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"COMFORT AIRE" DEHUMIDIFIER 65 pint 115V 830 watts Dimensions: 21-1/4"x 15-5/32" x 13-3/8" Touchpad control Electronic control Auto restart Auto humidistat control 2 fan speeds Airflow 131/120 cfm Unique design to flush wall Low noise operation Top air discharge Bucket capacity 22 pints Automatic full bucket shut off Front access bucket with hand hold Auto defrost control "Energy Star" qualified Actual v. set humidity/temp. read out Low temp operation (to 42 degrees F) Washable filter 4 casters Boxed

  • 65 pint
  • 115V
  • 830 watts
  • 7.8 amps
Customer Reviews:
  • how do they get away with this?!
    I have to agree with all the negative reviews I have read-- I only wish I had seen them before I was fooled into buying this unit. It was malfunctioning within the first month. It kept displaying the numbers for desired and room humidity all wrong. After about a year, it just stopped working. Then, just as mysteriously, it started again a few tries later. Now, less then 2 years later, it is deader than a door knob!! What a waste of money! I've been beating myself up about having been too busy to take care of the problem right away, based on the assumption I had an isolated problem. My only consolation is that no matter what, I probably would have ended up in the same place I am now. Great.. ...more info
  • Do Not Buy Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers
    I purchased the BHD-651 Dehumidifer which has the built-in heater unit to prevent coil freeze-ups in cool basements, although my basement never gets below 60 degrees.
    After less than four years of use, with required maintenance, my unit froze up.
    I contacted "Heat Controller, Inc. (Comfort-Aire)" and was told my nearest repair location was over 100 miles from my home. I was also told all costs besides the compressor would be billed to me which could cost as much as a new unit.
    Product, service - awful. Beware!!!
    ...more info
  • Comfort-Aire Dehumidifier
    Works well - a bit noisy on high fan setting - useful humidty % display- recommended...more info
  • Tempted? - Don't buy it!
    After just 24 months of continuous basement use, this dehumidifiers fan failed. Noises from the basement finally alerted me to the problem. The compressor was loudly failing; likely from the regular overheating caused by the failed fan. I had just checked on it a few days ago and now I it was junk.
    At nearly $300, this products failure in less than 6 years is unacceptable.
    Buy another brand...more info
  • better than reviews
    Read the negative reviews, bought anyway...so far very pleased. Its features include a digital readout of current humidity level and a adjustable digital level as you desire. It is quiet compared to the three year my previous old other mfg unit with pump. It has already reduced the moisture level in an extremly large basement by 20%. I have mine gravity drained to a basement sump pump. That connection is confusing but was easlily achieved after talking with mfg customer service....more info