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On ABC's hit show DANCING WITH THE STARS countless pounds are shed and bodies transform before our very eyes. Now it's your turn to dance your way to fitness with three of the show's favorite pro dancers Ashly Kym and Maks. With this fat-blasting program you will learn four choreographed dance routines featuring some of the best moves from the show. Then shake things up with a bonus freestyle routine to test your new dance skills. Have fun and gain confidence on the dance floor while building a stronger sexier super-star bodySystem Requirements:Running Time: 60 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 012236211624 Manufacturer No: 21162

Each era has its own defining exercise video--or in this age, DVD. Dancing With the Stars: Cardio Dance isn't going to go down as the 21st century's answer to Jane Fonda's exercise tapes, but it's not a bad way to learn a few basic steps, thanks to instructions from some of the professional dancers from the ABC hit series Dancing With the Stars. Ashly Costa (the brunette who danced up a storm with Harry Hamlin), Kym Johnson (the blonde who almost made a DWTS winner out of Joey Fatone), and Maksim Chmerkovsy (the dude who sparred with Laila Ali on and off the dance floor) make for nice eye candy as they teach viewers how to do the cha-cha, the jive, and the paso doble. Cardio Dance does a good job of showing viewers how to warm their bodies up before getting into the more aerobic dance exercises. Women will probably benefit most from Kym's instructional portion, which focuses on toning the hips and waistline. The patient Australian (who once taught Jerry Springer how to waltz) is relatively easy to follow as she teaches the Brazilian samba. This DVD isn't for the serious dancer. Its target audience is comprised of fans of the show who'd like to get in shape with Ashly, Kym, and Maks. If you already know the basics of dance, you won't have problems keeping up with their instructions. But if you have two left feet, some of the dance terms they toss around (but don't explain) will leave you scratching your head rather than hoofing it up. And while we're not expecting anyone like season-four winner Apolo Anton Ohno to make an appearance here, it would've been nice to include a segment or two with DWTS judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Len Goodman. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • dance moves
    Video is good, but it goes through the moves very quickly so it takes a few watchings to figure it out...it takes lots of practice to be able to do a routine from begining to end!!...more info
  • Not for beginners!
    I bought this dvd because I enjoy watching DwtS and I love to dance myself. I am not, however, a professional dancer by any means and therein lies the problem.

    This is not an easy workout to follow if you are not a dancer to begin with. There was no explanation or example of the moves before they performed them. They would just say what they're going to do next and then do it with no explanation whatsover.

    I think this is a great workout if you have a background in dance or are patient enough to try to follow them. I'm giving it one star because it is good if you already know what you're doing but bad if you don't....more info
  • Fun and Energizing
    I love watching Dancing with the Stars and this video work out combines the enjoyment of watching the show PLUS learning the actual steps. I found a whole new appreciation for how hard the celebraties work and no wonder they loose weight! I can now see certain dance steps used on the TV show and I say to myself, "I can do that"..but of course, thank goodness 100 million people are not watching me-- Great Workout and easy to do. ...more info
  • Work Those Hips!
    Dancing with the Stars: Latin Cardio Dance

    I love this DVD!

    I think you have to have some musicality and rhythm for dance otherwise you'll probably be quite lost. For people with absolutely no dance experience other than watching others their whole life, probably not the work out for you. I would suggest you take lessons in person from a dance teacher then come back to this DVD for practice at home and a great workout.

