HP K5400 Officejet Pro Color Printer

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Product Description

HP Officejet Pro K5400 Series Color Printers deliver color laser print quality faster than most color laser devices, with up to 25% lower costs per page.

  • Print at speeds up to 36 ppm black and 35 ppm color
  • Create professional-looking documents up to 1200 x 1200 dpi black and 4800 x 1200 dpi color
  • High-capacity paper handling with a 250-sheet input tray
  • Optional wireless networking capabilities
  • Energy Star qualified printer

Customer Reviews:

  • May Have Problems
    I purchased one in October 2007 that never did work correctly. It would print half a page, then 2-4 pages of gibberish, followed by the intended page. Anything less than half a page (photo, sentences in MSWord, etc.) printed without error. After several days of tests and correspondence with HP, I was told that it was defective. The red flag went up when HP said that they needed my credit card number in order to replace it. Thankfully Amazon allowed me to return it for a refund. I still need a color printer, but am staying FAR away from HP....more info
  • It leaks!
    My office has had two of these that leaked ink internally when new.

    I would stay FAR away from this printer....more info
  • HP Redefined the word, Amazing
    If you know the tools that HP made back in the 70's, Hewlett-Packard was a sort of "PhD's Club". You basically had to have a Graduate Physics or Engineering degree, and employed by the likes of NASA to understand the technical expertise and solid reputation for some of the smartest tools on the planet, made by HP. But the HP K5400 OfficeJet Pro Color Printer is a real testament to HP's reputation, and certainly holds back that HP reputation.

    1) Should not be labeled, "Pro". It's barely legal to say it even works properly. Nearly every print job has issues, in my experience.

    2) Goes through Ink madly. This consumption rate is higher than the older K550 I had replaced with the K5400 Pro.

    3) Very loud. It actually scared people in the room, and is a true disturbance if you're on the phone while it's printing nearby.

    4) Ink clots quickly if idle for a few weeks. It's cheaper to replace the printer than the heads.

    5) Cheap price, but I'd rather buy something a little pricier with less frustration.

    Canon and Epson seem to have printer driver issues and very poor customer service, and although HP rocks in the Laser world, they need some rethinking in the lower-end consumer lines. ...more info
  • Good printing quality but a little slow
    Printer is a little too bulky and prints slowly in comparison to other HP printers. Print quality is good. HP claims that printer saves on printing cost because of the multiple ink wells. Printer arrived without a cable causing another week of delay to set up the printer.
    Choose another printer. Nothing special about this one!...more info
  • HP K5400 Officejet Pro Color Printer
    HP K5400 Officejet Pro Color Printer was easy to install and does a great job in my home office. It prints clearly and very fast. I recommend it for anyone needing quality documents under medium duty work load.
    ...more info
  • Never buy an HP printer
    The K5400 that I bought 4 months ago worked fine for 2 months. Then black banding appeared on all output. HP sent me a new Printhead which was faulty. I then got a replacement Printer. The inkheads are now only fair condition after 4 months and ONLY 1,300 prints of varying density of colours. Lots and lots of wasted print-outs, so it cost me when using Premium paper at $14 for 150. The time and stress of frustration just isn't worth buying this item even if it's very cheap. My advice is BUY EPSON !

