Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software

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The Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer is an advanced, high-tech pedometer that--thanks to unique dual sensor technology--can be carried in your pocket or bag. Now you can just drop your pedometer in your purse to find out how much exercise you get in a typical day of work, errands, and other tasks. Of course, you can also attach it to your belt like a traditional pedometer.

The device's large, easy-to-read LCD display can separately display aerobic steps and minutes walked more than 10 minutes continuously, so you always have the information you need right in front of you. Meanwhile, a seven day history lets you review a full week of exercise, and there's also a 42-day memory for uploading past workouts to your PC. The device resets at midnight automatically so it's ready to go every morning. Of course, the device can also function as a handy and highly accurate clock. It also comes with a detachable belt holder and security strap so it's always close at hand.

The HJ-720ITC is powered by a replaceable lithium battery (CR2032) that will last six months when used for walking 10,000 steps a day. The pedometer also includes PC software for Windows 2000 or XP, which keeps track of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress.

The included Omron Health Management Software provides a steps graph that lets you see how your values are trending over time. View larger.

View pedometer and blood pressure data together (via a split screen) on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. View larger.
Omron Health Management Software
Take your health to the next level with the included Omron Health Management Software. This PC software provides a blood pressure and pulse graph that lets you see how your values are trending over time. A morning/evening comparison graph tracks your morning and evening systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. You can also view your most common values and identify variations by time frame with the frequency distribution graph. The software is simple to use, and it supports multiple users. With just one click, you can download data via the HJ-720ITC's USB connection and see graphically displayed measurements on your computer screen in seconds.

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  • Steps
  • Steps
  • Moderate steps and minutes
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Steps
  • Aerobic steps and minutes
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Steps
  • Aerobic steps and minutes
  • Calories
  • Distance
Product Placement Clip to belt Clip to belt Pocket, bag or clip to belt Pocket, bag or clip to belt
History 7 days 7 days 7 days 7 days (displayed)
42 days (in memory)
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Batteries 3 VDC (1 lithium battery CR2032) 3 VDC (1 lithium battery CR2032) 3 VDC (1 lithium battery CR2032) 3 VDC (1 lithium battery CR2032)
Estimated Battery Life Approx. 1 year
(when used for walking 10,000 steps a day)
Approx. 1 year
(when used for walking 10,000 steps a day)
Approx. 6 months
(when used for walking 10,000 steps a day)
Approx. 6 months
(when used for walking 10,000 steps a day)
Time of Day Display
Omron Health Management Software

Q&A - Pedometers

Does it matter where the pedometer is placed or attached?
The HJ-150 and 151 Pedometer must be positioned correctly. Attach the unit to your belt or to the top of your waistband. The unit must be horizontal to the ground in order for the unit to function correctly. The HJ-112 and HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer can also be placed in your pocket or purse.
What's the accuracy rate of Omron Pedometers?
The precision of the step counting is within +/- 5%.
What are moderate steps?
At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended each day. The HJ-151 Pedometer separately displays the steps and minutes walked at a moderate pace.
What are aerobic steps?
The HJ-112 and HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer separately displays aerobic steps and minutes that start counting after 10 minutes of continuous walking with more than 60 steps a minute.
How does the PC software work?
The HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer includes PC software for Windows 2000 or XP. It keeps track of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress.

  • Measures steps, aerobic steps and minutes, calories and distance
  • Separately displays aerobic steps and minutes walked more than 10 minutes continuously
  • 7 day history lets you review a full week of exercise
  • Features include large display, clock, detachable belt holder and security strap
  • NOTE: The manual included with this item incorrectly states that the unit itself shuts down automatically each day - the settings do reset each day at midnight however the unit itself must be manually shut-down

Customer Reviews:

  • Changed my behavior
    I love the software that comes with this pedometer. It is definitely worth the extra money.

