Multitec Ion Air Purifier

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Product Description

MultiTec Ion Air Purifier. 6 tech (Ionizer HEPA Germacial UV activated carbon filter anti-bacterial pre-filter ozone option. Covers up to 500 sq ft.

  • 6-stage air purification system
  • Air filter sterilization
  • Programmable ozone output
  • Quiet and powerful fan
Customer Reviews:
  • Great value for its bucks
    This purifier combines several (i.e. 5) techonologies in one inexpensive unit. There are purifiers which employ only one technology and yet cost about twice as much, such as the Ionic Breeze Quandra. It does make a difference in the air, and the filter seems cheaper and needs replacement less often than with other purifiers.

    It also has a "sanitizer" option, which is basically an ozone generator. Note: do not exagerate with ozone, it's not safe in high quantities - if you smell "funny", then ventilate the room, you have too much ozone.

    You even have a timer to turn off the unit - I use it to have my room's clean when I get back from work, yet without having it run needlessly. What I wished is different is to have the option to turn off the sanitizer only with a timer, not necessarily the whole unit. It is safe to leave the unit running 24x7, but not true for ozone, so I see a value in having that feature.

    Overall, worth every penny....more info
  • I am very pleased with this product.
    I bought the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C about 2 months ago. Since then I have been running it daily and notice a big difference of the air quality in my home. My daughter has severe allergies and since getting this unit, she hasn't been to the doctor once! This was well worth the money!...more info
  • not bad but not good
    this product indeed circulates the air and makes the air seem less stuffy. it feels good but at the same time the awful smell it lets out can make you feel pretty bad. walking by this unit i feel very sick because of that weird smell it emits (i think its ozone, and yea, it even smells horrible when the ozone button is OFF). i liked the way it kept my room pretty cool and dust-free but the smell is just overwhelming so i had to return it. if it wasnt for that painful smell, which is ozone, this unit would be a good one, i want one like it, but without the damn smell.

    Update: Just to let you all know, ozone is actually very harmful to your health. This product claims to have a button to turn off ozone (which you will notice increases the horrible smell it still emits while ozone sanitizer is off) but it can't ever be turned off.

    Here is a link as proof that ozone emitting air purifiers are detrimental ...more info
  • Good so far in a tough environment
    We live next to a rock quarry and this air filter has done a good job of keeping the air clean and relieving our sons allergy symptoms. The only drawback to it is the square footage that it covers. We have a very dirty air quality with the quarry near by, so the area coverage is probably only about 300 square feet. The quality of the filter is on par with others that I have seen available locally. All in all, a pretty good product....more info
  • Best on the market.
    I have severe allergies and asthma, and for years have been searching for an air purifier/filter to keep in my home. I have tried almost all on the market, and this one more than beats out the competition. It is very quiet, and covers a large space. In our six bedroom home, we have six, one for each of two living areas and four for the four used bedrooms. You might not need to use as many, but I share allergies with my family. Since I started using these filters, I have been able to cut back on the amount of allergy medication I take, as well as stay healthier (the uv light kills germs). I really don't think you can go wrong with this product....more info
  • Very Loud + Little Purification = No Recommend
    The only reason I gave this product two stars is because it worked better than having nothing at all. I am very allergic to my wife's dog which brings about asthma attacks so I originaly bought the Biozone 3000w and it worked like a charm. Unfortunatly it was just to strong for the bedroom, but very quiet (it is rated for a minimum of 500 feet, so in the 200sqft bedroom it smells a little like bleech) so it now easily purifies the rest of the house all day long. I read some good things about this product from Surrond Air and thought I would give it a try. First of all it was very very loud, I was ok with that because I have slept through earthquakes, my wife also falls asleep easily. The problem is that it does not work. I put the biozone back in the room after trying this product for three weeks and I am sleeping well again!...more info
  • So Far, *Extremely* Good! :o)
    I have been using the Multitech for over two months now, having used only Bionaire products before, and I am very satisfied. The unit is clearly cleansing the air as advertised, and I get very satisfactory airflow (especially on Maximum setting). (I wonder if those users who complained about the Airflow had not read the instructions and removed the tear-off flap from the filter-cartridge before turning the unit on!?) Look people: it's NOT a Fan; it won't blast air out like a wind tunnel. What it does is a thorough job of cleaning and filtering, and unlike other ionizer/filters, it actually kills germs and mold with ultraviolet light as well. I strongly recommend this unit....more info
  • OK for small spaces; will not last very long (few months)
    I could find one of the most important info about this product only on the side of its box. This device is rated at 71CFM at (probably) the max speed for the fan, which translates into about 20m complete air recycle for a room of just 15 by 10 by 9.
    At max speed, the unit is too noisy to be left on in a small bedroom.
    The ozone/filter does a good job with odors in relatively small kitchens, and the built-in timer is quite handy.

    Update: After about 3 months of use, the fan control burned out, filling the room with an acrid smell.

    Update: Received replacement unit. One of the clips holding the front panel is broken off, and unlike the previous unit, turning the ionizer on does not produce any "ozone smell" (meaning is probably broken). I wish I could change my rating to 2 stars.

    Final Update: Speed button on replacement unit failed after a few months of use. Now it is stuck on low, which is quiet, but does not move much air. Ratings changed to 1 star. Not reccomended....more info
  • Wonderful Product
    I bought this purifier due to all it's features. I have severe allergies and wanted a purifier/sanitizer that would work. I tried the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze (worthless google search and look at all the reports on it) it it didn't do anything.
    I do agree that this unit needs a stronger fan but that doesn't mean it wont purifier the air. I let this run in my friends house who has a black lab (that I'm severly allergic too) and within 1 hour, you couldn't even smell that "dog smell" and I could breathe just fine. Since I could breathe without using my inhaler, I new the air was getting filtered. Since the smell was gone, the sanitizer feature was working great.
    I also used it for a poker party I had with cigar smokers. No it didn't clear the smoke and the smell instantly, but by the next morning, there was no smoke and not a hint of cigar smell in the air! It works just as it says and I recomend it highly.
    I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I do agree that it needs a stronger fan but it works just as they say....more info
  • Don't recommend, period!
    Bought three of these based on reviews from their own website. Should have known better. My air conditioner filters more particulate. The filter intake barely could hold a tissue in place, so you can tell there is really not much volume passing through. The fans are not strong enough to pull air through the filter. The filter medium is just too thick and air does not easily pass through. The ozone feature deoderizes, but I wanted air purification. We noticed no difference in air quality. Go with a better known brand like the Hamilton Beach. To the reviewer who suggested the filter cover may not have been removed - the perforated cover was removed....more info