LiftMaster 3800 Wall Mounted Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

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3800 Wall Mounted, Residential Jackshaft Opener. Designed for garages and unique applications that don't allow for a traditional garage door opener. Ultra-quiet 24V DC motor performance. For sectional doors only, up to 14 feet high or 180 square feet. Optional EverCharge battery backup system reliably opens door even when the power goes out. Meets all UL325 requirements

  • Designed for garages and unique applications that don't allow for a traditional garage door opener
  • Ultra-quiet 24V DC motor performance
  • For sectional doors only, up to 14 feet high or 180 square feet
  • Optional EverCharge battery backup system reliably opens door even when the power goes out
  • Meets all UL325 requirements

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I had modified a Wayne Dalton iDrive (modifying it to work very much like the LM 3800) to operate my high lift door but after three years it started to show wear. The LM 3800 was the obvious choice since it is made for this type of application.

    The downside is the installation, it can be a lot more involved than the directions imply, especially finding a mounting spot for the cable tension switch. In the end it all worked out and the opener works very well!

    One shortcoming, the WD opener used a wireless wall console but the 3800 does not have such a feature. Because of this I had to run the wires from the middle of the ceiling (where the original opener was mounted and where the house was wired) to the side of the door for the 3800. I also had to wire the safety lights too since the original wires also went to the middle of the ceiling....more info
  • Better than a chain drive.
    I found this opener easier and faster to install than the standard chain type openers. Very well thought out, and I found the instructions clear and easy to understand. I had no trouble whatsoever with the installation, even considering my "average" mechanical skills. After I finished the install, everything worked properly, the first time.

    I am using this on a 12'x12' door in a building that's 42'x50', still even considering the distances I had to cover, the wire they provided was enough to get me where I needed to go. I have two more doors to do someday and I'll definitely go with this model again.

    I happened to have a 3/4" drill bit to drill metal with, but I think that would be the one thing that most people would not have handy, so make sure you have that. ...more info
  • Liftmaster 3800 RJO Door opener
    The 3800 door opener was VERY easy to install. The appearance is better than overhead openers since it's relatively small and out of the way. I like the wirelessly operated overhead light that comes with it. The motion detector that can control the light (if you enable it) is great, too. My only small difficulty was aligning the infra red sensors at the bottom of the door. They were aligned so that the alignment lights were on but were not quite set right when the door was open and had to be reset. The diagnostic display on the control unit is helpful and will tell you what the problem is. I definitely would buy this unit again when we move to a new home. ...more info
  • Wow very cool opener
    With some help from a friend, a neighbors allen wrench set, and a tall ladder we installed the opener with relatively little trouble. The opener is whisper quiet and works great so far (3 days) . Our garage has really high ceilings so a chain drive or screw drive opener would have been even tougher to install. I love the low profile unobtrusive nature of this item, when you look in the garage there isn't a lot of evidence that it is there unless you look for it. The first thing my friend said when we got it running was "wow that thing is so quiet" then he asked how much. I think he might want one too. Anyways, It is definitely a two person job. one person has to hold stuff as the other attaches, or one has to push the controller while the other adjusts settings on the unit itself. The install took about 2.5 hours but that was a first time and we were definitely not rushing. An experienced installer could probably get it done in 1.5 to 2 hours. Overall I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend this to others....more info
  • Best opener ever!
    I have owned and installed many garage door openers.The Liftmaster 3800 is by far the easiest to install. It is also the quietest.If there is any draw back it would be considered a little pricey. I paid $365 thru Amazon. The best price I could find locally was $495 out the door & $695 installed. It took me about 3 hours to install and as with all projects that time could be cut in half on the second one. I would recommend this product to anyone who has the space to install it....more info
  • Great Opener, Questionable Customer Service
    I installed this LiftMaster 3800 opener in my garage over this past weekend. It took a couple of hours in total, not because the installation is terribly complicated but just because there's a lot of little things to do during the installation. The instructions are very thorough and accurate and the opener works extremely well.

    When I got home last night, after using the opener for 3 days, I noticed that the light was no longer working. I checked the power to it, replaced the bulbs and attempted to reprogram it. Bottom line is that the light simply stopped responding to commands from the head unit and the wall-mounted control. Unlike conventional garage door openers the light is 'wireless' in that it receives commands to turn on and off remotely. You simply plug it into an outlet anywhere in the garage. This, evidently, was a scenario Chamberlain's customer service was not prepared for. Despite giving them my model number the representative could not come to grips with the fact that the light was not part of the motor assembly. After providing her the model number of the light itself we began to make progress. However, once we reached a point where there was no more troubleshooting to be done and the light still did not work there was an awkward silence. After about 10 minutes of this silence (though I could hear voices in the background) I asked if she was still there. She said yes and that she would need to talk to a supervisor. She did and the supervisor wanted me to 'hard wire' the wall mount to the motor assembly. She could not adequately explain to me what that meant. The wall control IS hard-wired to the motor, albeit with 30-feet of wire. All other functions of the wall control work so I knew that wasn't the problem. The motor assembly is 11-feet off the ground and I wasn't about to dig out the ladder, move the car and climb up there knowing full well that nothing I did to the motor assembly was going to fix that light. After multiple requests the supervisor refused to speak with me and they reluctantly agreed to replace the light. In total I had over an hour invested in that phone call.