    My first day wearing this, I walked 1,300 steps. I now have a daily goal of 14,000 steps and I am meeting it - on average. I've gone from being a total couch potato to watching my pedometer and choosing to go out walking to get my number of steps up. If you need motivation to walk, and charts and graphs and seeing your patterns change is motivation for you, you'll love this pedometer....more info
  • Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer
    Everyone should be aware of how much your body is working during the day. I find this product to be a life saver in keeping track of your activity! This little, easy to use device, will help you keep track of your steps and calories, and with that you can set goals. I find myself trying harder the next day to achieve more steps. This product gives you the incentive you need when watching your calories! A MUST HAVE! So, click that 'buy' button, because this one you can't pass up!...more info
  • So far so good
    So far so good. I like the ability to down load your performance. It is a bit bulky but when you attach it to your belt, it does stay in place.
    ...more info
  • Omron Pedometer
    Love this product. Like the fact I can download this meter and take it with me to the doctor and we can review my exercise program. Only bad point is the clip. It will come loose from your clothing very easily. ...more info
  • Omron pedometer
    I have been using this pedometer almost daily for over a month. It really works well, better than the 3 others that I have had previously. I like the way that it resets to 0 at midnight. I especially like the fact that one can carry it in a shirt pocket as well as clipped on the belt. It actually works well in the pocket. It tracks a lot of information: steps, arobic steps, distance, calories burned. It has a clock. It is streamlined and small. The belt clip is removable. The package also includes a CD that enables a person to hook up to the computer to keep track of the information over time. I have not tried that yet, but this is a feature that could be very useful. The unit itself keeps track of the information for about a week.Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software...more info
  • does the job! Use the LEASH!
    I upgraded from a cheap free pedometer given to me from work because it wasn't accurate and i kept hitting the reset button. The Ormon pedometer was sooo easy to set up and use. However... i would have lost it several times if not for the leash that came with it. DON'T USE IT WITHOUT THE LEASH... you will make the person that finds your expensive pedometer very happy!! I love the software that comes with it, it allows me to track my progress. Makes it easy to monitor my acitivity level. I set my activity goals and the pedometer tracks my successes (and challenges). I would recommend this product. :)...more info
  • I L-O-V-E love this pedometer!
    This pedometer was sooooo worth the money! I was going to go with the more stripped down version, but with Amazon free shipping, there was barely a difference in price, so I went for the souped up model. I am enjoying the "hour by hour" breakdown of activity far more than I anticipated because it has highlighted how little I move when I am at work. I also really appreciate that the pedometer stores activity by day and, therefore, resets to zero at midnight.

    The pedometer is quite accurate and I appreciate being able to keep it in my pocket rather than clipped to my belt (unless I'm wearing something without pockets). In either case, I also like the very sturdy and secure "safety leash" to safeguard my investment. I haven't lost it yet!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I bought this for my wife for Valentines Day. She loves it. It seems to be the most appreciated Valentines gift in 20 years. 2 1/2 months of constant use and it does what it advertises....more info
  • Absolutely love it!
    The first couple days, I just did my normal daily things. I was unpleasantly surprised to find that I was walking only 2,500 to 3,000 steps.

    No more. This pedometer helps keep me motivated to do a minimum of 10,000 steps daily. Most often, I find myself in the 12,000 -13,000 range, which for me is about 5 miles. In just under 2 months, I have dropped 10 pounds.

    In my opinion, the only way this pedometer could be improved would be if the folks at Omron could add a backlight for evening walks.

    I just purchased a 2nd one for my daughter....more info
  • Serious design flaw
    From the first day that I used this unit, I could not keep it from falling out of the manufacturer provided belt clip. The unit does not "click" into basically just sits there in the first day out with it, it fell out of the clip and I to go back, retracing my steps to find it in the grass...when it doesn't fall out of the clip, the clip and unit fall off whatever I try to clip it to...I have tried my belt, tried my pants pocket, tried the waist of my jeans with no belt...every time I used it, it fell off...I never used it for running...just walking...and it still fell off...the design is flawed and I would not recommend this to anyone until the design is changed. ...more info
  • Awesome Pedometer!
    I've been using this pedometer for several months now and it certainly lives up to its billing. Very accurate, durable and easy to use. Computer software is a plus. I recommend it highly!...more info
  • Excellent pedometer for tracking
    This product was originally from "Life Fitness" (I believe). I already have the LifeFitness product and now when I got Omron I found both are exactly the same (just the brand is different). It is really one of the best pedometers for the price. It tracks the steps/miles/calories etc well and also remembers for more than 1 month. We can sync with the computer and track our progress. We can also set goals for what we target for and it shows nice smiley/grumpy faces when we meet/miss our targets....more info
  • Owned Omron Pedometer For More Than A Year & Still Love It!
    I purchased the Omron HJ-720ITC pedometer more than a year ago and I continue to use it every day. It's still working great and I have absolutely no complaints with it. It has an attractive look with a nice large digital display. Sturdy clip is great for wearing on your waistband or clipping on/in your pocket. Optional strap prevents pedometer from being dropped or lost. To get started you simply input the time of day, your weight, and the length of your stride. The pedometer tracks your total number of steps for the day, the number of those steps it calculated as aerobic, the amount of time your steps were aerobic, the approximate calories burned, and the distance (miles) you walked that day. It tracks 7 days of this information on the pedometer for easy viewing. Overall, it retains 42 days worth of information that you can upload into the Health Management software. Install of the HM software is pretty basic and the software is very user friendly. Battery is easy to change and battery life is excellent. ...more info
  • Stopped working after 3 days
    The Omron HJ-720ITC worked great for 3 days. Then it would get stuck and not count any steps, or it would jump huge spans of numbers going from 40 to 80 to 100. It has also started resetting it self back to zero randomly.
    I do give Amazon support 5 stars. I called them and they are sending me a lable to return the item and I should have the new pedometer in 4 days....more info
  • Love it - Lawn mowing = 6 miles
    I was a little weary purchasing this product based on some reviews stating it would not upload data after 45 days; well, here it is over 90 days and all is working well. NO SOFTWARE PROBLEMS - at all. Must have fixed the bug.