    But, if you have any sense of timing and rhythm, I found this to be a very easy but effective workout and fun way to learn the basics of Latin dance moves. I don't think the pace is too fast nor any of the movements too challenging!
    ...more info
  • Difficult but Fun!
    After starting an exercise routine about 3 months ago, I have become bored with the only 3 dvds I own, all biggest loser dvds. I was looking for something fun, but after all the bad reviews for this one, I didn't want to waste the money. My local library has an inter-library loaning system, so I requested it. Maksim's pasa-doble is the easiest because it is "low intensity" cardio (and I didn't feel much at all). Ashly does the "medium intensity" cha-cha and Kym does the "medium intensity" samba. Then all three dancers do the "high intensity" jive. Finally they all do a freestyle dance referred to as the "challenge". I have two left feet and have no rhythm. Add that to the fact that I am just over 300 lbs. I did the low intensity pasa, the medium intensity cha-cha, the medium intensity samba, and the high intensity jive in one session. Normally I'm ready to quit exercising after 20 minutes (10 really...lol) and here I went 40 minutes (50 if you count warm up and cool down). Did I know what was going on all the time - No! But who cares. Sometimes you catch on, other times you don't. They repeat the moves so often in the ten minutes you get the basics. I was totally lost on the jive, but you make stuff up and have fun. I was dripping sweat, my calves hurt and my abs were burning, but I was having fun. If you can't act like a lunatic dancing all around your own house, where can you? I'm buying this dvd......more info
  • Workout review
    I purchased this cardio dvd and it's a lot of fun!! I love the dancers especially Maks, so I enjoy it very much. Gets your heart pumping!!...more info
  • Dance work out
    I was skeptical when buying this work out DVD and was not sure that a dance video would get my heart rate up enough. Oh but it did!! And it was really fun learning the dance steps. I work out to this video at the end of a hard week because it is so much fun...it's like a little reward with all of the benefits of a great cardio work out. An added bonus is getting to see the Dancing With The Stars professionals teach...they are really talented and have great personalities!!...more info
  • Dance review
    My wife seems to like the workouts see getting with DVD. She says DVD could be just a little more detailed. All in all see seems very satisfied?...more info
  • Well done!
    I enjoyed this video. If you teach Zumba or a Dance Aerobics class, this video is very helpful in creating your own workout. Well done!...more info
  • Fun, but partly due to modern technology
    I wanted to try this as an alternative to running (especially in the cold months). I have some dance experience, but nothing serious in the last 15 years. It's true that the instructors aren't very descriptive- they'll tell you to cha-cha and not tell you what that means. However, if you're confused, it's pretty easy to play the DVD on half speed, so you can see everything. I didn't find it any harder to follow than most aerobics, and I did feel like I was working out parts of my body I don't normally get at. It was pretty fun, but I would recommend this as something to do if you like dancing a lot- not as a general workout....more info
  • Disappointed with the dances
    I'm a big fan of variety and when I saw that this DVD offered 4 different routines (each 10 minutes), I thought it was a great deal. But, I ended up liking only 2 of the routines (jive and cha cha). Plus, the jive was really the only routine that got my heart rate up - I didn't feel like I got any type of workout with the other dances.
    Some of the dances were repetitive and there were times towards the end of some of the routines when I felt like the instructors were just killing time and trying to figure out what do to until the 10 minutes were over.
    Although none of the steps are explained, I picked them up after doing them a couple of times. But the 'challenge' at the end was WAY to challenging for me to actually follow along.
    In a nutshell, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get quite the bang for my buck that I was hoping for....more info
  • Far too hard!
    I was so disappointed by this DVD. It is far too hard beginners. It's too fast with minimal actual instruction. There are too many shots of the dancers from the waist up...we need to see their feet! Ironically, the hardest segment for me was the jive and I took swing/jive lessons for three years! I adore Kym but trying to understand her over the music is tricky with her thick accent and I have always found Ashley just plain annoying. Her voice is like fingers on a chalkboard to me and she's the one teaching the jive segment. Your $$ is better spent elsewhere. ...more info
  • Dancing w/the Stars
    Good instructional video. Even w/two left feet I am able to follow most of it. Good workout as well - makes exercise fun....more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this video because it sounded like a fun way to get some excercise. It talks about learning four routines and then a bonus freestyle routine to test your skills. I found the routines hard to learn and follow because they don't explain how to do the moves. They name the professional terms for the steps as they move into it and do them at a fast pace. If you don't know what the step is by name it is difficult. The dark pants and shoes they wear also make it difficult to watch their legs to try and follow the steps to learn them. I found myself saying forget it and stopping to just watch portions of the video because it was too hard to follow.

    And the bonus section? Forget it. It was the three of them dancing very professional steps and asking each other if they could follow along/keep up. It doesn't teach or encourage the user to do anything - it really is just a fun place for them to show off and you to watch.

    For those with some professional dance experience, this may be a better fit for you, but as a person with no formal training, I found it difficult and that took away from the fun. Although the early stages of the cha-cha and jive started to get my heart rate going - I soon had to stop because I couldn't follow what was going on. It is also challenging in some areas to do on carpet as you cannot slide your leg(s) to do some of the moves and turns as easily.