    UPDATE comment: BE AWARE of printhead costs at $59 each and fail after approx 1500 printed pages at 5% coverage. These figures are from HP.
    S: Hello Brian .
    S: Welcome to HP Total Care for DeskJet and Photosmart products.
    S: My name is S****.
    S: How may I assist you today.
    Brian Willmot: My K5400 printheads show 'fair' after only 1310 prints... they are faulty I think....
    S: Could you provide me with a detailed description of the problem, which would help me assist you better?
    Brian Willmot: hello S
    S: Yes.
    Brian Willmot: they show 'fair' thats the problem
    S: Is the Printer is unable to Print anything on the page?
    Brian Willmot: Printer is working ok
    S: Okay.
    S: The Printer is unable to Print in Black.Right.
    Brian Willmot: Printer is working FINE
    S: I understand that the Printer is uanble to Print after 1310 Prints.right.
    Brian Willmot: Why are they showing 'fair' after on 1300 prints, they showed 'good' until now... this cant be right
    Brian Willmot: Printer is printing and working FINE
    S: After 1200 pages the Printheads Health status willl be fair.
    Brian Willmot: So you are saying that the printheads will 'fail' after another 1200 pages ?
    S: Brian, let me check the Printhead Yield .
    Brian Willmot: thanks I will wait ...
    S: I am sorry that this is taking more time than usual. May I have a few more minutes?
    Brian Willmot: sure
    S: Thanks for your time and patience.
    S: The Page Yield of the Printhead: 1,500 Pages @ 5% Coverage.
    Brian Willmot: So I take it this means that they would probably fail and show 'bad' after 1500 at 5% coverage yes ?
    S: By Performing regular maintenance we can increase the Page Yield of the Printhead.
    Brian Willmot: I have manually cleaned them apart from software driven cleaning to stage 3 ....
    S: I appreciate all your efforts to troubleshoot the issue.
    Brian Willmot: Thanks for the information
    S: It is my pleasure assisting you.
    S: This HP Officejet Pro K5400 Printer cartridge yields approximately 860 pages...more info
  • Problems with big files and lot of ink
    I bought this as a small business owner who wanted a fast printer with color capabilities. It is moderately fast but the first page is slow. Color meets my expectations but ink consumption is huge. It also will not print my CAD drawings. Maybe the files are too large but HP support is no help. Finally, I bought the optional paper tray thinking I could keep letterhead or envelopes in there. When I set it up I found out that the second tray is just a back up in case the first one runs out. Not a bad idea, but not what I expected....more info
  • too new to tell . but so far so good
    It is too new to tell. However, everything appears to be working to the product's specifications and it is easy to use . I am still learning about it....more info
  • HP K5400 Printer, Beware of Printer Head Cartridge
    I just recently purchased this printer and I am skeptical about the so called "lowest ink cost". Yes, The actual ink cartridges are reasonable priced, but they don't really mention the two additional "printer head" cartridges that must be replaced along with the ink cartridges. The "printer head" cartridge cost around $69 dollars a pop. They don't mention the page yield for these "printer head" cartridges. I traded my Brother HL-2040 for the HP K400 which I now think was a mistake. If you can do without "color" then I would say the Brother HL-2040 Monochrome Laser Printer (retails for around $89) is your best bet in terms of long run affordability and print quality. You can get a Brother HL-2040 toner cartridge for around $30.00 (page yield: 2,400).
    ...more info
  • Printhead problem solved
    I was very happy with this printer until I started having printhead problems. I ordered and installed a new printhead and got the yellow flashing light that would not go away. I was ready to get a new printer when I decided as a last resort to try cleaning the holes that the printhead fits into with Windex on a q-tip. Now the original printhead works and the printhead health is rated "good" with a green circle, when before the cleaning it had a yellow circle. ...more info
  • Waste of ink, waste of money
    I bought this printer specifically because it has separate cartridges for each ink color. Figured that would save money. Wrong. Every time I went to print something, the printer would spend over 10 minutes "cleaning the print heads", generally by blowing lots of ink through them. The Macintosh driver software is also buggy and convoluted. Keep away....more info
  • best ink jet out there, but still issues
    I've run 8200+ pages through this printer, with no problems. It's all been black only text, in draft mode. However, it ran out of Yellow, and refuses to print, even though I don't print color. Its also running low on Cyan and Magenta. HP support said that the printer cleans its print heads on occasion, and over time will consume the color, even if not printing in it. I'm not sure if its possible to turn off auto-clean, or tweak some other setting, but having to replace the colors every 6mos even though I don't use them is a bit annoying.