    This is a great tool and motivator if you like a challenge.
    ...more info
  • It makes me walk MORE!
    This is really a great product! One of the coolest things about it is that you can wear it on your belt, in your pants/shirt pocket, or even in your purse. I put it on first thing when I get up in the morning and take it off when I get into bed at night. I love the fact that I can load all my info onto the computer and see the little graph. It's really encouraged me to walk a lot more. I park all the way at the back of the parking lot, I make extra trips to my car to carry in groceries, I force my husband to go walk with me at the end of the day if I haven't reached my 10,000 steps. :) I wear it when I excerise with an elliptical too. The only time I really do have to take it off is when I ride my bike. It adds tons of steps and throws off my count. You won't regret this purchase!...more info
  • Great product
    I am very pleased with this pedometer. It is very accurate and easy to use. Highly recommended to anyone looking for motivation to lose weight and/or are curious to the number of miles/steps they walk a day. ...more info
  • Great product and very easy to use
    My doctor told me to start walking and buy a pedometer to record how many steps. I looked up reviews and this one rated great especially for the price. I have found it really easy to use and very reliable. I wear it daily now and it doesn't seem like it ever misses a step. I haven';t hooked it upto my computer yet but it is a nice option to track your progress.Would highly recommend....more info
  • I like it
    I like this product. I like that it keeps track of my step, miles and arobic exercise and that I can keep track of every thing on the computer. It's very modivating, I now walk more than I did before because I can see how much I've done. Some people complained that it's not alway accurate and I don't think it is all the time but it's the best one I've ever had. I don't think you can expect 100%. I like it....more info
  • Omron HJ-720ITC
    This product is the best I have ever used. I purchased it because all the other pedometers I have used did not keep an accurate record of the steps I took nor did they offer the add-on items such as calorie consumption, computer interfacing and mileage done. The HJ 720 ITC also works when placed in your pocket so as to avoid losing the pedometer. I am very pleased and would recommend it to everyone who wants to keep in shape....more info
  • Love it!
    Love this pedometer so much ... I bought another one to give as a gift for my sister. By far the best pedometer I've ever used ... and I've used quite a few. It's so great to finally get an accurate step count. Also, the fact that I slide it into my pocket, or purse is great. You don't have to worry about having it clipped just right on your pants. Also, there's not a button that can accidentally get pushed and put you back to zero; it just resets itself at midnight every night, and stores the previous days. Great product ... buy it now! ...more info
  • I love it!
    What can I say? I love my Omron pedometer! It was very easy to set up and the software installed with no problems at all even on my Vista computer. I have been using it for several weeks already and have downloaded to my computer many times. The software is a very useful tool to see how you are doing graphed over time. I have to say that I had looked at many local stores for this product and any of them that had it were double the price that Amazon was!! I have recommended it to several family members and even already bought one for my husband so that we can both track our steps. So far it seems to be very accurate and doesn't over/under count. I love it!!...more info
  • Love my Omron
    I started out with various free/cheap pedometers. Then I bought a $20 one from another store. It broke in under a month. I heard about Omron and started with the HJ-112. I loved it. After using that for over a year, I upgraded to the HJ-7201TC. I LOVE IT. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware - Data Transfer quits working
    I have owned the Omron HJ-720ITC for several months. Liked it so much I bought my wife one. Suddenly, the data transfer quit working. I have tried downloading a newer version of the software, that did not fix the problem. I have written Omron and have yet to hear back from them. I will not pay the $10 shipping since it is nearly the value of the product. The memory is full, but the unit so far can still be used as a pedometer. I would not recomend this product since the feature you pay the extra price for is the ability to download your data.

