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Raw Food Life Force Energy

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Looking for a whole new approach to weight loss, health, and beauty without necessarily going all raw or strictly vegetarian? Welcome to Raw Food Life Force Energy

According to top nutritionist Natalia Rose, everyone is entitled to a beautiful lean body, youthful radiant skin, abundant energy, and a state of natural bliss. The secret is tapping into the ultimate source of well-being-Life Force Energy. If we can properly harness and increase our Life Force Energy through simple dietary and environmental principles, and therefore cleanse and bring our bodies back to their natural, harmonious frequency, we can experience radically improved levels of health, beauty, and happiness.

Raw Food Life Force Energy is entirely compatible with the principles laid out in Rose's previous book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, but presents her diet-lifestyle in an excitingly progressive framework that reminds us that we are not just physical bodies, but dynamic beings who thrive on harmonious high vibrations and Life Force Energy. Rose presents four fundamental energy principles and practical applications, leading us to the best sources of natural energy-such as raw fruits and vegetables, sunlight, and fresh air, to name a few. These principles lay the groundwork for Rose's comprehensive 21-day program, followed by more than seventy original, mouthwatering recipes that range from healthful cooked fish dishes to raw vegetarian soups, entrees, and desserts to accommodate all levels of raw food energy dieters.

Rose offers a new vision of how to honor and revitalize our bodies and become powerfully attractive inside and out. Raw Food Life Force Energy shows us how to break out of our destructive, energy-draining patterns of poor eating, unsuccessful dieting, and stressful living to lift ourselves to a whole new stratosphere of well-being.

Customer Reviews:

  • Feel Great, Lose Weight and Find Energy!
    As a result of reading Natalia Rose's previous book "The Raw Food Detox Diet", I changed my diet, and felt better, healthier, more hydrated, more beautiful and more in control than I ever had. Suffice it to say, when Natalia Rose came out with her new book the "Raw Food Life Force Energy" book, I had to get it!

    The "Raw Food Life Force Energy" book is equally impressive to Rose's first book, if not more so. Rose's new book is a practical and illuminating guide to getting healthy (easily achieving your ideal weight) and finding boundless energy! While it sounds too good to be true, Natalia Rose makes her program very doable and her foundational principles very clear and easy to follow. She makes dieting seem fun, and change feel easy.

    Rose's book is difficult to put down because she gets you so excited about all of the everyday changes that you can easily make to improve the way that you think, feel and look. In this book, Natalia Rose ventures beyond diet and explains how fundamental the flow of Life Force Energy is to making you feel energized and alive.

    Natalia Rose will change your perspective on how you perceive your body, and the food that you put into it. But she doesn't stop there, she also takes you by the hand through her very practical 21-Day Diet Program with a tone so positive, insightful and soothing, you're inclined to follow her every suggestion.

    This book is also an excellent resource for people who have read the "Raw Food Detox Diet" book. Rose includes delicious recipes and a very comprehensive and helpful `Frequently asked Questions' section, where she thoroughly answers compelling questions about her diet program.

    Every once in a while, a book leaves its imprint on me. I feel indebted to Natalia Rose for inspiring me to eat better, and then showing me how to do it! I especially recommend this book to people who want to improve their energy and their diet. You will be surprised, as I was, by how much bliss you can actually feel, when you eat healthily, and maintain a high vibrational flow of energy throughout your body....more info
  • Easy, Tasty
    Just try it! I was not a big fan of Rose's previous book, but this one worked for me. I gamely decided to just try her 21 day plan and see what happened. The food was easy to prepare, and, for the most part, tasted good. I passed on the dry brushing and colon cleansing, but the diet alone made a big difference.

    Be sure to get yourself a good juicer before starting. ...more info
  • Good book
    I highly recommend this excellent book. Natalia is the real deal. My only issue with this book is the issue I have with most of the raw diet books on the market-you have to have time to prepare food daily-at least 45 minutes to an hour. This is why I didn't give it 5 stars. As someone who would LOVE to eat an 80-90% raw diet and eat healthily ALL of the time, but who works upwards of 50 hours/week, diets like this are barely do-able. Basically, I would like to see Natalia consider the busy schedules of her constituents, and figure out a way where folks are able to prepare most of their week's meals on one weekend day. Am I alone in this? I have found one book that does this; it's Alissa Cohen's raw food diet book, which I also recommend. However, I like Natalia's recipes better because they don't rely on heavy nut recipes like Alissa's. Anyway, this book is absolutely worth the money. I like the recipes better than the first one, too. I just wish she would make it more do-able for those with very busy schedules....more info
  • Feed Your Mind
    This was the first book written by Natalia Rose that I have read. And, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, be forewarned, this is more thought provoking than the usual food book. Some will find the author's discussion of the vibrational frequencies of foods to be anything from bizarre to unsupported (adequately) scientifically. I found the discussion though provoking, recognizing yet again how little we really do understand about the full impact of food on our body and mind.