    Back to the review....I really wanted to ding the opener for my poor customer service experience. But that wouldn't be fair. With the exception of this light problem, I am so impressed with this opener that I need to give it 5 stars.

    The opener is extremely quiet and smooth. I replaced a Craftsman chain-driven opener with this Liftmaster 3800 and the difference is like night and day. My bedroom is above my garage so it's important to have a quiet opener that is NOT mounted to the ceiling (which is obviously the bedroom floor). The door opens substantially faster than the conventional opener I replaced and slows to a graceful stop just before the preset travel limit. On the down cycle the door closes at the same rate as the old opener.

    The standard package of features with the opener is outstanding. It comes with a nice, blue-backlit LCD wall controller that displays the time and temperature. The wall control gives you status messages and also contains a motion detector that turns on the lights when you enter the garage. You can also program new remotes using the wall control rather than having to climb up and hit the 'learn' button on the motor unit (though you could do that if you wanted to). The remote control that comes with the unit has nice, blue LEDs that illuminate when it senses that your hand is near it. This is great when you're fishing around your console in the dark for the remote. Last, the dead bolt feature is a nice added security option.

    Installation is not complicated. The hardest part was installing the collar that connects the motor shaft to the torsion bar assembly. They use some sort of super-duper thread lock that makes it difficult to turn the bolts. They have Allen's heads so make sure you have a sturdy, hardened Allen's wrench. There is not a lot of room, either, so take the advice in the instructions and position the collar in a manner that allows you to get at all the bolts. The only tool required that the average handyman might not have is a 3/4" metal bit for drilling the dead bolt hole. That's a big bit and most drill bit sets only go up to 1/2".

    Programming is simple if you follow the instructions. I easily programmed the door stops in a matter of minutes and it self-learns the force limits based on a full cycle of door operation. The opener is Homelink compatible and I programmed both my vehicles to operate the door without any trouble.

    Last, a word to the wise, most accessories for the door start with the number "3". I ordered a keypad and keyfob remote for the door and both were incorrect. Just because a device says it's SECURITY + compatible doesn't mean it works with the 3800 opener. Make sure you get a device that works with SECURITY + and is also for openers with a PURPLE learn button.
    ...more info
  • A great improvement over chain and screw drives--easy adjustment
    My 20 year-old garage has now experienced three openers--chain drive, screw drive, and the subject jack shaft drive. My original chain drive unit died, and I replaced it with the screw drive unit. In both cases, with a double-wide garage door, I found the center pull of the drive (on the top center of the door was causing, over the years, some serious (2-inch Plus) distortion of the door. This may have been due to incorrect settings of the force controls for the door.
    I found the basic installation of the 3800 to be straightforward. I took much longer to install because of adding an electrical outlet and hiding the control wiring nicely in a finished garage. I found that a 3/4" drill bit was not necessary--the largest (1/2") bit with a very small amount of hand filing was all that was needed for the deadbolt locking mechanism.
    By far the nicest part of the installation was the limits adjustment. Having suffered through placement of micro-switches on the rail of my previous screw drive opener, the all-electronic/push button magic of the 3800 was a snap.
    The second nicest part is the control unit, with its alphanumeric display and remote programming are so much nicer than climbing on a ladder, pushing a button, watching blinking lights, etc., associated with other openers.
    Last, the unit is not yanking on the middle of my garage door, both avoiding the distortion of my now-structurally weakened door, and avoiding the noise from the screw or chain drive being amplified like a drum head by the garage door. This unit is quiet!...more info
  • Just installed one
    I was a little skeptical of this new technology. Why wasn't anyone else making an opener like this one? So I moved into a new house with a 3 car garage that was unfinished. I decided to try one on the main door and evaluate it. I finally got it up. I have never hung a regular opener on that suspended metal holder that they use to get the motor to the exactly right place. But this seemed easy to place on the jack shaft and bolt the other end down to the wall. I can't imagine why no one has ever thought of this before. The hardest part was getting those horseshoe nails onto the wire runs. It worked immediately and went thru the calibration so quickly and easily that I wondered if I had done them right. It is sooo quiet that you think it can't possibly work that way. But its neat how it slows to a stop at the end of the cycle. So I sent for two more today to install on the other two doors. I also ordered two of those key fob remotes.(870's I think) I am looking forward to years of use as I think there is less vibration and moving parts to wear out....more info
  • Great Garage Door Opener - Liftmaster 3800
    I bought this opener after converting my single bay garage door to a "high lift". The opener was very easy to install. Unlike the chain-driven t-bar openers which require you to attach the motor assembly to the t-bar, attach the end of the t-bar above the garage door opening, swing the motor assembly roughly in place (setting on top of a ladder), then hang straps from the ceiling, attach the motor assembly to the straps.....The Jackshaft is much easier. It goes like this: attach the coupler to the motor assembly (tighten 2 screws), slide the motor assembly with coupler on to the torsion spring bar & tighten (2 screws), attach bracket to motor assembly & wall (4 screws). Everything is now in place. Mount the sensors, wire it up, adjust the "up" and "down" settings, and enjoy a much quieter garage door. The time and temperature display on the wall mount switch assembly is pretty cool. I can't wait for the opener on the other door to go out so I can replace it with a Liftmaster 3800!...more info
  • Liftmaster 3800: a great value
    There seems to be some confusion between the Liftmaster 3800 and the Wayne Dalton jackshaft unit. The Wayne Dalton is the unit which many stores stopped carrying due to its poor performance. W-D has since revamped the unit but I don't know anything about it beyond that.

