The DOG Island
The DOG Island

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Imagine that you're on an island full of dogs. In The Dog Island for Nintendo Wii, you play as a dog whose brother falls ill one day. In order to help your brother, you head to an island in search of a legendary flower. The game includes stages in grass planes, snowy fields and even deserts. You can select from a variety of dogs. This is an adorable adventure for kids, based on the best-selling franchise 'THE DOG'.

  • Discover an adorable adventure for kids - heartwarming story of a dog trying to save his sibling from sickness
  • Pick your puppy and customize it with clothes and accessories as you progress in the adventure
  • Control your puppy easily with the Wii-mote and sniff out hidden treasure trusting the sense of smell
  • Meet more than 48 different breeds and become friends with them
  • Visit diverse and highly recognizable environments, from Egypt to Greenland

Customer Reviews:

  • Certainly not for young kids; 8 or older might like it!
    In this game, you play a really cute dog (choose from a range of different breeds) and your objeactive is to go on a quest to obtain cure for your dying (yes! not good for young kids) sibling. You come across some scary adventures on the way and you can pass out. Some kids (e.g. 5 yr olds) get really scared of their cute puppy getting passed out / dying. The dogs in the game are very very cute though!

    I wondered whoever developed this game had no sense of kid psyche. How in the world did this game get an 'E' rating? It should have been 10+ in my opinion.

    ...more info
  • Good overall, but beware
    See the **** below for an important note if you're playing the game.

    I got this for my 7 year old daughter. Overall, she loved the game, and had great fun with it. My wife and I ended up playing with our own characters later, since it looked interesting. We all had fun with it. I'd give it a 5 (for what it is) if it weren't for the problem mentioned below.

    The game seemed to us to be quite similar to a lot of role-playing games. You get "quests" (missions to help out people, find something, etc.), you collect items that are useful later, and you even have health points. None of it is too hard, though some parts are a bit challenging. There is also a lot of free play available, and you have side activities, like trying to catch several types of fish, find bugs, etc.

    A couple of things to keep in mind for the younger kids: First, reading is required (there's a lot). Second, several parts can be scary for kids. There are wild animals that will attack (and can even kill) you, and my daughter would get spooked by a lot of them (I ended up doing almost all of the dangerous parts for her). A section at the end of the game was especially scary.

    Parts of the game were a bit sappy and too "nature worship" oriented for my taste, but it was still fun overall. After all three of us played, we realized that there were differences in the way the game played out for each of us - I don't know what determines exactly which quests you get.

    Overall, I'd recommend the game - it's very cute, and fun if you want a role-playing style game that's not combat-based.

    ******* Spoiler alert ******* The main reason I'm writing (this is the same as Cynthia's minor spoiler) is to emphasize: If you play the game, you should save BEFORE getting on the Anc road. From the point you get on the Anc road, you are on a fixed path to the end, and you never have a chance to go back to the free play part of the game. My daughter loved doing the soccer and race games, and was extremely upset at the end of the game when she discovered there was no way to play those games (or just run around the various parts of the island) anymore. Really, the end of the game (the Anc road part) was very disappointing - it really did feel like it was thrown in and didn't fit as well with the earlier parts. ...more info
  • Overall Entertaining Game
    When I purchased this game, I felt that $30 was a good price. It's an entertaining game with cute dogs and even cute looking enemies, such as snakes, bears, crocodiles,etc.

    I overall enjoy this game, but the method of digging is difficult. When searching for a scent, and it's been found, it's difficult to get my dog to dig in the correct area. He always turns the opposite way, or digs in a different spot, so it takes me a few minutes to finally dig up the item.

