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From the bestselling author of Get With the Program! and Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover comes The Best Life Diet, a lifetime plan for losing weight and keeping it off. Bob Greene helped Oprah achieve her dramatic weight loss, and he can help you too. You'll eat the same delicious food that Oprah enjoys, and, just like Oprah, you'll have Bob to encourage you at every step. Unlike a celebrity, however, you don't need to hire a staff of experts to aid and advise you, because Bob's plan, easily tailored to an array of tastes, lifestyles, and activity levels, acts as your personal trainer and private nutritionist.

Just open the book and let Bob help you get started down the path toward your best possible life. What sets Bob apart from all the other experts who claim to have plans that work is that he admits that weight loss is difficult: seventeen years of watching people struggle to lose weight on a seemingly endless string of trendy crash diets, only to backslide and regain the pounds they've shed, have taught him that dropping pounds is not simply a numbers game. By acknowledging that it is not simple laziness but a complicated web of social rituals, cultural expectations, and habits that drives people to gain weight, Greene is able to attack the problem of weight loss realistically and offer not a short-lived, quick-fix formula, but a long-term program that accounts for the challenges and constraints of the real world. Divided into three phases, The Best Life Diet gives you the tools you need to change your life. In each phase, you'll be asked to reexamine the decisions you make on a daily basis and gradually alter your habits to achieve lasting results. The book also includes easy-to-follow meal plans that make it simple to meet your daily energy and nutrient requirements, whether you are on the run and breakfast means a quick smoothie or you have time to shop for fresh produce and make something special. You'll watch the weight disappear as you learn to prepare festive and flavorful dishes like Fire-Roasted Tomato-Shrimp Veracruz, Chicken Sausage Jambalaya, or Flank Steak with Chimichurri Topping and indulge in desserts like Roasted Peaches with Ricotta and Almonds or Apple Rhubarb Walnut Crisp. And for each delicious recipe, there is a detailed nutritional analysis, so you know exactly what you are eating and how it fits into your personal eating plan. Most important, Bob's plan doesn't end once you've lost the weight. Instead, it gives you the tools you need to make living your best life second nature, because for Greene, a diet is not something you go "on" or "off" but a set of guidelines that will help you claim the life you deserve.

Customer Reviews:

  • A new Beginning
    My wife and I are enjoying this book and it has given us a great headstart on a healthier way to live.....more info
  • The best life diet book
    I have read this book from front to back and its just like any other diet book...... I use it for reference....more info
  • The Best Life Diet
    We are still checking with doctors to make sure it is safe for us. so far we are hearing great things. But the book itself is easy enough to fallow and will be starting the diet soon...more info
  • Not helpful for me, Much better books out there on good eating.
    I didn't not find this book helpful at all. I actually found it to be a little obnoxious. I do think the author believes in his cause and I think it's great if he can help some people out. The plugs for Oprah, slim fast, and yo-plait yogurt were annoying to me and i didn't find anything special about his food and exercise plan. If you need a good book on healthful eating read " The Eat-Clean Diet" and get the cook book. This is a much better guide to good eating and the recipes are pretty good as well.
    ...more info
  • this book changed my way of thinking and my life
    I thought this was an excellent "diet" book and I've read many of them. He speaks of how we have to get to the real "whys" of being overweight. It struck a chord with me. I never realized how much of an emotional eater I was. I read the book about 5 weeks ago and following the suggestions in his book, I've lost 12 lbs. I have about 10 more to go! Excellent book!...more info
  • Living your Best Life...awesome!
    I'd bought this book previously, this was a gift for a friend. It is, by far, THE best diet-lifestyle book, ever.

    Bob Greene puts everything in an easy to understand and follow format. It is all the things you already knew....just clarified and crystal clear. I have recommended this life style to SO many people.

    I have been following it for 12 weeks, I am in week 13 and have lost 22 pounds and 14". I cannot sing Bob Greene's praises enough.

    It is step by step and starts you with just developing some new habits. You move along at your own pace. I would strongly recommend the companion web site, too, as it pulls everything together for you.

    Anyway, here is to YOUR best life! You can do it! I did, and I feel great! More engery and happiness. What could be better?