    Do not purchase this product....more info
  • Great Pedometer
    This is a great pedometer. This is my second one. NOTE: They are NOT waterproof! I was cleaning the pool with it on and I heard a bloop...looked down, and saw that my Omron had fallen in the pool. I fished it out, and while it still turned on, the mechanism no longer recorded steps...more info
  • Waste of money

    I bought this product hoping to get a better idea of how much walking I was actually doing. What I got was a stupid instruction manual that doesn't mention how to manually turn it off short of unscrewing the back with a tiny screwdriver(included) and then putting it back in and screwing the back on. Because of these complications the battery didn't last very long and I didn't have the patience to keep removing the battery. When you purchase this product it mentions this "slight" difficulty but again no mention of how to overcome it. ...more info
  • Minor nits, but the best one out there
    My company is sponsoring a walking contest, and I wanted an accurate pedometer. The Omron HJ-720ITC fit the bill nicely.

    When I buy a new product, I like to try to figure out how it works before reading the manual. The buttons are not labeled intuitively, but after a few fumbles, I set the clock and my stride distance. Once you know what the buttons do, this unit is easy to use. The belt clip is solid, and it's easy to forget you're wearing a pedometer. For the most part, the pedometer is solid, and it has survived a cat attack and a few short drops.

    The one issue I've had with the unit was when I inserted the battery. The included screw for the back cover is cheap and soft. I stripped the screw threads just by unscrewing it. Since I work with computers, I was able to dig up a stainless steel screw from a deceased hard drive carcass and attach the back to the pedometer. There is a rubber seal around the battery to keep out stray raindrops.

    The unit is accurate. I measured out a mile with my truck, and when I walked the same distance, the pedometer was spot-on.

    The software is easy to work with, and I can create reports and compare averages without even looking at the manual.

    I recommend this pedometer. This is the third pedometer I've tried in the last 30 days, and this is the one I'll keep....more info
  • Omron Pedometer Review
    Best pedometer I ever used. Very quiet, soundless unlike other clicking pedometers. Easy to set up and calibrate. Easy to use. Does not reset unless you really want it to reset. Computer software is easy to install and provides very useful information as to steps per hour per day and aerobic steps. I love this pedometer!!! Only drawback is it is a little bigger than most pedometers but the extra features are worth it....more info
  • Best Pedometer
    I have been using the Pedometer for a month now. Haven't had any problems at all....more info
  • Good product
    A little hard to understand what all is on it. Good for tracking steps. ...more info
  • Good value
    I have purchased two pocket pedometers. The first one I accidentally washed and thinking it didn't survive, ordered another. After drying it out, it still works so I gave it to a close friend. The settings are easy and the safety strap is a lifesaver. It is a plus to be able to download my steps to my computer to keep track of my progress. I'm looking forward to a summer of walking to better health. ...more info
  • Not Quite Good Enough
    Nice little device. But I was hoping that it would count and make measurements by me only walking. Unfortunatly it will keep counting
    from the movement of my 18 wheel truck.. It would probably only need an on and off switch to cure this problem.....more info
  • A Pedometer that got the geek walking more!
    I've had this Pedometer for over a month now and I absolute love it. I've had the cheap ones but they are junk compared to this one. It has got me to walk more and do more aerobic walking. The best part of the product is the software that comes with it, well worth the extra $$$. I enjoy going through the software's Walking Report by Day/Week/Month/Year/Total, I'm still geeking out at the walking per hour on the day's report. I also like that the pedometer resets at midnight. The software has goal setting in it, so I can set steps or grams of fat burned per day and then can see how I'm doing against them. Eventually I hope to getting up to walking 10,000 steps per day so I can start losing those unwanted pounds.
    Thanks Omron!
    ...more info
  • An excellent pedometer
    I have been using a pedometer for about a year and have had about five! The last one, from Wal Mart for $5, told me I had done 5,000 steps during grocery shopping. I wanted something reliable and finally gave up on the cheapies and went with Omron.

    I have had an Omron blood pressure monitor for fourteen years and it still looks and works like the day I bought it so I knew that Omron was a quality product.

    The pedometer doesn't dissapoint. It doesn't just track your steps... it keeps track of the steps you make each hour so you can see patterns. It also calculates the steps and time you spend aerobic walking. Best of all, if you don't want to wear it on your belt, it works just great in your pocket.

    The software is easy-to-use and very informative.

    This may be a lot more expensive than the pedometers at Wal-Mart but it's well worth the money....more info
  • Only one flaw....
    I love this item and the software. The pedometer itself is quite accurate. The software is very user-friendly. However, the belt clip for this item is TERRIBLE. It falls off my pants between 3-5 times per day. I'm afraid that one day it will damage the pedometer by falling apart or just quit working altogether. The belt clip is entirely too shallow to actually grip your pants. They really need to fix that. Other than that, no complaints and would recommend....more info
  • I love this pedometer
    This pedometer stays in place and seems very accurate for me - it doesn't count "false" steps. The software is basic but all that I really need - it is nice to not have to remember to write the numbers down at the end of the day!
    I would highly recommend this pedometer....more info


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