Honeywell HHT-145 HepaClean UV Antibacterial HEPA Tower 3-in-1 Air Purifier

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Product Description

3-in-1 Air Cleaning / Permanent HEPA Type Filter / For medium size room

  • Whisper-quiet tower air purifier for rooms up to 185 square feet
  • Germ-fighting UV lights help reduce viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold spores
  • Permanent HEPA filter removes up to 99 percent of harmful indoor particles
  • Odor-control pre-filter; 12 power levels; timer; optional ionizer and oscillation
  • Measures 11-2/9 by 10 by 28-2/3 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The Best Honeywell Air Cleaner Yet!
    I have owned many Honeywell Air cleaners and I do own many still but this one is great. This one comes with the UV Light so it is an air cleaner and purifier in one. I put this in my living room/office area and it absolutely kills all odors. I have another small honeywell cleaner running in the room as well but with the addition of this one and the uv antibacterial feature it is great. Got asthma - buy this machine, got pets - buy this machine. It is great. ...more info
  • I like it but I am getting concerned about its performance!
    I own this in Black and have had it for a few months. It seems to have been doing its job but just recently I cleaned the filers and when I put them back in, it still read that it is dirty (3rd bar). Last night I went and turned it on and when I tried to turn it up it wouldn't go :/. I now have to hold the but to get it to turn up, I can't click it. I hope its not going bad after 2 months but it sure does look that way. :'(...more info
  • Works well but filters hard to find
    This air purifier does a great job and has a very modern look. I also like that it provides hepa, ion and traditional filtration all in one unit. You have a choice of using the included washable filter or a replaceable odor blocking filter. I find that the odor blocking filter is the way to go, but ordering additional filters is a real pain. There is a web site and part number on the filter bag but it only comes up with "search not found." I have not found these filters available anywhere but from the manufacturer and since their web site doesn't work, be prepared to sit on the phone placing your order....more info
  • Not bad, not perfect
    I am searching for an air purifier to take care of dust and germs. I had a sharper image pro gp and tried this one to replace it. The features are great and it does circulate the air well, the only downside for me personally is that at the lowest setting, you can still hear the fan. Some people don't mind or like the noise but I personally like machines you cannot hear. That's my only downside. ...more info
  • zd
    it is not so bad. one thing i do not like it and that is that product it self create more small particles of dust. it is not as advertised....more info
  • Expensive but effective
    I am allergic to cats, so naturally I adopted two and I'm about to get a third. I was STRUGGLING with my allergies so started looking into air purifiers and found that Honeywell consistently had good reviews. This was a very new model at the time I purchased and I was a bit nervous about being a guinea pig but my allergies clicked the purchase button for me.

    I had to return the first unit because it started making a strange cyclic humming sound, kind of like the motor was getting tired - I'd only had it for about two weeks. Amazon Return Center is amazing and I had a replacement unit in two days. The second unit is great, I've had no problems so far. It's whisper-quiet (unless you crank it up to its highest setting, which isn't necessary) and I really notice a difference in the quality of the air. If I turn it off, I start getting the sniffles and itchy eyes in no time. I don't use the UV feature, but I do like the ionizer.

    ***UPDATE*** Unfortunately I've also had to arrange for the second unit to be returned, this time I contacted Honeywell directly. The purifier has been getting progressively more noisy and it sounds like the motor is straining. I'm really surprised because I have a couple of cheaper Honeywell units that have been on 24/7 for almost the last year and I have had absolutely no problems with them. I just don't think this unit is ready for the market yet. Honeywell customer service has been excellent, they were responsive and are going to exchange the purifier for one of their higher models at no charge. I think I might try the Rabbit Air purifier if the next unit I receive is not satisfactory. SIGH!...more info