    ...more info
  • The Best Life Diet
    If you want to loose weight without trying and making very few modifications to your diet, this is the answer. Best diet I have ever seen. Well worth the read. Recommended by Oprah....more info
  • Practical advice
    Easy read. Great practical advice for changing how you eat and how you live. Some of the recipes are a little strange for my taste, but many look worth a try....more info
  • Great Product
    Great Program to help understand your weight problems and to get the weight off and keep it off...more info
  • I feel like he's sold out to marketing!
    First, I LOVED "Make the Connection". It's my all-time favorite health/fitness book and changed my life. I've recently packed on pounds and pulled out my old book then checked the library to see if Bob had any others out - I found this one. I began to wonder if I checked out a book or an infommercial! What's with these approved foods? Is he saying that the generic equivalent at half the price won't do? I don't remember him saying that when Oprah first found him. And the suggestions to go to his site? BUYER BEWARE! [...] I've never seen a clunkier non-user friendly site in my life! [...] When I emailed customer service to cancel I received the rudest response I have ever received from a company in my life. I was literally shocked.

    [...]...more info
  • Foods not availabel
    I ordered Bob Green's book after seeing it on Oprah. I was disappointed after reading it. I live in a rural area and don't have any stores around that sell most of the foods suggested in the meal plan or in the cookbook. To purchase most of these foods I would have to drive 70 or 80 miles....more info
  • Perfection. Gaining Knowledge is the Key.
    This is what it's all about. Knowledge is the key to actually losing weight and keeping it off. Bob Greene gets it totally right this time. If you can change your patterns, rid yourself of the cultural and social context of our eating habits, then you are on your way to great success and healthy weight. ...more info
  • Mixed Bag
    This review is of the 2006 edition, I haven't seen the newer one. I picked this book up out of curiosity after seeing the endorsement symbol on several of the products I buy.

    Pluses: I really liked the focus on dealing with emotional eating, because that's a huge struggle for many of us. I also liked the strong emphasis on exercise, something that many diet books downplay. The recipes I tried were tasty.

    Minuses: As a number of other reviewers have mentioned, the excessive plugging of his paid website and of brand-name products were totally annoying. I also didn't care for the way he chose to structure his lifestyle changes. I felt he waited too long to recommend important steps like cutting sweets, refined grains, and fatty meats....more info
  • not the best
    Don't get me wrong, the info is great and relevant but the way it is outlined just isn't as interesting as it could be. I like charts, graphs and information that is presented in an organized manner, not just written in a paragraph format. The other way around, it seems to me that it would make it easier to identify important data and to remember relevant information for your diet. That would make it THE best diet plan ever....more info
  • Take Responsibility. Make a Decision.
    Decide, once and for all, to lose the extra weight and keep it off. Once you do that, following Bob Greene's Best Life Diet will get you the results you're after.

    Now, no diet is perfect. In fact, some say that diets don't work, period. But Green approaches "diet" as a lifelong way of consciously choosing to eat for health and slimness. And that doesn't mean "no taste"--some of the recipes in the book (like the Salmon and Spinach Fritatta) are actually delicious.

    I've read criticism of the book from some who dislike Green's "pushing" of certain brands/products. If you feel that way, don't use them. Substitute items you choose for yourself.

    The point is to MAKE a choice, a decision, to take control.

    I think Greene could have spent a little more time on that aspect of his plan, which is why I had to rate the book 4 stars instead of five. That aside, it's a worthwhile read, and a do-able plan. ...more info
  • Bob Greene's book on Healthy Life
    Love the book and it was soooo easy to shop on I will be doing much more, in fact I am looking for another book right now.
    Thanks for being awesome to do business with!

    Valinda Van Komen
    ...more info
    Here's why:
    1. It works (I have multiple people in my life that can prove it)
    2. You can do it any any fitness level
    3. You can lose as little or as much as you want
    5. You can do any exercise you want, in any distribution you want, to any level you want and have it fit your lifestyle
    6. No excess hunger
    7. It's simple
    8. It's permanent
    9. Your energy level increases
    10. Your body is healthier
    11. You can still eat the foods you love (including ice-cream, chocolate, cake)

    Ok, it may not be wonderfully written, the recipes are moderate but in the end IT WORKS! I had been trying for about 6 months to lose only 7 pounds - not only did I not lose weight, I started to GAIN - double ugg. I was already fairly fit and my eating habits were actually quite good - but I was stuck. I was exercising, cutting portions and still no lost pounds. This book fixed my problem and I actually lost more weight than I had planned. - It all boiled down to the hunger scale (well, for me anyway).
    I followed the book week by week as it suggested. The first 4 weeks I didn't change much of my lifestyle at all and I didn't lose any weight (but you're not necessarily supposed to). The second 4 weeks I started to lose weight - it was the hunger scale. As long as I stop at the recommended "level 5", I lose weight. ( Actually despite my activity level. ) This prevents the rigorous and mundane calorie counting. I am still eating all of the foods I enjoy and am still losing! I'm not hungry during the day and snack 2 or more times daily (as recommended).
    This also works for a completely different lifestyle than mine. I also bought this for my father who was not active, did not have great eating habits and needed to lose about 40 lbs. He too had wonderful success 35 down so far and still counting....more info
  • The Best Life Diet
    I have not done too much with this book, but I believe that Bob has excellent ideas for changing the way you eat. As we age, we need to adjust the way we eat to maintain a healthy weight. This book is full of great information....more info
  • Let's get it started!
    This book is a 3-step plan which breaks the book down into easy reading. You don't have to read the entire book in one sitting.

