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A busload of fume-sickened school kids...a gunman whose shooting spree claimed 19 victims...a guy in an opossum outfit who bit a man dressed as a kangaroo. They and so many others all converge at ER. The gurneys keep rolling in a superlative Season 7 that includes Abby's reunion with her mother a turbulent woman who suffers from bipolar disorder. Also making the rounds in the 22 episodes: Carter returns from detox Abby goes back to square one in med training Benton struggles to emerge from Romano's doghouse Kovac confronts a mugger Weaver reveals her sexual orientation and Chen refuses to reveal the father of her child. Meanwhile Greene and Corday marry...and live under the shadow of Greene's health crisis. Excitement drama suspense - the doctors are on call.Running Time: 978 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 085391119593 Manufacturer No: 111959

Customer Reviews:

  • Complete the Rest
    The tapes were superb. Now, WHEN will we be offered Seasons 8 thur spring of 2007?? I am waiting for the "passing" of Mark Green. The sensitivity, truth, and carefulness with which so many issues were addressed needs to be available for people who may be at that time of their lives. And it is certainly not readily available from educational resources.And I missed the wedding of Abby and Luca. Commericals you know.

    So please hurry and get the remainder of the years ready for sale. Not having to suffer the mindlessness of commericals and timing your time out of the room is very tricky. One can easily miss the best part as I think networks try to trick you to watch commericals....more info
  • ER The Complete Seventh Season
    ER - The Complete Seventh Season
    DVD was exactly as described and expedited with haste.
    Would buy from this seller again. Thank You...more info
  • Another Great Season!
    Watching the 7th season just reminded me of how much I love this series. There are so many great characters and story lines that it is never dull. Own the whole series, especially the early years with the characters of Doug and Mark.You will enjoy it over and over again....more info
  • 7th season DVD of ER
    As an ER junkie, I am never disappointed with the story line or the consistency of the character's personalities. I definitely enjoy the older seasons, compared to the recent ones on TV this year and last year-- the actual filming of the episodes was so much better.......more info
  • ER season 7
    I thoroughly enjoyed watching season 7 of ER. I can't wait for additional seasons to be available on DVD....more info
  • well-written, character-driven season
    The most memorable episodes of this season are structured around Dr. Kovacs. When he responds to a terrible accident, we learn about the tragedy he lived through in Croatia. It's one of the best explanations of the power of grief and impact of trauma I have ever seen. Incredibly well-acted and well-written story line-- completely convincing and moving.

    Abby and Carter support each other in seeking recovery, and Sally Fields dazzles in her Emmy award-winning role as Abby's mom in "The Visit". Greene and Cordray's relationship is satisfying, too.

    Overall, a very strong season!...more info
  • Different View: Dramatica & Music
    I won't counter any review of season 7. All are correct and well worth the whole set.

    I'm really drawn to just one episode "Sand and Water". It is the most emotional episode for me because of the 4 storylines that are typically running at once. I found it to be the very perfect episode to show a person who doesn't watch ER to experience some of the best writing.

    I am gay, I want children, I'm spiritual and I have been surprised before by someone I loved. All of these aspects are probably why I am so touched with this episode. This episode has a lesbian couple going through the legal hassles of health law, another couple is losing their child and want to have him babtised before he dies with the problem being that a priest can't be found for them, one of the regular characters is having a difficult time proposing. Yeah, it touched me a lot and the music 'Sand & water' just hits home. NOT ONE DRY EYE AT MY HOUSE when I show that episode.

    OK..that's my peace..thanks for reading and I hope that "Sand & Water" is well worn on your player because of just how well it stands alone.

    For me, it's worth the price of the whole set....more info
  • The beginning of the end for Dr. Greene
    Season seven of NBC's long-running medical drama ER was an impressive collection of episodes that featured the introduction of one of the best guest star performances in the history of the show.

