iTouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

List Price: $199.95

Our Price: $139.99

You Save: $59.96 (30%)


  • Fully automatic and smart cleaner for all floor surfaces
  • Goes under beds and furniture
  • Safety features build-in for unattended operation
  • Remote control for manual operation
  • Easy to clean design
Customer Reviews:
  • Do NOT buy this if you have CARPETS!!!
    This is the worst vacuum I have every used!!! If you have linoleum, hardwood or tiles, no problem. But if you have any carpets or rugs, do not waste you time or money! It also cannot handle going over any edges, like rugs or the bottom of door frames. I cannot begin to say how disappointed I am b/c I have used the Roomba & loved it! But the iTouchless is not even worth mentioning in the same sentence. ...more info
  • Great price. Poor execution.
    As a former Roomba owner I had high hopes for the iTouchless. However, it did not live up to my expectations.

    The good points. The iTouchless is quieter than the Roomba and doesn't bang into walls and furniture with the same zest the Roomba does. The brush is a lot fuller and better quality than the one in the Roomba Discovery. Compared to other robotic vacuums, this is priced just right.

    Now for the bad. The collection bin is small and has to be emptied with every use. The brushes and roller bar do not snap out like the Roomba. The iTouchless requires you to use a screwdriver to open this area up to clean the brushes. The device has a raised area on top that works like a handle which makes it great for picking it up. On the negative side though it increases the vertical height of the unit causing it to get hung up under cabinets a lot more often than the Roomba. Lastly, it wouldn't budge on my carpet, which is a frisee, so I can't say for sure if it would work on a low profile rug or not.

    ...more info