BY101C Mini Car Ionic Personal Air Purifier System & Clock

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Product Description

Vehicle-related pollution levels inside each car are greatly affected by exhaust (self-pollution) of the car and traffic congestion. With BY101C car air purification system, the future of car is green. The B&Y mini (BY101C Mini Car Ionic Personal Air Purifier System & Clock) is a state of the art air purifier that combines new technology, modern design, with major health enhancement benefits. Weighing only 1.1 lbs. and with the available Velcro-tape, B&Y Mini can be used stably in a running vehicle. Powered with 12V through car cigarette jack. Comes in three colors: Gold/Purple/Silver.

  • Pre-filter - Removing large dust
  • Actived carbon - Removing odors
  • Negative ion generator - Providing fresh air
  • Photo catalyst - Killing bacteria