Holmes HASF2120 20-Inch 3 Speed Oscillation Stand Fan

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Product Description

Aerodynamic five-blade oscillating fan. Height-adjustable from 45-3/4" to 56". Three speed settings. Color: White.

  • 20" adjustable oscillating power stand fan
  • Aerodynamic five-blade oscillating fan
  • Height-adjustable from 45-3/4" to 56"
  • Three speed settings
  • Manufacturer's three-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • THE best fan I've ever owned
    I now own three of these fans. Yes, they are a bit more pricey than you basic $19.99 fan found in discount stores, but worth every penny. When you think of all the useless fans you toss, this one pays for itself- not to mention the energy cost of the fan vs A/C. Another reviewer pointed out on this same fan on another review- many good features of this fan(why it's not posted under this same fan I don't know). Anyway, this is one SUPER fan - you will not believe how much air it moves!!! On the low setting, it can be felt 10ft. away with little or no disturbance to papers, curtains etc. You can definitely feel the difference on the setting when you switch speeds. On medium setting, it will blow papers off your desk or kitchen table -key here- the height of the table. On high, this fan will blow you away :)!! I use the high setting when I'm out to help keep the rooms cool for our dog while we are at work _ who can afford to run the A/C that many hours while you're not at home. On extreme heat days. I may turn the A/C on low for her-but just in one room, the fan then extends the cool air into the next room.

    Another overlooked use for the fan is while painting a room. This fan really speeds up the drying process _ just make sure you have no powdery debris that you may have gotten as a result from sanding, plastering etc. This fan would also be great to circulate air in a damp basement.

    Legs on the fan as other reviewer pointed out, give you more placement options than a rounded dome base. I did accidentally break one of these fans, when I unknowingly pulled it, with the vacuum cord. The cord was around the bottom of the pole, the fan tipped over, causing me to trip to try to save it from falling. PS, I fell on it, no damage to me, but one of the legs broke, because I positioned it at room entrance way with the leg flush against a wall and securely wedged on other side of same leg, by a cocktail table - to avoid accidental tipping , of course. Since I fell directly on the fan portion, full force, I managed to break a blade as well. The next morning I went out and purchased another. With the exception of the new replacement fan, I've had these for three years now and I would not consider buying another brand or cheaper fan.
    I love this fan!!!
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  • Barely supported by cheap plastic legs
    It was a nice fan while it lasted. But then it got bumped and two of the plastic legs slightly cracked where they attach to the middle. It doesn't look broken, but will no longer stand up straight. I don't think they should support such a heavy fan with such flimsy plastic legs that get brittle and break after you've had it a while.

    I've contacted the company. If they reply and offer to replace the legs, I will update this review....more info