    My printer came with Ethernet, and duplexer. The Ethernet is great, and is helpful for those with more than one PC, or wireless. The duplexer doesn't work as good as that of my old laser. The HP Tech said the duplexer works best with a heavier paper (24#) and printing in Normal instead of Draft, in order to slow down the paper. That makes sense, as this printer is fast, and really cranks though a print job at laser speed, at least with text.

    I went with this ink jet because I got tired of the smell from my old laser. For that, it gets the job done....more info
  • Great Inkjet
    For the price this printer is great, it is very fast and does not appear to be an ink hog. The only thing that some may not like is, it is very noisy...more info
  • Pretty solid printer.
    Pretty solid printer. I usually print documents in the economy mode and the quality is reasonable and fast. It is a bit loud and took quite awhile to set up. I have been using it for about a month with no problems....more info
  • Have two and never a problem buying another for home
    We bought this to run a few thousand cards (3X5") per year Also use it as a standard printer a few hundred pages per Month. It's lighning fast and the ink lasts forever. We bought a second to replace another printer that runs maybe 5,000 color pages a year and have never had a problem with either one. There is an occational misfeed on the small cards but it prints 60 per minute! I know a large competitor is using a much faster printer but it cost $1,200 and the cost per page in consumables in much higher. ...more info
  • Bulky, very noisy and unreliable
    We got few USB versions of K550 and K5400 for our remote office locations. We didn't need huge capacity but cheap color prints. In my comparison it seemed that this solution would be the cheapest compared to the competitors' models. Unfortunately I didn't count the 2 print heads that have to be replaced as well with the cartridges and the huge ink consumption. Also during warm up the printer makes very loud noises and vibrates the whole desk. Sometimes I'm wondering if have requested a print out or a heavy-construction task with all those unusual rattles. After the warm up it prints quite fast. Also it needs some calibrations from time to time that consume a lot of ink too. It will not print if any of the cartridges is depleted. Finally you have to replace 4 cartridges + 2 heads after few months that will cost more than a new printer. My recommendation as an IT Pro is not to go for this printer or even any HP Inkjet printer if you plan to use original cartridges. If you need monochrome printouts just go for a laser one....more info
  • Perfect so far
    We took a risk on this because our last printer, the HP K550 had serious paper handling problems. This one is -- so far -- working perfectly. It was easy to set up.

    We got the extra paper tray and that is working perfectly too, though it took some time to figure out how to make it default to the correct tray. (Never found instructions after looking for 30 minutes. Had to experiment with the settings.) The only other negative -- the driver is huge -- something like 130MB. (And even with that, no instructions for paper tray selection?!) This is minor if the printer is reliable!...more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    I bought this printer after looking for a very long time, for a duplexing, network ready printer. I wanted something that could:

    - work with any operating system. (I have BSD, Linux, OS X, and Windows XP)
    - use separate ink tanks, and optionally high capacity ink
    - separate the ink tanks from the print heads
    - offer a low TCO.

    To that end, I was a success in picking a k5400dn (bought mine elsewhere)
    I do a lot of transcribing my school work from analog, to digital form, in an attempt at getting higher grades, and keeping immaculate notes, for reference later. I print about 20 sheets a day, sometimes more.

    The reviews here had me convinced I would buy a lemon.

    I admit, when I first got it, it didn't work at all! This was due to some strange directions about shaking the print heads exactly 5 times like incanting a spell. It wouldn't print anything. So I reasoned, "Hey, looks like the ink is stuck somewhere, or some air or something", so I pulled the print heads back out and shook them like the fancy ink pens they are, throwing expensive HP ink everywhere. It worked, but prints were out of alignment, and the software couldn't fix it.

    So, I took the print heads back out, and put them back in, this time paying careful attention to their physical alignment. From the top down they are little boxes, the trick is to get the top and bottom edges aligned.