    While she is not a regular cast member, Sally Field stole the show in season seven, guest starring as Maggie, nurse Abby Lockhart's (Maura Tierney) bipolar mother. Field earned an Emmy for her incredible turn as Maggie, a woman desparately trying to reconnect with her daughter and turn her life around, all the while dealing with a disease that can turn her into a totally different person. Most of Abby's story lines in this season revolved around her mother, and through that, viewers got a chance to learn just where Abby came from and how tough things were for her as a youngster. Abby is the only character in this season that is returning for the 14th season as a regular cast member, so it is nice to see just where the character got her start.

    Abby began the year as a med student, but her ex-husband's failure to pay a bill puts her back in nurse scrubs for the season, however, as the year draws to a close she is thinking about heading back to med school again. Viewers also get a chance to see Abby's budding relationship with Dr. Luka Kovac (Goran Visnjic), a relationship that has resulted in them having a baby and getting married in season 13. In this season, the relationship is still in its new stage and viewers got a chance to see just what Luka went through in Croatia, losing his wife and children in a bombing. It is through his relationship with a dying bishop (guest star James Cromwell) that Luka finally learns to deal with his past and move on with his life.

    At the end of season six, Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle) was heading to rehab after becoming addicted to pain pills. Season seven finds him out of rehab and looking for his job back. With conditions, he is accepted back to County General and for the most part, is able to blend back in with his fellow doctors. A close call with some pain medication sends him back to square one in his return to work, however. His close friendship with Abby, herself a recovering alcoholic, helps him through the tough times and we get to see the great side of Dr. Carter when he travels with Abby to bring a messed up Maggie back from a hotel room where she was holed up in Oklahoma.

    Dr. Peter Benton (Eriq LaSalle) continues his relationship with pediatrician Cleo Finch (Michael Michele) and also has to deal with the fact that he loses his job in the surgery department after a tiff with Dr. Robert Romano (Paul McCrane). Forced to accept a position with no benefits and no stature, Benton is incredibly disappointed, but stays in Chicago to be near his son Reese, who splits time with he and his ex, Carla (guest star Lisa Nicole Carson). Eventually, Benton is hired as the director of diversity at the hospital in what would be he and Cleo's final full season at County General. Both doctors departed near the end of season eight.

    Jing-Mei Chen (Ming Na) opens the season finding out that she is pregnant. She hides her pregnancy well for a while, keeping her parents in the dark until it is almost time to deliver. She agrees to give the baby up for adoption after realizing that the time was not right for her and the fact that her parents couldn't handle the fact that the baby's father was black. The pregnancy was Chen's main story line, though she does apply for chief resident at the end of the season, a position Carter also wants, but can't have because of the conditions placed on him after his rehab stint.

    Dr. Dave Mallucci (Erik Palladino) has very few large story lines in the season, serving mainly as a character in other people's story lines. It is obvious in this season that the writers were dealing with a lot of main characters, which gave them almost too many stories to tell in each episode and Dr. Dave was one of the people that seemed to fall by the wayside.

    Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes), the head of the ER, confronts her own sexuality, as she enters a relationship with Dr. Kim Legaspi (guest star Elizabeth Mitchell, Juliet from Lost). She hides their relationship well, but when Dr. Legaspi's career is on the line, Weaver steps up and comes out of the closet to her boss, Dr. Romano. This story line was one of the big stories during the season, one that opened Dr. Weaver up to many relationships, including the one that led to her departure from the show in the middle of the 13th season.

    But, the biggest story of the year was that of Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards). The longtime ER doc finds out that he has a tumor in his brain the same day he finds out that his girlfriend Dr. Elizabeth Corday (Alex Kingston) is pregnant. The two set out on a course to find a way to treat the tumor and the removal is successful, but Greene has a hard time returning to work, still dealing with the effects of the surgery and the tumor. The two doctors get married (after a slight delay) and welcome Ella to the world and in the final episode, Greene fears for the life of his wife and baby when a distraught father goes on a killing spree after Greene places his son in a foster home. This tumor marked the beginning of the end for Dr. Greene, as its return in season eight eventually led to the good doctor's death in the penultimate episode, one of the toughest moments in ER history.

