Hoover H2510 Impulse Cordless Electric Power Mop, Lavender Mist with Mystic Lime

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Product Description

Lightweight and convenient, rechargeable, cordless power mop designed to wash and dry hard surface floors in kitchens, dinettes, hallways, bathrooms, and other rooms in the house. A cleaner clean, with less effort than you would get from a mop, bucket, scrub brush, or disposable wipe. Ideal for cleaning hard surface floors and picking up spills ready when you need it! Designed to wash and dry hard-surface floors. Easy to carry and use - weighs only approx. 8 lbs. Cordless and rechargeable - provides 25 to 30 minutes of time per charge. Convenient storage - handle folds, and power mop sits in the storage tray when not working. Separate tanks - cleaning solution goes in one, and dirty water stays in the other. Battery indicator light - Solid green means the mop is fully charged. Blinking red means that the battery is low. Solid orange means that there is no charge left in the battery. 8 oz. Hoover FloorMate(TM) Floor-to-Floor Cleaning Solution - gently removes tough soil and does not leave a residue. AC adapter/charger - for recharging the power mop. Storage tray - for storing the power mop when not in use. Comes with a manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty: Features: Designed to wash and dry hard-surface floors. Cordless and rechargeable - provides 25 to 30 minutes of time per charge. Battery indicator light - Solid green means the mop is fully charged. Blinking red means that the battery is low. Solid orange means that there is no charge left in the battery. AC adapter/charger - for recharging the power mop. Storage tray - for storing the power mop when not in use.

  • Cordless power mop washes and dries hard-surface floors
  • Scrub mode cleans; Pickup mode dries and picks up liquid spills
  • 2-tank system keeps dirty and clean water separate; fold-down handle
  • AC adapter/charger and 8-ounce bottle of cleaning solution included
  • Measures 7 by 11 by 44 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Amazingly surpised!
    This power mop is so light weight that I couldn't believe it would really work well. Surpise! It doesn't take a heavy weight to get my linoleum floors clean. By spraying the cleaner "as you go", you always put down a fresh clean spray and you don't have to deal with the heavy bucket of water (that looks dirty right away) like you do when you use a regular mop. The power supply was still going strong by the time I finished my kitchen floor so I am one happy customer.
    I don't have tile floors but I would imagine that the brushes underneath would miss cleaning grout between tiles as grout is usually lower than the flat surface. If grout isn't your thing, I can't imagine why you wouldn't like this product. I love mine!...more info
  • Makes Mopping Easy!
    -The spinning brushes really scrub your floor with minimal passes from the power mop.
    -The cleaning solution is dispensed directly onto the brushes equally so it is maximally effective.
    -The cleaning solution has a very low and non-offensive odor
    -Battery charge lasts long enough to do a large kitchen/dining area
    -Uses very small amount of water
    -Easy to fill/empty/clean
    -Dries floors quickly and effectivly

    -Many parts to take apart and clean after mopping: solution chamber, dirty water chamber, nozzle, brushes, filters, and then you have to leave them out to dry

    The pros far outweigh the cons, and this would be good for any one who hates putting effort into scrubbing their floors with a mop and dirty water. It left my floors clean, shiny, and dry! ...more info
  • cleaner appearing floors
    I have this cordless mop. It does take a little longer to do your floor, but the plus' are that it saves your back and does a an excellent job of vacumning up the dirty water, to me leaving the floor cleaner as opposed to regular bucket mopping. The only drawback to this mop, the battery only holds about a half hour of charge....more info
  • Hoover H2510 Mop
    This was just what I needed for my kitchen floor. I looked into everything from heavy industrial cleaners to light weight floor dusters. This product has great control for clean water/soap feed, allowing you to spray more or less as needed. The brushes don't do much, but I didn't expect them to scrub my grout lines. (It would be great if they did, but at this price they do just fine.) They will break up tougher spotting if you hold the spinning brush over the spot a few seconds.

    I was most impressed with the vacuum. My main concern with this unit after reading the other posts was that it would leave water on my floor. While the grout lines are still very slightly damp, the flat areas are dryer than when I use my regular mop. I run the unit with the switch on the brush side over about about a 4' by 4' area, then go back over that area with the vac switch. The charge lasts for my whole kitchen and my 2 baths and it has not run out of power. The clean water/soap tank is small, but very easy to refill.

    I would definitely recommend this as a daily clean up tool, with touch ups to your grout lines done occasionally with a regular mop - or scrub brush or tooth brush if you want them even cleaner....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love this Hoover Impulse. I also have the larger unit, the FloorMate, which is much heavier. The Impulse works the same and does the exact performance, except its much lighter and not so heavy. I highly recommend this product to others. You would definitely not be disappointed!!...more info
  • It's good for small areas
    I realized when I purchased this product it wasn't for big jobs. I do enjoy this product to just keep my floor cleaner between regular mopping jobs. But understand it's just for small jobs and not very strong....more info
  • I like it but it has a flaw
    I really like this product. It does exactly what I want it to do. However, the brush isn't as nice as the brushes on the bigger models and the soap tank leaks. I just squeeze the trigger and dispense the amount of soap that I want and then release the tank so it stops flowing until I want to dispense some more. Overall it does the job....more info
  • Works great on flat surfaces, but does have some limitations
    I bought this electric mop for a very specific purpose. I have a 3'x5' area of my kitchen that needs mopped everyday. It's where my cat's litter box and food is. Our cat eats an all raw diet, which means he usually gets raw meat on the floor where he's been tackling a chicken neck. Getting the mop out everyday is a pain. So, I went in search of a solution.

