Primula Gift Set of 12 Assorted Green Tea Flowers
Primula Gift Set of 12 Assorted Green Tea Flowers

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Product Description

Primula Flowering Teas are produced by artisans in China. The flowering teas are compounded of premium-grade Green Tea, known for its antioxidents and healthful properties, with all natural flowers. The green tea has also been blended with jasmine to make for an aromatic scent. This package includes green tea with 12 different styles and colors.

A tea drinker who has never experienced a tea flower will be thrilled to receive this gift-ready set. Containing twelve assorted tea flowers, the slender canister-style box is tied with a green cord and decorated with an image of a flower-filled glass teapot on one side and small images of the twelve unfurled tea flowers on the other. Tea flowers are comprised of AA-grade green tea leaves and actual dried flowers that are hand-sewn into tight balls by artisans in China. After a tea flower ball is place in hot water, it will slowly sink to the bottom and unfurl into full "bloom." Some even have two different kinds of flowers that unfurl into a colorful spectacle, adding fragrance and flavor to the tea. Best viewed through a glass teapot, each tea flower may be used up to three times to brew a pot of tea. The set includes a guide describing the health benefits of drinking green tea and the healing properties believed inherent in certain flowers. --Ann Bieri

  • Gift set of 12 assorted green tea flowers and health benefit guide
  • Colorful canister features image of each unfurled tea flower
  • AA green tea and dried flowers hand-sewn into balls by artisans in China
  • Tea flower slowly unfurls in hot water into an amazing spectacle
  • Best viewed in glass mug or teapot

Customer Reviews:

  • Cathy Willingham
    I sent this to my Mother for Mothers Day and the tea pot for for her birthday. They are very close together. I wanted to send her something that would remind her of one of her trips to Seattle - one that she and I had shared. She loved it, not only the tea and tea pot but also the sentiment. ...more info
  • Positively Perfect Primula Flowering Tea
    Have tasted only one out of 12 teas, but it was wonderful--- green tea jsmine lotus blossom. Great flavor, light and delicate but with lots of flavor. The flower that unfolded was beautiful. A definite baragain for the price. Other places were at least double the cost. I highly reccommend Primula flowering tea....more info
  • Pleasing to both eye and taste
    I purchased this tea for my sister's birthday present. We were both enchanted by the display as the hand-tied tea ball unfolded into a lovely flower. However, the best was yet to come. Primula teas are delicious. The green tea is robust with just a subtle hint of jasmine. Furthermore, you can infuse the flowers three times in a small tea pot. You will definately want a clear glass tea pot to display these lovely flowers. I highly recommend this tea to anyone who loves tea....more info
  • so cool
    of all of the performance teas-these are my favorite, they are such a cool, different, and fun thing to share with a best friend for a special occasion or when you feel a need to spoil yourself--Primula tea fits the bill!...more info
  • Wonderful teas for presentation
    These were simply lovely teas to taste and see in the pot. My guests loved the presentation....more info
  • Tea-rrific
    Not only is this tea beautiful as it brews, it is also delicious and refreshing....more info
  • You will love these Flowering Teas
    Primula Flowering Teas are wonderful and healthy. This is a great gift to give to Mom for Mother's Day. This is best used in a glass tea pot or mug. The Flowering Tea Canister has 12 different flowers and designs. Enjoy Flowering Teas......more info
  • Loved it!
    They are individually wrapped, taste fresh and wonderful, and look beautiful. I am completely satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Primula assorted flowering tea
    I just love the flowering teas from Primula, they are not only delicious, they are absolutely beautiful. Especially when you use a clear glass cup.
    The price can't be beat either. Normally they cost as much as $25 for a can of 12, At under $15, it's the best deal on the net...more info
  • Tea time!
    A fine item once only for emperors. We enjoy sharing with visitors to our estate. Very smooth and calming effects....more info
  • Drinking tea is fun!
    These flowering teas are a wonder to behold and fun to watch. The tea ball, right out of the package, looks like a funny colored nut with the scent of tea and jasemin. Place it in the bottom of a tea cup or tea pot (the best show happens in an all glass one), and add hot, but not boiling water, sit back and watch. It's amazing to see it open up into a beautiful bouquet. The green leaves are the tea (green scented with jasmin) and the flower are one a 12 different selections. As one person said to me, "tea flowers make you sit and relax in a go-go-go world." I would recomend this to anyone who loves tea....more info
  • Colorful
    I bought this set of tea for my aunt, for a Hanukkah present. I had already sent her the Numi teapot and tea, so this was to replenish her supply of blooming tea.

    This set was more colorful. She shared it with some of her neighbors who come to her house to visit. They were amazed by the flowering aspect.

    My aunt loves that I always come up with unique, thoughtful gifts for her. This one as no exception....more info


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