Honeywell HHT-081 Tower Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter

List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $85.99

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  • Tower air purifier for medium-sized rooms up to 13 by 13 feet
  • 110 CADR; permanent HEPA filter; washable pre-filter; manual controls
  • Changes the air in the room up to every 12 minutes; powerful fan
  • Electronic filter-clean indicator; antimicrobial treatment; optional ionizer
  • Measures 7 by 9 by 28 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Not Everything I Was Expecting
    I have noticed a slight difference in the morning when I wake up I don't cough as much as I used to. However, the purifier has some major downsides. The biggest downside is the fact that it dries out the air. I can tolerate it but everyone else who comes into my living space has a difficult time. It is also very loud almost as loud as an air conditioner. So keep that in mind, I kind of wish I spent more money and went with the more trustworthy brand....more info
  • Good filter for the price
    One thing I learned about filters is that you definitely get what you pay for. When you drop big coin on a pricey, hospital quality filter you can expect perfection in performance and air quality. When you spend $75-$125 like I did on this air filter then you get what you pay for. This medium room purifier with "HEPA Type" filters is said to be about 95% effective at removing air born allergens. The two HEPA type filters are permanent along with the secondary outer carbon filter for bigger air particles. The ionizer is also fairly effective at changing the overall smell of the room. If you choose not to have the ion smell you can simply ignore the button that turns that feature on. I've owned this filter for about 3 months now and it will occasionally buzz a little at high speeds. However, with mine it is easily fixed by tapping the top or by adjusting the tightness of the back plate. Low and medium speeds are pretty quite though. It has great dimensions as well making it possible to easily fit in to any small room without making the place look cluttered.

    For the money I feel like I got everything I paid for. I gave 4 stars because of the occasional soft buzzing noise and the fact that the purifier is designed in such a way that it does not push as much air through as it could. Aside from those minor complaints, this filter is the way to go if you're looking for a cheap and effective solution to cleaner air.

    *UPDATE - After about 6 months of using this thing all night almost nightly, it still works very well. I've only had to clean off the outer dust filter once or twice. I have noticed one thing that I found particularly annoying and that is that this filter emits some sort of magnetic field when turned on. I know it sounds like a stupid complaint, but when you have a smaller room and the only place you can put this is next to your television you'll see why that's bad thing. Lots of screen discoloration from the magnetic field, I'm just happy it wasn't there long enough to do permanent damage. However I'm not sure an LCD or plasma tv would be affected by this....more info
  • Honeywell HHT-081 Tower HEPA filter
    Quiet as advertised. I use this next to my audio equipment to keep dust from DVD players and recorders. Small footprint perfect for this if turned sideways....more info
  • Not a HEPA filter
    The description says HEPA filter, but the box said HEPA-type filter. I am not sure what this will mean for the life of the filter, as I have vaccumed it several times and it still looks dirty. However there seems to be less dust in the room and my son says he has less allergy issues at night, so - so far so good.

    I origninally rated this 4 stars, but would downgrade to 2 stars.
    I have owned this for almost a year now, the fan now makes an annoying rattling sound that lessens somewhat on the high setting. The 'clean filter' light has come on and stayed on even though I vacuum it weekly. For what I paid I am disappointed in the performance....more info