    This a great game for children, dog lovers, and even adults. If you want a fun wii game for $30, this is one to try. But, if you're not sure you want it, I'd highly suggest you rent it first to see if you truly like the game. If not, you still have $30 that could contribute to a better game.
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  • a real dog
    Bought this game for my granddaughter. Wow was it boring! It took exactly 3 minutes for her to ask to play the bowling game. Don't waste your time with The DOG Island....more info
  • Not for the very young
    We bought this game as a family game since my four year old can't play many of our games. After reading every subtitle I barely felt like playing. It seemed like a chore. So if your child cannot read, plan on talking the entire time. The plot was definately not for the young at heart. It's based on a dog whose younger sibling is dying and needs a doctor from dog island. My daughter felt horrible when her "little brother" passed out in the game and was told there was nothing anyone could do to help except travel to this island where their dad has already gone missing trying to find the cure. I now wish I would have spent the extra money and bought the littlest pet shop game....more info
  • Admittably adorable- However, lots of reading.
    Ill have to admit the game is adorable. I purchased it last night and was oooing and awwing in the first 5 mins. However, there is ALOT of reading. They did not show any reading at all on the screen shots so I was really dissapointed. My daughter is a HUGE fan of dogs because im a dog groomer and i had picked it up for her. Shes going on 5, and with the amount of reading it has, she cannot play it alone. Even tho its cute for younger gamers I did just want to point out that detail. If your child cannot read well or great then this isnt the game for him/her. ...more info
  • They love it!
    I bought this for my 8-year old daughter for Christmas, and she and her friend are wild about it. It's just right for their age--not too easy or too challenging, and I like that all of the dialog is text they have to read to play it. There must be a hundred dogs they can choose from, which is great for dog-loving girls like them. The music isn't too bad either. My only beef with the game is that when I tell them to turn it off, they have to wait to get to a certain point to save what they've done so far--or so they say, anyway. Despite that, the girls would give it at least 5 stars, so I do too.
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  • For kids, but not the youngest
    I bought this game for my seven and four year old to play. Unfortunately they are both too scared of the "scary snakes" and other wild animals to play most of the quest game, although the four year old likes to change the dog's clothes and run around in the villages (no snakes there), and they both enjoy watching me play. There's a lot of reading required, which means my four year old can't play without someone sitting at her side; it would be good reading practice for my seven year old if he weren't afraid to leave the villages! But the first time he did, a bear caught his dog; he couldn't get away and the dog was killed. Although the game lets you start at the same spot with your health restored, he was badly shaken and really hasn't felt the same bout the game since.

    I have played very few video games but found this very enjoyable. I played it myself after the kids were in bed; it took me about three weeks to get through the quest. The game starts out very easy and gradually gets harder, but helps you learn and practice the new skills you need as you need them.

    *** minor spoiler alert ****

    The ending changes abruptly to a much scarier, less flexible game. It's as if they had to rush it out the door and brought in additional staff. I never, ever want to go through one particular sequence again; fortunately I know my children are years away from being able to get that far. Take my advice and don't accept the invitation to go on the Anc Road. Not only is it no fun, but once you do, you can't get back to the free play part of the game....more info
  • "The Dog Island" wii game
    This game was for my 11 year old daughter. She really enjoys playing it and has fun investigating all the different places,but wished the game had more things to do where she didn't finish the game so fast. Thank you...more info
  • cute game!
    I bought this game for two of my children, ages 7 and 9, but my 14 year old daughter enjoyed it also! It's very cute and they played it until they finished it. They enjoyed picking out which breed of dog they will be in the game and they enjoyed completing all the tasks that they were required to accomplish within the game. It was a lot of fun for them. I'd recommend The Dog Island. ...more info
  • A great adventure game for kids!
    Watch Video Here: I review games for the Wii on youtube. If you want to see more of my reviews go to info
  • Very Cute, Touching Adventure
    This game is simply too adorable for words! I bought the game as a surprise so my girlfriend and I could enjoy it together, but I ended up falling in love with it! The price is hard to beat, too. We both like Pomeranians the best of any dog breed, so that's a big plus in this game for us. :)

    Is the game difficult? Good heavens, no! It's perfect for kids, but will be an amusing diversion for adults. The music is pleasant and catchy, the graphics are beautiful; some of the best I've seen on the Wii, to be honest. Your puppy's journey to save his or her younger sibling by finding a cure for his or her illness is very sweet and touching. The game is well worth the price, and is one I can't recommend highly enough!...more info
  • Let it be what it is and enjoy
    First off let me just say that I'm probably not the target audience for this game. I'm a 30 something male with no children who traditionally loves adventure games akin to Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Okami etc. But a video game based on the small dogs with oversized heads franchise (known to some as The Dog, to others like me as STRANGE RATIO!) was just too much to pass up. So I picked it up.