    Bob talks to you as much as he can throughout the book -- makes things real. He encourages taking this lifestyle change slowly. I think it will work.

    Definitely worth a read. ...more info
  • Life diet book
    In the process of reading and I find the concetps to be straight forward and hopefully easy to follow. Keeping a log is the only way to stay honest, and this is an asset to your sucess. Write everything down, it will surprise you as to how much and when. Include times to track patterns. Baby steps starts your journey and focus on not overdoing things, you slowly adapt and then are able to move on to then next step. So many of us just dive into our diet and the key it to change things is a slow way so your not overwhelmed and sick of the "Diet", this is more a lifestyle change with a bonus of a smaller body frame. Yippee!!!! I'm still one of those that wish there was a pill instead, let you know if I find that miracle. Good luck....more info
  • Diet
    Like the other wonderful book that you can do! Must have for any one wanting to loose weight....more info
  • The Best Life Diet
    Overall a pretty good book with lots of recipes but it seemed to get too psychological for me instead of giving the nuts and bolts of how to lose weight. Then again, this may be exactly Bob Greene's point as most people don't stay with their diet longterm. ...more info
  • Lots of the same, but lots of new stuff
    I enjoyed this book and its approach a lot. Things I liked that I haven't found anywhere else:
    1) Mixing cereals to come up with a different taste. I guess I'm just not creative, but this was a cool idea I've incorporated into my diet.
    2) Starting out without any restrictions. Every other diet approach I've read recently starts you out with phase one being the most restrictive. This phase one is just the "get off your butt" phase, helpful for me because it gave me time to read the rest of the book while not jumping into a diet AND exercise program right away (I was six weeks postpartum and had been on bedrest for 7 months of my pregnancy, so was still VERY weak).
    3) He gives a great list of exactly what friuts and veggies help which health conditions. Good reference page.
    4) Oprah's recipes-- they were easier and more doable than the others in the book. Especially the turkey burgers. A lot of the recipes just took regular recipes and made them healthier, replacing ground beef with ground turkey and refined flour with whole grain flour.
    5) He helps you take a look at WHY you overeat. I find myself asking "am I hungry? or am I just stuffing my face because I can't find another way to deal with the frustration of my 4-month-old daughter screaming?" It's usually the second, so I stop eating and say a lil' prayer.
    6) His emphasis on fiber. This is often neglected in a lot of health-conscious circles, but is vital to the correct long-term functioning of the innards.

    Things I didn't like that much:
    1) References to the website. It's costly (in my opinion) and I bought the book, for goodness' sake! Why do I need his website?
    2) A lot of the recipes were too complicated or had ingredients that I'd have to look hard for in the grocery store, or go to a bigger store across town. I'm a new mom. Don't have time to find amarynth or jicama and figure out how to cook them.
    3) There is no modification for breastfeeding or pregnant women, even on the website. In fact, when I tried to sign up on the website and clicked on "breastfeeding," it simply kicked me off, saying "this diet has no modifications for breastfeeding women." So I just took his calorie guidelines in the book and have added about 250 calories to my daily intake.

