Sunpentown WA-1340DH Portable Air Conditioner 13,000BTU Dual Hose System w/ Heater

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Product Description

A dual hose system and self-evaporating technologies are featured with the new Sunpentown WA-1340DH portable air conditioner. This 13,000 Btu three-in-one system provides multi-season comfort, and is designed to efficiently cool and dehumidify spaces without permanent installation! The WA-1340DH A/C effectively improves air circulation in poorly ventilated spaces with its dual hose system. With one hose for air intake and the another for air exhaust, there is no negative pressure created inside the room. Self-Evaporating Technology: During the cooling process, water is extracted from the air into the unit. Most of this water is recycled and used to refresh the cooling coils, creating improved cooling efficiency without adding energy cost! The moisture is then pushed out with the exhaust air, leaving you a virtually no-drain unit. In extremely humid conditions, if condensation collects faster than the unit can evaporate, the excess water will collect in the built in tank. When the tank is full, the compressor will automatically shut off and the WA1340DH will indicate that drainage is needed. Auto-Restart Function: This is a great choice for server room cooling, because the Sunpentown WA-1340DH portable air conditioner can be moved wherever supplemental cooling is needed. Whether your standard central air is just not keeping the temperature cool enough for your electronics, or you need cooling at night and over the weekend when air conditioning is not available, this unit can help! The automatic restart function of the WA-1340DH is especially important for server room usage, because that means that it will resume operation as soon as power is restored without manually resetting the controls. Note: Exhaust hose installation is required for the Sunpentown WA-1340DH portable air conditioner (all standard accessories included). The plastic slider kit forms extend to a maximum length of 6' 9".

  • Portable unit provides air conditioning, fan only, and dehumidify only options
  • 24 hour programmable timer or set it to continuous operation.
  • LCD Display on both the remote and the control panel makes monitoring and adjusting the temperature
  • Restart IC Technology ensures your A/C will restart when the power resumes after an interruption
  • Self-evaporative technology alleviates drainage issues (except in very humid applications)