    I will likely not use this video again so it was a waste of my money. I was very excited to use this video so this was a big let down to me....more info
  • Could be better
    I LOVE Dancing With the Stars. I was sooo excited to get this DVD. I have used it approximately 6 times and I am finding it hard to get motivated to use it any more.

    As stated by other reviewers, Maxsim, Kym and Ashly all have their own parts to the DVD. My favorite instructor was Maxsim. His instruction was slow enough to follow, and I found the Paso Doble music fun. If he instructed the whole video, it might have been better. I agree with the other reviewer who said Ashly is "chirpy," and alittle too cutsy. And Kym, wow, pull your pants up already.

    Anyway, the tape is somewhat fun. However, the motivational factor for continuing to work out with this video (the purpose for buying it) is not very strong. I am a forty year old, overweight woman, and though I got alittle winded at times, I didn't feel that this was much of a work out. Once you accomplish the challenge of getting the steps down, it becomes dull. The music is in the background and except for the Paso Doble, it was not something I was excited to dance to. Would I buy this DVD again? No....more info
  • Dancing With The Stars Cardio Dance
    Some of the dances were good, but it was either too slow and not enough intensity or too fast and too much intensity. The dance moves go quick, and some are hard to learn. More fun to watch than to try. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I have Brazilian Dance Workout with Vanessa Isaac, and was having SO much fun dancing, that I thought I would try DWtS to learn some different moves. How disappointing! It doesn't raise your heart rate, and the dancers don't actually show you how to do the moves at all. As I do have some dance experience, I was able to reasonably follow them, but still never felt quite like I was doing the moves just right. The music was less than inspiring, and Ashley is just WAY too perky first thing in the morning when I like to workout....more info
  • Love this workout
    I really enjoy this workout. It is fun and motivating and takes the boredom out of working out. I use it multiple times a week and have had it for a couple of months now. I am still just as happy to slap it in and workout as I was the day I got it. It gives me a good workout, especially the jive. It works up a good sweat and I always feel good when I finish. I usually do all the dances as well as the warm up in one workout. I do the jive first, after the warm up since it seems to require the most energy. I also think the challenge is kind of pointless and never include that. Over all...I love this workout!...more info
  • Hard to follow
    This, like most all dance instruction videos is done, in my opinion, backwards. You see the "class" behind the instructor but the instructor is facing the camera--if we are supposed to be part of a "class" to learn, the instructor should be facing away from the camera so a person can follow the moves and direction exactly--not try to duplicate it by seeing it face to face. I was hoping this video would be different. You never go to a dance class live and have the instructor face you -- you follow behind them. I was disappointed....more info
  • dancing with the stars
    I love the DVD--what a workout it gives you. I am throughly pleased with ordering from Amazon. ...more info
  • Gotta Dance!
    With all of my younger cousins and nieces and nephews playing "Dance Dance Revolution" (which I can't do to save my life) - it was so fun to put in a dance dvd that I could actually LEARN from as well as get a workout with. It's true that if all you're looking for is a straightforward workout that this dvd might not be your cup of tea... but if what you're looking for is a fun way to get moving AND maybe pick up a few dance moves I really don't think this dvd can be beat.

    I own about a dozen or more dance workout dvds from hip-hop to salsa to world dances to mixed latin to well... just about anything they make and so far this is overwhelmingly my favorite disk. The dancers look like they're having fun and that makes you want to have fun, plus you aren't just learning random routines that don't make any sense in the "real dancing world" - you are learning the building blocks to actually be able to DANCE! True that if you wanted to dance with a partner and get out there and burn up the floor that this dvd won't fill the bill, but it would get you started enough that when you showed up to the first class at your local community center or whatnot that you'd be well ahead of the game.

    ** Please note that if you have NO experience with dance terms it may take you a while to catch on to what the steps and terms are - but if you really desire to learn you'll keep hitting the button on the remote and watch the sections you need over and over until you're dancing like a star... ...more info
  • exercise with dance
    I love "Dancing with the Stars" and miss it when it isn't on so I ordered the dancing video. I am enjoying learning to improve my style with some of the stars. Thanks for the opportunity....more info
  • very difficult to follow
    This was quite disappointing! The instructors go too quickly & don't explain the moves step by step. ...more info
  • Great for an experienced dancer
    Most of the people who wrote that this video does not provide very much instruction and its not for the beginner are correct. For me, that was a good thing. I have studied modern, jazz, and middle eastern(belly dance). I think that anyone who has had SOME kind of dance training will be able to follow along, given some practice and patience.