    Overall, it's a great reference to have, and I'm glad he's doing what he's doing. It will help make people more aware of healthy eating, and it will increase the market for more creative foods with healthy ingredients. I've never seen so many different types of hummus at the supermarket as I do nowadays!...more info
  • The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene
    I have not read very far into the book - cannot give an accurate review at this time....more info
  • Having good success
    I love this diet because it is not like any other diet. It is a lifestyle change. If you are ready for a lifestlye change that comes with losing weight, then this is the diet for you. By the book!...more info
  • Excellent advice and healthy eating habits!
    This was a great book! Bob Greene provides excellent advice on living a healthy lifestyle. He talks about making lifelong changes not just some easy weight loss fix. This book will definitely improve your life!...more info
  • The Best Life Diet
    Disappointing book. Although the diet has solid information for losing weight, it really just seems to be a money ploy. And don't think the web site is any better. There is no trial period, so when you discover on the first day how poorly the website is constructed, you're stuck. You might as well throw money out your window. ...more info
  • Will not support anybody endorsed by Oprah Winfrey
    Sorry Bob. The only reason you are rich and famous is because you helped Oprah Winfrey lose the weight she has more than gained back. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet. After Oprah endorsed Barrack Obama solely on the color of his skin, she lost any credibility she ever could have had. And, after she snubbed Sarah Palin for no other reason but to promote her own political agenda, Oprah is now spoiled goods. Won't support her, anything she peddles or anybody she peddles. ...more info
  • Horrible Service
    It has been a month since I ordered and paid for this item and I have yet to recieve it, or a refund. I have contacted the seller 4 times with no reply; no answer for where my book is, or when I should expect it or a refund. I am severely disappointed with this "sale" as all I have to show for it is missing money and no book. Very frustrating and unacceptible. I only give one star because the review will not go through without one....more info
  • Sensible eating
    Bob Greene's "The Best Life Diet" is a sensible, do-able program, and it's for LIFE!...more info
  • A little disappointed
    While I'm sure I'll gain some useful information from this book, and can appreciate the approach it takes toward health and weight loss, I am over 50% through the book and am struggling to plow past all the product recommendations and the repeated plugs for Bob Greene's website. I've quickly grown weary of reading "You can find out more about this at *****.com" (I refuse to plug it again in my review !!!). Isn't putting it on the cover of the book adequate? And sure --- many of us don't have the time to identify specific products that incorporate the recommended nutrients, fiber content, etc. and all of us may appreciate more specific recommendation of actual brand names --- but aren't they usually included in an appendix or concluding chapter on "Where to find stuff" to avoid globbing up the text?

    While another reviewer mentioned that Bob recommends exercise as part of the program, which is true, if you want to actually find any examples other than cardio --- surprise --- you're sent to the website. The Best Life Website is brought up over and over again with it's more detailed information (ie quitting smoking, communication boards for emotional support, etc.), so curiosity got the better of me and I logged on this afternoon before writing this review... Unless I'm unbelievably inept at navigating through the site, VERY little information is available without ponying up more $$$ to join as a member.

    This overall approach may be very helpful to some, and to be fair he does include a number of recipes which make up the final third of the book, but I have to say I feel slightly "taken" since the text I paid for continues to mention going to another source for more and better "stuff".

    I also bought Martina Navratilova's "Shape Your Self", and am finding it far more comprehensive in scope as a diet and fitness plan. Her book includes both recipes and actual pictures of people doing exercises you can do at home, but doesn't skimp on providing plenty of information regarding the emotional and lifestyle approach to losing weight and improving your physical health. I'd say you should check that out too......more info
  • Consumer Reports Rates this One High
    I'm searching for a diet plan to change my lifestyle. Consumer Reports, June 2007 is ranking this the best it found and I'm here seriously considering it as my choice.

    I'll share with you their comments. "The first phase involves exercise and a recommended eating schedule. Phase two reduces calories. You eat enough healthful foods to satisfy hunger but no more. Includes tools to customize diet and exercise." Phase two introduces the cut back in colories. This sounds like me. take one step at a time, start with the exercise.

    "Pros and cons: a nutritionist panel in separate ratings liked the personailized advice and section on exercise. There's an extensive section on emotional eating. Dieters might be discouraged when they don't lose weight in phase one. Straightforward recipes use common ingredients."

    The book which came in second to this one was Eat, Drink and Weigh Less. the deciding difference seems to be that Greene's book excells in the area of exercise. Greene's book will send you down to 1520 calories whereas the Eat Drink book is only down to 1910. Many will not lose weight on 1910 the nutritionists believe....more info
  • Great recipes.
    I like Bob Greene. He is practical and makes sense. I really enjoyed the recipes especially the choc soy, banana, and strawberry smoothie....more info
  • dieting
    Best Life was the most realistic book I have read regarding life long eating habits....more info
  • The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene
    A life changing book. Everyone should read it and make it a point to apply it. It's about being healthy and enjoying life in moderation. Absolutely Worth it!!...more info
  • The book diffiently worth buying
    Bob Greene books have always been a worth while buy to me. I think he hits the nail right on the head with this book the most though. Weight loss is something that has to start first with your issues in life and with this book he helps you go from phase to phase as you progress along in your struggles with weight loss. I think he has a good out look on what it takes to loss weight and I think this is his best book yet....more info
  • Purchase influenced by Oprah
    I learned about Bob Greene as result of Oprah's show.
    My interest is in healthy recipes not weight loss.
    I have not yet tried any of the recipes but am pleased with my
    initial review toward having Bob Greene's "The Best Life Diet"
    as part of my cooking library. ...more info
  • BEST way to change your life
    At 50 years old I stopped smoking and started on Bob Greene's, THE BEST LIFE DIET. I hadn't exercised in a very, very long time. I was figuring to gain a considerable amount of weight after quitting smoking, but by being on THE BEST LIFE DIET, not only did I not GAIN any weight, I LOST 17 pounds.

