Dirt Devil M120000 Spinnergy Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

New Multi-stage Cyclonic Technology Provides Sustained Suction; Improved Hepa Filtration; No Hassle Clean-release Dirt Cup; Extended Cleaning Reach; On-board Tools With Deluxe Ready-to-use Stretch Hose; Long 30-ft Cord; 2-year Warranty;

  • Upright vacuum cleaner with on-board tools and rotating power brush
  • Multi-stage cyclonic technology provides long-lasting suction power
  • Removable handle converts into long-reaching extension wand
  • Clean-release dirt cup; HEPA filter; adjustable height; 30-foot cord
  • Measures approximately 15 by 12 by 44 inches; 3-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't pay the money
    I bought this vacuum 2 years ago for around $100 and I've had nothing but problems with it. First of all, I don't understand the appeal of the "bagless" function. Every time you empty the dirt cup, dust flies in your face, and this can really only be done outside to avoid a mess and having to vacuum all over again. This machine has 2 other filters which are just as dirty and gross to clean as emptying the dirt cup. The inside of the dirt cup is supposed to twist off so as to empty the innards of the dirt tank but I could never get it to twist off. The attachments are okay except for the furniture brush, which was pretty flimsy and broke a few times. I went through a couple of belts too during the life of it. 2 years later the thing won't run for more than 5 minutes without overheating even though I've replaced the filters. My theory is that the bagless function doesn't allow it to trap dirt very well and so the innards of the vacuum get clogged much more easily. Our next machine is NOT going to be bagless, I'm done with bagless vacuum forever.

    Bottom line: When it worked, it worked well and sucked up lots of dirt. But lots of my time was spent trying to make it work....more info
  • Works great for price
    I had been contemplating an expensive cyclone vacuum, and based on reviews (and mainly price) I decided to give this unit a try. I can not personally compare to the more costly competitors, but I am well pleased with this model. The suction seems to be adequate for both my carpet and hard wood floors. The dust area is easy to empty, but pet hair or carpet fuzz still required manually pulling from the canister if goes into the upper section. The suction powered attachment brush seems to work well on stairs and furniture.
    Only draw back is the cord wrap "hook" is recessed so not as easy to wrap cord up on unit, but that is not a negative just something I noticed....more info
  • Cheap, but expensive
    I have already broken two belts on this vacuum after only 2 months of use--one because of a sneaky shoelace and the other because of a drop cloth. After finally finding replacement belts (I had to go to a specialty store), I discovered that they cost around $4 each. Judging from the look of shock on the salesperson's face when she saw the price, I'm guessing that this is a lot to pay. So, if you never accidentally suck up something you shouldn't, then you can save some money with this vacuum. But, I've owned cheaper machines that never broke when I made a mistake. It's up to you, but the way we're going in my house, we might as well buy the belts in bulk since they break very easily....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is great!

    I have long hair and it falls out a lot. My old vacuum's rotating brushes would always get clogged with hair. Not this vacuum!

    It is true that you have to empty the canister a lot because it picks up so much dirt and hair!

    I had really bad allegeries and while they are not 100% gone, the vacuum has picked up so much dust and dirt that all my other vacuums left behind.

    I can't believe of great price of this vacuum compared to Dysons.
    This is my best purchase on Amazon. ...more info
  • Dirt Devil Spinnergy is a great vacuum for the price
    I love my new Dirt Devil. After I used it a few times I discovered that the brush attachment, when you use it is like a small dirt devil. It's so easy to use and makes vacuuming furniture a breeze without having to switch to a small hand held vacuum. ...more info
  • Couldn't ask for a better vacuum!
    I love my new vacuum. Who needs amusement parks to entertain my children. They love seeing the vacuum canister fill up with dirt. I had no idea how poorly my previous vacuum worked until I used my new Spinnergy from Dirt Devil. The canister filled up 2x when I vaccumed the whole house - and I am a neat freak. You can tell the dirt is really coming up!
    This vacuum is easy to use, I love how the handle comes apart to be a hose, and amazing suction all around. Easy to clean too and empty, and no bags means no additional products. Not one complaint and a great price too!
    ...more info
  • AWESOME vacuum cleaner!
    This vacuum cleaner is wonderful! I'd had my carpets professionally cleaned the week before receiving this vacuum--but the amount of dirt, cat fur, etc. that it picked up was unbelievable! It handles very easily--emptying the dirt container is a breeze! I've ordered one for my daughter (since she used mine and loved it!)....more info
  • This vacuum is a great value!
    I used to own the Dirt Devil vision which was refurb and lasted me a long time over 5 years. With that in mind I decided that I wanted to give DD my business again. I saw the other three reviews on here and when I purchased my vacuum I too was very impressed. This thing works well. I am not sure for how long but I can't imagine a dyson working better than this vacuum. The only problem which is a good problem is you have to do a lot of dumping because the chamber picks up so much hair and dirt. I am overall impressed with this vacuum. The first time using it I ran over on of my son's baby shoes and the belt needs to be replaced. Upon inspection there are four easy screws to remove much better design than my vision. Dirt Devil makes a great vacuum at a value price. Don't be easily fooled....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I had to take a second to praise this product. My other vacuum was AWFUL and I purchsed this online from Amazon, it arrived within 3 days and I used it today. It pulled up black lab hair so great that now I can really see how dirty my carpet is. I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • This one does the job!
    Originally, I purchased a cheap Bissell that didn't last. Bissell has forever lost me as a customer.
    For a short while I was without a working vacuum and decided to try this dirtdevil because of the hepafilter as I believe the allergen buildup was beginning to get to me. I purchased directly from dirtdevil website due to it being less expensive. On dirtdevil's website I paid no more than $95 bucks which included the tax, shipping & handling.
    Vacuumed with this baby...and not only does my carpet look great, but the air feels so much fresher. For me, this Dirt Devil makes sense....more info
  • Dyson technology without the Dyson price!
    Let's be clear -- this vacuum uses practically the same "root" technology that Dyson uses. Other vacuums will hit you over the head with their "cyclonic" technology, which a lot of people equate with Dyson. However, Dyson currently uses "Root Cyclone" technology, and so does this Dirt Devil! I have owned mine for a little over a year and the belts have not broken nor have the inner filters required changing yet. It does an excellent job of cleaning my carpet and has not broken down in any way. This really is a well done "knock off" of a Dyson -- it makes me wonder how people could actually pay over $400 for one of those when you have this one for under 100 bones! :)...more info