    What I really wanted was a machine that would vacuum the litter and mop that area. The only one I found that would do both was the Bissell Flip Eaze (http://www.amazon.com/Bissell-Flip-Eaze-Upright-Vacuum/dp/B000H6D2UW/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1221329733&sr=1-7). However, the reviews were very mixed and it used pads which I would need to keep ready. For those to reasons, I decided to pass. I also looked at Swiffers. I had a Swiffer wet mop back when they first came out. It most likely would have worked fine for this project, but it has an ongoing expense with the replacement pads costing about .30 a day. For my use, over the course of a year that's ~100.00.

    After a weekend of researching other machines, I decided to go with the Hoover. I have a full size Hoover carpet cleaner and am well satisfied with it. For what I bought this one for, I'm extremely happy with it. It easily handles the morning clean up of the kitchen (which is linoleum). I've used it to clean my whole kitchen (~200 sq. ft.) and it works very well. I've had good results using it on the tile in my utility room as well. However, it does not work well on the tile in my entry hall. The tile in my utility room is a 12 inch tile with a shallow, narrow grout. A little deeper than what you would have in most bathroom showers. The tile in my entry hall is 9", with beveled edges and a deep, wide grout. When using the electric mop it is just a little narrower than the tiles, which means the wheels run on the edge of it which makes it difficult to use. While the suction is great on the flatter surfaces, it's not strong enough to pull the water from the deeper grout.

    As far as battery life, it gets about 20 minutes of use. If my floor is pretty clean, I can do my entire kitchen on a single charge, but it does struggle towards the end and I have to work fast. My sister has a larger tiled area and used it on her floor for heavier cleaning. She said it did a pretty good job, but she did have to charge it once and it barely made it through with the second charge.

    All in all, I'm very happy with this product. I'm giving it the 4 stars because it works perfectly for what I bought it for, but I do wish it could handle the tile in my entry way better. Just be aware if you buy it, this is not a heavy duty cleaner. It's for small jobs and messes. While the suction is pretty strong, the scrubber does little more than get the floor wet and pick up what could easily be removed with a towel. The flatter the surface, the better it works.
    ...more info
  • Best mop I've ever used!
    This has been the easiest and most convenient mop I have ever used. With two kids at home I don't have time to constantly pull out a mop and bucket every time I have a spill ( which is every 5 minutes!). This mop cleans so well and the floor is almost completely dry after using the pickup mode.
    Well worth the money, and very affordable!...more info
  • Love the Hoover Impulse!
    I use my Impulse in my bathrooms because it is small enough to get in between the wall and my toilets. It is a quick way to scrub the floors without being on my hands and knees. It sucks up the water quickly so that when my cats and dog walk in the bathroom, they don't leave muddy paw prints. The clean up is easy and it holds a charge for days! ...more info
  • Works pretty good
    I did not have any problems with leaking or puddling of water. This unit held its charge during the whole time I mopped my large kitchen floor. I agree with the previous reviewer who thought that the bristles should be lowered just a bit. It did take quite a few passes to clean up foot tracks etc. Overall the mop worked fine. Not sure if i will be keeping this yet. I do think it is faster to get out the old fashioned mop....more info
  • Love it.
    I did alot of research before I made this purchase and it paid off. This is wonderful. I have young children and wanted something for quick clean up of spills and potty training accidents.
    The folding handle is a big plus because I can easily store it in a cabinet, and the little tray to store it on relieves any concerns I may have had about residual liquid, and to date there hasn't been any water in the tray.
    I haven't used it on a really big area yet, just bathroom and spot cleaning in kitchen linoleum. I look forward to tackling my wood floor with this....more info
  • Works fine!
    Having all hardwood and tile floors, I went on mission to find something convenient to clean with. I read dozens and dozens of reviews on every conceivable type of hard surface floor cleaner. There seems to be 2 complaints about this mop...short charge time, and it didn't get the floor "hands and knees" clean. Well, if you are that anal that you still mop on your hands and knees, more power to you! I wanted something that would clean the floor after a new puppy accident, grandchildren spills and tracked-in mud on a day to day basis. And this mop works great! I can clean all my floors twice on one charge (which is about 1600 square feet, so not huge), and as far as the complaint about the water not staying real hot, news flash, if you use a antibiotical cleaner, you don't need hot water. I have not had any streaks, it picks up all the water and leaves the floor just damp. Apparently, some buyers expected it to leave the floor totally dry...and just how would that be managed? Built in hair dryer? And no, it is not a vacuum; you have to broom sweep first. But who doesn't sweep before they mop?

    For the money, I think it's a great answer to the problem. It is easy to fill, easy to empty, and easy to store. I would (and have) recommend it to family and friends. If I had any suggestion for improvement, it would be to lower the brushes about a 1/4 inch to get even better scrubbing action....more info
  • Worthless on tile floors
    I bought this to clean my tile floors (especially the grout) and I'm very disappointed. It takes FOREVER to clean even the smallest space and does't clean the grout like I had hoped it would. The vacuum seems to suck up the water pretty good, but I don't have an hour to spend cleaning my kitchen floor. I can't speak to how it would do on wood floors, but for me, it was a waste of money....more info