    After that first day, its worked beautifully. I duplex almost everything, and it hasn't jammed yet. [My trick to duplexing is I don't feed my printer with whatever I have lying around. I use only recommended media]

    I've owned it between 1 & 2 months, and have printed 697 pages.

    Would recommend!...more info
  • Colors not true
    I am disappointed in my HP K5400 Officejet Pro Color Printer. The output is fast, but the colors are not true. There is a dullness and no mater how you adjust the color balance, the colors are distorted....more info
  • Defective Ink Heads
    The printer works fine most of the time. I have not had any of the problems the other folks have talked about.
    However, I have had three ink heads go bad. The first one I just thought it was a fluke, and replaced myself. At 65$ I was not happy.
    The second one failed and I called HP and talked to a tech on India. Besides the language issue, he did well, and they sent me another ink head.
    I purchased a third one, since I needed the printer before the one HP was sending me was to get here.
    That one just failed, so I am on my third. I am going to call HP and get another ink head.
    At this point it is about time and aggravation.
    The ink is not a bargain either. At this point, I wish I had purchased a laser printer.
    Or anything else for that matter. I am a small business, and this is really aggravation I do not need.
    ...more info
  • Ink hog
    I bought this printer because I was told it has the lowest cost per page printed (about 1.5 cents per page). That is absolute hogwash! After about 100 pages printed in draft mode black only, it ran out of yellow ink. About 50 pages later it ran out of magenta ink. Aparently it uses color ink for head cleaning and when printing in black mode only. It stops printing when you are out of any color ink. After about 700 pages printed (draft mode, black only) I am on my third color combo pack at $39.99/pack. That is 17.14 cents per page for color cartridges only and not the 1.5 cents I was told. If I add the cost of the black cartridge, the cost is over 20 cents/page. This printer is an ink hog and I would not recommend it to anybody! HP is laughing all the way to the bank when someone buys one of these printers. ...more info
  • HP5400 printer
    Very happy with the service from Amazon.com. Product actually arrived 1 day before the ETA.
    Also very happy with the quality and speed of the printer....more info
  • Horrible Printer
    Got 1 printer DOA. Advance replacement was sent out and it was DOA as well. Both had issues with ink. Throw your money in the trash because it will be put to better use than by buying this printer....more info
  • K5400 Quality Problems
    My experience with this printer can be summarized as "horrible". Within its warranty period, HP has replaced the entire unit twice (the first time with an equally but differently defective unit) and replaced the black+yellow print head, three times. Each of the 4 calls to HP technical support lasted over an hour. (#1 black print nozzles clogging continuously, #2 replaced bad print head with another bad print head, but decided to send new printer instead, #3 replaced black print head again, #4 new printer has paper feed and head alignment problems). When it is working, it is reasonably fast, and the print quality is good. However, it does spend an inordinate amount of time and ink adjusting and aligning itself. The network model I have, also crashes about once a month and has to be unplugged and plugged back in before you can use it again....more info
  • HP printer K5400 sucks not to mention does not work
    My tek guy took a total of 4 hours with HP teks inorder to determine why my brand new printer did not work. They would not send a new replacement until they had exhausted all options for failure, costing me $137.00 in labor. They finally agreed to send a rebuilt printer, which it too did not work, again keeping my tek on the phone for an additional 4 hours to determine the cause. They sent a second rebuilt printer and guess what - it too did not work. Again 4 hours on the phone with my tek. $500 in tek time later they agreed to take back the Amazon purchase and the 3rd bad printer and send me a check for the purchase amount. I spoke with a case mananger, who explained that HP teks have a procedure they have to go through before they can OK a replacement be sent. So what if it takes 4 hours of the customers time and money. I noticed while all this was going on that no stores sold this version of printer - it's a bust. Move on to something else or you'll end up paying 5 times more in set cost/time that the printer is worth. Amazon should dump this model ASAP. The only reason I gave it one star is because they stayed in touch and sent me my money back....more info


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