Advanced Pure Air Refrigerator Deodorizer- White

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  • Keeps your food fresh and your refrigerator odor free
  • Uses safe, nontoxic activated oxygen/ ozone technology
  • Actually kills bacteria to prolong the life of your food
  • Flashing LED lets you know it's working
  • 5.5Hx2.8Wx2.8D"
Customer Reviews:
  • Save your money
    My fridge has had this smell of 'musty'. I've tried cleaning and also used Baking soda. Nothing. Bought the Advanced Pure Air after reading a few reviews and what it can do. WASTE OF MONEY. Hasn't helped at all.

    dont' spend the money...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Last month I went on vacation for a week. While I was away, my Maytag refrigerator stopped working and the entire contents of both my refrigerator and freeze spoiled. The smell was toxic!! It was so bad, that my neighbors thought someone had died in my apartment and called building management to check on it. They had to send professional cleaners in to clean up the mess. Even so, when I got home, I was greeted by an order that was indescribable. I tried every type of cleanser there is under the sun (bleach, ammonia, baking soda, incense) and nothing would get rid of the smell. Four weeks later, the smell was still there. I was ready to throw out the refrigerator and get a new one but decided to try this product first. I am happy to say that within 3 days, the smell was gone. So if it could work on my refrigerator then I am sure that it can work on normal everyday scents that may occur. I highly recommend this product. My only complaint is that it can't be used in my freezer. ...more info
  • Odorizer
    Ultra-Pure 32 Refrigerator Deodorizer & FreshenerThis odorizer works GREAT!! I was unable to get odors out by any method that was recommended to me. This removed bad odor within 24 hours. I may order another as a spare in case this one should quit operating....more info