Royal Sovereign 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - White

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Dual hose system with 12,000 BTU's to cool any room quickly and efficiently. Convenient Digital LED with remote control settings provide the option for automatic timer or continuous operation. Compact - Portable design with casters for easy mobility. Eas

  • Cool Any Room in Minutes with this Royal Sovereign Portable Air Conditioner
  • 12,000 BTUs
  • Also Features Easy-to-Read Digital LED, Automatic Timer
  • Casters for Easy Mobility
  • 18.5 x 34.3 x 16.1 "
Customer Reviews:
  • Cools OK but not very well thought out.
    I agree with the previous reviewer's comments, but am not as happy with the unit as he is. I don't think this air conditioner is particularly powerful or well thought out. Since portable air conditioners don't work as well as window units, I suppose it works as well as one could expect. It did cool a 400 square foot room, but not powerfully so. And nearly every other aspect of this unit is annoying.

    Performance: I started the unit in a 400 square foot room - the size it's rated for - at 84 degrees, with the outside temperature about 95. The room quickly felt cooler, and within a couple of hours had cooled down to 79. There it stayed - the unit could not get it any colder. But it sure felt better than when it was 84. I consider this performance barely acceptable.

    I tried it in some other rooms. Rolling it between rooms was not hard, even on a pretty deep carpet. Surprisingly, it didn't cool much faster in a 300 square foot room with fewer windows. And in a much larger room than recommended, all it did was circulate the hot air from near the ceiling, raising the temperature at people level. Don't fight the laws of physics.

    Operation: This is where it gets irritating. The air louvers are useless, because they're on the top of the unit. They adjust a bit vertically, but you can't direct the air left or right. This hardly matters because the air can't be aimed at someone unless they're standing next to the unit. It's noisy at all fan speeds, more so on high. I didn't notice much difference in cooling between those settings.

    The LED temperature readout is difficult to make out when there's light behind it, and since the air conditioner typically sits in front of a window, that'll be most of the time. The room temperature reads two to four degrees low. So with the thermostat set at 78, the room temperature leveled off at 80 (according to three different digital thermometers).

    The remote control works OK, but doesn't get any information from the unit. So if you change the settings on the unit, and then use the remote, the unit will pick up all the settings from the remote. If this is confusing, use one or the other but not both.

    The water tank is unlikely to fill except under high humidity conditions, says the manual, and I agree. Our humidity indoors was 35%,. After three hours of operation there was no water in the tank.

    Assembly: The assembly instructions need more details. The hose adapters that screw to the window plate can go on eight different ways - facing in or out, inserted into the plate from the outside or inside, and with the latching tabs on the sides, or top and bottom. I ran through most of these before getting it right: Insert the adapters from the outside, putting the flanges through the plate to the inside. Put the screws through the plate into the adapters. The tabs should go at the sides in most cases, so the hose connectors will angle down.

    The other thing they should tell you is how to remove the hose connectors. Pressing the locking tabs is difficult. But just turn the connector a bit on the flange. It'll press the tabs for you and pop right off. Once all this is clear, the hose setup is quite convenient. The hoses extend to 44"; if the hose connectors are included then the total length is 52".

    Recommendations: There are a lot of other Royal Sovereign models available. If I had to do it again I'd get a 14,000 BTU model with louvers facing forward. Always get two hoses. The single hose models don't cool as well because they vent inside air outside. This sucks air back in from somewhere, and it's probably hot....more info
  • Works well for small rooms
    Hi, I have the Royal 10,000 BTU and the 12000BTU. They are both well made. The design of the hoses that must reach to your window to expell the hot air are solid if a little short. So, you will need to keep the unit right next to the window. The thick and tough plastic frame that holds the hoses in the window is better than other units I tried first. The cubic feet per minute of air moved in the Royal is much more powerful than many other similar units.
    The wheels work well and this allows you to move and store the unit when summer is gone. This floor design that is easy for people to move around is the main reason for buying this sort of AC unit. If you are strong and it is easy for you to install a regular AC unit in the window then you should buy that type of AC window mount. This floor design with a hose to exhaust the hot air out the window requires TWICE as much cooling power as a traditional window unit to cool the same size room and a window design unit automatically drains the condensate outside. This floor model must be hand drained.
    I live in a dry climate so I do not need to drain the condensate but maybe once or twice a season. If you live someplace with more humidity you will have to drain the condensate tray with some regularity or the machine will drip on the floor.
    Anyway the Royal AC design is a good one and it does what I want it to and rolls away into the closet when Fall comes....more info
  • Dual hose ac with single hose performance
    Manufactures claims dual hose performance although it does not suck any air from the outside to cool itself. In consumes room's air to cool itself and works not better than single hose units. The second hose it just to mislead the customers, it has no other purpose.
    ...more info