    If you are considering taking up ballroom dancing, then this video is a good primer because it will keep you light on your feet and you will see really good form, especially by Maks. Ashly is a doll, and her speed and agility are amazing. I think that if you are a beginner ballroom dancer and you are dedicated to learning, then this video will quickly get you to intermeadate level because it trains you for speed and pacing.

    The music is pretty generic however, thats why Im only giving it four stars.

    Once again Cheers for Ashly! she's great!...more info
  • LOVE THIS DVD!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout DVD! The dances are super fun and really get my heart rate up!! I have an extensive dance background (jazz, ballet, lyrical, ballroom, latin and swing) and wanted something exactly like this...a challenge for myself, something that would be fun and more than just boring basic moves! I read reviews on Amazon before purchasing and chose this DVD over the DWTS Latin one simply for the fact that reviewers said this one was hard and not good for people with little or no dance experience. I agree with that 100%!!! If you have dance training, this DVD is great for you...if you don't have dance experience, move on to something else. Check out the DWTS Latin DVD, I read that one is simpler and easier for a beginner to learn....more info
  • Selective great dance DVD
    Yes, they do go fast on this DVD. Right off the bat, I say if you don't have dance experience or if this DVD was way too fast for you, you might enjoy Denise Austin's Cardio Dance workout; easier to follow and slower going.

    This is a different type of beast here. The Paso Doble hurt my kness and I'm in my 20s! Be very careful here. I skip this one usually.

    The cha cha is really fun and keeps me moving. Great for the stomach. I usually do this one twice in a workout.

    The Samba is a little wishy washy but fun. Good for the calves! More freedom to improvise here.

    The Jive is true cardio but very fun! Give it a chance adn you'll be breathing pretty hard!

    ...more info
  • Fun
    After doing this a few times I have come to enjoy the workout. The downsides are not enough explanation of the moves. My favotite is the Jive. This gets your heart rate up and is fun. I dont even bother with the bonus mix like other reviewers advised. This is not well cued or explained. ...more info
  • Absolutely fantastic dance workout DVD
    This DVD contains workout and dance steps for 4 dances - cha cha, samba, paso doble, and jive. I've learned more cha cha moves from this DVD than from the dance classes that I was taking. Between working with this DVD and 2 - 3 hour dance sessions in the past 3 days, I shed 5 pounds already. The DVD works amazingly well for me....more info
  • I feel like I'm part of the show. It's well worth the money. It's so much fun
    If you really love to dance and have a natural sense of rhthym this dvd is great for you. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who isn't comfortable dancing in a crowd because ballroom dancing is a bit dramatic and takes some coordination.

    It's so much fun that I look forward to doing this video everyday. It literally helps me to get out of bed. I love that I'm exercising and learning these dance steps. I've lost 6 lbs and feel youthful and energetic after two weeks of dancing everyday. The Jive is a real burner and a bit hard to pick up all the moves because it's so fast paced. The other dances are much easier to get. I'm so thrilled to own this dvd. It is so worth the $9.99. One dance class would cost that. I can do this dvd over and over and learn something new every time. I still haven't gotten a few of the harder dance steps. That's okay because it gives me something to look forward to.

    I gave four stars instead of 5 because, although I love Maksim and Kim, I find Ashley's voice extremely annoying and high pitched. I don't know why the producers picked her for this dvd. She also says "back" when she's going forward and vice versa. I feel like she just wants to hear herself talk and sounds really stupid. I've learned to ignore her voice. Also, the camera doesn't always show feet or legs and I hate that. The improv section is also really disorganized and hard to follow. That being said, I love this video. It makes me happy. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Fun but hard to keep up
    I think the dances they chose translate well into workout moves and there is a good variety of low, medium, and high intensity workouts on this DVD. I love this show and especially the 3 pro dancers they picked to lead the workouts.