    At 30 bucks this game is totally worth the purchase. Compared to other games of the 'adventure' genre, it's not very original, but the overall cute factor really does make up for it. Essentially the entire game is comprised of various Fetch Quests which involve your character (you can choose to be one of forty odd breeds of dogs like Beagle, Rottweiler, Basset Hound, Poodle, Akita, Husky- the list goes ON and ON and ON) learning how to sniff and running around the Dog Island finding things for other characters, all in the name of finding a cure for your brother/sister (you can decide the gender), who is a non-playable character that gets sick at the beginning of the game.

    There are a few varied activities such as fishing, bug catching and dog soccer, and mild puzzle solving (not really- they sort of hold your hand through anything resembling a challenge) but for the most part there's a lot of sniffing and digging. It's a Dog Island, after all. For example, the Doctor on the island (a very likeable Beagle named Potan) will say "fetch me these three herbs from the field and they can be used to help your little sibling" and he tells you what each herb smells like, and you go out and look for it. Your sniff meter gets higher as you get closer and once you're right on top of it, you dig in the ground and out it comes. Before you can find the second herb though, you'll need the nurse's help, who herself requires you to find her something altogether different. And so on and so forth.

    The Dog Island isn't a technological breakthrough or innovative in concept but its charm makes it a game worth playing nonetheless. With customizable hats, glasses etc you can dress up your dog in any number of different ways and you can name him anything you want too. The other characters he meets along the way are equally cute and varied, and the music is surprisingly catchy, and harmonically stimulating. Tuneful acoustic guitars and nice rhythms, even if it is somewhat compressed.

    It might have been nice to have utilized the nunchuck attachment for more sophisticated interface, (as it stands it's basically a point-and-click adventure), and camera manipulation is a little too sensitive for my tastes (moves quite quickly and sometimes gives me a headache) but as a budget title, I really can't complain. The overall experience is still a fun one. And, no kidding, I catch myself saying "Awww" out loud every once in awhile too because those dogs are just that cute.

    I haven't played all the way through the game yet, but if the in-game heart meter is any indication, (it gets larger as you progress, but telegraphs that you can attain a maximum of 8 hearts) I'm about halfway through. Half-way through and I still find its relatively standard (read: predictable) story line and characters to be compelling. I fully expect to play through the game in its entirety and know that I'll enjoy it all the way. ...more info
  • Good game....somewhat
    (I am her daughter writing a review)

    I borrowed this game from a friend. She said she had quit playing the game because all it was is sniffing. Well i borrowed it and played it at my houe.

    I liked the game, (havent finished it all yet) but it is not the best game i've ever played. One thing about it is that its one of those "task games" where the whole time all you are doing is task that other characters assign to you. Some of the tasks are fun (not most of them) but, yea, most of the game is all sniffing. You must be able to read to play this game, because all the talking from other characters is all in typed-up speech bubbles. 80% of the game is characters talking to you, and 10% of the game is sniffing. There are wild animals in the game, and most little kids dont like that. There is also llllooooonnnnnggggg boring periods of time where you need to find a certain object by smelling, and that sometimes takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

    my overall statement for the game: borrow it or rent it. Its not a great use of 30 dollars, but then again the game is good....for some people. Rent it before you buy it. ...more info
  • RPG about Puppies
    This game is a good buy for only 30 dollars. It plays a lot like "Dog's Life" another RPG involving, you guessed it, Dogs! Anyway, it is very simplistic and the graphics are some of the best on the wii. The game is designed to look really *cute* so if you can't stand cutesy games then pass on this one. It's opening song sounds like an anime intro and involves puppies frolicking around. It isn't a very long game I'd guess maybe 20 hours. It is a lot of fun though, you run around doing missions for various pooches. Much like "Animal Crossing" Most involve sniffing out various items, fishing, bug catching and a few deliveries. You do have the option to choose the breed of dog, gender, color and name of the dog you will be playing. I choose a female fawn pug, I'm assuming if you choose a girl then the sibling that gets sick is a sister and vice versa if you choose a guy then the sibling is a brother. I think this a great game for younger kids or fans of Animal crossing/ Dog's life....more info
  • great for younger gamers!
    Dog Island is a neat little game! I think the graphics are great and the concepts are very easy to catch on to. Most of the game is spent carrying out various tasks by roaming around the "island" to find different plants/items/bugs/fish. This would be a great game for a younger gamer as it is very easy to accomplish the little "missions". My favorite part about this game is the customization! There are so many different breeds of dogs to choose from - and once you have your dog you can accessorize it! There are hats, bracelets, glasses, backpacks, ribbons and much more to purchase to dress up your pooch! Overall, a great game for the price!...more info
  • Keeps my nine year old's attention