    This set features a number of deleted scenes and a great gag reel that shows just how much things can get screwed up on the set of a tense show like ER.

    While there could've been more extras, this has been the norm the last few seasons and the episodes themselves make for great television, with or without the extras. If for no other reason, by this set to watch "The Visit," the episode that introduces viewers to Sally Field's Maggie, truly one of the best episodes of the show's 14-year run....more info
  • Can't Get enough of ER
    I just finished season 7 of ER and wow was it ever good. I sometimes wonder how they can write great episode after episode but boy can they write them.I wrote a review for season 6 saying that it was the best so far but im rethinking that now and i am going to put 6 and 7 at the top spot. Some favorite episodes for me were: Benton Backwards, Flight of Fancy, Rescue Me, The Crossing, Sailing Away, Where the Heart is and the finale Rampage, which is in my view one of the best episodes of the series with the ending leaving you in absolute shock. A great place to cut it off leaving you wanting even more from season 8.
    I could not be happier with season 7, which affirms for me that this is the best show on TV in the 90's and my favorite show EVER.
    Hope all goes well,
    Matt Murphree...more info
  • Spanish Subtitles
    Does any body know why they didn't include spanish subtitles?? Where can I get the Complete Seventh Season with spanish subtitles???

    ...more info
  • Bad performance
    No english subtitles. No Spanish subtitles. No Spanish Audio.

    Nothing good for foreign people.

    I had to return it...more info
  • ER Season 7
    Love it. Still hate that Mark gets sick :( But love the show. Can't wait to get season 8...more info
  • Presentation incorrect.

    I have already bought 4 in the same season, because the description said to be subtitled in Spanish and French and is not true. I have all seasons subtitled (unless this). I recently purchased the season 8 and is also subtitled. I hope that if this can not be correct, as well forward to inform consumers.
    ...more info
  • ER overload
    My wife and I are hooked on ER. Up till 11PM EST to watch what they're doing? No problemo. And to be able to watch it on DVD is a pleasure. What happened in that episode? Pull out the DVD and watch it again. Sure wish Julianna would stop in with the twins sometime. And where is Sherry Stringfield? ...more info
  • I heart ER
    The season is great as usual for seasons of ER. The box was a little dinged-up but not bad and all of the dvds are in good condition. So overall I am a very satisfied customer!!...more info
  • Season 7 ER
    Its great to watch TV without any commercials. Great idea putting
    the seasons on DVD. ...more info
  • Dark and Dramatic... and Maybe the Best
    With so many seasons of ER and so many great moments as a part of tv history. It's hard to pick the one season to win the title of 'best'. The seventh season of ER wins my title as the best season of ER to date. (Season 12 will replace it when the year arrives.) The reason to give the title to year seven is for the fact that this season has the rare ability, that is hard especially with television, of pulling you in in such a way that you feel as if you have been part of a dramatic experience. Season seven shines even brighter on DVD. Packaged perfectly in a dark gray box set. Season seven may have been more of a 'soapy' season but the story-lines, directing and as always the acting is beyond compelling. Best episodes of the season and possibly one of the best ever 'A Walk in the Woods'....more info
    I watched ER from the beginning and this is my favorite season. It's great to remember how good this show WAS....The Kerry and Kim Legaspi story is the reason I had to have this collection!! A++++++...more info
  • Excellent!
    After watching a spectacular season 6, I thought for sure that season 7 wouldn't be able to compare, but it did. Season 7 is full of drama, suspense and enough humor to keep you entertained and glued to the television....more info
  • Perfect Seller!
    Product was just as described, seller shipped out very quickly. Easy and smooth transaction!...more info