    Here is the context of why I enjoyed this book so much. I am a huge believer in the impact of what we eat on our physical and mental health. As such, I enjoy reading books that build my knowledge as to what exactly are the optimal foods and combinations of foods. Although I believe that the fundamentals of good nutrition are well understood, I believe that there is much that still is not understood. Hence, my enjoyment of reading on the subject, especially books that feed my mind by stretching my thinking.

    I have no idea as to whether Rose is right that vibrational frequency is the key. I am at least open to it being one of the keys. I personally believe that micronutrients are another important key and I was surprised at the dearth of treatment of what many scientists believe to be an important element of food. (This is the major reason I gave the book a four star ranking rather than a five).

    Read this book along with Eat Right, Live Longer (Barnard) and Super Foods (Pratt and Mathews) and you will have a plethora of good information from which to build your own philosophy as to optimal food for YOU.

    Of course, the underlying message of every one of these optimal food books is the same: we need to choose carefully what we eat. To do so, I - for one - believe I must be better informed about the latest thinking on the subject. I am grateful to the author for advancing my thinking and doing so with her easy to read and to comprehend style of writing.
    ...more info
  • Lost 23 lbs!!!
    I bought Natalie's book over 3 months ago. While I'm still new in applying her concept, her eatng concepts are so fantastic!!! I'm not a vegetarian nor do I follow some of the other techniques of her book. But applying her concept of eating ligth to heavy and combining certain foods and not combining other foods has totally changed my life!! I feel sooooo much better!! The energy level has dramatically risen. I bought a Breville Juicer so for breakfastes I have a fruit and veggie drink.. about a quart of each. Then for lunches I have a delicious avacodo salad with almond butter (which I make from almonds using my Vitamix) and jelly on top of my Kumut bread that I make... it's sooo filling and soooo good!! Then I love her concept on dinners. I enjoy cooking and by applying her concepts I can eat whatever I want!!! Mind you... I don't eat a steak everyday like I use to. But I now have 2-3 days where I go meatless.... then go 2-3 days with a seafood meal and I usually have a nice steak for a treat only once a week. While this may not be a perfect way of eating, it is much better then I use to do.... and I truly do feel so much better... and friends are noticing not only a difference in my weight... but also my complexion!! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested not on going on a diet... but to learn of a new way to eat each and every day!!!...more info
  • raw food detox diet
    "We"... all need to go back to fresh...food eating...&...living
    This is a progressive way of living...to once again bring awareness & understanding about how far away we have gone from fresh..."We" all live in 2 worlds.... the past...&...the future...however.... to settle in our so called present moments... which is "now" called the "now"...as we start to see
    That convenience is no longer convenient...we gain weight... need new cloths...feel bad...&...stressed...yes... learning something new is not easy...&... why! Because we must think about what we are now doing...and also give up something that feels comfortable...yet... is no longer our best friend...successful people a willing to do what other people are not willing to do...fresh is not new...when I was young we grew our food...we cooked... canned... "We" were busy in a different way...this (new...old) concept brought back the memories of being alive...&...well...&... also young...when it was easier to learn...I am here to tell you.... fresh is back...to crunch on fresh vegetables... is... a great stress reliever...when we are stressed... we really want something crunchy... so with the help of this fresh raw Detox diet...Fresh...Young...&...De-stressed...brings sexy back...no matter what your age...

    ...more info
  • very infomative for newcomers to live food
    Love this book. Easy reading, very informative and gives introduction information for transitioning to raw food. Very good book....more info
  • Natalia Rose did it again!
    I gave "The Raw Food Detox Diet" 5 stars and recommended that anyone looking to get into a raw food lifestyle should start with Natalia Rose's book first. Now, her second book is even better and I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

    The thing I absolutely love and respect about Natalia Rose is that she goes to great lengths to explain why you should NOT radically change your diet too fast! I have read well over a dozen other raw food books and they ALL fail to mention this. If you detox too fast, you can make yourself very sick. How could so many books exclude this important fact? Changing your diet can have very serious consequences and shouldn't be taken lightly, but can have wonderful results when done properly. This program has worked better for me than any other. I've been a raw fooder for about 2 years now - these days, I trust Natalia's advice more than anyone else's, though I still don't agree 100% with every suggestion. But she says in the book, you should personalize this program to fit you!

    This book (the new one) has much of the same information as the first, but is enhanced with the explanation of vibrations in food, new tips, new recipes, and a Q&A section that I really like. I had some questions after reading the first book that were actually answered in this one!

    One of the other reviewers called it a "raw food primer" - well yes, that's the point. It's a gentle entry into a whole different lifestyle, and you SHOULD go gently. Please see my comment under that review. If you are already a hardcore raw foodist, you might skip this book. Personally, I considered myself an experienced raw foodist, but I was NOT FEELING WELL! Natalia's book helped tremendously and now I follow her program almost exclusively.

