SlimQuick Extreme- Strongest Female Fat Burner, 120ct

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Product Description

Up to 200% faster release versus capsules and caplets, ensuring you feel the fat-nurning and appetite-suppression effects immediately.

  • Yohimbine: A powerful synthetic form for immediate fat-burning results
  • 11-hydroxy Yohimbine: - A natural half-life up to 8 hours produces a time-released effect for continued fat burning

Customer Reviews:

  • Bleahhhh...yuck
    Wanting to get rid of about 15 pounds, I purchased this product intending to add a little boost to my workout routine and new diet. It says to take it in the morning when you first wake up, right before cardio, but I immediately felt so sick after taking it that I couldn't do any cardio. I continued to feel sick until well past noon that day. Tossed it in the trash, fast weight loss is not worth feeling crappy all day....more info
  • worth a shot IMO
    This stuff is 100X more effective than the original or the hoodia slimquick. I'm 25, never been a workout type, in fact i hate exercizing. Skip to me having a baby, gaining 50 pounds and not losing it for a year... Im a diet pill kinda gal. I used to take ephedra type stuff to lose pounds quick now and then. I wanted something that would give me the energy for my 6 days a week hour to two hours of cardio, weights & yoga, and this stuff is so good it makes me want to keep going well past the point that I ever could before. in fact I stop only becasue i'm only 3 weeks into my new routine and I don't want to overdo it. Engery and then some, also a wonderful appetite suppresant. 1 is sufficient, two if im really beat, 3 would make me feel like i was on coke (and i am not a fan of coke ...anymore...ha). I will use this until i am in shape. pretty sure it doesn't cause cancer, maybe a coincidence, ya think??
    Im not a fitness competitor, i just want to look good in clothes again. I don't know if the hoodia is real in this, becasue 99% of hoodia is fake. I bought some authentic hoodia for 60$ and it was JUNK compared to this stuff.
    UPDATE: 2/26/08- I am still using this product on a daily basis. i find that my body has adjust to it and it very rarely make me feel like i am on speed anymore (good thing). Anyway it keeps me focused and helps me stay within the limits of my diet. I feel like it enhances my workout in that it gives me more energy. I now take the reccomended 3 pills about 50% of the time, and 2 the other 50% of the time. I do believe i have developed a bit of a tolerance to it.
    I just ordered my second bottle. I started my diet/exercise routine on january 8th and I have so far lost 20 pounds. I can't say slimquick is responsible ( i have been following a super strict diet of 1200 calories per day of protien and veggies) but it definently has helped. I would reccomend it to people who can handle these types of products. Anyway some people need to realize that everyone is going to react differently to drugs. I will continue to update my progress. I am now at 152 pounds and have 30 more to lose (hopefully by July).
    EDIT (6/10/08): I have lost 5 more pounds since my last check in. and i haven;t lost any weight in the last few months, BUT I have not gained. I STOPPED using the product (mostly out of laziness and hatred of feeling peppy) and was lax about my diet and all but stopped exercising. I am definftly starting again. im happy to say it was not water weight because i have maintained all my weight loss. all that being said i wish i was getting paid for this. i could use it.......more info
  • great product
    The slimquick extreme, is great to get a six pack, with extreme workout it is great. It is a helper to weight lose, as if you do not eat heavy food, if sometimes you do just buy a carb blocker or konjac root pills. I have just started and i will keep you posted about my progress. It is such a same the we do not have eau de melisse de carmes boyer here in canada nor in the us, as it can help maintain your weight lose, cause when i use to work in a five star hotel in my native place, being a chef i was eating a hundred times more than i do now and i had a figure of top model, but haing two kids put a toll on my body and being here in canada there is not this product, so when ever you go to europe buy some bottles you won¨¨t regret it. As for the other slimquick product they are not as performing as this one. And one things for those desperate to lose weight do not try any trial offer of acai berry it is trouble for you credit card, believe me cause so much people has gone through this and it is not funny, if you want to try acai berry, just buy it on amazon and it is also pure acai.This buyer is the best one to buy this slimquick if you are in canada, but be patient with the shipment, your product is insured, no matter what you will get you product but with canada post it delays a bit so do not freak out like i did. The customer service also is great. Be careful with with your purchase on the internet, as they are many fraud credit card, amazon and ebay is the safest site to buy....more info
  • Great and worth the price
    I am also a healthy athletic 23 year old with a few pounds of fat that I can stand to lose. I started out the day prior to starting the pills and the diet by getting a body fat percentage test done. 23%. 5 days later, I am at 19.8%. I usually have a huge appetite due to the exercises that I do, but with this it is easy to control. As with any supplement you need to start off small, seeing what your body can handle and increase it slowly over time. This is a great product as it doesn't give me the shakes that the usual supps do, no stomach cramps, or anything. Just drink plenty of water. I use them in conjunction with the Slimquick Night formula, along with a daily regimen of cardio and strength training, as well as a low fat, high protien, high fiber diet. Follow the instructions if you are a beginner, if otherwise a seasoned athlete, go at your pace. The great thing about this one, as well, is that when you do exercise your heart doesn't feel ready to explode, and you keep wanting to do more and go faster with no side effects. I highly recommend this as a woman in the constant field of looking better and being more fit. ...more info
  • Works for me
    There is no quick fix for losing weight, but this product has helped me a lot. I'm a healthy 30 year old woman who just had a baby and was looking to lose the extra weight with very limited time to work out and a lot of time spent at home with my new baby and lots of food. I've only been taking SlimQuick Extreme for two weeks but so far I've lost 7 pounds and I feel great. I've noticed that it really only works along with diet and exercise, but I'm the type that could easily spend two weeks doing everything I've been doing and lose maybe 2 pounds if I'm lucky. Also, it really helps with the cravings. This past Saturday we were snowed in all day and even though my husband was here eating junk I wasn't tempted to snack at all. I've had no jitters and so side effects at all. In fact, I took two pills Sunday morning and about two hours later my husband took the baby and I took a nap! I've never had a diet pill that I could nap on two hours after taking it! I woke up an hour later, ate some veggies, and went to the gym. I would highly recommend this pill, and I assure you that I do not work for the company....more info
  • stay away
    i am a firm believer of different things will affect different people in different ways, however this product is pure evil. i took it for a few days and noticed that my personality dramatically changed and i felt like a vegetable, incapable of putting thoughts together. i stopped taking it and then tried it again 2 weeks later. I took just one pill and this time i experienced shooting pains up and down my left arm and a numbness i can't even describe on one side of my body. I honestly felt like i was having a heart attack or stroke and i am only 29 so that's crazy!! there aren't enough warnings about this product and it's so easy to believe the positive reviews just because you want to believe them. In reality it is probably employees of the company that are writing the good reviews. There is no point in getting to your target weight at the expense of you life. i urge anyone reading this to stay away from this product and stick to diet and exercise and i promise you will get results. The only difference is my promise won't kill you!!!...more info
  • Perfect for me
    Before you decide if this product is for you, too - here's a little about me and what I wanted - I'm a 30 year old grad student that is always over-stressed and over-tired. I'm also a fantastic eater - I eat when stressed, bored, to celebrate, for comfort, etc. I'm 5-10 lbs overweight - weight I gained by continuing my eating habits and not finding time to exercise. This product contains hoodia and has helped me control my appetite - it also gives me just enough of an energy boost - I feel awake, alert, and ready to go. I occassionally feel an urge to exercise or move around, but I never feel "jittery". I needed to increase my water intake to keep from feeling dehydrated. But I feel great now and have already lost 4 lbs. in one week. I only take 1 pill at a time, twice a day. I don't imagine I will increase to the full dose. ...more info
  • slimquick did not work for me
    I purchased the slimquick diet supplement about a month ago. I felt that it did not work for me. No energy boost, it just made my head feel funny....more info
    I needed to loose 2 1/2 inches in 8 weeks to fit into my wedding dress and this product was recomended to me. If I took the full dosage I would get sick and light headed, so I took only half the dosage, usally 3 in the morning with a high protien meal. It worked, I lost almost all of the weight. I stopped taking it on my wedding day and then I ballooned up. Its been only 3 weeks and I have gained all that weight back and then some. This is fustrating becauase I have maintained my high protien, low fat diet.
    If you are looking for a quick temporary wight loss solution this works but be carful about your dosage....more info
  • Causes thyroid disease.
    I used SlimQuick. I'm 23, healthy, 15 pounds heavier than I'd like to be. I work out regularly and am athletic.