    The Paso Doble (lead by Maks) is fun and relatively easy to do. The Cha Cha Cha (Ashly) is just a bit more energetic with some twists that I cannot seem to be coordinated enough to do. (I guess I'm ChaCha-challenged.) The Samba (Kym) is bouncy with a lot of sidestepping and backwards/forwards like you see in regular aerobic workouts. The Jive (all 3), like the dance, is fun to watch but hard to keep up with. The "triple, triple, triple..." trips me up every time, among other things. This one you'll need to watch a few times before actually doing it. Then they start doing The Lindy. Holy cow. Even Maks said he was sweating!

    The Freestyle part at the end is more fun to watch than it is doable as a workout. I love watching the 3 of them interact and have fun while I go get a sandwich. I mean, a drink of water. They start with Samba moves, then go to the Cha Cha, then whatever structure there was disintegrates and they really start having fun. I think if you just use this as a rest period and watch the first few times through (it really is entertaining) you'll be able to dance along with them here later on.

    One really cool feature of this DVD is the ability to customize your own workout using only the dances you want to do. You can "Add" or "Skip" each section and create your own workout, in a way. Everyone is going to have their favorite and not-so-favorite parts so if you want to edit some parts out, you can!

    I would give this 3.5 stars but I'll round up because I love DWTS and it's fun to workout along with Maks, Kym, and Ashly. Don't be disappointed if you can't jump right in and do every single dance step throughout the entire workout. This is one you're going to have to learn and you'll enjoy it so much more once you do....more info
  • Fun, but hard to follow!
    This is a fun dance workout, with the instructions by the "Dancing with the Stars" crew. However, the instruction goes way too fast and are very hard to follow. I tried doing all the dances; however, I kept getting lost after the first couple of moves. My husband and I took a ballroom dancing class a couple of years ago, and I learned the Cha-Cha, so that dance was okay to follow (since I already knew some of the moves). But if you want this DVD for a learn-how-to dance and an areobic workout, then buy something else. I get an okay workout, I mean the dances are pretty good once you can actually get them down, but it takes lots of time using the DVD to do that. I am doing dance by dance, learning one completely (enough so I can do it without the instruction), and then moving on to another one. If they would just slow down their instruction, do it step-by-step, then let you do a good dance workout, it would be a lot better. Too bad, thought it was going to be real good....more info
  • Pretty Fun
    This workout DVD is a nice way for me to change up the routine, but I usually find it easier to go pound out half an hour on a treadmill than go through the whole long workout. However, it is enjoyable and I would recommend it to fans of the show or people generally looking to mix some fun into their exercise routine. ...more info
  • Cardio Dance
    This is a fun way to get your cardio workout for the day. The instructions are easy to follow. The video makes you think you can dance. ...more info
  • good first time
    This video was fun the first few times but then there's no variety and it gets boring because you're doing the same moves ever time you pop in the video....more info
  • don't buy it if you want to have some good cardio workout
    only in one dance which lasts only 15 minutes you get pretty a good workout, in others it's too slow, you even won't sweat, waste of money ... if you want to learn to dance, buy it, get some workout while dancing - no!!! ...more info
  • Good but a little too quick
    I love DWTS and this video is OK but a litte fast for the non-dancer as they don't cue too well. However, the set is great and it was fun to watch them dance so for that it's worth it.
    I can move so after doing it for a while I can do the routines but for most it maybe too hard....more info
  • Awesome and fun
    I love this video and purchased the latin cardio because of this one. It is super fun to do. It is not to difficult to follow, there were a few moves that it took me a couple of times to get. Overall I love it, a wonderful workout!...more info
  • Doesn't live up to my expectations...
    I'm a huge fan of the show and really amazed at how great the pros look. I did the workouts but I didn't feel as though they were high impact enough to make me sweat or feel the burn. The moves were fun to do but no properly broken down, but the pros just jump right in without proper instruction. The camera-angles don't help either. The freestyle at the end of the workout was more like a filler for the dvd to reach an hour, you just pretty much watch the pros dance around. I bought Edyta and Alec's Fitness With The Pros...TEN times better! I think DWTS-Cardio Dance is more of a franchise sale for the show. Not a lot of thought was put into it....more info
  • Nice DVD
    Easy to follow and not so difficult! Not so difficult but music is a bit boring! Otherwise, it is a great workout....more info
