Bio Ionic iTools iDry Whisper Light Nano-Ionic Conditioning Dryer (BI-3114)

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Product Description

Ultra-lightweight and quiet. Utilizes super-charged Natural Ion Complex technology to naturally emit negative ions and far infrared energy to infuse moisture deep into the hair shaft and seal the cuticle. The result is fast drying, without damage, for silky, shiny, healthy hair. Prevents frizzies and static. (BI-3114)

  • Highest Quality Hair Dryers available
Customer Reviews:
  • Looooved it!!
    I really didn't knew how much difference could it make to my hair.. but it really does.. i normally use the hair dryer and then the flat iron... all that normally took me around 20 min, not it just takes me half of that.
    LOOOOVE IT!.. i definitely recommend this product!!...more info
  • No more straightening iron for me!
    I have fine to medium naturally wavy hair that is three to four inches longer than my collar bone. This hairdryer makes my hair straight, smooth, and soft. I have no need for my straightening iron anymore! It is also great to know I am not damaging my hair as much as I would with a lesser dryer. It is very quiet, relatively lightweight for a salon grade dryer, quick drying, and is a non-annoying attractive white pearl color. It leaves me (and my hair) feeling beautiful. The price is a bit steep, but for a dryer that is rated to last much longer than drugstore brands, does less damage to your hair, and helps to create salon worthy blowouts, it is worth it!!!...more info