Air Ionic Purifier LightningAir Air Sanitizer - Cherry (For 3000 Sq.ft)

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Product Description

Air Ionic Purifier LightningAir Air Sanitizer is an ionic purifier with a built-in O3 Sanitizer. This air sanitizer will reduce sources of discomfort which contribute to allergies, hay fever and other types of airborne irritation. Air purifier generates both negative ions and activated oxygen for your home or office. Modern buildings are constructed so tightly that odors and pollutants are trapped inside. Natures own cleansing process, which uses both negative ions and O3, are left outside. According to the EPA, many pollutants in the typical home or office are at least 10 times higher than in outdoor air. The average American spends 90% of their time indoors. Mold, mildew, viruses, dust and pollen can fill the air in our living spaces. These cause odors, irritation and allergic response. Fumes from tobacco, pets, carpets, pressed board and fabrics are also breathed in daily by you and your family. Odors are constantly created in the spaces where we live. 2 in 1 purifier generates both negative ions and O3 for your home or office. The LightningAir air ionic purifier creates the same process as nature, reducing odors and purifying the air indoors. LightningAir air sanitizer units are totally portable. Just plug in the air cleaner and start to enjoy clean, mountain-fresh air for only pennies a day!

  • LightningAir air sanitizer has easy to use controls.
  • Air Ionic Purifier made of solid wood cabinet.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • LightningAir air sanitizer requires no filters to replace.
  • Low Energy Consumption. Used in homes and offices