    My nine year old daughter so far likes this game. It is very similar to Animal Crossing so if you are a fan of that, this will hold your attention for awhile. The dogs are very cute too! Requires lots of reading for kids since all conversation between characters is done by text. One of the better Wii games for younger kids to come out in awhile. Surprisingly good price too....more info
  • Buy This Game!
    This is one of The Best Wii Games I have played.It is well worth the money! The graphics are great and the music is cheerful. It is a colorful, cute game, and not short. It is not too difficult to be frustrating, but not too easy to be boring.The story is based on helping others.I would give this 5 stars!A great buy for the young and the young at heart who just want a game with good clean fun....more info
  • Great game
    bought this for my daughter for her Birthday, she can't turn the game off. She absolutly adores this game....more info
  • Absolutely pleasant and sickenly sweet
    I agree with the review of just letting this game be what it is. Somethings that will be a drawback for those without patience are the long and mostly unnecessary video sequences very early on in the game. There is also an awful lot of reading as the dialogue between characters is written, not spoken. Younger players who are not reading well or at all will need someone to watch with them much of the time. But hey, reading with our kids is becoming a lost tradition that needs a comeback in some form. This may just lead to bedtimes reading chapters of "Charlotte's Web" with your children rather than just popping in the video and getting it all over with in just over an hour. Sorry...I digress.

    The game looks and sounds great, the story is engaging and though sickenly sweet that's okay. Jeez it's about Puppies so what would you expect. There are moments when you'll be moved and think "Awwwww..." and moments you'll laugh, and even be excited. About 30 minutes into the game it becomes what you want it to with exploration and some angry creatures that, yes, will hurt you if you're not careful. The youngest boy I work with was afraid of the snakes and the wild boars and always handed the controller to another resident to play those parts but he never quit playing and remained engrossed in the story line. Anyone can relate to being sick, trying to help someone in need and the frustrations and rewards that come with that. That's what this game is all about. It reminds me very much of the original "Animal Crossing" for the Gamecube to be honest and in some ways, as much as I love that game, I enjoy this one even more. The big difference is this has an adventure story line with a definite beginning and end and "Animal Crossing" just keeps going.

    I find this game very easy to recommend for adults and children. Keep in mind you will have to take time to help younger, non-readers along with the game and also spend the first 20 or so minutes with them to get to the meat of the adventure. Goodness, it's a game about puppies. How can you not like puppies. And don't be fooled by the cover, this is not a puppy simulation like 'nintendogs'. Nothing like that at all. I was concerned at first looking at the cover that it may be but was SO happy to discover it's a very engaging adventure story. Simplistic, yes, but still engaging. ...more info
  • The Dog Island
    I loved this game because it was so long and that made me exited to come home and play it.I finally beat it. it is a very fun game the onley thing I did not like was that the bad stuff that happened on the game took so long and when I finally got home for the second time I did not even get to do any thing it was all the ending credits. I recomend this game to people who do not get sad easy and enjoy a good long game.I loved it. it does get very hard at some points in the game but you will eventually beat it Thanks ...more info
  • The Dog Island
    I loved this game because it was so long and that made me exited to come home and play it.I finally beat it. it is a very fun game the onley thing I did not like was that the bad stuff that happened on the game took so long and when I finally got home for the second time I did not even get to do any thing it was all the ending credits. I recomend this game to people who do not get sad easy and enjoy a good long game.I loved it. it does get very hard at some points in the game but you will eventually beat it Thanks ...more info


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