    I purchased the Liftmaster 3800 jackshaft opener a few weeks back and have been very impressed with it overall. Installation was fairly straightforward, although I did read the install manual all the way through before starting. There is also a multi chapter install video for the 3800 that I found on youtube. I installed the unit by myself in about 2.5 hours. There are a lot of small steps involved but nothing overly difficult.The programming was straightforward, however I would suggest reading the manual through first.

    The unit in operation is extremely quiet. In fact almost all you hear is the door rollers in the track. It has an elegant backlit digital wall unit which displays time & temp, and the blue LED, motion sensitive remote is about the classiest I have seen.

    Another nice feature is the automatic deadbolt which is installed on the track just above one of the rollers. This keeps the door from being pried up from the outside by "ne'er-do-wells".

    All in all I am very happy with the unit. In general it's hard to get excited abut a garage door opener, but this one is pretty cool. In fact I wish I would have installed this on my other door instead of a traditional one.

    If you have an 8' or taller door you will need to spend a little more on an opener either way. I would seriously consider this unit.

    Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • Liftmaster 3800 Jackshaft opener
    I purchased this opener and installed it in about 2.5hrs. I had a slight advantage because I was able to utilize the safety sensors from my previous opener, thus saving a small amount of time with the new wiring.

    Unlike some other reviewers, I found the installation instructions very clear and easy to follow. In fact; most sections could be read once and the component installed without referring back to the manual. As another reviewer stated; it is a good idea to make sure you have all of the necessary tools on the included tools required list before starting, to avoid un-necessary interruptions once you get going.

    The only odd thing I noticed was during the initial door travel setup. When setting the upper and lower stop limits per the directions, it was necessary to perform the steps at least twice before the unit remembered the travel limits. Just as an experiment, I reset the unit three times, and all three times it required at least two attempts before the programming would take. It's not a problem but just something to be aware of.

    The unit has been installed and working flawlessly for two months now and I have to say that this is the smoothest, quietest opener I have ever seen. During my initial testing of the unit, I noticed squeaks and creeks coming from my door hinges and rollers that I was unable to hear over my old chain drive unit. After a quick tune up and lube, everything got quite and now the whole door opening cycle is not much louder than my freezer running.

    One other operating point, with this opener you can set the full open limit much higher than a conventional unit. The framed opening of my main door is 8'6" high but with a standard opener, the last door panel never fully retracts into the garage leading to an opening that was only 6'11". This unit pulls the door completely up. As the owner of lifted oversized vehicles, this was one of the key selling points.

    The cost is a bit higher than other conventional openers but is well worth it. I am planning on replacing the openers on my other two doors with these units. Which can all be operated individually by the one remote provided with the original unit.
    ...more info
  • garage door opener
    This is the best opener I have ever had. Easy to install very quiet. I would never have a chain, belt or screw drive opener again !...more info
  • Liftmaster jackshaft garage door opener
    Purchased this product with the goal of not having all the junk hanging down from the ceiling with conventional opener. Works great, quiet and so far bullet proof. Only curious thing is that directions do not caution installer that on close cycle make sure some down weight remains on the door or the spools will unwind the lift cables when the down cycle is activated. Other than that nice piece of equipment. One other thing is that it would be nice if the safety eyes were wireless (option?)as is the light, this would make for super clean installation instead of running wires back to the head unit....more info


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