Praying Mantid 2 Egg Cases 100 to 400 Babies

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These ferocious looking creatures eat a wide variety of insects: beetles, caterpillars, grubs, aphids, grass-hoppers, almost anything that moves. But they are so much fun that many people buy them for pets. And since they don't fly, they stay right in the area where they are released. Like ladybugs, preying mantids are completely harmless to people, pets, and the environment. RELEASE: Put the egg case in a bush, hedge, limb, or anything more than two feet above the ground. The egg case may be inserted in the fork of a branch or hung with a piece of string or needle and thread run through the outside of the case. Hanging will help keep birds and rodents from eating the eggs in the case. If ants are in the area oiling the string will help keep them away. LIFE CYCLE: Praying Mantids hatch out of their egg case along the seam that looks like louvered windows with some mud packed on top. They hatch in the Spring when the weather warms, the warmer the temperature, the sooner they hatch. Unlike most insects the Mantids do not hatch as larvae, they emerge as miniature adults, about half an inch long. They will grow through the Spring and Summer until they reach a length of 5 to 6 inches, shedding their skins several times. While most insects are constantly searching for food, Mantids are content to stay in one area and wait for their food to walk by and then grab it with their strong forelegs. This is why they are good to use early in the season, before there are pest problems, and use other insects after pests arrive.

  • Eat a wide variety of insects; beetles, caterpillars, grubs, aphids, grasshoppers & more
  • Tend to stay in the area where released.
  • Harmless to people and pets!
  • Harmless to the environment!

Customer Reviews:

  • Bugs Galore
    The mantid eggs came in fine condition and when they hatched I had little baby mantids all over. I see them from time to time around my garden, I was very glad the way this turned out....more info
  • Praying Mantis to the rescue!
    I ordered these for my flower garden to get rid of the Japanese beetles. The seller sent this promptly....more info
  • So far, so good
    I purchased 4 egg cases. They were delivered quick. I immediately hung two eggs outside in out-of-sight places. They disappeared quickly - I can only assume something ate them. The other two I put in my son's bug habitat. After a month, they hatched within days of each other. We counted as we let them go and we had over 400. Unfortunately, they do start killing each other as soon as they hatch and so we lost almost half in the first hour they were hatched. A few days ago (almost a month after release) I did see one of them and he looked quite healthy, so the product is good if you can manage to keep the eggs until they hatch and then get them released the minute they hatch....more info
  • This company is inconsistant logistics and rude cust service
    Ordered live lady bugs and praying matid eggs they took my money for 2and day delivery but did not follow through. They also said they could not deliver becouse of hot weather however after returning from my trip I found the package had been delivered but full of ants and no good. They charged me any way! I also complained to Amazon heard nothing...more info
  • praying mantis egg cases
    Not sure yet. It's been a month and still they have not hatched. I had read that it takes up to 10 weeks, so still looking for little nymphs every day....more info
  • praying mantis
    excellent product for schools or personal use came delivered in great condition hatching in 10 days the other in 16 days very interesting to watch gave one to a child who loved the experience do it every year through hirts also order live lady bugs great addition to my garden...more info
    Excellent for the price. Egg clusters vary from small to large. Only time will tell how well they hatch. The proof is in the pudding. Hope to see little ones hopping throughout my garden....more info


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