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The performance of the elchim? VIP HP IONIC hairdryer makes it a top-of-the-range professional product. With the new negative-ion generating system (up to 1,500,000 ions per cm3) # Static electricity is eliminated # Dust and other polluting substances that settle on the hair are neutralised # The absorption of natural moisture by the hair is facilitated, granting the hair smooth and shiny longer The VIP HP IONIC hairdryer, exploiting Elchim High Pressure technology, in addition to a high air flow rate (up to 1500 litres/minute), a high drying power (up to 2150 W selectable with 2 speeds and 4 working temperatures) and a cold-air blow for fixing the set, it features the emission of negative ions thanks to a special electronic device. The generation of negative ions (up to 1,500,000 ions per cm3) directed onto the locks of hair enables to eliminate static electricity, moreover to neutralise dust and other particles of polluting substances that settle on the hair and to facilitate the absorption of natural moisture by the hair becoming smooth and shiny. (VIP HP ionic)

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Customer Reviews:
  • Unreliable and unsafe
    While this dryer did dry my hair sufficiently, I wouldn't recommend it due to safety and reliability concerns. Though it worked for the first 2 years, it began having problems when turned on, often whirring for about 30 seconds before blowing at full power. Eventually this lead to the more serious problem of sizzling smells and sounds from the internal heating wires, causing the dryer to become DANGEROUSLY hot -- as if it were burning up from the inside. As well, the heat-focusing nozzle nearly always fell off while drying, as did the back filter. In sum: don't waste your money on this product. I bought a Hot Tools hairdryer b/c my hairstylist uses one, and I've been happy with it ever since....more info