Sirius SIR-PMK1 Professional Motorcycle Install Kit

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Product Description


Sure, there are plenty of ways to listen to Sirius satellite radio in your home or car, but what about on your bike? Now Sirius makes it a snap with its SIR-PMK1 professional motorcycle installation kit. Equipped with a receiver cradle, a custom mounting bracket, protective moisture guards, a dual power adapter, a weatherproof antenna, and a stereo patch cable, the kit includes everything you need to listen while on the open road. The kit starts with the versatile radio cradle and custom bracket. Listeners can mount the bracket directly on the accessory brackets of some bikes, or they can clamp it to any set of handlebars with a 0.88- to 1-inch diameter. Next, users simply slide their radios into the included cradle, then lock it into place in the bracket.

The dual power adapter, meanwhile, works with both 5-volt and 12-volt vehicle power sources (depending on which Sirius tuner you own). By using this hard-wired connection, you won't drain the receiver's built-in battery power. And thanks to the Sirius antenna, you'll receive high-quality reception wherever you ride--a must for enjoying Sirius's more than 130 music, sports, news, talk, and entertainment streams. Finally, the stereo patch cable either sends the signal directly to your helmet or the bike's audio system, depending on your listening setup.

The kit--which is compatible with all of Sirius's plug 'n' play and portable models, including the Sportster, Sportster 3 or 4, Starmate, Starmate 3 or 4, Starmate Replay, Sportster Replay, Sirius One, Stiletto 10 and 100, the S50, Stratus, and InV--is backed by a one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Custom mounting bracket, radio cradle, dual power adapter, Sirius antenna, protective moisture guards, stereo patch cable, mounting hardware and cables, user's manual.

  • Professional motorcycle installation kit for Sirius satellite radio receivers
  • Custom bracket mounts on accessory brackets or directly on handlebars
  • Dual-voltage power adapter (5 and 12 volts) creates direct power connection
  • Stereo patch cable sends signal directly to helmet or bike's audio system
  • Includes protective moisture guards for radio; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Sirius Motorcycle Mount
    The motorcycle mirror mount doesn't have sufficient strength on the ball joint to keep the radio from constantly falling (not in place)....more info
  • Works as advertised.
    This is very much the same thing as the car mounting kit, witha few different parts tailored for a motorcycle. I don't have anything exceptional to say about it, but I have nothing bad either. It just doesn't work well with my BMW which doesn't have the standard steel tube handlebars. If you don't have these, or have large grips/brake reservoir, you may want a different solution. You could use this with some of the more generic accessory mounts, though. It does provide everything else you would need to wire it to your bike (the 12V - 5V converter is probably the best to have). The ~6" antenna is nice as well, as the car kit has a much longer one (~20ft) that would just result in a pile of wire someplace....more info
  • Satelite mount for Harley
    love the mounting and how is looks on my handle bars and bike. Looks better than any other device i have seen....more info
  • Very good mount...
    I installed this mount on my bike a few weeks ago and went for a ride in the cold New England climate. Worked great, the radio stayed put in place on the mount. A word of advice to future buyers is to cut and apply a thin rubber strip between the handlebars and the handlebar mount so that it doesn't move and slide down when riding due to vibration......more info
  • Less than great
    This kit uses and older docking station that will not lock in most newer Sirius radios. The antenna also is not very good and gets very poor reception with many drop outs. I replaced it with a stanadrad sirius micro dot antenna and the reception improved greatly. I also swapped this docking station with the one in my car since i am not worried about the raiod flying off in my car. IMHO save your money and buy a sirius radio with car kit and then purchase an after market gadget mount to mount it on your bike. You will get a better docking station and antenna and the after market mounts are better than this....more info
  • Sirius Motorcycle Pro Mount
    I mounted this item on my Softail Harley. I was easy. The kit is very complete. I put it to the test on a 900 mile ride and it worked great. I was a little worried about the bracket being out of plastic but it held fine. I like the fact that the kit also had rain covers for the radio. I would recommend it with no problems.
    ...more info
  • Great!!
    This model works great on our Honda Ultra. Installed easily. So fun to have our tunes on bike rides....more info


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