gamers Laptop
    Nvidia Geforce 9800M 512mb dedicated (with up to 2 gigs possible)
    4 gigs of RAM, 320 gig hard drive(7200 RPM) and pretty flashing lights on the back!
    Average FPS-65 to 75, compared to Xboxs 30 to 35 and PS3's 28 to 33. Its melts IT....more info
  • Ruined by SecuROM
    I bought BioShock about three weeks ago. After spending literally hours trying to "Activate" it (the part where you type in a long string from the package and the installer asks their server if the code is valid - in my case some settings in IE somehow prevented it from connecting to their registration server, even though IE could browse the net just fine, as could Firefox, and their installer stupidly rolls back the installation if the activation fails, hence hours) I was eventually successful.

    I then played the game every few days, maybe ten hours total. It was fun.

    Tonight I was again prompted to enter my activation code. Again. I suspect that this is because earlier today I installed Spore for my daughter, and both games use this half-baked SecuROM system. As it turns out, I am traveling (I'm playing from my laptop) and I don't travel with all of my install codes with me. So I'm locked out from playing a game that I paid good money for until I return home and dig the manual out of my filing cabinet. I tried posting on the 2K forums, but have been ignored.

    The game is fun but it treats you like a criminal.

    Now I see what people mean when they say this sort of "copy protection" only encourages pirates, because their cracked versions of these games don't harass them. Only honest customers like me get screwed. ...more info


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