Medal of Honor: Vanguard

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Medal of Honor Vanguard lets you return to the days of the Second World War, for more of its pioneering first-person shooter action. Join the ranks of the elite 82nd Airborne Division as Corporal Frank Keegan. You'll guide him through some of WWII's deadliest operations -- dropping behind enemy lines, sometimes right on top of entrenched Axis positions. Work with America's first paratroopers on heroic missions, from Operation Husky in Sicily to Operation Varsity inside Nazi Germany. Medal of Honor Vanguard makes you the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe.

Be the first soldier behind enemy lines.

Join the ranks of the elite 82nd Airborne Division as Corporal Frank Keegan in Medal of Honor Vanguard. From Operation Husky on the shores of Sicily to the Operation Varsity airdrop inside Nazi Germany, you'll jump behind enemy lines to fight the epic WWII battles that turned America's first paratroopers into heroes of WWII. Featuring spectacular graphics and all-out combat intensity, Medal of Honor Vanguard makes you the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe.

  • Realistic WWII Combat—True-to-life encounters test your strategies and reflexes on the battlefield. Should you run and gun in order to storm the Axis defenses? Or should you use your sniper rifle to carefully pick off foes from behind cover? The course of the battle is in your hands.
  • High-Fidelity Visuals—Engage the enemy on the most visually stunning Medal of Honor battlefields to date.
  • Listen Up, Soldier—Dynamic AI dialog provides the tactical info you need to survive in an explosive and ever-changing war zone.

  • True-to-life encounters test your strategies and reflexes on the battlefield
  • Choose to run and gun in order to storm the Axis defenses, or use your sniper rifle to carefully pick off foes from behind cover
  • Your allies provide the tactical info you need to survive in an explosive and ever-changing war zone -- so listen up, soldier!
  • High-Fidelity Visuals - Engage the enemy on the most visually stunning Medal of Honor battlefields to date.

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible Game
    Rented this game, and I'm glad I didn't buy it. Yes, the last 2 levels were fun, however that does not make up for the other shortcomings of this piece of garbage from EA. First and most frustrating of all, there are not enough check points, so you make a lot of progress and it's lost when you die because check points are too sparse. Second, there's no health meter of any kind, you just die whenever the game feels like it, there's a general way of telling how you're doing. When you get shot a bunch the screen starts to turn red, then you just take cover and it goes away. I guess in WWII ducking behind a rock for a couple seconds made bullet wounds heal. Also, the game cinematics cannot be skipped. So when you die you have to sit through the same cinematic over and over again until you reach the next ridiculous check point. Another thing I felt was lacking was the controls. After fiddling with the sensitivity for awhile I got it the best I could, but they were still sluggish and awkward. Words cannot express just how disappointed and frustrated I am with this game. I would rather spend the weekend at Michael Jackson's place than buy this game....more info
  • Underrated MOH Game
    I own and have recently played all four Medal of Honor games for the PS2, including this one. Unlike most reviewers here, or online reviews in general, I believe Vanguard is tied for first place in the series. I would give it an equal rating to European Assault and rank it ahead of Frontline and Rising Sun, in that order.

    With Vanguard, as with European Assault, you can raise your weapon and aim through your sights, which makes a big difference for accuracy. You also have the ability to sprint for short periods of time, which helps quite a bit in the later levels. The game isn't terribly long, with only four separate levels, but each level is fairly lengthy. The graphics aren't very polished on the first level, but after that they improve quite a bit. There are a couple of opening scenes in the last two levels that feature some of the best graphics in the whole series. You jump out of a plane and can look all around you and see parachutes and planes everywhere. These graphics are definitely a step up from the first two games in the series.

    I wonder if some of the negative reviewers bothered to play past the first level, which is admittedly pretty poor. If you base your impression of Vanguard on the first level, it would probably only be worth one or two stars, but if you persevere, I believe you'll have a satisfying MOH experience. While much less polished looking than Call of Duty: Big Red One or Call of Duty 3 for the PS2, Vanguard is still one of the better WWII shooters for the PS2. If this exact game had been introduced in 2001 in place of MOH: Frontline it would also have gotten rave reviews. ...more info
  • You will have to be focused.
    This game which likely will be the last MOH for PS2 tests your endurance. Unlike the predecessors there are very long missions with much fighting to get to a checkpoint. As with most games although it auto-saves, if you can not complete a mission(turn of the console), you will start from the beginning of the mission. The action is as good as the others. No need for hand to hand combat as you have plenty of room. Limited weapons option however. Worthy of the MOH legacy....more info
  • A decent game
    I love the Medal of Honor series, and generally the games are great. I have to admit, it seems like EA games is getting tired of its prodigy. The game has some fun game play, and has some nice added features. I've always wanted to know why a soldier in combat wouldn't run a lot more. Finally it's in this game. You can run! Also, you can peer around objects to shoot or throw grenades. Finally you don't have to expose your characters body to take a shot. The music is rehashed from earlier games and there is no story. I played right through this game on normal difficulty without any problems. The "Sniper" level at the end was the hardest level. On two levels you parachute into combat, and that's kind of cool, but your landing area is quite confined....more info
  • Its okay
    This game is okay but nothing compared to call of duty series. Some negative comments are that the lighting on this game is terrible. Either everything is to bright or to dark, also you really have to watch your ammo count unlike in call of duty. For the Thompson gun you are only given 120 rounds of ammo which as you can imagine is used up very quickly. ...more info
  • One of the best PS2 shooters!!! That actually has a four payer multiplayer!
    This game looks really good on the PS2 especially since it's also on the Wii. I love the health system which they took from Call of Duty but who cares. Lol. I hated looking for health. What this new system also does is it also makes you think before you run out in the open so you won't get mowed down by some german with an MG-42. The Parachute landing is really cool too. I understand you can't direct your parachute anywhere on the map but you can direct in a good spot so you can get cover before your shot at. If you direct your parachute on the first level to close to the german lines you'll get your head blown off. Oh! And guess what! They finally added Blood!!!! I Love It!!! Also they added a drum clip to the Thompson Machine gun!!! this is the first time I have actually liked a thompson machine gun on a console game. You have a 100 bullit clip.Eat some lead you Krauts!!! And you can get a scope for your M1 Garand! So now you have a semi automatic sniper rifle. Oh and the multiplayer is pretty fun too! 4 players!!!!...more info


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