Marpac 980A Sound Screen & Sleepmate Sound Conditioner

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Product Description

Marpac Sound Screen Sleepmate 980 dual speed Sound Conditioner cuts out unwanted noises and creates white noise, the soothing sound of rushing air. Masks noises such as street noise, television and stereos, snoring spouse, barking dogs, conversations. Great to help relax patients of therapists, counselors, and dentists. Also good to eliminate sounds while studying and provides more confidentiality for meetings.

  • "White noise" sound machine masks unwanted noise for use in the home and office
  • Recommended for restless sleepers, shift workers, infants, children, students, apartment dwellers, office workers and many others
  • Dual Speed

Customer Reviews:

  • Sleeping soundly
    If you are looking to sleep through the night, this is the product for you. My husband and I live in an apartment building with our bedroom at the back facing the backs of several other buildings. There is always noise coming from several of the other buildings as well as airplanes flying over head and the hourly city buses/trucks that drive by in the front. When we moved in our sleep was always interrupted by these types of noises. This little machine has made sleeping through the night possible. We don't worry anymore about being woken up b/c it masks these noises so well we forgot they ever existed. This is money well spent!

    However, I also purchased this product to try to mask the loud bus/truck traffic noise during the day from the stop-light AND the bus stop out of the front of the building. This noise is unfortunately way too loud to make disappear, but the better sleep I have been getting has made this noise much better to deal with b/c I am no longer over-tired and cranky. I still look forward to great nights sleep. All I can say is BUY IT!!!...more info
  • Marpac 980 Sleepmate & Sound Screen Cond. White Noise Sleep Machine
    I found the sound on this machine irritating and actually prevented me from sleeping. It sounded more like a fan blowing than white noise. The volume control was also poor. Does not warrant the price. I would have liked to have known exactly what type of sound this product emitted before I purchased it. There was also a restocking fee of $10.99 which I felt was excessive. ...more info
  • Peaceful
    I experimented with placement of this unit. Too close to the bed and there was a vibration from the fan that I could hear. On the nightstand, the unit vibrated and resonated through the wood. I found that my unit sounds best when it is placed (a) on a pillow across the room from my bed, about 8 feet from the end of the bed or (b) on a wire shelf about 6 feet off the floor and about 5 feet from the bed. In either of these locations, the sound fills my sleeping space with a pleasant white noise that I tune out. I rarely hear my husband's snoring now, and I never hear anything from outside....more info
  • Fantastic Product!
    I have one of these in every bedroom of my home. My guest love spending the night and sleeping well from the relaxation the Sleepmate provides. I also use the Sleepmate 980A in my granddaughter's room while she naps during the day. She...well...sleeps like a baby...smiling. It filters out all the noise outside her bedroom window. Well worth the purchase!!!...more info
  • Amazing! The only white noise option for infants!
    We tried white noise cd's to calm our son but they would stop after the hour time and restart (even on the restart setting). Fans work good but can't use them year round. We also have a humidifer and it is great! But this is AMAZING. It has tons of different settings. Just plug it in and it goes forever! We use his overhead fan, his humidifer and the white noise machine every night. The white noise is nice because we took it on trips and it was a lifesaver! ...more info
  • true white noise
    We have had this unit for nearly two years and it is still working flawlessly. It is the only unit we have ever had that gives a true white noise - my ears pick up patterns on other machines. We are very pleased....more info
    Perfect for everyone, especially light sleepers ! Finally, my husband is sleeping soundly and waking up rested. In small apartments with thin walls, this is a BIG help for sleeping as well as privacy (conversations are muffled). We LOVE the Sleepmate and plan to take it with us wherever we go.
    ...more info
  • Very pleased!
    My wife purchased one of these white noise generators for a vacation we were going on over a year ago. It is small and very lightweight with an eight foot long cord, which is nice and long. Its small size means that it fits easily into any luggage and takes up very little room on a night stand. The noise it makes is pleasantly "white," which means that it doesn't disturb you while reading in bed and yet it provides enough cover for the little noises that can sound so loud at night. The volume produced can be modulated by turning the top, making it louder or softer.

    Overall, we are very pleased with our purchase of this item. We have experienced nothing but trouble free service from it, and we have even purchased a second one for the baby's room. We love this item and give it our highest recommendations!...more info
  • Sound machine
    Marpac 980 Sound Screen & SleepMate Sound Conditioner

    Perfect for Apartment living! It really helps eliminate noises that, otherwise, might keep you from trying to get to sleep.
    A very grateful customer!...more info
  • Marpac
    I am highly satisfied with the product. It reduces outside noise tremendously and i can recommend it to other users as well....more info
  • AHH...peace, at last!
    I think there is a contest in my neighborhood, that I'm unaware of. I suspect it's designed to find out which homes can produce the most noise. My neighbors are definitely in on it. They're probably in the top five! I surmise that when their dog isn't barking (constantly) on its own, they're standing in the yard yelling 'speak' and throwing meaty tidbits her way, while one child is toting a boom-box and the other is bouncing a basketball off the side of their house, for eight hours straight, often right onto my porch. I think the neighbor behind me is in the top five, too. He's taken up drums.

    Okay, okay...maybe it is just me and this is the normal hum of 'daylight living,' for which I've become so removed. I do a lot of 12 hour night shift work, and I can't expect the world to come to a screeching halt, because I'd like a little sleep, so something had to give.

    My new Marpac 980 recently arrived and I couldn't be more satisfied. It is small (and portable), but solidly built, with cushioning on the bottom to prevent vibration, or furniture scaring. The instructions are clear regarding how to adjust the volume quality, with the top rim and collar. It also has a low and high setting switch. I set mine on the highest level...remember, my neighbors are in the top five.

    For such a small machine, the sound really fills the room and there aren't any quirky artifacts, or rattles. The sound is consistent and pure. I quickly adjusted to this new, distraction from the madness, and found it quite comforting.

    On the very first trial, a water main had broken close to my home. There were Public Service workers with their, Bobcat, digging to China for several hours, and I could barely hear them. Ah, the sounds of success.

    If your neighborhood enters the contest, you might just want to consider one of these machines, too. Sleep deprivation is bad for both mental and physical health. Just ask me :-).

    ...more info
  • GREAT white noise machine!
    I purchased this white noise machine four months ago and it has been great. The volume is adjustable in both level and depth. We run ours continually in our daughter's nursery and she sleeps through anything. Now when we take her into her room and she hears the white noise sound, it's a cue to her to fall asleep. She is asleep within 1-2 minutes. And it's small enough to take on road trips....more info
  • totally worth it!
    I used to wear earplugs to bed, since i live on a loud city street. Now, I sleep deeply without earplugs because of this little machine. I love it....more info
  • Finally sleep, that is not interrupted by the loud neighbor.
    This small package is a valuable tool in my apartment and in a hotel room. Small, easy, variable sound volume helps me get a better sleep every night....more info


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