GT Lubricant Included Powerful Wired Silver Bullet Spot Style Back Scalp Body Battery Massager

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Product Description

Powerful GT SPOT 609 Massager with Personal Lubricant - Uses 2 AA batteries - Adjustable speed. A great value. Save more with combined shipping when you order 2 or more. They make great gifts for your friends, they are small inexpensive and enjoyable a Nice Compact Spot Massager. You know they will certainly enjoy this gift. Powerful Wired GT Silver Bullet Spot Style, Back, Scalp and Body Massager - Recommended to help relieve and sooth your sore tired Joints and Muscles always consult with your Doctor. Great for Sports or Travel, easily carried in sports or travel bag, purse or pocket.

  • Therapeutic Health, Back and Body, Stick and Spot Style Massagers.
  • Vibrating Bullet style
  • Massager that is small and can be used anywhere
  • Compact controller Uses 2 AA batterires
  • Recommended to help relieve and sooth your sore tired Joints, Muscles, Body and Scalp always consult with your Doctor. Great for Sports or Travel, easily carried in sports or travel bag, purse or pocket.

Customer Reviews:

  • too HOT to handle!
    Mine caught on fire.

    Yes. You heard me right. The wire from the remote caught on fire while I was using it and slowly started to burn up the wire. Luckily I noticed this before any REAL "damage" was done!!!

    ...more info
  • silver bullet
    works great my wife loved greatt and has a greatt price.for a cheap silver bullet its well worth it....more info
  • Ahh, basic comforts
    I like egg/bullet-type vibrators the most, and this little baby definitely delivers! For the price, it's unbeatable! The wire is a good length-- ample room without getting tangled/twisted-- and the sliding switch works beautifully. The vibration is plenty powerful (especially with those lithium batteries), and this thing is QUIET. MUCH quieter than I expected, given what I paid for it.

    Delighted, pleased and pleasured. I highly recommend this product, especially for people looking to start building a collection of sex toys. The shape is nonthreatening (for men and women), the noise level is minimal, and the vibrations are just perfect. Go for it!...more info
  • A lot of buzz for your buck
    Great product! Lots of power for such a little vibe. If you're looking for a good little vibe, try this one. Small and discreet, quiet, long enough cord to move around comfortably. I have purchased hundreds of dollars in "toys" and this one has the best bang for your buck....more info
  • My Favorite!
    This is by far the best "massager" I have ever used. I love it! This is about my 10th one I bought. I wish they would last a little longer, but for the price, I can't complain. Mine start to stop working about 8 months after I use it. Maybe I just use it a little too much??? I just can't get enough.

    Mrs. P...more info
  • Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!
    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Best BANG for the lil buck! Good Golly Miss Molly! Wheeeeewwwwwww!...more info
  • Happy Smiling faces ...
    This little baby , outzooms many of the big fancy colorful versions of ... uh ... vibrating items . The phrase "bang for the buck" especially applies here ! Don't hesitate to try one !...more info


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