  • Stick with it...
    Yes, at first the DVD is tricky to follow. Maxim starts out pretty basic and easy to follow with the Paso Doble. Next is Ashley and she introduces a little more difficulty with the Cha-Cha, and so on. But, I found that if I just did what I could I eventually started learning the routines through repetition. You will still break out in a sweat even if you're just trying to learn the moves (you don't have to have perfect execution to lose weight). If you're getting frustrated, then you're taking this way too seriously. Loosen up, try your best, and have fun; the accuracy will eventually occur - and when it does you really feel like you've accomplished something big. I am a complete two-left footed klutz and can get through the dances pretty well. This is one of the few workout routines I enjoy. ...more info
    My husband bought me this cardio dance video as a stocking stuffer for Christmas, and it is by far and away my most favorite gift this year! I've read through a few other reviews, and some people feel that the instructors on the video go too fast, are annoying, etc. However, this is probably the best workout I've ever had, aside from "2-a-Day" conditiong sessions for high school volleyball. Plus, if you think that the instructor's voices are annoying, there is an option to play the workout without instruction, or a MUTE button on most TV's of course. But I wouldn't recommend doing that until you are familiar with the video.
    It may seem slightly overwhelming at first, but after using the video for a short period of time, it was really easy to catch onto. I brag on this workout all the time to my friends and family and tell them how fun it is, how much it makes me sweat, and how good I feel afterwards. I'd recommend this video to anyone who enjoys working out at home and doesn't want to join a gym....more info
  • Not for beginners
    This video was hard to follow because they do not explain all of the dance moves. Ashly and Kym were ok as instructors. Maksim was stiff as a board. ...more info
  • Fun and challenging!
    This is a great tape. The workouts are separated into sections by style of dance, each about 10 minutes long, plus separate sections for the warm-up and cool down, and a "challenge" section where they combine everything you've learned about all 4 styles of dance. It is FUN and kept my heart rate up the whole time! To anyone who thinks it's too hard to follow or doesn't know the dance terms that they throw around, give it another shot. You might need to stop and watch them for a few beats to get the hang of some of it, but it's all pretty easy. ...more info
  • Top Notch
    I love this tape; great moves, great explanations and I feel like they are talking to me and encouraging me throughout. Ashley's voice is a wee bit annoying but I focus on the energy. They really work together well, respect each other and that comes across. The challenge is exhausting! ...more info
  • Dance video
    This tape is pretty good but the instructions are quick. Sometimes they aren't videoing what you should be doing at the moment so it takes longer to catch on what is going on with the feet. The challenge part especially--you get no instructions--just follow....more info
  • At least Maks is good eye candy....
    I am pretty good shape and love to dance, but this was hard for even me to follow! Ashley and Kim are decent teachers, but the choreography was not the easiest to learn. I didn't feel like I got a good work out. Kind of a disappointment....more info
  • Dancing with the Starts Cardio Dance
    If the buyer is an intermediate ballroom dancer, this CD may be appropriate.
    There is very limited instruction - few details. It is expected that we learn by watching fast moving instruction, right into quick moves. There is no instruction for foot positions and because the dancers are wearing work out clothing covering their entire leg it's difficult to determine degree of knee bend.
    It's entertaining and I loved watching Maks' moves through the entire CD.
    If it's instruction one may be looking for, this is not the CD to purchase. ...more info
  • A Segment-by-Segment Review
    When they say 'Cardio Dance' on the cover, THEY MEAN CARDIO! This programme is by no means easy. Whether you have two left feet or are a skilled dancer, this DVD WILL get you moving.

    Segment 1: Warm-Up
    This is a fairly simple dance routine patterned along the lines of professional dance warm-ups. There's not too much happening here except for some stretching and simple footwork, although you start feeling the effects throughout the body almost immediately. This is led by Ashly, Kym, and Maks (respectively), and does a great job of getting you limbered up for the real work-outs.

    Segment 2: The Paso Doble
    Maks leads The Paso Doble for this low-impact work-out targeted for beginners. While this dance mostly works the arms and shoulders, your bum, abs, and lower back will get a great work-out, as well...provided you support yourself correctly. Start watching your posture NOW, as you're going to seriously need it later. There are some nice 'calve-burners' due to a few of the lunges, and we're introduced to our very first turn.