    I used this product for about two weeks, when I started to feel awful. I stopped using it. I went to a doctor. A week later, I found out I had thyroid cancer.

    I checked the back of SlimQuick. It said risks "avoid using if you have thyroid disease."

    Could the two be related? Tumors grow at a rate or 2 mm per year on thyroids. I have gone to doctors every year regularly with no problems. My tumor is nearly two inches large and must have grown quickly.

    Do not take this product. ...more info
  • praying it works!
    I started taking this supplement as directed and was not having any side effects until I started taking the three pills twice a day so I went back to two pills twice a day. I was feeling nauseous with taking 6 pills a day. The weight loss is slow. I am hoping that while taking this supplement with daily exercise and watching what I eat the weight will start coming off faster. It seems that I am satisfied with eating less, so with time this should help with weight loss....more info
  • My Opinion Good Product!
    I haven't been keeping specific track of this product, but I think it works! I have had difficulty loosing weight, for all kinds of reasons, and this product provided the incentive to keep going. I have reached a plateau right now, but that is only because I use two tablets a day and can't exercise everyday. However, I am going to continue using it and hopefully see some more results with exercising more too!...more info
  • Stay away . . .
    I took these pills for two weeks with no results besides feeling a little jittery and sick. It was strange that I didn't loose weight because I greatly reduced my caloric intake and it is generally very easy for me to loose a couple of pounds when I need to. One night, out of the blue, I had a severe panic attack. I believe it to be caused by the SlimQuick Extreme so I stopped taking it immediately and all symptoms went away. Then my weight ballooned by 10 lbs. over the next month. My eating habits were very normal and healthy (vegetarian, tons of vegetables and fruit, almost no fat) but Slimquick destroyed my metabolism. Stay away....more info
  • I lost 30 pounds using Slimquick!
    Slimqiuck extreme is not for everyone especially those with caffiene sensitivity.I been taking slimquick for three months and it has helped me lose thrity pounds. No it is not a miracle pill, but it gave me energy boost that I needed,it stabilized my hunger, and I feel that it helped with my irritability, with no side effects which I experienced with other products....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I am a healthy, active 19 year old just looking to loose those last vanity pounds. Although I work out all the time and eat healthily, I cant seem to shed the weight i want. I decided to give this a try.

    Almost immediately I felt an increase of energy. I have been taking the pills for about a week now and have lost 3 pounds. I have a sigificant decrease in appetite, especially when it comes to junk food. My energy had increased and I am feeling great.

    The only real side effects I have noticed are the occasional shakes and having to use the bathroom after meals, which to me is not bothersome.

    I would strongly reccomend this product. I am more that pleased. ...more info


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