iTouchless Amazing Sticky Cleaner

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Product Description

It holds a roll of Japan made new technology high density "nano" sticky sheets that is powerful to clean/attract/hold hairs (human/pets), dirt, crumbs, lint, and dust on carpets, floors, sofas, drapes, area rugs, beddings, pillows, fabrics, and upholstery around homes, offices, cars, boats, planes, and patios. To clean, just simply roll the Amazing Sticky Cleaner over the dirty area. You will be surprised to pick up debris that even vacuums miss.
5 Year Manufacturer warranty

* Material: ABS Plastic, aluminum
*Color: Grey/Silver
* Dimension: D 3.25" x W 7.00" x H 34.13"
* 11 oz. with 90 sticky sheets, 15 oz. with sticky sheets and extension handle

  • Attract and clean dirt, dust, and hairs with ease
  • Light weighted design for fast and easy cleaning
  • Roll of 90 sticky cleaner sheets installed
  • Build-in protective revolving cover for easy storage
  • A roll of 90 sticky sheets installed
Customer Reviews:
  • Rachel
    The lady who cleans my home says this sticky sweeper is terrific. She had used something similar in one of her other homes and she suggested I get a "sweeper" from Target. However, because I don't go out shopping but only infrequently, I went to both the Target and Amazon web sites to see what was offered. The sticky sweeper was offered at Amazon at a terrific price (less than Target's price}. So I purchased the sweeper. {Actually, I thought this was the same sweeper that Target offered. It wasn't according to my cleaning lady.) Your sweeper is wider and covered which makes cleaning quick and easy. The sheets also tear off easier. After cleaning the "sticky" part of the sweeper does not stick to the floor/cabinet when it is put up because it is enclosed causing the "sticky" from touching anything, it stays clean. I don't have dogs but my hair sheds some. The bathroom floor was a particular chore to clean, now with the "sticky" cleaning is a breeze. I'm so glad I went to Amazon. I received the sweeper in only a few days. I (or rather my house cleaner) couldn't be happier. I've given the information about Amazon "sticky" to her so she can order one for her home. ...more info
  • Lint remover on a stick
    The iTouchless Amazing Sticky Cleaner works well, but is no more "powerful" than your average rolling lint remover. I used it to clean the truck. It picked up the dog hair, cookies crumbs and occasional piece of gravel as advertised, but so would your average lint roller. The long handle was nice for reaching across the back seat, but makes storage much harder. In the future, I'll stick with the shorter, cheaper lint rollers and simply stretch a bit more....more info
  • amazing sticky cleaner
    I really like this product. Although you have to use alot of sheets, it picks up alot of lint, dust and hair. It takes a little practice to tear the sheets off correctly. The cost of the sheets is more expensive than I think it should be. You may be able to find this product at your local department store....more info