    Segment 3: The Cha-Cha
    This one could have gone a LOT better if it was hosted by someone else (more on this later). Ashly takes us through roughly 15 minutes of the most difficult and frustrating dancing I've ever done. This is a medium-intensity work-out that'll work everything from the abs on down...but only if you've had some previous experience with The Cha-Cha (or dancing in general). Beginners will want to skip this part and do The Samba instead.

    Segment 4: The Samba
    Kym leads a FANTASTIC medium-intensity Samba. She has the infectious spark of fun that keeps you bouncing throughout the entire work-out. Like the previous segment, this dance will mostly work the lower half of the body. The only difference between this and The Cha-Cha is that it's easier to do and a lot more fun. I'm glad it was included as an alternative for the mid-intensity routine.

    Segment 5: The Jive
    This is the high-intensity, full-body work-out for a reason: IT'S *HARD*! Kym, Ashly, and Maks lead this dance respectively, and despite the high difficulty level, they keep it light, entertaining, and fun. Maks's comments throughout are particularly amusing. However, this isn't a dance you're going to want to throw yourself into first thing. Master the other segments first, being able to perform them one after the other without a break, before even THINKING about attempting The Jive. When you ARE ready, watch it through a couple of times so you're prepared for what you're getting yourself into. Make sure you have good posture by this point, too, because you'll die without it.

    -Some people have posted negative reviews about Maks's feeling winded and needing a break. It's important to remember that these are 15 minute WORK-OUT segments, not 2-3 minute dances that the instructors are used to performing. And Maks's specialty is Latin dance, not quick-step styles. He's really out of his element during The Jive, so it's perfectly normal for him to get winded.

    Segment 6: Challenge
    This is fun to watch, but as far as a work-out goes, it's pretty lame. There's absolutely no structure, as it's a free-style dance improvised as the instructors go along. Maks again provides some entertaining comments and moves, but other than that, there's very little to gain from trying to keep up with this segment. Instead, use it as a well-deserved break to get your legs back.

    Segment 7: Cool-Down
    This is actually more intense than the dancing at times. There's some serious stretching going on here, making it extremely tiring after the work-outs. It feels good if you're up to it, otherwise it won't hurt you too much to skip it. A hot bath/shower is just as effective for your cool-down period.

    This was a smart marketing move to further sell the DVD to the female customers. Maks is some NICE eye-candy, especially with the smoky, sultry looks he give (enhansed by using the 'music only' feature). And some of the moves he busts out during The Jive and Challenge are guaranteed to further up the heart-rate. But having Maks as one of the instructors was also a good move to get the guys involved. The Paso Doble is more of a 'manly' dance as far as the steps and poses go, and Maks presents them in a 'non-threatening' way that's sure to get the guys dancing. And while none of the instructors explain the moves satisfactory enough for us non-dancers, Maks at least explains as much as he's able and moves at a pace that's fairly easy to keep up with.

    Why she was picked to lead in this is beyond me. She is a TERRIBLE instructor. She doesn't even attempt to explain anything, just tosses out the occassional "We call THIS a (insert-dance-move-here)..." And she's impossible to keep up with because she dances with her legs so close together that you can't see what she's doing; never mind that she takes tiny steps. Is it any wonder why we haven't seen her since season three? Then toss in an EXTREMELY irritating and 'bubbly' personality, and she's just too much to deal with. I would much rather have Jullianne than Ashly.

    Just like with Maks, she does an EXCELLENT job of explaining the moves when she can and moving at an easy-to-follow pace. As I said earlier: she has an infectious spark of fun that you can't help but love. The only drawback is her work-out clothes. Don't be decieved by the DVD cover: that blue work-out top is NOT what she wears! Another piece of eye-candy, the woman has an incredible figure, and it's hard to keep your eyes off it most of the time (which can be distracting). On the upside, though, it's great motivation: what woman WOULDN'T want to look like Kym?

    DVD pluses include a 'customize' option where you can pick and choose which segments you want to do instead of having to fast-forward. There's also a 'music only' option for those who either don't need the benefit of the instructions anymore or those who are too easily distracted by a lot of chatter.