    I didn't follow it exactly to the T, because I am a sweet eater and I do like to indulge once in a while. But if you do what Bob Greene says, you'll lose weight.

    I liked it that it was in 3 phases. In the first phase, he suggests that you eat no differently except you do 3 meals 2 snacks and start moving.

    I have maintained my weight loss. I think Bob Greene is a good man, from what I have seen of him. He truly cares about people. THAT is what makes his diet the BEST....more info
  • The 'not about food' diet
    Very practical commonsense and different approach to changing your eating habits, expressed as a gradual manageable and understandable process, not a battle of willpowers...more info
  • Diet book with heart
    If you are looking for a good basic diet book that will help you lose weight then this could be the one. But of course like all other diet books you will only lose weight based on how closely you follow his recommendations. The book starts with a foreword by Oprah Winfrey discussing her year of living in the fog of food addiction. After years of trial and error she finally learned (with help from Bob) how to live her best life through proper diet and exercise. Bob will measure your activity level to determine your calorie needs. He will take you through three phases to eventually arrive at a diet plan that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. The premise is to get away from fried foods, white flour, sugar, and all things processed and replace them in time with healthy nutrient packed whole natural foods. Bob understands your weaknesses and how difficult it will be to change your habits and believes in taking it one step at a time. This is a diet you can live with and have the freedom to adjust your calories to lose weight at your own pace. I believe Bob captures all the information you will need to lose weight and eat a more healthful diet in his book. Best wishes for success....more info
  • The Best Life Diet
    This book is very informative. It tells how to follow the plan step by step. You are able to begin at any dietary and fitness level and work your way up to healthy living. ...more info
  • makes sense - don't like the plugs for brands
    I was seeing "Best Life" on some food packaging in the stores and was intrigued. Came home and googled and found this book. The book makes sense regarding healthy food choices, the science of weight loss, exercise, water, etc but at the same time seems to contraindicate itself. I don't understand on one hand saying to try to choose foods other than those with "added sugar", i.e. high fructose corn syrup, sugar etc. and also avoid foods that list sugar and one of the first three ingredients, yet on the other hand he is putting the "seal of approval" on foods that do this. i.e. Yoplait yogurt has high fructose corn syrup in it - (no wonder my kids will eat it). Slimfast powder lists sugar as the FIRST ingredient and the canned ready to eat it is the third ingredient. I could understand if he said it is okay to have these foods in "moderation" once in a while because I will have slimfast as a quick meal when i'm flying out the door but to put the SEAL OF APPROVAL on them??? To me that seal of approval is saying "choose me, I am the healthiest choice there is in the food product category". It just doesn't make sense. I need to go back and read the technical aspects but there are things it refers you to his website which isn't free to use either. I think it was about 60 bucks for 3 months - i was going to join at the same time i was starting the book but glad i didn't because i'm having a real hard time swallowing the high fructose corn syrup in the yogurt that i just bought (love the taste but shaking my head)....more info
  • Easy reading, great information
    Found this book and information so readable and informative, we gave copies to other family members. A change of lifestyle program that is easy to understand and follow....more info
  • Great Life Advice
    This is the best "diet" book ever. I explains emotional and physical reasons for eating and gives you little steps to help not only lose weight, but improve your life....more info
  • Common sense distilled
    I've read ALL the diet books. This one makes the most sense and relies on valid science instead of fad or fantasy. It is also straightforward and to-the-point, offering sufficient information without going overboard. The recipes are quite good, and I am eagerly awaiting the full cookbook to follow....more info
  • Hoping for more
    I bought this book based on a friend's recommendation as well as the publicity surrounding it. I was hoping for a book with a simple and nutritionally sound diet plan that I would be able to follow. Although I think the idea of dieting in phases is good, the book seemed to be just more of what is already out there. The recipes were so-so. I like to find recipes that are easy to fit in an on the go lifestyle, and while there were some recipes that would be easy to incorporate, others would be too time consuming for me. I also am skeptical about Greene's idea that it is important to stop eating two hours before bedtime. Many of my friends are now trying to stay up later so that when they eat late, they can still follow the no eating 2 hrs before bed rule - this seems a little silly to me and I would like to see the science behind this idea.

    This book does seem to work for some, but it wasn't for me....more info


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