    Also, please don't get the impression from other reviews that her book is pushing vegetarianism, it's not. She explains how flesh and animal products fit in on the spectrum of food vibrations, but does NOT tell you to stop eating them, only how to plan them into your diet so they work with, instead of against, the foods that are more 'alive.' If anything, she recommends eating more fish and less red meat, but is this really anything new? She's certainly not telling you to stop eating meat.

    This book surpassed my expectations; it's even better than her first. And I don't see how anyone could have any regrets about buying it. If you want to LEARN about nutrition and transition slowly, this is just the book for you.

    ...more info
  • Bar none, my favorite raw recipe book
    When I first tried raw, I started with Juliano's "Raw, the Uncook Book." I loved the food, but didn't have the ingredients or time to make the creations in it. I was discouraged for a long time.

    Then I discovered Natalia Rose. While I still recommend "The Raw Food Detox Diet" for initiating new raw foodies, "Raw Food Life Force Energy" has by far the best recipes. With about eight ingredients, a juicer and a blender, you can make everything in this book in less than 20 minutes.

    While I think the recipes are the standout in this book, I also really love the extra time she spends explaining food combining. This topic can really be confusing, and it really helped me that all the recipes are coded so you know what to eat with what.

    I have been successfully food combining now pretty regularly for several months, and I shed 10 pounds as a result.

    As far as the "vibrations" you get from food, I am a little skeptical that it is actual science. I was already convinced on the principles of juicing, raw, and food combining from "The Raw Food Detox Diet." Having read (or at least skimmed!) a lot of books on these topics, it is still impressive that Natalia Rose has pulled it all together in both of these books.

    As a side note, this book does contain recipes for flesh-based meals (fish and cheese). If you are a vegan, just skip those. If you want to add some raw to your diet, but don't want to give up the flesh, rest assured that Natalia Rose is not preachy at all. She is happy to recommend more raw, and is not judgmental like some other authors....more info
  • Mediocre raw primer, at best
    Natalia's book earns two stars because some of the information she presents is worthwhile and her writing style is clear and down-to-earth. The praise ends there.

    The recipes are boring and/or useless. And there is much contradiction in the book. She includes many uninspiring cooked recipes, after explaining how raw is so much more beneficial than cooked.

    She includes multiple recipies for fish and other flesh after she explains that when consuming flesh, we consume "death" and "fear." If the vibration of these foods is as undersirable as she says - why include them in our diet? Why include recipes for "death" and "fear"?

    I think Natalia was trying too hard to appear approachable for the average American eater. In so doing, she seriously compromised the essence of raw.

    If you really want to LEARN about raw, try "Eating for Beauty" by David Wolf, or "Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine" by Gabriel Cousens. Both books have a wealth of information plus recipes.

    If you are looking for recipes, try "Rawsome!" by Bridgette Mars, which also has great information.

    And if you are into serious raw gourmet, don't bypass "Raw" by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klien, which is sophisticated and indulgent. Get this book if you ever feel taste-deprived eating raw.

    I appreciate that Natalia is attempting to soften what is perceived as an unapproachable, extreme lifestyle - but she goes too far.

    This might be an adequate primer for someone mildly curious about raw, or someone new to the concept of vibration, since the information is not too dense and the writing style is uncomplicated. ...more info
  • The first N. Rose book was better!
    This book is a little more complicated than Natalia Rose's first book "Raw food detox diet". This book includes frequency ranges for different foods and that's too complicated for me. Other than that all the information is the same as in her first book. I think it's not necessary to own both N. Rose books and if to choose one of them, then I would rather recommend the first one!...more info
  • The Best Raw Food Book Available
    This is the best raw food book available. It is a great book for people just starting out in the raw lifestyle, also. It is also great for anyone who just wants to learn the benefit of adding just some of these great foods to their diet. I learned so much and feel better than ever!! It is truly such a healthy way to live! Reading this book is the best thing I could have ever done for my health! I highly recommend this book! ...more info
  • Every ONE should read this book
    I make it short, but this book is awesome. I applied the principles mentioned in this book before and at that time I felt better in my life then ever before. I fell of the horse and started to eat like everyone else....it's time to turn it around again. This book gives you a helpful start. The only think I'm doing differently is I'm using a whole body cleansing instead of an enema kit. I like that approach a little better, to start my detox that way. I'm looking forward to the changes that will come my way of eating/living fully :-) Lots of joy to everyone....more info
  • Raw Food Life Force Energy
    This is the first raw food book I bought. Natalia Rose does a great job of walking you though the process.. her book the raw food detox diet is also a must! For those who want to step in slightly.. .there are a few dishes that are cooked so it is a great starter book. However, it is just a great book period! Excellent information....more info
  • Somewhat Helpful, Somewhat Misguided
    Natalia is beautiful and so are her books and recipes. I really want to believe that by eating the way she recommends, I can lose weight. However, no matter how hard I tried, I could not drop an ounce while consuming the sweets that she so heartily endorses. After months of struggling to drop weight, I finally eliminated all grains, sugars and fruit and did more research into raw food with David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens.