    However, this DVD isn't without it's flaws. The biggest 'con' is that there's no instructional segment; the only thing keeping me from giving a five-star review. A technique section with slow, step-by-step instructions would have really benefited those with little or no dance experience, as things like spot-turns and crossover footwork can be frustrating if you don't know what you're doing. The other 'con' is that the music is pretty cheezy; a minor complaint, I know. But at least the corny tunes aren't over-powering. The DVD case could really benefit from a 'Large Spaces Needed' sticker, too. Unless you have a giant TV Room, you'll want to move everything out of your way because you'll need as much room as you can get. If you have a naturally long stride, you're going to have to modify your movements and take smaller steps, otherwise you'll find yourself frequently dancing into the entertainment centre and bookshelves.

    All-in-all, this DVD is DEFINITELY worth getting, despite it's flaws. It gets you moving, and it's fun. A lot of work-outs are all too good at detering the chances of sticking to the routine. But 'DWtS' not only keeps you coming back for more, it actually makes you look forward to doing it. And it's EXCELLENT for those who had a baby and are trying to get back into shape.

    Don't think that you'll immediately start dropping pounds, though. The rapid weight-loss seen on the show is the result of 40-60 hours of training PER WEEK, and let's face it: how many of us can actually fit that kind of a work-out into our schedule? But even if you only have time for one dance session per day, you'll start seeing physical, if not bathroom-scale, results by the end of the first week. Just keep your weight-loss expectations realistic, keep at it, and have fun, and you'll do great....more info
  • I like this one.
    This exercise program keeps you moving for a full 50 minutes which I appreciate. It seems like quite a few of the dance videos are between 20 and 30 minutes so this routine give you a long and varied workout. You can also choose to just complete a few sections if you're short on time. I did find that the moves were not explained very well, but I was able to catch on after a few times. I like DVD's that are a challange.
    The freestyle left a bit to be desired, but I just did my own thing while they did theirs.
    I would recommend this DVD to a more experienced home exerciser. ...more info
  • Fun and Challenging
    If you have had dance lessons or a dance class this will be no problem for you. If you don't get the steps on the first go around, do give up it will come. It's fun and energizing....more info
  • Great workout!!!
    This was by far the BEST cardio dance workout I have ever done!!! It was energizing and I broke quite a sweat!!! Beware beginners though...it is fast paced and it could be difficult for you to keep up with the steps. I LOVE IT!!!!...more info
  • Not for the beginner
    This dvd has a good warm-up section, but the rest of the exercises are very quick and for an advanced person. ...more info
  • Exercise is only worth it if you are having fun...
    For me this workout is all about having fun, and trying something new. It was really fun, and kept my brain working. I am not a dancer, so I really had to concentrate on the moves. It does go fast with not a lot of explanation, and I probably look like a total idiot when I am doing it. But, I have a blast, and in my mind I look like a professional :) Anyways, worth $10.00. Not a hard core workout, and I didn't sweat a lot, but again, I had a blast, and forgot I was even exercising....more info
  • Frustration
    This video left me a tiny bit sweaty, but a lot frustrated. I couldn't even make it all the way through--half way through the second routine, I was lost. Save your money! I think I'd do better just having fun dancing to my own music....more info
  • a frustrating work-out DVD and who needs that?
    There is essentially no instruction in the dance steps - just expected to do it. Too fast-paced for anyone to catch on by watching unless they maybe watch it a few dozen times in slow motion. I will never do it again. There are much much better work-out DVD's available....more info
  • With or without experience
    This is a very hard dance workout. The dancers tell you what steps they're gonna do and they do it like you know what they're talking about. I have no dance experience whatsoever, so half the time I had no clue what they were doing, but I tried to do it anyway. Now I probably won't be entering any dance competitions any time soon, but I had a great time, my heart was racing and I was covered in sweat. I actually felt like I'd had a great workout. Not to mention that I wanna do it again and again to actually learn the dances. I think this is a great video for people with or without dance experience. Unless you frusterate easily then this might not be for you. But if your the type of person that loves a challange, this tape is awesome. ...more info
  • Bad For Non Dancers
    I actually hate giving bad reviews but in this case I am going to make an exception. This video is HORRIBLE for beginners. As dance instructors, they should have known to actually include a segment on the dance moves and have a practice section so that beginners could work up to the moves. It's far too fast paced. Also, the blonde is really annoying, as though she is trying to push her sexuality on the viewers instead of sticking to the routine....more info


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