NIA24 by NIA24: Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream--/1.7OZ

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NIA24 by NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream--/1.7OZ

  • Design House: NIA24

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  • Es Excelente !!!!!
    la uso para manchas de sol en la piel, me la receto un dermatologo, porque las demas cremas me producian alergias, despues de la tercera semana he notado que las manchas desaparecen y mi piel se ve de un color uniforme y mas tersa. ...more info
  • Excellent product - worth the money
    My dermo office recommended this 3 years ago and I have been using it ever since. Your face truly looks rosy and glowy a little while after you apply it - I use it as my night cream. It really does repair sun damage, and your skin texture and tone will even out on it - AND it does not cause zits, which is great. ...more info
  • Amazing Results
    I bought this product from a salon and was told that I could only get it from her or a dermatologist. How happy was I that I found it on the internet? I noticed remarkable results due to this product. The hyperpigmentation on my face decreased dramatically when I used this twice a day for 6 weeks....more info
  • Great product, must be patient!
    NIA24 Skin Strengthening ComplexNIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream

    I am 36 and have adult onset acne plus wrinkles. Great. I have been using this product for 2 months now and my skin is slowly changing. I have noticed improvement in the dark spots- freckles and such - and the texture is much more plump and smooth.

    Note that I saw immediate improvement days 1-10, then I had a massive breakout like I haven't had in years, but I kept on using it because it was so darn expensive! Following that traumatic experience, my breakouts have been greatly reduced and seem to be getting more and more mild. For example, before, a pimple would last a solid week. Now, they seem to last only 3 days or so. Fewer and "less angry" I suppose might be a way to describe them.

    I recently purchased the Nia24 Sunscreen and Intensive recovery complex.
    I thought the intensive would be too heavy for under make-up, but it's not at all. It just takes a couple of minutes to sink in. I use a lot at night and a little under the sunscreen before make-up for daytime.

    Never, never, never would I go in public without make-up before. Now I can use a touch of concealer here and there with a non-foundation type powder compact and my skin looks good. Not perfect, but natural and healthy. That is HUGE for me.

    I will continue to buy Nia24 products. ...more info
  • MD-endorsement!
    NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex Repair CreamMy woman dermatologist recommended this, years ago. My good friend and I (also an MD) LOVE this stuff! It feels, looks, and smells GREAT! I look maybe half my age (49), but also use Retin-A and Vit C and am Asian. ...more info
  • Face Cream
    Took a few days for my skin to adjust but the results are worth it....more info
  • Great product and service
    I love this product! Shipped overnight at a great savings vs. purchasing at my detmatologist....more info
  • NIA 24
    My dermatologist recommended this product for hyperpimentation. Haven't seen a difference so far and it's been a month....more info
  • I love this product
    I have used the Nia24 cleanser for about 6 months, and loved it so much I decided to try to cream. I have been using the strengthening complex for 2 months, after just a few weeks I noticed my skin actually looking more firm and brighter. I have used every product on the market and I value my hard earned dollar, but this product actually works and you can see it work. It is well worth the cost. This is a must have to any woman....more info
  • questionable pro-nicacin
    I have not used any Nia24 products but I found their use of niacin intriguing. Their claim of Pro-Niacin penetrating the skin better than other forms of niacin like niacinamide, via being delivered in a lipophilic form, is questionable as there are several studies, including one from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, that have shown topical niacinamide or nicotinic acid to penetrate the epidermis and to increase NAD levels in the skin. These increased NAD levels were shown, as reported in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, to repair damaged DNA within the skin, and to stimulate energy metabolism and promote skin turn over. So, does niacin really need to be in a special lipophilic form to have effect, with a hefty price tag attached? Furthermore, the Pro-Niacin comes in the form of myristyl nicotinate and myristates tend to cause or aggravate acne in people prone to acne. So, this may not pose a problem for you if you do not have any issues with acne, but be aware that isopropyl and other myristates are responsible for a lot of acne cosmetica.
    Dawn G., M.D....more info
  • So far so good
    I have used this product for about 2 months and I do think my skin looks smoother and clearer. As well as my face I am using it on my neck and my chest. Initially on my chest I broke out but within a week it cleared up and the chest area was noticably smoother and the freckles seem to be fading. I am sticking with this product to give it time to produce the results that are advertised but I would definitely say try it....more info
  • My skin has never looked better
    I have been using this product for about 4 months now and my skin has never looked better. My sunspots have lightened and the condition of my skin has improved. I have sensitive skin that breaks out very easily, and I have not had one breakout since I started using this line....more info
  • Look no further!
    My dermatologist gave me a sample of this complex. I used the sample once and immediately ordered it from your online store. It is worth every penny. I'm 50 and don't want to spend the time or money ($200) for acid peels to help my dark areas. With this product, my dark areas started fading right away.
    It's expensive, but it only takes a little to make a big difference!...more info
  • Using NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream
    NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex Repair Cream is the only cream I have found that really DOES help with aging skin and wrinkles. It is recommended by Plastic Surgeons. I highly recommend it....more info
  • love this product
    my dermatologist recommended this product. Nightly I alternate this product with another. I think it has made my skin tone more even. I do get compliments all the time. ...more info