    I would say that some of Natalia's advice is helpful, but if you are sensitive to sugars, her approach will only frustrate you....more info
  • Some good information and recipes
    I read all of Natalia Rose's books. I am a very fit person with no health or weight issues. I was just looking for something different to add variety to my diet. Overall, I found Natalia's writing to be simple and easy to understand. There are some really good recipes in this and other books of hers. I found some of Natalia's recommendations (e.g. skipping breakfast) to be highly questionable and completely against scientific evidence. Not eating until noon may work for her but not for someone like me who is active all day and needs constant energy replenishment. Her food combinations rules (e.g. fruits should be eaten only on empty stomach and starch and meat should not be combined) are almost impractical to follow in real life. I have to agree that juicing, which is strongly advocated by Natalia, does seem to improve my skin stone and provide an energy boost. In summary, this is book offers some good tips and advice but one should take it with a grain of salt....more info
  • Did not do her homework/ bad advice
    Fruit almost always should be eliminated from adults starting the cleanse and transition to raw - often for the first two years. This woman is young and I am sure well meaning but her book is worthless. Go to Hippocrates in Florida first if you are serious about this lifestyle. They have been around longer than this young woman has been alive. Her book is a waste of money....more info
  • Photon Approach to Food
    Everyone is using the mystery of quantum physics as a mystical metaphor to empower life in general these days and Natalia Rose, author of "The Raw Food Detox Diet" is no exception in her new and equally well-put-together book, "Raw Food Life Force Energy: Enter a Totally New Stratosphere of Weight Loss, Beauty and Health."

    In 260 plus pages, Rose re-educates her raw food fans on the further sensibilities of combining foods for easy elimination---reiterating her primary focus in "Detox" that consuming quick exit foods naturally slims the body while "waste" that remains inside the body too long eventually equals weight gain. Rose builds on her idea, explaining with a quasi-quantum physics approach that as everything existing has a vibration, it would make sense to ingest foods that will aid us in vibrating at the high rate in which we are designed to optimally function. High harmonious vibration foods consist of those grown closest to the sun, while inharmonious vibration foods include the usual suspects of cigarettes, liquor, processed, synthetic ingredients, mainstream animal fleshes, pharmaceuticals, radiation, x-rays and less obvious, pasteurized cow milk, yogurt and cheese.

    In the first portion of "Raw Food Life Force Energy", Rose defines four principles: vibration, free-flow, quick exit, and natural bliss---all of which reinforce her main premise that eating well combined light to heavy (eating the lightest possible meals in the am while gradually increasing the density of foods so that dinner is the heaviest meal) meals will create a body and mind that remains well-tuned to the best the universe has to offer. The second part of the book presents Rose's 21 day action plan where after prepping your kitchen and shopping for staples through shopping revisions, a typical breakfast consists of a homemade elixir or fresh fruit, lunch a soup, salad or sandwich and dinner either a repeat of a luncheon selection or a cooked meal with raw vegetables. Desserts vary depending on the combination consumed at dinner, i.e. a flesh meal dessert would consist of cheese or dark chocolate. Rose includes a seventeen question test to help you determine your present energy vibe; she promises that whatever your current level, by practicing her techniques, you will feel more "attractive, youthful and emotionally balanced," as you plunge deeper into her program. The actual 21-day guide becomes a little redundant as the selections are basically yours to choose--day one through day 21 repeats with motivational words from Rose to keep you to your task. As in "Raw Food Detox," Part 3 includes Rose's unique and tasty recipes. She follows these with some FAQs to help propel you into a higher vibration; inviting the reader to cordially email her if any specific question is not addressed.

    Bottom Line? If you enjoyed Rose's easy transition from heavy slow-moving food to light quick moving energy endowing fuel in her first book, you will definitely enjoy her new slant on a dieting fad that many people have easily embraced as a truly healthy way of life. Recommended to all those who just love Rose's innovative recipes and thrust towards finding the metaphysical answer to understanding our complex makeup as human beings living in an otherwise toxic world. ...more info
  • Finally...a raw food lifestyle I can live with!!
    I have to say how happy I am with this book. Natalia Rose spells everything out in this book. I would suggest also picking up her "Raw Food Detox Diet" as well (if you haven't already). For a really picky eater (like me), the recipes are easy to incorporate into my daily life. Both of these books will be a part of my life for many years to come.

    I highly recommend!!...more info


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